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  1. Stats are one thing, but they don't accurately measure which player is better especially that they're in unicums and superunicums. In fact, I've taken a few of them on myself. They're good, but they're not significantly better than the NA carriers.
  2. Actually, the cream-of-the-crop CV players in NA are just as good as the EU ones. It's just that there are more cream-of-the-crop EU CV players than there are NA CV players.
  3. By the way, earlier I made a rantier thread. This time, I hope to be more objective. This is the testing gameplay of Graf Zeppelin. Here, you can see its Paulina AP bombs being tested against various kinds of ships. Now because I don't own the Graf Zepplelin and I'm not a superester, I can't accurately judge the ship. That and also, the GZ is in testing and it's in WIP. However in short, the AP bombs look strong but the fighters are weak, even against Enterprise planes. It will take up to player skill to win the fighter duel. The GZ's AP bombs seem to be more effective against a more range of ships, but it may fall into the same problem with the Enterprise as it's still specialized towards being an anti-BB weapon. Any experiences going against the GZ or playing them (those under NDA and playing this ship, do not answer)?
  4. You know my emotional patience is running thin when it comes to carriers in general! And even if they change the Graf Zeppelin, what are they going to do with it? There was a Russian video that showed how good it performed against cruisers! Something that the Enterprise AP bombs couldn't do!
  5. Supposedly they're 500 Ibs. If that is true, then I'm going to be sad that there won't be a lot of CV lines aside from the USN CV and the IJN CV's. I'm really hoping that WG releases RN CV's this year. (I can't comment on your Fritz X bomber squad gimmic idea since I don't know much about it). Still, I'm waiting for that CV rework they're doing. Plan is that they're putting really really really superheavy AP bombs on the Midway and the 500 Ib bombs on the mid tier USN CV's. But no general word on how it's going to work.
  6. It doesn't need to knock off the Yamato as the top Tier 10 battleship. It just needed to be comparable to it like how the Gearing and the Des Moines can hold its own against other destroyers and cruisers. That's what I want for the Enterprise, but apparently, the Graf Zeppelin will take what the Enterprise is supposedly good at and make it better! I can't accept that!
  7. From the video, which I'll link below, the GZ's AP bombs have a lower threshold to arm (GZ's 35 mm vs Enterprise's 68 mm) and are generally better than the Enterprise's own AP bombs. The unique thing about GZ's AP bombs is that one squadron has the potential to cut off half of a Tier 8 cruiser's health. I've also seen the gameplay video (though I can't find it anymore on YouTube) where the GZ's AP bombers have taken down Edinburgh and New Orlean's health by half using just one dive bomber. German AP bombs vs Izumo, Yamato, North Carolina, and Iowa seem... relatively underpar, though he only used 1 dive bomber against them and only dealt about 10,000 damage. But seriously (and this is kinda going off tangent here)! If this is going to be the final stats, then I'm not happy about it! I prefer the AP bombs to be a USN CV thing and somehow, the Graf Zeppelin as of August 11th is already better than the Enterprise in terms of AP bombs! It devalues the already shoddy-performing Enterprise! If the GZ has the ability to deal good damage against cruisers, then do something about the Enterprise and buff it! There's no way in hell that I'm going to accept that a carrier that got symbolically sunk by the Luftwaffe performs better than the Enterprise with a theoretically more versatile loadout! I saw the gameplay video of it and I was not happy about it.
  8. What's the blueprint of the AP bombs the GZ uses? Or any historic basis? I'm curious because they suddenly put it on the GZ and removed the TB's.
  9. Can you give us any hints on what the CV rework is supposed to be? I know that you guys will be focusing on the USN CV's a lot. But what do you plan for the USN CV's to be as part of the rework?
  10. 10 to 60 minutes? That's the key problem. You reached Ranked 1 cause you got the best case scenario. Most of the time, it isn't worth waiting about an hour for a CV match.
  11. As a CV player, I couldn't advance to Rank 1 since no one plays them in the top leagues.
  12. Nono. IMO, the Japanese line is perfect the way it is. The USN needs to be brought up to IJN CV levels. The loadouts and flexibility needs to be more diversive so that USN CV's can match the needed expectations for its own fleet and against the enemy fleet. In short, buff USN CV's. Also going back to my original topic, I really think that heavy bombs and AP bombs should be the defining feature of the USN CV's. The only problem is that aside from the IJN who used AP bombs (which were essentially Nagato shells that were dropped on the Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack and did little damage and were never used again), who else used AP bombs or had plans of using AP bombs on ships? I don't know if the Royal Navy had plans of using AP bombs and I don't know if other nations have drawing boards of AP bombs of their own.
  13. But imo, that doesn't really matter because the alpha strike is gone. Unless we see gameplay of the new loadout, I'm very skeptical of the performance of our Graf Zeppelin.
  14. You don't recognize him? He's one of EU's greatest CV players.
  15. As my emotionally prideful butt-headed... head says... yes!