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  1. *prays that the new CV rework is going to make everyone happy*
  2. Caption the profile image above you.

    Her kawaii eyes can sense it...
  3. [INSERT NATION/GEOGRAPHIC AREA] [INSERT SHIP CLASS] is definitely the next line WG is going to release
  4. Happy anti cv week

    Err... I meant the new Tier 8 Baltimore. Not Cleveland. Cleveland's total armor from top is 66 mm, which is 33 mm shy from the min amount to arm the Ap bombs.
  5. Happy anti cv week

    Apparently, if you play the Midway, it's not... too affected by the matchmaking. Majority of the players are trying out the Cleveland, which means that they're likely to see the lower tiers. That fact removes them from seeing Tier 10 battles a lot. Not only that but people are buying ships for the Kronstadt. New cruisers vulnerable for AP bombs
  6. Happy anti cv week

    Are you sure cause Baltimore, Buffalo, Kronstadt, and Des Moines are very very very vulnerable lolol
  7. I'm kinda sad that Thrawn: Alliances doesn't take place after Ezra's liberation of Lothal. Still, I'm interested in getting it. Just wondering, but do you think that with the end of Rebels that Zahn wants to take it in a different direction? I mean what I heard from rumors was that when he finished the Legends version of Thrawn, he was sad to kill him off. This might give him a different opportunity to give Thrawn a new direction than the usual Legends route.
  8. Caption the profile image above you.

    Senpai am I cute~?
  9. Developer Q&A May 8th

    That's not a rework nor an overhaul. Even if WG does go everything of what you said, CV's are not going to be fun! At the current state, CV's are never fun! No amount of balance will ever make CV's fun for everyone and for everyone to appreciate. Why do you think the CV population is low? The RTS gameplay is terrible, the balance is terrible, the reception of CV's to other ships is terrible, and the UI is terrible. Who wants to play a terrible ship class?
  10. Mostly plays aircraft carriers, especially high-tier and is excellent in them Deals a large amount of damage Very often finishes damaged enemies Key vehicle - Hakuryu
  11. I'm not going to say anything until WG releases more news about the CV rework. But it seems that both sides are kinda overblowing it. We don't know what exactly they're thinking about. But we got a definite clue on how the CV rework is going to work.
  12. I'm going to take an opposing opinion on this and say that Halsey's special abilities (relative to CV's) are not impressive. I personally think it's not as easy to get Confederate as people make it out to be.
  13. Caption the profile image above you.

    *readies to kill in the most anime way possible*
  14. I... uhh... never knew this would happen. The last thing I expected WG to do was changing the Hakuryu's strike loadout to be stronger. If there's a definite thing, then it's a straight up buff to the Hakuryu's strike loadout. From 2-3-3 to 3-3-2, this means that Hakuryu players lose an extra dive bomber and gain a fighter. What are the implications? Losing a dive bomber does not change the overall strike power of the Hakuryu. The damage over time via flood and fire may be lessened a bit, but this is offset by the fact that the Hakuryu gains extra ability to contest the skies better. The scouting power of the Hakuryu has not significantly changed. At 7.3, if one wants to scout but keep its fighters in defense of allied ships, the Hakuryu captain would empty the dive bomber and use it as a scout. The dive bombers move as fast as the fighters, giving them an extra scout. If the emptied dive bomber was lost, the Hakuryu may not have lost that much since the dive bombers are simply extra damage and are not as worth as the torpedo bombers or fighters. Hakuryu gains greater ability to contest the skies. With three fighters, the Hakuryu now has means to contest the Midway. Currently, in 7.3, the Midway can outdo the Hakuryu due to the number of planes, ammunition, and fighter reserves. Now, the Hakuryu has "more or less" equal ground. Without Air Superiority (AS) captain skill, the IJN Tier X CV can wield 12 fighters in 3 squads versus the USN Tier X CV's 12 fighters in 2 squads. With AS, the Hakuryu can wield 15 fighters in 3 squads versus Midway who can wield 14 fighters in 2 squads. The AS Hakuryu is no longer relevant. Because the strike loadout has a greater potency to deal damage while keeping its air powers adequate to meet any carrier, the strike Hakuryu has better usage against enemy ships in randoms. For the AS Hakuryu, its two torpedo bombers and dive bombers cannot rack up a lot of damage without depending on the incompetence of the enemy team. Now onto the Midway's reduction from 136 to 116. What are the implications? No longer the Midway can rely on its massive hangar reserves to bully another CV's into submission. Now, the Midway has to be wary of how many planes it can send off to an enemy AA's bubble before they take losses. Assuming that the fighter planes stay at Tier 9, the torpedo bombers stay at Tier 8, and the dive bombers stay at Tier 10, the Midway may need to play much more conservatively on who and how they strike a target. On a Midway versus Hakuryu air battle, it would ultimately depend on the position of the fighters and the usage of fighters through the skill of CV players. Both the Midway and Hakuryu are dependent on their fighter reserves. Assuming that all Midway planes become Tier 10, the Midway may have a slight edge over the Hakuryu, but it no longer has the reserves to make a safe cushion in case things go sour for the Midway player. The Midway can no longer throw away planes for the sake of scouting. The Midway already faces problems in scouting due to the fact that all planes have a built-in purpose to either defend ships or strike ships. With the reduction in hangar size, the Midway has to focus on damaging ships but may find itself neglecting to scout out enemy destroyers and ships for the allied fleet. It's too early to say who wins and who loses from these changes. Not only they are subjected to change, but also we need to wait for the public test server to truly get a look on how the carriers perform.