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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    The most polite and gentlemanly steam stack in all of history
  2. New Midway Changes

    The difference between a Lexington and a Midway is that the Midway can drop torpedoes and keep its planes relatively intact. I hadn't had many problems dropping in on battleships on the PTS. The Lexington's 6 planes need to get through the AA and it did give me trouble at times.
  3. New Midway Changes

    The torpedo bombers, regardless whether it's Tier 8, can severely hurt battleships solely because of its powerful alpha damage. It's AP bombs need a fix. I don't like that they're using Enterprise AP bombs. But in other terms, the 2 fighters gives Midway absolute advantage over the Hakuryu (strike).
  4. About Clans and Their Names....

    Some of them are just creative! :D
  5. I should have explained better on the air dominance. What I meant is that the 1/1/2 won't get shut down as much as any loadout without a fighter squadron. The CV's mission is to support the fleet in any way possible. It means protecting ships with fighter planes from enemy plane attacks, scouting out enemy movements and incoming enemy torpedoes, and attacking enemy ships to help the fleet. The last part is the most important because the carrier can dictate how the battle swings in one side's favor. The last part is important because the CV can judge which ships are the most dangerous and take steps in making sure that the ship is sunk. Thus, they support the team by removing the biggest threat. Likewise, the CV can get rid of the weakest ship in the enemy team which widens the weaknesses in the enemy fleet which the allied surface ships can exploit. That's the role of a CV. Scouting torpedoes and ships and protecting the fleet from enemy fighters cannot do the key role because it does not directly affect both sides of the fleet.
  6. The only difference is that a 3/1/2 Shokaku is less effective at damaging ships. And the 2/0/2 Lexington actually dominates the 3/1/2 Shokaku. The fact is that the Lexingon has the plane squadrons and stats to beat down the Shokaku's planes. Shokaku can do strafing tactics, but the Lexington can do it too and to a much more deadly effect. And I didn't say that a 1/1/2 will own the skies. In random, the key thing is damage and therefore the Lexington needs to do a lot of damage. When comparing a carrier to another, the ship's loadout should be compared to another ship's loadout. Not AS vs strike. Also, the difference between the two loadouts of 1/1/2 and 2/1/1 is that one of them deals more damage and has AP bombs, the other one doesn't. Damage is important and the 2/1/1 loadout lacks that. That's where the 1/1/2 comes in.
  7. The person I'm quoting is right. The CV players in that subforum know how dangerous and disadvantageous it is committing yourself with air superiority or strike without completely sacrificing another. Often, it has dangerous consequences. Though his reasoning maaaay be wrong. What WG is doing is that with the Ranger and Lexington's 1/1/2 loadout is that they are not sacrificing the damage done with a current strike Ranger/Lexington. What they're doing is that they're concentrating the 4 squadrons that do damage (3 dive bomber squadrons and 1 torpedo bomber squadron) into those 3 and adding a fighter to make sure that the USN CV's do not get dominated by the air. That is why they're doing a 1/1/2 for the Lexington and Ranger. Another matter is that I find 2/1/1 loadout way too ineffective to do anything. The AA at that tier is too strong to contend with.
  8. Okay. One of the female CV super unicums has to be Femennenly lol
  9. Well... I'll admit... I never knew much about the RN CV's... except the bare bones and whatnot...
  10. I would say this: the reason Enterprise captains need to be cautious about using torpedo bombers against Tier 10 ships is that of its limited hangar reserves, not its terrible drop pattern or its speed. The Midway can simply throw planes at it and still have a good reserve by the time the endgame comes because it has a massive hangar reserve. The TB's of the Enterprise do considerable damage against Tier 10 battleships. Imagine Midway's bombers dealing a lot of damage to them. The IJN CV line is perfect as it is. However if they have to change it a bit, they need to move the IJN CV's to be more "torpedo-centric" but not overpowering them or debuffing them. Spread out the drop patters to be more wide, but make the torpedoes go a bit faster. Royal Navy carriers are a bit of an anomaly. Most of their planes are either borrowed from the US (if I'm correct) or just outright bad to be put into the game. I mean, they attacked the Bismarck with biplanes. However they can mimic some aspects of the USN CV lines because by the time WWII ended, the RN was learning its lessons from the Pacific War. What the IJN and the USN were doing at the large body of water, the other navies of the world like the Royal Navy and the Soviet Navy were intently observing. And that's a terrible idea. No-CV mode means WG isn't making money from an important and historic ship class. Plus it's outright lunacy to not have CV's. I mean they've barred CV players from playing in Clan Battles! It's much better to fix the line starting with the USN CV balance for many many many reasons.
  11. I'm not saying that the WIP loadouts for Ranger and Lexington are perfect. I'm saying that we need supertesters to properly judge on it. Also, I am advocating for Ranger and Lexington to get one more squadron in some way. They're still too... rigid and not flexible in my eyes.
  12. That too. But I'll see how the new USN CV's perform during supertest. (I wish I was one of the people testing this)
  13. "The year of carriers" thread

    Because the Damage Repair Consumable is for fires coming from surface ships, not from enemy carriers.
  14. Except that people tend to group the torpedo bombers into a "combined unit" and the dive bombers as well.
  15. But what the IJN CV's have is the ability to scout with dive bombers. USN CV's need a bit more in order to do that. Particularly the Lexington and (to a smaller extent) the Ranger.