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  1. We can't protect you. We're omnipotent or omnipresent to kill whoever you want or protect all of you. If you were killed by an enemy CV that decided to wipe you out in one go or torture you with a combination of flood and fire, I cannot help you because you were alone*. If you blame a CV for no fighter escort, it's likely that the good CV needed the fighter escort somewhere. Don't pin the loss of a game to the CV because it's not going to work. So do me a favor and stick with your teammates if you need increased AA. AA keeps the planes away as the World of Warships say. *If you had an escort and they all died to gunfire and you were the only one left, I'm sorry.
  2. Not enough. Which highlights another issue about Tier 10 CV's. Or rather multiple reasons that I don't really need to explain.
  3. I'd be happy to test out the new types of torpedoes they're going to use. I prefer that cruisers don't get punished as much due to the torpedo bombers.
  4. Who's idea was it to remove CV's from clan battles!? Who gave WG that kind of idea!?
  5. Oh gosh... no CV's. Welp. I'm out. >.>
  6. Carriers: Hakuryu with 492 battles and increasing Battleships: Tirpitz with 321 battles and counting Cruisers: Murmansk with 116 battles (back then at Patch 0.4, the Murmansk was my credit ship) Destroyers: Fletcher with 180 battles
  7. The GZ1's elliptical autodrop seems more reliable. That's what I found out. But I couldn't get consistent high damage because of the speed of the planes.
  8. I tested the various effectiveness of the bomb drops to various targets. I have better luck using the GZ 2's circular bomb drop because the 1 second delay is more reliable. As for the more accurate eliptical drop, it's hard to accurately hit targets (even battleships) due to the delays. Turning ships will have better chances to mitigate the impact of an enemy GZ's dive bombers (the elliptical one).
  9. Though, how good are 3.8 seconds for carriers to make an effective strike?
  10. Ah. My mistake. But looking at the testbed stats, it seems that the GZ with the 1 second arm is going to be the better option.
  11. I haven't gotten the two new GZ test ships, and I clicked accept.
  12. inb4 CV rework involves turning all CVs into battleships >.>
  13. So this is the case from Reddit, which came from a comment on Reddit, which the commenter heard the Farazalleth's stream. If you don't know who Fara is, he's famous in the EU server for being a very good CV player. Now this is it: I did it for him and if it's true, then I'm absolutely devastated. Especially that there are too few players who play CVs anymore! What happened to the CV rework from last year and this year?!
  14. No one wants to make the GZ Tier 7 and it seems that Tiers 6 and 5 are reserved for the light/escort carriers. So I can see why...
  15. Either the fighters get tied up for the German bombers to get through and do their stuff or the USN or IJN fighters aren't there at all when the strike happens. It's not absolute that CV players can prevent enemy CV players from striking their own ships.