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  1. If anything, I'd prefer the new reworked CV's to be forcibly relegated to a support role akin to the support classes of Leauge of Legends. Before, I was somewhat against it but I see no other way. Reduce the damage massively but increase the support versatility of CVs beyond spotting and dogfights. That way, ships do not have to get worried about being deleted instantly and the CV players do not need to worry about trying to single-handedly carry a team.
  2. Truly OFF TOPIC Thread -[REBORN]-

    I'm now living in "Japanese idol hell"
  3. Caption the profile image above you.

    Typical Tier X battle: Brings a Republic cruiser
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    And there, she doesn't seem impressed.
  5. 7v7 1CV and 6 BBs

    Pretty cool to see it! Do you have a replay of it? I'd like to see the match.
  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    Ready to give death a good punchin!
  7. PT 0.7.2 has a few CVs - just a few

    Look. The Hakuryu can't do more damage than the Midway. Yes, you have the fire and flood damage, but those two together can't contend against a Midway that can "outalpha" damage a ship. Not to mention that the Midway can get fire damage plus it has an alternate option using AP bombs. The unique thing is that Midways can punish most Tier 10 cruisers whereas the Hakuryu can't. That adds more power to the Midway.
  8. PT 0.7.2 has a few CVs - just a few

    Which a Hakuryu can't do because the Midway has a lot of fighters.
  9. Carriers in Clan Battles

    Tier 10 CVs will destroy the holy grail of competitive play. Cause it does. There. :P
  10. PT 0.7.2 has a few CVs - just a few

    Oh please. When you actually play Tier 10 CVs, you'll know what I mean. But I'm guessing you're too ignorant and stupid to realize it. Or just don't play CV's. If it's really the former, you're just entertaining me with your stupidity. IF you get a bad carrier player in your team. But that's nearly impossible these days because Midways will try their hardest. Also, while Hakuryu can potentially deal more damage, the Midway has A MASSIVE alpha strike package in its TBs and DBs! That alone is more dangerous.
  11. Carriers in Clan Battles

    There's also that as well. To be honest with the massive AA, I am contemplating if one team has a CV could win versus the other team doesn't have a CV. Seems like a stupid thought, but with the AA around, I wonder how much it would make a difference. (Someone actually enlighten me on this)
  12. PT 0.7.2 has a few CVs - just a few

    No. But apparently, you don't get what I mean. Try playing a Hakuryu vs a Midway dogfight and see how it ends up.
  13. PT 0.7.2 has a few CVs - just a few

    I thought I answered it. Try wording it differently? I honestly don't know what you mean. I think you mean why USN CVs should have any plane Tier 8 and above. Cause Tier 9 and Tier 10 USN CVs are just downright better than IJN planes in a 1v1 duel.
  14. Carriers in Clan Battles

    Ehh... as much as I want to emotionally agree with you... there are some massive untended consequences: Take one consequence: CV's become dead weight as every ship in the game specs into AA. They cannot strike, they can only spot, and with massive plane reserves, that's only the best thing they can do. Or another: CV's become the bane of destroyers and cruisers that don't spec into AA due to the unlimited spotting, powerful drops, and massive plane reserves. The consequences can go either way and I'm sure that there are other unintended consequences of bringing a carrier into Clan Battles that I'm not even aware of. I'm not saying that carriers should or should not be in Clan Battles. I'm saying that there's too little to know if CVs are a positive force in Clan Battles or a bane to Clan Battles. Plus, I think 7v7 isn't a good environment for CV's.
  15. PT 0.7.2 has a few CVs - just a few

    I think you're confusing it with the Shinano? Supposedly, WG was going to make it the Tier 10 carrier, but they replaced it with (what I understand from it) a bigger version of the Taiho-class. And... to be honest, I have no answer to that when it comes to balance. What I want is a competitive balance between the two carriers. If I remember, strafing was meant to be an answer to the anemic gameplay of fighter combat. Because back then, all one carrier has to do is to lock the other fighters together and the fleet would be helpless against a carrier that would freely strike at will, not counting if they play together and DFAA and all those kinds of stuff. I didn't know what to make of it back then, I didn't know what to make of it now. I only know that I use it to max degree, but how much does the average player use it? If not much, then strafing may be the issue on why the Midway is suddenly powerful, but if people use it "averagely", strafing may not be the reason on why the Midway is powerful today. Because the Hakuryu right at the moment has lesser strike power than the Midway. Hakuryu has 3 TB squadrons, but each of Midway's torpedoes deals more damage. Not to mention, the AP bombs that can be freely used against Tier 10 cruisers and German ships below the GK. Because before, the USN carriers complain on how much their fighters suck against the Japanese carriers?