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  1. 65 USD? LOL NOPE

    Enter the Tirpitz SpecialOffer expires in 13 d. $86.15 LOL wow no way i am paying that its worth more than a new copy of fallout 4 or assassins creed syndicate both of those will provide me with 100s of hours of fun. Hell the god pack for smite which includes all gods and all future gods is 25 bucks. I can not help but feel this is a massive rip off 86 dollars these guys are mental no one will pay that 20 bucks maybe.
  2. Done Until Torp Planes Fixed

    most cv captains will wait till your turning towards their planes shift the manual drop before your 15 to 20 second rudder shift has time to reset back and try to avoid the new angle. Even doing all the maneuvers i want i still take 2 to 3 torps per squad and if he has two of them on you then should just jump ship because your screwed
  3. ATL Sale

    well in the dark and surprise attack friendly fire will happen due to the confusion. I want night battles in the game for that fact would make the game alot more interesting. Having to use floodlights to spot and see other ships in the darkness
  4. ATL Sale

    i would love the atlanta to mainly because it participated in one of the deadliest conflicts naval wise of ww2. The battle of Guadalcanal. If your a history buff you know what that is it was a not a pretty fight but bloody ships slugging it out in the dark allies hitting each other torpedoes shells flying all over chaos
  5. Would reduced speed/knots be viable for damage

    im just tired of my steering getting knocked out every 5 seconds
  6. Manual drops

    i think cvs should have some hard hitting power. I do not want massive nerfs like removing manual drop but i want it to feel more fair atm if a cv targets you in a bb your going to eat 2 to 3 torps minimum if he is halfway good at manual drops and if he is a expert such as yourself no amount of movement will save him. Due to that sudden so close drop i have had the guys say Torpedos to then they hit he does not even get to finish his sentence before they hit. I love cvs think they add a good strategic element to the game. BUT with how slow rudder shift is sure i can turn towards them or away but with manual drop just adjust to where i am turning and since my rudder shift is 18 ish seconds in my fuso i wont even get turned around before i eat a full load of torpedos. To recap cvs are great they are fun to have on either team but at the moment if i am sailing my bb it is frustrating because its like you start the match 5 min into it your down half your hp because of something you could not avoid even with your best efforts i know alot of bb captains feel the same way i had the rest of the bb captains on my team on ocean go oh crap were screwed when the enemy team had two tier 7 Japanese carriers and we had no air support and we all had slow bbs like the fuso or new york. They said well this will not end well.
  7. Manual drops

    I hope i never run into that renamed user guy. Judging by his page all he uses is carriers and the stats he gets with them proves the point that carriers are massively broken. 3 kills per battle with a taio jesus. I am baffled at how no one else sees this as broken. You can turn evade and move all you want but with manual drop the carrier can just shift the drop to where your maneuvering or just send more torp bombers at you than you can handle and with a bb slow rudder shift time once your in a turn and he shifts his bombing runs your screwed. In cruiser i rarely die to manual torp drops because better rudder shift and turning. Only time in a cruiser they get me is if its one of those ones that they somehow drop through a island and the torps come out of the beachhead. Renamed user with the must admit cool profile picture as a anime nerd i hope i never run into you in battle or i may just leave the game because i know the outcome if carrier player knows how to abuse those 50 foot from hull drops. i have seen my entire team killed in under 10 min by a carrier its insane. The new patch will fix some things but manual drop needs a Minimum arming distance of 1.5 km then we would have a chance to evade in bbs.
  8. i do not mind working for my ships and stuff for them but when for example the nagato which is my next ship in line of the IJN battleships is 75 thousand exp away. That is 75 wins away maybe depending on how much exp i earn without premium and if we win every match a defeat means 500 to 800 exp. SO realistically your looking at 100 games to get to nagato now that seems reasonable to some people and for me its not so bad but the next ship after nagato the amagi is over 100 thousand exp away not to mention the hull upgrade and more for nagato now your looking at north of 150 games to get to izumo then it gets insane requiring 259 thousand exp which is nearly 300 ish games away. Thats just one ship line you got cruisers and whole other nations. By the time someone grinds out one nations trees they will have grey hair. Getting from tier 1 to 5 was fun and progression was fast enough to keep things fresh and exciting. But as of tier 6 the massive jump in exp needed for parts and next ship turn the fun progression into a slog grind. Not helped by the fact that some of these ships are terrible stock.
  9. Why are the ships so rusty

    i use some realistic skins for most my ships. But for some of them i use kantai because i loved the anime. As for my hud and map etc i use skins that make it easier to see on my tv i have a large screen tv i do not use a monitor why have 27 to 30 inch monitor when i can have my 55 inch Samsung tv. I am baffled at people buying monitors i am like dude you can go buy a tv for the same price and double the size. I am a tech nerd build and fix pcs but do not understand why people want such small screens to game on
  10. Why are the ships so rusty

    this is where ship skins come in handy. Makes my ships look factory fresh or nice
  11. stock fuso is out ranged out armored out sped and out anti aircraft by everything in its tier and above. with a 12 km range even a phoenix a tier 4 can pummel you to death. not to mention your citadel is the size of a moon so those tier 7 and up bbs can just rip you apart
  12. that's this games biggest issue is the amount of exp needed for each part and each next ship. i am looking at 72 k exp for the myoko from my aoba i have 20 k in my aoba as is but at 1 k to a max of 1800 sometimes 2 200 exp a match if i win and if i lose well 500 to 900 exp is all i can expect it will take eons to get to the next ship and yes i roll non prem why because i do not feel the need to pay for the game to give me decent exp. I bought a few prems sure i like historical ships so yes they got some of my money that way but i am not buying prem time just to make exp system fair instead of broken. i played for 4 hours this afternoon that's about 5 to 6 matches at 20 min a piece. i began that run needing 11 thousand exp to get hull b for the fuso i ended those match's almost tossing my keyboard across the room when i get 66 thousand damage and get a paltry 1000 exp for it. Or when matchmaking puts me against ships that can all out range me and on a map where a slow dreadnaught like me is useless unless i had range fault line is a example by the time i got to a all the enemy ships were dead and i got 0 exp because i could not even fire off one salvo because every enemy stayed 14 km away or more outside my 12 km range
  13. Thank you dear sir for feeling my pain and explaining to that uncouth fellow what stock hulls are like and why they need tweaks or new matchmaking
  14. Well i guess putting a real complaint and issue up on the fourms no one seems to want it fixed this is why the devs will not fix it. Because when someone post a legitimate problem they get told to deal with it. This is beta things can change and can be fixed and this game is not easy its fun its a good challenge and i enjoy it a ton i just feel a few things need tweaks to make them more enjoyable and less of oh dear not another one of these moments.
  15. i was one of 3 tier 6 ships in that the other ones were Cleavland fully upgraded. Most of the enemy team was tier 8 and 9 ships