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  1. darkdummo

    Purchased ship not in my inventory

    You were right, didn't read into detail just saw the Musashi for 21$ and thought it was the ship plus camo. Didn't think they would sell a ship camo for 21$, well now I'm stuck with a camo for a ship I do not own. I am retarded. Thank you.
  2. darkdummo

    Purchased ship not in my inventory

    With my credit card ive used it before to make purchases
  3. darkdummo

    Purchased ship not in my inventory

    ive done everything possible and looked up multiple solutions but none of them worked
  4. darkdummo

    Purchased ship not in my inventory

    tried both already
  5. Purchased ship from the shop and its been 30 min and its not in my inventory. I would create a ticket but im banned from creating tickets because of a chargeback from 4 yeas ago. I have the email confirmation as well.
  6. All I know is everything was good before I stopped playing and after I came back 2 years are so later that's when the chargeback thing happened and I know for sure didn't cancel any payments. Idk if my account got hacked and stuff happened between the 2 years but I know I didn't do anything. Edit: And the fact I am suspended from making tickets is very weird since I've never had issues with wargaming
  7. I stopped playing for about 2 years, re downloaded and now I'm chat banned because of a chargeback and I cant create a ticket because I'm suspended wth is this crap. Someone help me.