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  1. Just Got Akizuki, Need Advice

    Well it certainly isn't optimal, but I'm just pointing out that CE should still take priority over IFHE as you grind up the captain. Also having played stock Akizuki without IFHE in my first several games, I still did well with the guns. You'll still outgun Kageros and you can always switch to AP if necessary when DDs show broadside. You can also aim higher for the superstructure of DDs rather than the hull, because I'm sure 100mm still deals damage to DD superstructure. I didn't just do zero damage firing away my guns even if 75% ended up as shatters. Of course, playing Akizuki means you have to pick your 1v1 tier 8 DD engagements carefully and make sure you can reliably secure the kill before jumping in.
  2. Buff Zao?

    Zao is really not effective at influencing matches in the current meta. As a result, it fails to be impressive as a tier 10 cruiser that can only spam HE at range. HE and fire damage is so easily mitigated nowadays by BBs who understand how to absorb fire damage and repair almost all of it over time that Zao does not pose a significant threat but more of mere annoyance to BBs. In return, Zao can easily be crippled any tier X BB that simply fires at it because of the devastating effects of a single alpha strike. Yamatos will continue to fire at 18km away and still land lucky 10k+ salvos on Zao regardless of angling simply due to overmatch. Zao may have concealment, but it cannot push into objectives like a Minotaur or Des Moines. If it gets caught and spotted up close, it will simply be shot to death from focus fire without the DPM to neutralize threats alone or risk exposing a broadside to turn away. It does so poorly at close range because of the slow rate of fire and being sluggish to maneuver compared to DPM monsters like Mino and DM that it can only really perform well kiting and spamming HE at near maximum range. None of this influences a match as much as a Tier X is expected to carry out.
  3. Just Got Akizuki, Need Advice

    Ideally you play Akizuki on a 14pt captain to have both CE and IFHE. However that being said, I believe CE is still the bigger priority because Akizuki will not survive long if spotted far away due to her clumsiness in handling and speed. She can still farm fires on BBs without IFHE fairly well and that's where most of my Akizuki damage comes from generally. CE also ensures you can still rely on stealth torping abilities and cap objectives, very important factors for playing a DD. IFHE really just mostly trivializes DD engagements in your favor, but not having it means you are more or less equal in 1v1 DD gunfights that you would otherwise destroy the enemy easily. It's not completely crippling, but having IFHE is what makes the ship stand out so well.
  4. Best Destroyer in Each Tier

    As a DD, I think playing the objectives is one of the most important factor to winning, so some generalizations I'll focus on. In terms of objective play and capture, US DDs are easily on top of the list from tier 7 to tier 10 due to a mixture of their high rate of fire in knife fighting and maneuverability while being stealthy. At close range, they have almost no flaws for a DD that I essentially see them as the perfect baseline class for DDs, with high regards for Benson and Fletcher as arguably the best DDs in the game for a team to always have. You can argue that German DDs are also very good at this but the only reason would be because they can pull off a smoke + hydro combination to shutdown another DD within 5km. However, their RoF and DPM generally will not match an equally skilled US DD player most of the time in a close range open water gunfight. PADDs (non-premium) from tier 8 - 10 are basically US DDs without torps in a contested objective. This makes them slightly worse than German DDs at objective play because the threat of torps is a huge factor in keeping enemy DDs from aggressively pressing forward carelessly. However they can generally pull off what US DDs can do to a certain point and win objectives. In terms of premium PADDs, Lo Yang wins over the Benson by being a hybrid of German and US DD. IJN DDs at almost every tier (except Akizuki) can only hope to win a capture by being uncontested, landing a lucky torp hit, or hoping friendly cruisers or BBs are nearby. In a 1v1 scenario with any other DD, they will lose at close range if they are not kiting away. The combination of these random factors make them some of the most inconsistent to play and easily shut out of the objectives with an enemy US, German, or PADD nearby. While it can win objectives sometimes, US DDs can accomplish the same thing with far better ease. IJN DDs are simply designed for other roles, such as target sniping capital ships outside of objective play, which is why we see many Shimas refusing to enter a cap early game. Russian DDs are objectively the worst destroyers by this generalization, because they aren't to be played as destroyers at all (with some exceptions like Ognevoi). They generally cannot afford to lose HP trying to get into a cap zone early game, but they can carry a lot of weight in the endgame captures by being the fastest ships in the game. The problem is in practice, most of the matches are decided by the time endgame is reached that stealing a cap won't heavily influence a clear sided outcome.
  5. If the game is completely lost but I'm still alive, I make it my final objective to make it out of the match alive but I keep playing. Usually I can take out a ship while forcing them to pursue me or I can isolate enemy ships and try to win the 1v1 engagements for as long as I can hold. Once it's clear I'm about to get outgunned or simply lack the health to engage, I start kiting away to the edge of the map while returning fire for until the match ends by time/points. While bailing the game objectives seems dishonorable for some, I find some enjoyment in the prolonged struggle to survive rather than throwing myself into the enemy fleet and burning in flames quickly. Unless I know for sure that somehow my sacrifice would help contribute a winning chance, I don't try going down in glory.
  6. Citadels

    Amagi for those upper tier consistent citadels
  7. After finishing a match in a division, I came back to a menu looking like this. None of the buttons were back and no mouse inputs would respond to anything other than the few chat windows I have. I don't know if the issue is related to divisioning explicitly, but it has happened more than once when I was in a division rather than playing alone. Also, disconnecting from the server and rejoining does not solve the issue because I end up seeing the same thing. Instead, I have to close out the entire game client and restart for a fix.
  8. I feel like in this public test 0.7.2, there has been a consistent number of (purposely?) afk ships on either sides of a team. Since wins matter if you're trying to test out the Richelieu and Lyon, it seems like some people are just gambling on the team carrying them a free win while they purposely join matches and afk on them. If the team loses, they have nothing to lose in stats since it's just a temporary test account. Is it just me, or has this been an issue and do you think it is an issue that needs attention?
  9. Your 'oh crap' moments

    Top ten moments taken before disaster It was at this point, he knew he foked up Context: The first few minutes of a match, spotted by an unseen destroyer and realized I moved a bit too close to the caps with none of the main enemy ships spotted yet.
  10. My main captain before the DD split is currently the Akizuki, which I think is easily one of the best Tier 8 tech tree DDs alongside the Benson for not having to depend on torpedoes to be successful. With my doubts on the much shafted torpedo focused IJN DD line, I recently started trying out the Kagero on a new 15 captain that I finally grinded to for some interesting build ideas. Having heavily played both Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu beforehand, I found some interesting points in the Kagero and rather enjoy the ship despite the line's overall flaws in the current state. Kagero's Survival Captain Build Current 15-pt captain build that I really enjoyed to great success, where I'll give explanations for some of the following skills. Kagero's Early Game One of the biggest challenges with Kagero (and most DDs in general) is surviving the first three minutes of a match when you begin locating enemy ships for the first time. The general chain of events that occur in those crucial minutes is the initial enemy DD encounter, where either of you are trying to guess other DD locations but generally happened to stumble right into each other. Once you guys spot each other, depending on nearby ships there are generally several options that open up: - Shoot immediately, cut engine/reverse, and smoke up - Turn away, retreat from detection without shooting, drop torps - Turn away, retreat while shooting, then smoke up - Drop smoke and torps, retreat Of course the biggest danger Kagero usually encounters is not the DD engagement, but the sudden appearance of an RU CA (and other similar low detection radar cruisers) for the first time in their <10km detection range with a radar range of 11.7km. This is generally unavoidable with smart RU CA players that play close to their own DDs for early game support and it is the biggest challenge for survivability in Kagero in the first few minutes of any match. The opening radar that immediately follows because any RU CA captain getting spotted before they fire their guns will immediately recognize that a DD is within their radar range is what generally kills off most IJN DDs in the early game. This is what I build my Kagero captain around to deal with. RPF might prevent the issue of the surprise DD encounter, but I opted to go for Survivability Expert because the longer an IJN DD stays in a match, the more influential power it has. Getting adrenaline rush is the acknowledgement that I may (mostly will) get blasted by every ship in the first few minutes, but I suddenly acquire a drastic increase in DPS (both guns and torpedoes) if I survive the initial onslaught that's in great synergy with the extra health I already have. After the initial encounter and disappearing to safety, now that I've acquired the locations of every radar ship and most general DD locations, I can proceed to stealth torp without being spotted again. And it has paid off very well, I cannot recall the number of times I come out of the early engagement after being surprise radared and targeted by 5+ ships with only 2-3k health left. But after this, Kagero basically can make sure she never gets detected again with the best concealment (5.4km full spec) of any ship in tier 6 - 10. Kagero's Torpedoes A lot of people seem to have Kagero builds that focus purely on its torpedoes, generally going for TA and TAE to cope with the high detection range on IJN torps with faster reload and speed, sometimes being bold and going straight for the torpedo reload booster. While these can be effective, I found that Kagero can do well with its torpedoes even on a standard build that doesn't touch its torpedoes. Kagero's torps have very high detection ranges, that's undoubtedly one of the most questioning flaws of IJN DD torps. However, if you launch torps in such a way that they cannot be avoided even if they were spotted 2km away, then these torpedoes are unforgiving and undoubtedly the best in its tier. With this in mind, I found a few strategies when it comes to Kagero torping on most main capital meta BBs (Yamato, Montana, Iowa, Musashi, Izumo .. ect): Obvious main strategy Get within 6km~ while being mostly perpendicular to a BB, launch broadside torps without ever being spotted and even if BBs spot them, their rudder shift time is generally not fast enough to dodge all torps. This is simply standard play of all IJN DDs, but it ultimately relies on the BB captain making the mistake of traveling broadside long enough to begin with, so it is not as consistent of a strategy. Alternate strategy - Isolate a BB, get within 6km of the BB directly in front of it bow on and sit still waiting - Smoke up only when the BB enters Kagero's concealment range, which implies that the BB is still advancing forward and cannot easily slow down. - Expand the smoke cloud by slightly moving forward or reversing while firing gun salvos on the BB (assuming the BB can be spotted by other teammates) for some fire DPS and overall distraction. At this point, Kagero has reached a position to place the BB in checkmate. Throughout the next following moments, we do not fire our torpedoes yet. This is the key to Kagero's success. If the BBs don't rush the smoke and attempt to reverse, then you can just keep setting fires on them while they helplessly attempt to blind fire into your smoke cloud with teammates around you. What I found in upper tiers is that BBs will generally respond by rushing into the smoke if you keep firing on them. This is the upper tier behavior I love exploiting in the Kagero. When the BB is advancing forward within 4km or less, this is when we stop firing our guns in Kagero and immediately move around in our smoke cloud. Most BB players still assume we are still directly bow on in their direction from where we last fired our guns. However we would have of course moved slightly off to some edge of the smoke they do not expect. The key to this strategy is holding your torps until the BB is literally 2km away from the smoke. Throughout this time, most experienced BB players would have already tried angling in various ways, steering slightly left and right trying to guess where the two sets of Kagero torps will be launched to potentially dodge most of them and simply tank one or two easily. However, we hold our torpedoes even if we are spotted by the BB at 2km in smoke. This is where Kagero needs to be patient and be prepared to absorb a full front gun salvo from the BB before firing torpedoes. As a Kagero survival build, we generally have the HP to survive a point bank single salvo from the BB's front turrets which is expected. In fact, we can abuse the turret turning rate of some BBs such as Yamato/Musashi and simply shift around in the smoke to the opposite direction of where their turrets to avoid a salvo entirely. Use engine boost and get in the optimal firing angle for torpedoes by leaving our smoke. We launch torpedoes the moment we see them making the last ditch effort to turn, or when they are simply so close it is impossible to miss our torpedoes. With a 30 second window after their first gun salvo, do not rush this last step. Wait until it becomes truly impossible to miss all eight torpedoes and launch them so close it would completely wipe out any full health Yamato or Montana. At this point, TA or TAE skills aren't even necessary at all in our strategy. This is an amazing answer to the absurd detection range and power of IJN torps. No amount of skill can prevent this checkmate of point blank torpedoes. It is very successful every time when there is no threat of hydro, radar, or nearby enemy DDs. (Caution against German BBs, unless it is clear they have burned hydro already or are very distracted by teammates) Kagero's Guns Kagero has surprisingly some of the strongest DD guns in the game. They are primarily hurt by low firerate and poor turret traverse that prevents them from being used to their full potential. However, they have some of the best HE alpha, good shell travel times, and overall decent fire starting chance. You won't win a 1v1 gunfight in a balanced scenario against a competent Benson player, but fighting another DD alone is never an ideal situation to put yourself in as a Kagero. Instead, Kagero is a great force multiplier to have alongside other better gunboat DDs (Germans and US) when pushing into caps. Kagero can score very well purely with guns even if you don't score torp hits. Some of my strategies when I miss a full salvo of torps on a BB at range is to simply smoke up and begin firing on them relentlessly if there is no danger of hydro or radar. Kagero can easily chip off damage quickly with fires and regular 2k~ HE salvos against BB superstructure, while forcing the BB to make a decision even if you partly give up your stealth by informing them of your smoke position. If the BB decides to rush the smoke, then congratulations, we now can apply our alternative torpedo strategy because by the time they reach the smoke, our torps would reload just in time for a point blank launch. Otherwise, we can farm some free damage and force an enemy BB away if they decide to dip out and retreat. If the BB continues to stay where they are and reverse, again we can keep putting HE and fires on them for free damage. Kagero can just keep spitting out gunfire in smoke because poor turret traverse won't affect it. As long as we make sure we anticipate potential torps from enemy DDs, or be in a position where that's not even a threat at all, this is a position that Kagero can excel at like any other DD. And it is more so because Kagero has very flat gun arcs to get consistent hits and damage at near max gun range. Once smoke is about to run out, simply stop firing and move to a new position for torping opportunities. Conclusions Overall I found Kagero to be a much more fun and capable ship that I anticipated after struggling to be consistent in torpedo focused IJN lines for a long time with their poor gun handling and torpedo detection range. While ships like the Benson are far easier to play successfully, Kagero is a ship that requires much more careful and deliberate combination of planned moves with a very high reward skill curve that I don't see many Kagero ship captains regularly performing up to. Often times, I see many simply die off in the initial gunfight engagement in caps against USN DDs and general focus fire, something I made sure of to take into consideration when playing this ship. However, it is because of the potential ability of Kagero to sway a match with its detection range and powerful one strike torpedoes that I can see the power of highly experienced players in this ship.
  11. Ibuki can actually have a more "atlanta" playstyle that Zao can't replicate if you spec it to have the propulsion mod 2, reload mod, and steering mod 3 as opposed to range mod w/ concealment that I managed to build and play around, making it a rather fun ship to play and not feel like a grind. This keeps your range at 16.5km, reload down to 13.5 sec, and rudder shift time to 4.4 sec which makes it as maneuverable as RN CLs with better forward/reversing control and HE spamming that RN CLs lack. Perhaps the reason why many find the Ibuki a bland ship is because everyone resorts to 18km HE spamming in open waters, which is one of the most boring playstyles that also ends up getting you killed because BBs can still hit you at that range. Any hit is essentially going to be a citadel regardless of angle. It has a fairly floaty HE round almost comparable to USN Cruisers at range, which means you can actually sit behind islands and wait for BBs to push in caps , then heavily punish them with repeated fires without ever having to be seen. I cannot do this in Zao's railguns which is why Zao has to take the range mod. After playing over a hundred games in the Ibuki, I can definitely say it grew on me to the point where I feel very comfortable playing it aggressively up close by hugging islands and abusing the 13.5 sec reload fire rate that is ever slightly faster than Zao's 13.7 while being able to target ships out of sight. Being up close with friendly DDs means you can reliably take out enemy DDs as well by ambushing them and using your maneuverability to get yourself back into island cover. Not the most impressive stats, but 88% survivability in over 120 matches does say something about how much more effective the "Atlanta" playstyle can be
  12. Roon should definitely take reload mod to get reload time down to 8~ seconds. That gets it to 17km~ range which is more than enough for it to carry out to be the strongest tier 9 cruiser with its RoF
  13. What's your comfort ship.

    Benson and Akizuki. Stealth gunboats are the best to ensure 1v1 DD kills.
  14. I managed to clear pink in three-four quick games so that went fairly smoothly at least.
  15. Ibuki w/ Reload Mod

    After browsing the forums, it seems that the consensus agreement is that Ibuki should always take the range module to get 19km and fire HE at near maximum range, but I'm here to say that reload mod Ibuki is probably a more interesting way to play. In practice, landing shots consistently against moving targets with the slow HE travel time at anything beyond 17km becomes a chore and annoying to do effectively. At that point, you stop having any ability to influence a match. That extra range isn't going to guarantee your safety because Montanas with 12 gun salvos will still regularly land 15k+ damage lolpens on this ship regardless of how you angle even at 18km away. Having played the Edinburgh enough to get good at it, I decided to try playing the Ibuki in a similar manner, abusing islands as much as possible and aggressive positioning, while doing everything to avoid being targeted. With the reload mod on Ibuki, the 15 second reload time drops to 13.2 seconds. Shaving off two seconds in reload is a very significant DPS increase. Not only that, the two second decrease can mean the difference between firing a second full salvo against a low health DD before it fades away. It gives Ibuki a lot more flexibility in firepower and overall just allows it to be more influential by outputting more damage consistently by being forced to play up close. EDIT: Starting to feel much more influential in the Ibuki now. The next crucial step in Ibuki is forgetting about concealment, it needs the -40% steering mod and propulsion mod because concealment doesn't matter when you're firing your guns as fast as possible. Steering and engine acceleration boosts to help you in various aspects of unpredictable play, from kiting to reverse bow tanking and just handling much better in general to dodge citadel salvos.