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  1. Improving Ibuki - Zao Guns

    I don’t understand why posts here aren’t really discussing the actual suggestion made by OP, which actually seems to be a very reasonable upgrade. Ibuki’s floaty guns are in fact an issue in why it feels so underwhelming at range. Having the option to take on Zao’s gun ballistics is a very logical progression and gives more purpose to taking on the range mod in Ibuki. This allows it to be effective against faster targets like DDs and have more time to kite from high tier BB shells by staying at range while still being useful. Right now, a range mod Ibuki ends up having 19km range, more than what Zao can reach, and in most cases it can’t actually hit anything not a battleship beyond 16km with its arcs. It seems rather counterintuitive that the tier 9 has better range than tier 10, but it’s all purely for show in practice.
  2. Haida's armor gets shredded by Yugumo guns in a 1v1 DD gunfight. I was in a Yugumo gun fighting a Haida while it was doing the smoke stream thing and was surprised by how I kept dealing 2k+ damage to the ship every time it peaked out of the smoke bubble before a new one appeared. I basically just gunned it down this way even when it tried to return fire.
  3. Izumo is great at overpens, bounces, and straddling misses at 10km against broadside BBs. There's one main reason for me why playing Izumo generally feels unrewarding and unsatisfying. It's not the awkward turret layout or the fact that it eats HE pen damage everywhere, because a seasoned player can deal with those flaws. In my experience, it's really how inconsistent the guns are even at brawling ranges despite how some claim Izumo has good dispersion. I really wanted to believe that it was up to player skill that explained why I missed so many broadside opportunities in Izumo in regular games, but a training room stationary target will explain my frustration the most that I believe to be the reason why many others skip the Izumo grind. I think these few clips show a pretty good representation of what most of people's Izumo shots end up going in general. If it isn't a complete straddling miss, it's an overpen. The vertical dispersion on Izumo's guns is far too large that it either overshoots or undershoots despite aiming in the same location over and over. Typical broadside Iowa/Missouri that should be easily punished with citadels. And then in the same setup, we have the one salvo out of ten that magically connects to a citadel every shot. If I could get the grouping of the first shot in this clip every few salvos, Izumo would be a great ship. But that clearly just doesn't happen for most salvos in the other clips, as they regularly bracket all over the place. It screams the fickleness of the guns even when presented with optimal positions of firing opportunities that good players try to find. Yet, you don't get rewarded consistently in Izumo even with the best aim you can place. In comparison, I take out the Missouri and realize how massive the disparity in dispersion between the two ships are. People enjoy the Iowa/Missouri for very good reasons. Its guns are god tier consistently grouped when compared to Izumo that it's basically a joke to take out Izumo over Missouri in battle. You can even get citadels against angled Iowa/Missouri because of how accurate your shots can be placed into the exact magazine locations consistently. Trying to do this in Izumo will get you nowhere even if you understand a ship's weaknesses because your shots just don't go to where you want them up even when up close. It rewards aiming at very precise locations incredibly well as you can see and Izumo doesn't have the capability to do this anywhere as well as Missouri. It pains me to see that Izumo can nowhere compete with this level of consistency, grouping, and damage potential that Iowa/Missouri has. If any ship deserves a buff with the recent trend of WG buffing older ships, I think Izumo should at the very least get access to the dispersion module that Missouri has. Nonetheless, I am nearing the end of my full Izumo grind to Yamato and after some 50+ games, I end up with the following Izumo stats after trying really hard to understand this ship while ending up with some better games towards the end. I'd like to say I've gotten better in this ship as a more experienced player, but it still holds back so much potential and enjoyment because of the lack of gun consistency.
  4. Izumo (Tough) Love

    I don’t understand how people claim Izumo’s guns are great. I can’t see the consistency on it as I do on say the Missouri, an immediate counterpart (aka the only other tier 9 BB I own). Side by side comparison, Missouri’s guns are far better grouped by having access to the dispersion mod while Izumo’s shell can go all over the place with its horrible vertical dispersion. It’s shell caliber is in an awkward zone where it cannot overmatch most bow on armor, but will give you a ton of overpens against broadsided targets leading to extreme frustration and inability to consistently punish enemy players. What redeeming features do these guns even have when compared to the tier 9 Musashi which completely makes Izumo irrelevant?
  5. American BBs Left Behind?

    It sounds like you got stuck in the Colorado, which is I agree is probably indeed the lowest point in the US BB line that gets overmatched, poor dispersion with the few number of guns it has, and terribly difficult to maneuver in. Compared to the more flexible Gneisneau, it can feel completely outclassed. Once you get to the North Carolina, all of that changes and you'll see why the grind will be worth it.
  6. People seem to be misunderstanding OP's message. He somehow finished the task without any fire damage despite the description saying "12k fire damage" was the requirement. He's most likely correctly stating that it should probably have said "12k flooding damage", because he completed the task with coincidentally, above 12k flooding damage and no fire damage. Either way, there is some inconsistency with his battle results and the achievement description.
  7. Kinda hurts to watch your team actively throw what should have effectively been a won match the moment they lost their only DD. Even with your afk BB, it was such a good opening that went to waste when unnecessary aggression by your teammates fed into deaths 1 by 1. Your team DD took way too long to cap C, and somehow got himself killed despite no radar cruiser present. Of course some of the enemy ships played terrible just as well. That enemy Atago performance at the very end was abysmal to watch. Opening up broadside to a German CA of all ships to launch torps it could easily kill with a few HE salvos. Overall your performance is definitely better than average. Ammo choice could improve at times but there is a conscious effort at it. Your initial aggressive stance at C was solid, but I don’t understand why after the enemy DD died, you pushed actively into the cap without trying to maintain stealth. All you did was fire AP shots at long range targets with little effect and ended up taking massive unnecessary damage when you could have potentially capped C with the enemy’s poor position and remain unspotted. Definitely questionable showing that full broadside retreat to a weaker position in the back where you had little impact for a good while when you gave up C. Can’t really read the chat too well, but I basically saw little to no attempt of at least requesting your DD to secure C when you initiated the push on your own. This is a team game, so at least let people know of your intentions so they can decide if they want to back you up.
  8. What is more impressive?

    I think the nation specific ones are more impressive for consistency in performance but also shows a player's dedication to a particular line. It definitely comes off very remarkable whenever I see an enemy YueYang player with the highest Pan Asian emblem. I would have little doubts that the player knows exactly how to play the ship very well. Damage farming on the other hand is perhaps less impressive. You can spam fires on BBs to get it in cruisers, you can spam Khab to get itfor destroyers if landing torpedoes is inconsistent enough, and BBs is just farming BB damage every salvo. Although one could argue the CV one is definitely a sign of a unicum CV player because that's a different story.
  9. Skip Izumo? - need advice

    Satisfy your internal masochism and play Izumo full stock grind all the way through like any other ship.
  10. How to fix Izumo?

    Just started the Izumo stock grind, so far only reached B hull and engine upgrade while doing not too badly so far. The grind hasn't been as terrible as people claim, except the ship lets me down in many cases that I have to make up for by superior skill than my opponents whereas a ship like Missouri would have trivialized the scenario. I hear some of the most polarizing opinions on this ship, with a large majority claiming the best option is to free XP past it because it is that bad. The introduction of Musashi in the same tier recently only reinforced how outclassed Izumo is among tier 9 BBs, especially against Musashi in almost every aspect such as gun caliber and turret layout. I personally feel like Izumo has a lot of wasted potential in her unique design that feels lost in soft stats such as getting burned down easily, inconsistent dispersion, weak secondaries, getting spotted across the map, sluggish speed, and so forth. Given that WG seems to have no plans of replacing this ship with another tier 9 tech tree IJN BB, what are some realistic buffs Izumo could take in order to at least make it competitive among its tier? What are Izumo's crippling flaws that could be fixed in order to make her more fun to play without changing hard design details such as turret layout? Potential ideas? - Improve dispersion to match Yamato's sniping accuracy - Increase deck armor slightly to reduce direct HE pens - Increase range or accuracy of secondaries and their fire starting chance - Increase engine speed to 30 kts - Increase AA effectiveness - Reduce getting set on fire - Reduce concealment range to 13 km~ (max camo/skills) - Slightly faster rudder shift time - Slightly faster turret rotation time
  11. Having played frequently enough to see detonations still a regular occurrence in my games, I note an interesting observation that actually questions the effectiveness of the detonation mechanic change update. One issue about the detonation update is that "full health" detonation can still occur when you consider the fact that not all shells land hits at the same time in a full salvo. In a full salvo, the first shell might be a citadel hit and drop the ship's HP down below the 75% threshold. And then in the next few frames, perhaps a few ms apart, the next shells hit, allowing for a detonation probability to occur because the logic is coded to read the ship hp in that instant. Then in this case, a ship can actually still detonate from full health in practice because there's no separation requirement for the timing of shells hitting the ship below the 75% hp requirement. I have done this more than a few times on full health DDs when firing from a BB during this update. My first "hit" is a regular pen, and then the second hit is an instant detonation since it is incredibly easy to bring down a DD health pool below 75% with a single shell.
  12. A tale of two cruisers.

    Playing the Emerald taught me to stop facing directly bow on to BBs, but instead show a bit of angle when I know I cannot avoid a full salvo. Came up with a fun simple MS paint diagram to show what I mean and why I think it's more effective, even if it seems slightly counter intuitive to purposely show a bit more of your side and potentially eat more rounds. It takes only about two full citadels through the bow and maybe a few regular or overpens to completely kill it from full health. whereas eating a few regular and overpens will probably still leave the ship at around half health or more.
  13. Just Got Akizuki, Need Advice

    Well it certainly isn't optimal, but I'm just pointing out that CE should still take priority over IFHE as you grind up the captain. Also having played stock Akizuki without IFHE in my first several games, I still did well with the guns. You'll still outgun Kageros and you can always switch to AP if necessary when DDs show broadside. You can also aim higher for the superstructure of DDs rather than the hull, because I'm sure 100mm still deals damage to DD superstructure. I didn't just do zero damage firing away my guns even if 75% ended up as shatters. Of course, playing Akizuki means you have to pick your 1v1 tier 8 DD engagements carefully and make sure you can reliably secure the kill before jumping in.
  14. Buff Zao?

    Zao is really not effective at influencing matches in the current meta. As a result, it fails to be impressive as a tier 10 cruiser that can only spam HE at range. HE and fire damage is so easily mitigated nowadays by BBs who understand how to absorb fire damage and repair almost all of it over time that Zao does not pose a significant threat but more of mere annoyance to BBs. In return, Zao can easily be crippled any tier X BB that simply fires at it because of the devastating effects of a single alpha strike. Yamatos will continue to fire at 18km away and still land lucky 10k+ salvos on Zao regardless of angling simply due to overmatch. Zao may have concealment, but it cannot push into objectives like a Minotaur or Des Moines. If it gets caught and spotted up close, it will simply be shot to death from focus fire without the DPM to neutralize threats alone or risk exposing a broadside to turn away. It does so poorly at close range because of the slow rate of fire and being sluggish to maneuver compared to DPM monsters like Mino and DM that it can only really perform well kiting and spamming HE at near maximum range. None of this influences a match as much as a Tier X is expected to carry out.
  15. Just Got Akizuki, Need Advice

    Ideally you play Akizuki on a 14pt captain to have both CE and IFHE. However that being said, I believe CE is still the bigger priority because Akizuki will not survive long if spotted far away due to her clumsiness in handling and speed. She can still farm fires on BBs without IFHE fairly well and that's where most of my Akizuki damage comes from generally. CE also ensures you can still rely on stealth torping abilities and cap objectives, very important factors for playing a DD. IFHE really just mostly trivializes DD engagements in your favor, but not having it means you are more or less equal in 1v1 DD gunfights that you would otherwise destroy the enemy easily. It's not completely crippling, but having IFHE is what makes the ship stand out so well.