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  1. hyuuu

    IFHE on Jean Bart

    I actually forgot about secondaries when asking this question, but my initial intention was to consider using Jean Bart as an HE main battery slinger against armored angled targets her lower caliber can't penetrate. I found that with the abundance of musashi and Yamato players Jean Bart was pitied against, HE tended to be a lot more effective than trying to even attempt using AP since they are bow on at 18km+ most of the time. With IFHE, the idea was that my damage per salvo would hopefully be comparable to regular AP pens in addition to stacking extra fire damage.
  2. It seems that the consensus about secondary builds is that they're uncompetitive in the current meta and I think that's mainly due to how expensive it is to even get a minimum viable secondary build working. Four points for a skill that offers such a situational benefit (with a huge drawback of only firing at one target at a time) is often far too costly to give up in favor for literally the most important skill, concealment expert (or fire prevention for higher tier BBs). With the sale of Mass, I'm sure more and more people are finding genuine enjoyment with running secondary build BBs. It's a shame that the German BB line that sacrifices so much of its main gunpower consistency has to rely on such expensive all or nothing secondary builds to be viable. Because of how deadly the upper tiers are, most practical GK builds end up going fire prevention anyways because manual secondaries is far too costly take on for how infrequently they'll end up being used. Perhaps if we dropped the skill cost to 3 or even 2, we could see more flexible and interesting hybrid secondary builds being more viable, which would reward well timed aggressive plays more than stagnant high tier BB ranged standoffs. If manual secondaries was placed at a level 2 skill, you could start running decent hybrid secondary builds while maintaining concealment or go for full range without being forced to have minimum 19 point captains. PT (1) + AR (2) + MS (2) + BFT/SI (3) + CE (4) = 12 pt captain is already a pretty survivable standard BB build with the ability to close in and use its secondary potential without being spotted from space. And there would be so much more to work around the remaining points a player has ranging from adding IFHE/AFT or giving up CE to go all in secondary build at a lesser cost.
  3. hyuuu

    IFHE on Jean Bart

    Decided to play around with some random cruiser captain I had from the Saint Louis that happened to have IFHE for a 16pt captain rather than starting from scratch. What sort of armor threshold will IFHE help overcome? Will it make much of a difference overall and is it worth it?
  4. Only have premium for the purpose of this game, so it is only a positive gain for us since nothing fundamentally is being changed with the pricing or the existing premium effects.
  5. Just me rounding the cost up on the top of my head
  6. $40 Massachusetts was too tempting to pass up on. Was originally going to wait for Black Friday sale to see if it would go on sale, but this made it easier to guarantee one.
  7. hyuuu

    Spotter plane consumable cycle time

    In any match, you cannot physically use more than three spotter planes with this unnecessarily long cool down. It's especially comical when ships like Yamato have like 7 charges of these spotter planes.
  8. hyuuu

    Slowing down is backwards...

    And then you have the British cruisers that don't know how to stop at all even in full reverse, but will easily propel themselves from 0 to 100% full speed like it's a drag race. I agree, it doesn't make any sense to me other than arbitrary balance decisions.
  9. hyuuu

    Am I stacked?

    Decent amount of credits depending on how many lines you are grinding at once, not that many free xp, pretty high elite commander XP
  10. hyuuu

    Free premiums?

    Damn nice, Guilio Cesare is such a good ship too
  11. I'm sad that as a BB player that always prioritizes low health ships first, my BB average damage will never be enough to get the last two emblems. This is the price for players that play with the objective in mind. They don't get rewarded as much for it than just farming damage.
  12. hyuuu

    Ranked ******

    It is strange they decided to push the tier 10 threshold so early this time compared to rank 10 in last season. Didn't even get to try playing tier 8 ranked ships, which I would have wanted to try seeing the new tier 8 cleveland in action.
  13. hyuuu

    Improving Ibuki - Zao Guns

    I don’t understand why posts here aren’t really discussing the actual suggestion made by OP, which actually seems to be a very reasonable upgrade. Ibuki’s floaty guns are in fact an issue in why it feels so underwhelming at range. Having the option to take on Zao’s gun ballistics is a very logical progression and gives more purpose to taking on the range mod in Ibuki. This allows it to be effective against faster targets like DDs and have more time to kite from high tier BB shells by staying at range while still being useful. Right now, a range mod Ibuki ends up having 19km range, more than what Zao can reach, and in most cases it can’t actually hit anything not a battleship beyond 16km with its arcs. It seems rather counterintuitive that the tier 9 has better range than tier 10, but it’s all purely for show in practice.
  14. hyuuu

    "Haida is a gunbote," they said

    Haida's armor gets shredded by Yugumo guns in a 1v1 DD gunfight. I was in a Yugumo gun fighting a Haida while it was doing the smoke stream thing and was surprised by how I kept dealing 2k+ damage to the ship every time it peaked out of the smoke bubble before a new one appeared. I basically just gunned it down this way even when it tried to return fire.
  15. Izumo is great at overpens, bounces, and straddling misses at 10km against broadside BBs. There's one main reason for me why playing Izumo generally feels unrewarding and unsatisfying. It's not the awkward turret layout or the fact that it eats HE pen damage everywhere, because a seasoned player can deal with those flaws. In my experience, it's really how inconsistent the guns are even at brawling ranges despite how some claim Izumo has good dispersion. I really wanted to believe that it was up to player skill that explained why I missed so many broadside opportunities in Izumo in regular games, but a training room stationary target will explain my frustration the most that I believe to be the reason why many others skip the Izumo grind. I think these few clips show a pretty good representation of what most of people's Izumo shots end up going in general. If it isn't a complete straddling miss, it's an overpen. The vertical dispersion on Izumo's guns is far too large that it either overshoots or undershoots despite aiming in the same location over and over. Typical broadside Iowa/Missouri that should be easily punished with citadels. And then in the same setup, we have the one salvo out of ten that magically connects to a citadel every shot. If I could get the grouping of the first shot in this clip every few salvos, Izumo would be a great ship. But that clearly just doesn't happen for most salvos in the other clips, as they regularly bracket all over the place. It screams the fickleness of the guns even when presented with optimal positions of firing opportunities that good players try to find. Yet, you don't get rewarded consistently in Izumo even with the best aim you can place. In comparison, I take out the Missouri and realize how massive the disparity in dispersion between the two ships are. People enjoy the Iowa/Missouri for very good reasons. Its guns are god tier consistently grouped when compared to Izumo that it's basically a joke to take out Izumo over Missouri in battle. You can even get citadels against angled Iowa/Missouri because of how accurate your shots can be placed into the exact magazine locations consistently. Trying to do this in Izumo will get you nowhere even if you understand a ship's weaknesses because your shots just don't go to where you want them up even when up close. It rewards aiming at very precise locations incredibly well as you can see and Izumo doesn't have the capability to do this anywhere as well as Missouri. It pains me to see that Izumo can nowhere compete with this level of consistency, grouping, and damage potential that Iowa/Missouri has. If any ship deserves a buff with the recent trend of WG buffing older ships, I think Izumo should at the very least get access to the dispersion module that Missouri has. Nonetheless, I am nearing the end of my full Izumo grind to Yamato and after some 50+ games, I end up with the following Izumo stats after trying really hard to understand this ship while ending up with some better games towards the end. I'd like to say I've gotten better in this ship as a more experienced player, but it still holds back so much potential and enjoyment because of the lack of gun consistency.