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  1. hyuuu

    Yūdachi, yay or nay?

    You could spec a dedicated Torpedo acceleration captain and then suddenly yuudachi has slightly better torps than shiratsuyu's, 12km range at tier 7 with the same Shira torp speed, but slightly worse detection times. And yet, the benefit of carrying both TRB and smoke could easily outweigh that since you can use your guns more often without compromising torp spamming.
  2. hyuuu

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    Kiev, Tashkent, and Khab are open water gunboat memers. Taking smoke on them is blasphemy, don't do it. You generally play as an annoying speed tank flanker along the edge of the map to draw attention and create a crossfire so that enemies have to turn their guns on you, saving your teammates indrecitly. Having AFT to maximize the distance you can engage is pretty important so you don't get blapped up close as more and more players get experienced at leading shots on 50kts+ RU DDs at a decent range.One unfortunate consequence of this line is that you'll probably get reported playing like this and ignoring caps, despite the RU line being designed this way. You run around and flank the island campers and force them to take action, like those annoying smolensks, colberts, DMs, woosters. You invite them to shoot you as you poke them with some fires and then disengage when you start taking too much damage. Personally had great experiences in the Tashkent with its speed and health pool sustainability, because you take heals and kite like mad while the world wants to take you down.
  3. hyuuu

    What's this diagram in the new port?

    Random related port question as well: What does the Lesta 2019 mean? Was it a winner for some wooden ship contest for this year or something?
  4. It would only require a 12 pt captain to be already viable, that's not a far goal to reach compared to mandatory IFHE builds that gunboat IJN DDs like Akizuki need. I don't think it is unreasonable to place high point captains on a premium ship at all, in fact this should easily be expected all the time. The ship is balanced with the full potential build in mind, because there will be players bringing that into competitive or ranked scenes doing that exact thing. To dismiss the idea that it is silly to put on 19 pt or even just the minimum 12 pt captain build is rather unwise and ignores the full potential of the ship that can be more than just a mere captain trainer.
  5. So it has 15km torps at 57kts. But has anyone tried Torpedo Acceleration on this ship? Put it on and we get a surprisingly standard: 12km torps at 62kts Looking at the resulting numbers, it feels like it was balanced with the expectation of using TA. The torp speed is only less than Yugumo's 12km torps at 67kts, but easily comparable if not already superior to shiratsuyu's 10km torps at the same 62kts. And this is in addition to having both smoke and TRB. I don't see why this ship is seen to have garbage torps if shiratsuyu torps are considered serviceable, but that means taking TA is absolutely mandatory. Yet the benefits as a result are quite strong at tier 7.
  6. Just tried out the WoWs Replay for the first time. The controls for free cam movement are pretty bad and are very inconsistent with the free cam spectate you get when you die in-game. Why are we using arrow keys and numpad for camera movement and positioning? It should stick to WASD for camera movement and mouse scroll wheel for camera height. The in-game spectate works fine as it is and would be great to use the same for WoWs Replays. For some reason, the WoWs Replays spectate complicates controls so much and makes camera sensitivty incredibly sluggish to move around.
  7. hyuuu


    Would be nice if you at least made an attempt to see what mistakes you might have been making and try to improve on them. Haven't been lucky enough to get access to French DDs, but from what I heard they seem to play a hybrid of Russian DDs and something else, which is far different from your typical IJN/US DD line and therefore it's no surprise you appear to be shocked by it.
  8. hyuuu

    Zao vs Hindy

    With Soviet battleships coming and the new improved Kreml's 60mm armor section, I think IFHE Hinden might be fun to try out as the only HE cruiser capable of penning it. Zao actually already struggles to deal HE damage against annoying ships like Stalingrad and it would probably only get worse with the Soviet BBs because of their ridiculously thick deck armor and fast limited DCP to delete any fires you might be able to stack. Also keep in mind, while Hinden has a very nice set of torps and turtleback armor, you still do not want to be engaging in close range combat most of the time. Battleships will still delete a Hinden trying to get up close. In fact one of your hardest counters is a Republique. Its accurate guns are basically able to consistently delete 10-20k health off a Hinden from medium to close range regardless of how you angle because of its armor structure. You will not be able to reach a BB with those 6km torps in most normal circumstances unless there are only a few ships remaining. Most of the time, Hinden ends up doing what Zao naturally does well, spamming HE from medium range on BBs and other cruisers, that's just the state of the current high tier meta. The main benefit Hinden has over Zao is better HE pen and fire rate , while Zao has the benefit of high HE alpha and fire stacking chance.
  9. hyuuu

    Roon vs other tier 9 cruisers

    But Seattle is also a great bote, it sets you up well for Wooster and still has great dpm because 155mm IFHE is a meme, would easily take it over Buffalo in terms of enjoyment. It's basically a cleveland with a heal that helps greatly with survivability. Neptune is the true suffering when you are constantly the best xp pinata capable of being dev struck from any angle while AP only gimmick and floaty shell arcs are highly questionable at high tiers.
  10. Kinda scratching my head around the fact that none of the CVs except Audacious have a win rate above 50%. If there are always carriers on both sides of the match, one side has to win and the other side has to lose right? Those 48%~ win rates for both Hakuryu and Midway don't seem to add up and I doubt it's because Audacious is stealing all the wins since we never even see those in a match. Anyone with an explanation to where all the missing wins went for these WoWs stats?
  11. hyuuu

    Jean Bart- What a fun ship.

    I found myself memeing a lot in this ship just spamming HE against angled BBs like Yamato, Montana, Musashi, GK, ect. Funny enough, I think it works so well that it does the HE BB spamming better than the Lion because of superior turret layout and reload times. The HE chance and pen damage is in fact quite effective as well. Because of its low caliber for tier 9 and 10 BBs, sticking to just AP really doesn't work all the time. Bonus effect of having HE loaded more often than not is blapping that sudden pesky DD that shows up with the right shell type loaded.
  12. How broken would it be in WoWs if IJN CAs were given full firing arcs with torpedoes by applying this torpedo gyro setting ability in real life into the game? Like the torpedo tubes would still physically be capped at the angles they can only move to now, but you have the full firing arc by having torpedoes with a slightly longer arming distance automatically turn towards the forward arcs if it exceeds to tube's arcs. Would this be a neat feature in IJN CAs and potentially DDs to make up for slow torpedo tube traverse times?
  13. hyuuu

    IFHE on Jean Bart

    I actually forgot about secondaries when asking this question, but my initial intention was to consider using Jean Bart as an HE main battery slinger against armored angled targets her lower caliber can't penetrate. I found that with the abundance of musashi and Yamato players Jean Bart was pitied against, HE tended to be a lot more effective than trying to even attempt using AP since they are bow on at 18km+ most of the time. With IFHE, the idea was that my damage per salvo would hopefully be comparable to regular AP pens in addition to stacking extra fire damage.
  14. It seems that the consensus about secondary builds is that they're uncompetitive in the current meta and I think that's mainly due to how expensive it is to even get a minimum viable secondary build working. Four points for a skill that offers such a situational benefit (with a huge drawback of only firing at one target at a time) is often far too costly to give up in favor for literally the most important skill, concealment expert (or fire prevention for higher tier BBs). With the sale of Mass, I'm sure more and more people are finding genuine enjoyment with running secondary build BBs. It's a shame that the German BB line that sacrifices so much of its main gunpower consistency has to rely on such expensive all or nothing secondary builds to be viable. Because of how deadly the upper tiers are, most practical GK builds end up going fire prevention anyways because manual secondaries is far too costly take on for how infrequently they'll end up being used. Perhaps if we dropped the skill cost to 3 or even 2, we could see more flexible and interesting hybrid secondary builds being more viable, which would reward well timed aggressive plays more than stagnant high tier BB ranged standoffs. If manual secondaries was placed at a level 2 skill, you could start running decent hybrid secondary builds while maintaining concealment or go for full range without being forced to have minimum 19 point captains. PT (1) + AR (2) + MS (2) + BFT/SI (3) + CE (4) = 12 pt captain is already a pretty survivable standard BB build with the ability to close in and use its secondary potential without being spotted from space. And there would be so much more to work around the remaining points a player has ranging from adding IFHE/AFT or giving up CE to go all in secondary build at a lesser cost.
  15. hyuuu

    IFHE on Jean Bart

    Decided to play around with some random cruiser captain I had from the Saint Louis that happened to have IFHE for a 16pt captain rather than starting from scratch. What sort of armor threshold will IFHE help overcome? Will it make much of a difference overall and is it worth it?