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  1. hyuuu

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    Minor gameplay replay nitpick, but you should spam click faster. Seemed like a lot of gun hesitancy for some reason in the first 2 minutes. There's wasted DPS potential with the slow tap firing on a single turret, you could be doing much more damage in that free smoke farming moment. You also waste time looking around and forcing your turrets to turn with you multiple times instead of free-cam looking (2:10, 2:13, 2:20, 2:23, 2:26). For slower turret DD's like Kleber, Shima, Khaba, this habit could be costly in a decisive gunfight.
  2. hyuuu

    Pommerm V Agir

    They cost different resources (Pommern for coal, Agir for free XP), so in practice it shouldn't be one or the other. If the decision is based on using a coupon, then Pommern is a stronger choice since coal is generally slower to get. In terms of ship strengths/playstyles, Pommern offers a compelling improvement in consistency over FDG, but more or less plays the same way with more guns and access to torps. Agir is rather unique in playstyle as a super heavy cruiser that the German lineup lacks, falling into a similar archetype between Kronstadt and Alaska. Unfortunately the awkward gun caliber puts it in a weird position for its tier, where it usually overpens light cruisers and shatters on torpedo belts of BBs. You will often be shooting broadside targets and be heavily disappointed, unlike Alaska which is much more consistent. Secondary build is not viable and although you do get torps, this ship is not a brawler like Pommern. This ship mostly performs well as a glorified cruiser killer, but even that is sometimes a struggle with consistency.
  3. Jutland is a hard downgrade from Lightning in turns of pure gunplay. The caliber drop is huge and greatly hurts Jutland's ability to win DD fights compared Lightning. Lighting's ability to push enemy DDs while having the second best concealment and good forward gun layout at tier 8 made it incredibly strong in almost every aspect for initiating winning gunfights. If not for the heal, Jutland would lose to the Lightning itself in a fair gunfight every time. However things are different at tier 9/10. You can't expect to knife fight as frequently with the proliferation of 12km radar and CVs. Jutland's main advantage over Lightning is the 10km torps, having both faster speed and 2 more per salvo, which means it doesn't just have to rely on guns. This distinctly puts Jutland back into a weird torpedo hybrid because the gun DPS is just too lacking to be relied on alone (this changes once you reach Daring, which can spit out Harugumo levels of damage on guns alone). So yeah combined with how Jutland is easy hit, poor gun DPS, awkward turret angles, poor shell arcs, a lot of things are distinctly worse than Lightning in a direct comparison. Main takeaway is you are forced to play more defensively in Jutland and put the torp threat to greater use when possible. The heal is also the only real saving grace for the ship, so use it as a resource when contesting caps and outlast an opposing DD in an HP trade to pressure him out.
  4. These names are actually quite relevant and would be a nice variety to have if one is already familiar with the names of sister ships in these classes. Would make WW2 naval historians very happy.
  5. hyuuu

    Shikishima vs Bourgogne

    Not sure why people keep perpetuating this myth that Shikishima is worse than Yamato. If you actually start watching what top level players like O7 can do with Shikishima, you will find out it performs quite well above Yamato in many aspects. The alpha difference is huge. It does in fact overcome the number of barrels here. Two full pens? That's 12k damage that can't be stopped. Three pens out of six? That's 18k, more than a Yamato citadel damage that can happen even when a target is angled. Just one citadel of 19k is absolutely devastating to any ship even if the guns don't bring anymore overmatch than Yamato. The accuracy is on par with Yamato with Legendary mod AND you can still take reload mod. Lastly, those secondaries. Range can get up to GK levels and they are basically harugumo guns. Shikishima is a capable ship of an effective secondary build and YouTube videos out there have proved that. Personally my pick would be Shikishima over Bourgogne, though it is a playstyle preference as both are strong in their own ways. My perception is that Bourgogne lacks the armor to sustain a push and mostly relies on speed boost flanking to be effective.
  6. hyuuu

    ZAO's ap is surprisingly decent

    It is very good against broadside cruisers for citadels, but don't get too carried away. The autobounce is nothing special and most players don't just show broadsides enough for it to be worth loading AP more frequently. Expert loader is highly recommended on Zao when you do get to use your concealment to ambush unsuspecting cruisers though.
  7. hyuuu

    Agir vs. Siegfried

    For a German ship, Agir is still quite above average in terms of gun dispersion. Your groupings will actually look decent, but the caliber will put the ship in an awkward penetration range when fighting battleships. At most engagement distances, Agir's guns will either shatter on the torpedo belt of a broadside BB, or they will overpen if they hit above the hull armor: there is little in between so you will see very disappointing results shooting BBs. Against cruisers though, Agir's guns are probably top of the line at tier 9 for absolutely murdering other cruisers at its tier with its flat shell characteristics and decent consistency. One thing to note when shooting light cruisers: the penetration is high enough it will almost guarantee to overpen on a flat broadside. Instead, you aim with a similar approach with Yamato, waiting for the light cruisers to slightly angle out before shooting in order to achieve devastating citadels that arm.
  8. hyuuu

    Hayate Ehhh

    Either you haven't played Hayate or you have limited practice in observing theoretical vs practical DPM in a DD gun fight, because you seem fixated on comparing the raw numbers and thinking Hayate's guns fall short. If you played Hayate or even Shima, you would know IJN guns are actually strong when used correctly. When you have 127mm IJN guns reloading at a rate comparable to 100mm IJN guns with IFHE, you underestimate how much of a difference that makes in an actual fight. Every salvo you let out with 127mms, you will need usually 1.5 - 3x the number of salvos in 100mm guns to do the same. The key difference being players aren't dumb enough to stay broadside and do a raw DPM comparison. Both DDs (unless retarded) are weaving in and out; the window for dealing effective damage is short so high HE alpha matters when the other ship makes the wrong turn in. A somewhat competent DD player also wouldn't be staying bow-in to a Daring at 5km. Hayate's layout is designed to be kiting away and shoot. That advantage is huge if the enemy Daring/Gearing/Z-52 or whatever DD decides to press on the attack even with their dual bow on turret layout. And I don't see the comparison to Z-52 with Hayate at all having played both. There is a huge disconnect if you somehow think they are in the same category. Z-52's HE alpha is disappointingly low and mainly wins DD fights through perma hydro smoke traps that are incredibly difficult to set up with the current CV and radar meta. Short smoke action consumable, low alpha but spammable torps, and limited use but effective AP, none of which apply to Hayate whether advantageous or not. Yea I don't see where the similarity is at all.
  9. The problem is it is already been done, so the old patch is gone and overwritten. My question is where would I even find the old patch now even if I disable the automatic updates?
  10. Where can we find the old patch of the game when the WoWs Game Center automatically and forcibly overwrites it?
  11. After the new update 0.9.4 dropped, all replays created before the patch no longer work. You will simply reach the end of the loading screen and the client will crash with this error message. Replays created after the patch still seem to work normally.
  12. hyuuu

    Hayate Ehhh

    Picked up this ship recently, it is actually very slept on. I was also skeptical on release, but the 6.1km concealment and maneuverability flaws are rather overstated. It is no Shimakaze, so don't focus on playing it like one. Instead, absolutely focus on the guns; take Main Battery Reload mod and get the reload to 3.5 seconds. The difference is quite noticeable; this ship can literally outgun Daring, Halland, Gearing and so forth to the point these DD engagements are really decided by the captain rather than ships on a tactical level. Hayate packs Kitakaze levels of firepower without needing IFHE in a fairly similar hull in terms of maneuverability. Hayate base speed with speed flags is 38.9 kts vs Kita: 37.8 kts, Haru: 37.5 kts, Shima: 41.0 kts. That speed is solid for a DD alongside the fact it still has engine boost (consider engine boost mod) is a huge advantage over Daring, a ship Hayate is compared to frequently. Double quintuple torp tubes basically already function as a built-in TRB compared to Kita/Harugumo. Taking smoke is just more consistent and versatile for the gunplay focus this ship is better suited for. What people don't realize is this ship is also very capable of open water gunboating at 9-11km. Smoke is nice to have to preserve HP pool, but when the opportunities open up, you can absolutely farm the hell out of BBs with open water HE spam and still be maneuverable enough to kite very effectively. Kitakaze can already do this, Harugumo cannot, Hayate can do it just as well if not better. Daring can somewhat do it but with far floatier gun arcs and rather slow ship speed for kiting (36.8kts). The amount of potential damage you can farm in Hayate can almost be comparable to Khaba or Kleber when played aggressively in the right moments.
  13. Wait hold on, this is a actually an incredibly genius idea. Removes all class imbalance by virtue of having only one class. Everyoneis a carrier so no one can complain carriers suck to fight against. Recreates the true WW2 Pacific theater experience of carrier fleet groups meta. It would be epic watching a recreation of the battle of Midway.
  14. hyuuu

    Do Barts move forward?

    When all of your guns are forward and the only thing you do is go forward in JB without ever stopping, you are either asking for an early fiery death or be forced to turn out and have nothing to shoot from the rear. That means, most of the time, the JBs you see are actually playing the ship properly as shocking as that may seem. The speed is useful for pushing island to island, or reversing around a corner out of danger and speed juking all the HE spam that it otherwise cannot reliably sustain.
  15. hyuuu

    Yūdachi, yay or nay?

    You could spec a dedicated Torpedo acceleration captain and then suddenly yuudachi has slightly better torps than shiratsuyu's, 12km range at tier 7 with the same Shira torp speed, but slightly worse detection times. And yet, the benefit of carrying both TRB and smoke could easily outweigh that since you can use your guns more often without compromising torp spamming.