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  1. It's pretty simple. CVs do not win or lose games. Idiot surface ship drivers win or lose games. Once I see that my team is melting away in the first 5 minutes of a game I just start flying around and watching what they are doing, and what they are doing is sailing around in straight lines and just shooting at random ships around the map. Zero cover, zero focus fire, I watch DDs hit their smoke with 30 hp left. I watched a friendly Shima driving in a perfectly straight line while the Midway rocket squad flew straight at them, and the Shima did nothing, except eat 8 Tiny Tims and blow up in a pretty orange and black cloud. Stupid. Now in these games where my team melts in five minutes, I do try to do something versus the other team. So I bring my DBs. I line up perfectly on an enemy DD. I got him, right? I mean DD players whine like stuck pigs that their life is simply ruined by DBs. I hit the LMB, and the enemy DD jams on the breaks and a hard right rudder and I completely miss! Holy Cow! Imagine that! Turning and changing speed FTW! Stop whining already. Most people have figured it out. I played a few more games, and what do you know! I got on a team that wasn't stupid, but the enemy team took almost no defensive actions when I attacked them. And they melted. CVs are fine in the hands of average players like mean. I'm really, really average. What WG needs to is figure out why there is a sizeable chunk of the player base that appears to be unbelievably far above average. THAT would be an interesting find.
  2. xPapa_Smurfx

    For Honor............

    Why switch? Glory will never win. Ever. It simply doesn't make any sense to switch? Stay on the winning side, because the majority of people will chose Honor over Glory because Honor always wins.
  3. xPapa_Smurfx

    Lag spikes

    Game is unplayable currently for me
  4. xPapa_Smurfx

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    Funny, never works for me. Tried everything. Floatplanes murder, OP please nerf
  5. xPapa_Smurfx

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    Launch your floatplane fighter. They kill everything flying in a 10km circle around the launching platform. What's the problem? This "exploit" doesn't work against the mighty floatplane fighter!
  6. Massed AA has simply gone from Murder 1 to Negligent Homicide. I'm still just as dead. I just get to make a half to three quarters of a turn mashing the boost button to try and get out of the AA bubble rather than the quarter turn I used to get. Yes, I have an exit plan for every attack, doesn't matter. You end up in two ship's AA bubbles pretty much no matter what, and you die very quickly. Come on WG, when the player base response to AA is to "simply bring less planes to the slaughter by attacking water to reduce the size of the squadron that dies to a man" then something is wrong.
  7. xPapa_Smurfx

    CV Reality Check

    Nope, exactly the opposite is true. The player base has figured it out. Turn. CV nullified. Stay clumped up. CV deplaned. The super unicum are just mopping the floor with the idiots and that's why these numbers exist.
  8. xPapa_Smurfx

    CV Reality Check

    I simply don't see this performance in my games as either a CV player or non-CV player. Turn. My damage output is cut in half. It's that simple. I see other players absolutely, completely, and totally mitigating any damage I do to them by simply turning. I'm done. It's the skill gap, plain and simple, and the super-unicums mop the floor with the idiots. I can't do that. Not even close. If anything WOWs should be tracking your CV damage output over time and buffing the CV [edited] like me so that I'll keep playing. As it is now, I'm nigh on hanging up my wings because it is simply too easy to nullify what I'm doing. People have figured it out. Turn and stay clumped up. CV neutralized
  9. xPapa_Smurfx

    Wow is Audacious weak

    I am really glad others have noticed how floaty those bombs are, because I honestly agree that they take longer to drop than Implacable.
  10. xPapa_Smurfx

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    You got it half right. I am ok with only one tier 10 CV per game, or even one CV per game, but the Midway DBs are working as intended. Midway is supposed to be the king of all CVs like Yamato is the king of all BBs. Midway itself needs an Achilles Heal like Yama has (that big citadel), so perhaps making Midways even easier to spot. DDs are fine with only one CV per side and your video shows it. At the beginning, none of the DDs are actually maneuvering or are doing the absolutely wrong thing (trying to fishtail). Pick a rudder angle, slam it to the stops and push the throttles to either of the stops (all ahead flank 3 or all back full). It really doesn't take much rudder to throw off the CVs aim, and for many of those drops you were stationary or near stationary. What CVs have done is put the ships back in motion like they should be, and if you are moving and maneuvering you will mitigate DB damage and especially mitigate rocket damage. But yes, WG, cut down to one CV per side.
  11. Death is the only thing that gives life meaning and value. I'm not a fan of the respawn idea, and the space modes are stupid anime crap. Not a fan of either.
  12. xPapa_Smurfx

    Wow is Audacious weak

    I am completely unimpressed with Audacious. She's weaker than Haku and absolutely no match for Midway. The stupid floaty bombs are easily dodged and do almost no damage even with a direct hit! Fire chance is too low. Best planes she has are the rockets even with the usable torp bombers. She is a dog and I would love to get my XP back any time. She gets deplaned every single game I play!
  13. xPapa_Smurfx

    So I watched Gaishu frag other players on Twitch

    Very true. I did say that I learned a lot from watching him and listening to his reasoning of why he is doing what he is doing, but I'm telling you he simply doesn't draw the AA fire like I do.
  14. xPapa_Smurfx

    So I watched Gaishu frag other players on Twitch

    It was all post rework. He's flying Brit CVs and commenting on how OP the tier 10 CVs are after the rework.
  15. I don't know what game he's playing, but it's not the World of Warships I play. There is no flak? His planes literally don't get completely blasted out of the sky by even SINGLE ships like mine do. He attacks with complete impunity! He attacks groups of ships, AND NOTHING HAPPENS TO HIS PLANES? That's not the WoWs I play my CVs in. There is a complete carpet of flak where ever I go. I never see Gaishu get blasted by 9km range Minotaurs? I do. It's like no one Gaishu faces is specced for AA. Every ship I face is loaded for AA. His planes turn on a dime. Mine don't. I watch his planes twirl around for a re-attack with complete envy, because mine won't do that if I mash the A or D key through the bottom of my keyboard! No, I'm not boosting. Obviously you turn wider at higher speeds, but I can't turn like Gaishu does. His targets don't maneuver. I don't get it? Literally his targets just lay there and take the beat down like he's paying them to get blasted? Ok, sure, I've seen a couple actually turn, but none of his targets completely heals over like the ships I attack. I pause the video stream and copy his captain perks (which were almost identical to mine). I set up my squadrons like he does. I watch his aim reticles shrink down to nothing in milliseconds and never widen when he turns. Mine don't. I drive with just the mouse in attack runs, nope. Initiate any kind of maneuvering and my torp aim goes to max width immediately. Gaishu is great at blasting the isolated idiots. Problem is, every team I see him face runs all over the map like a bunch of Special Olympians, so he picks them off with ease one by one. Almost no teams I face do that. They do a great job of staying together to provide mutual AA support. I saw one team I played against steam around in an absolutely picture perfect "screen kilo" around their CV! Gaishu doesn't face that, ever. Gaishu is really skilled with every plane he flies, that is for sure, but I can't get anywhere near his performance in damage. I learned a lot from watching him play, but I can't replicate his results. Not even half of what he routinely pumps out. I am pleased to see he has the same problem with rockets that I do, and I can match his craptastic damage with my rockets. So WG, don't base your CV balance decision making on what Gaishu can do. Base it on what I can't do. As a super-unicum, even if you buff him he can't really do much more than the complete devastation he wreaks from the sky, but there is no doubt that my meager damage output needs a buff for me to keep playing CVs. I know, git gud, but I seriously don't see Gaishu doing anything differently than I do. His torpedo aim is better than mine, but after watching him now I have adjusted my aimpoint and it's better but not Gaishu level. I get blown out of the sky after my first attack run whereas Gaishu makes 5 more runs with his Hak TB squadrons.