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  1. Thanks for posting a model. Needs to be touched up in some spots but the hard part is basically done. If I find time I might try to learn how to apply the skin to the model and touch it up, but that isn't a guarantee. Therefore if anyone else has any expertise in this area and could throw it together I would be very grateful and I imagine a lot of others would as well. Thank you once again dionkraft for your contribution. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on this.
  2. I've done some digging around to find a proper model/mod of Space Battleship Yamato, but haven't been successful so far. I'm just genuinely surprised that no one has released/shared a model /mod of this yet (not referring to the April fools special space yamato back in the closed beta). I'll continue my search to find a model/mod of it, but if anyone else finds one or knows where one is it would be very much appreciated if you shared the location and the creators name (to give proper credit).
  3. Didn't blow it up. It was just that small on the ship.
  4. Thanks! Should be an interesting read to learn about it.
  5. Was just wondering what was the purpose for these cone shaped objects on the Amagi. Did a little looking but I figured it would be faster to ask about it. I think they may have been used as listening posts but that feels like I'm grasping way out there for some sort of idea
  6. The Hoarder achievement gives you a Santa present. Was kind of disappointed, when they said new years container you think they would have given us something better, but some lucky soul who revives this present might win a ship they have been wanting.
  7. I'm glad to say Happy New Years to everyone in the World of Warships community and I'm looking forward to seeing a better year with all of you.
  8. I have an idea of when we will get it. You know the special New Years container we are suppose to get soon? What if that is inside of it?
  9. Guys, we have to wait until the server resets at 5 am PST before we can receive our containers.
  10. No problem, I was starting to feel the same way about it. Been closing and reopening my game every now and then to check.
  11. It might be in the morning when WG gets the chance to send them out, but you would think this would be automated. I was just wondering. I do know that we should receive them in the morning at the latest since one of the medals turned gold and night before and I ended up receiving the next day.
  12. Hoarder 2017 and Tin Can have turned gold, but I haven't got the containers yet. Obviously you won't get the crates as soon as the medals turn gold, but I was wondering if anyone had received the New Years Container yet to know what is inside.
  13. Prinz Eugen Warspite Blyskawica Anshan Lo Yang Murmansk Gremyashy Niolai I Indianapolis Atlanta Sims Arizona Atago Ishizuchi