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  1. 19 point kag captain

    so my first 19 point captain is on my kagero, at this time have no interest in going for the yug or shim I'm a bit conflicted on what I should use the last 4 points on. here whats on him ATM.http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000011001001000000000119I was figuring I have 3 choices:1. radio location2. AFT3. surv expert+PMother prem ships I have in the iJn line are tachibana, kami R, shinonome for dds, katori and ishizuchi, would use him in the bb and ca just to get the extra xp for other captains so most skill not gonna really work well.what would be the best setup to use for those final 4 points or perhaps theres some other combo that would make sense that I'm missing.
  2. lookign for a casual clan

    thinking its about time to see if theres a clan out there for me. ive got ships fom 2-10 id say im a goodish player, play all but CVs, more interested in a casual style clan (had enough hardcore/competitive suff from my EQ and Warcraft days). normal play time for me is somewhere between 11am-5pmish mountain time,usually been doing 7-10 games a day if MM is somewhat kind to me. I work overnight/graveyard shift hence the off hours play time. will have some other questions that ill PM if interested in your clan. also have a EU account not sure how far down lines i will go with that one usully play a bit before my normal NA play (could be as early as 6am). time depends on work/being off the night before.