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  1. Coal?

    The description for coal reads: "you can get coal by completing challenges and combat missions, or in daily containers" I understand that containers are chance. HOWEVER, I've completed 3 challenges and combat missions, and none of them have dropped any coal (other than the "coal for everyone" thing, which is not one of the 3 i mentioned). Hello??? I've also read that coal is dropping in the i-tab in port, is this true? If so, how do we obtain it?
  2. Prize?

    Got an email from wargaming saying i got an "exclusive prize code", and told me to check out my account after I redeem it. I redeemed it on the website, but I don't think I got anything. Please help?
  3. A8M vs F4U

    The A8M was never even put into service, I'd like YOU to check where you got your info.