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  1. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    What so special about the unique captain Grzegorz?

    He can speak perfect Polish!
  2. SwearToGodTheseMuppets


    Brzęczyszczykiewicz - easy as pie....anyone dares to pronounce that???
  3. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    2853 FBs in 30k battles - 9%
  4. The previous week it was only 4... About 30 that i knew and played with in total by now (most of them in the period of past few months). WG why are u killing your own game? Ppl can't stand blowouts after blowouts after blowouts... GG WeeGee. It really looks like w well-planned and deliberate action! Games are meant to be fun! Not frustration and dissapointment! WG, you hear out the community, veterans who know the game, CCs, top streamers and others who have already come up with ready game-healing ideas instead pushing changes that keep breaking the game and kill it step by step... The answers are there, just reach out for them. Is it really so hard to implement a few tweaks here and there? WE ALL want a game that is challenging, entertaining and gives a sense of actually being CAPABLE of influencing the game's outcome... 90% of games or MORE are now decided the moment the loading screen with players / and or ships distribution appears.. Do we really wanna play games that are predetermined before first shells even start flying in the air??? Are you intentionaly slowly suffocating your offspring in your constant pursue for money just by bad decision-making and company's indifference to the product, or is it a policy aimed at gradual withdrawal from the market? (Yes, you have already earned ur money and it's time to pick up your toys and go home kinda philosophy)... Is that really it? Be honest with ur customers, cuz ultimately you are there FOR THEM, not the other way round.. That's how contemporary market works. Those who don't understand it, quickly vanish into thin air these days, cease to exist as an enterprise selling goods..
  5. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    This is what WG wants their battles to be?

    4 long time veterans that i have known for ages quit this game within the period of last two weeks... GJ WeeGee
  6. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    it should stay more or less the same, in a worst case scenario... Regardless of that, everyone would enjoy close challengin games
  7. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    Only one fix there - 3 brackets for MM. 1.47-51%ers bracket - so called muppets 2. 52-56%ers 3. 57%ers and up Letting Real Madrid play against FC Batatas would also result in stomps... Thats why there are divisions, leagues...
  8. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Merry Xmas from across the Pond!
  9. So these days you get reported for literally everything! What's wrong with People? Is this community really so toxic??? How can you people not refrain from dropping random reports, just because u still have a few left and you feel that urge just to use them, because why not??? WG high time YOU took a closer look at this particular issue in the game and introduced some kind of a solution! -driving HE spamming ship -playing in a div with a radar /smoke dd and a radar cruiser -playing aa spec'ed BB in CV games/ when div'ed up with a CV -doing well either solo or when div'ed up with solid players (so called try hard divs) >>>>> people tend to report well - recognized, well -performing clans more often (purple clans in particular) -deleting a cruiser with a bb / being accused of using AIM BOT -dev striking a bb in a dd -dev striking smoke sitters (dds) with torps -citadelling cruisers that sit in smoke, thinking they can never be punished cuz concealed in smoke -spotting in a dd without giving away ur position/ firing guns - "hey u &*^@$$%## !!" -giving recognition to your team mates / div mates' performance in an open chat by sayin' "WELL DONE" (idk why it triggers the opponents!!!) -using other F-commands when justified, even if it means being repetitive /persistent -trying to tell ur team mate why/where he has misplayed in a given situation in a nice/mild/inoffensive manner -being a member of this or that clan -giving support for ur div mates and therefore seemingly neglecting rest of ur allies (hey that's the point of playing in a div!) -pinging a player on the minimap who has put himself in a completely irrelevant position, therefore being useless (i call them "tourists") -calling a player a '"tourist" Please, feel free to further complete that list of pseudoreasons for being REPORTED... There's many more to be added on top of these already mentioned off the top of my head! Ty. - -
  10. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    T8 Ranked: seems hopeless for DD

    Never blame Your teams like Gonzo does...
  11. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    5 blowouts in a row? MM broken?

  12. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    What is this WG

  13. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    5 blowouts in a row? MM broken?

  14. SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    5 blowouts in a row? MM broken?