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  1. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    Done with Ranked.

  2. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    Salty Attitude in ranked battles

  3. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    How to avoid horrible matchmaking?

    u can't avoid it. It's there to stay.
  4. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    Overall ranked season12 impression

  5. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets


  6. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    DDs in ranked

  7. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    Your Favorite (almost comical) Rental Stories from Ranked

    Whole story in short? They are there...
  8. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    So, Ranked Battles...

    Ranked is a roll of a dice 70% of the time! The remaining 30% an individual can carry... TY for Your attention.
  9. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    Don't know why people complain about carriers in ranked

    first player to rank out on NA server is a CV player, capiche?
  10. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    Rentals in ranked - When you see less of them

    ..of all that's left of ranked is the name of the mode that once was at least semi-competitive.. GG Wee Gee
  11. I_SwearToGodTheseMuppets

    Petition to WG to unistall

    What on Earth made WG allow rental ships in ranked?
  12. Why would a tourist equip his boat with anything else than a fancy lil' colorful wind fan?