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  1. _Teef_DaSaltyClown

    This is getting ridiculous - banned for sayin' 'coop team'

    sersiously, all I said was 'coop' team there was a div of three on my team too, they musta said 'hey lets ban that guy for our poor play' and so the reports accumulated to get me a 24 hrs ban... btw it was the FIRST game of the day, so no reports from previous games... sigh
  2. WG, seriously reconsider penalizing a player with a 24hrs ban for saying something like this ONCE in a match. How is it possible? How is it rude or offensive? Obviously stating the fact that can't be undermined and reflects true performance of a a given team, CANNOT cause a ban! Why keep a chat window in the game altogether, when u are not allowed to express your opinion in a very soft and neutral way, so to say? ? Get rid of it, as it serves no purpose at all and only leads to crap like this...
  3. I already got all the special flags, but what time do we get the SC event?
  4. _Teef_DaSaltyClown

    Possible Solution to Radar