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  1. This is the Discussion Tread. (Post here to join the RP) I'd like to welcome you to the Star Wars Remnants RP Discussion Thread. This RP take place after the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star. The Empire has fragmented and has split into many warlord-run factions (One being you!) who each strive to reconstruct the Empire into their own image of perfection. Gameplay Thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/45817-star-wars-remnants-rp-gameplay-thread/ All players will start with two Victory-class (I or II) and 1 SD (Star Destroyer) which the classes will be listed now: Imperator-class (I or II) Interdictor-class Venator-class Players also start with one AT-AT, 10 AT-ST's, 3500 Infantry, 1 Prefabricated garrison base and full fighter and shuttle complement for their ship. Character info:Name:Race:Age: Occupation and Rank: Description: Faction Name: (If any)Ship Name:Ship Class: Bio: Rules: Turn posts can only include INTENTIONS , not results. In combat, you must include your specific intended target(s) and amount of troops, fighters and weapons. Because this isn't a necessarily a game but more an RP we will not limit targets or ammunition or impose target limits for now. All Combat (NPC and PC) and invasion will be done with roll by me or any mods I appoint and all rolls are final. We do not have a turn system, RP speed is entirely dependent on players and how they play, please moderate the speed you go at, for it'll be quite frustrating for those who aren't online. Most actions will go through dice rolls and success is determined completely randomly. Planetary and space expeditions as well as recruitment rolls may only be done once a week. Base Delta Zero's are not allowed as they will be abused!