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  1. Flamu: "The Best T10 Battleship"

    very good review very informative
  2. i like how you think )
  3. yes mr blasto you lied to us all i seen your post a few weeks ago saying farewell welcome back grin )
  4. Private profiles

    news flash for you some people will play 10 match and better then someone that played 100 some people who play this game and suck at it are maybe way smarter then you not all human being have the same learning curve or the same needs and values and for you to think that someone who hides their stats makes them less legit then you or someone that doesnt hide his says alot about you you say you dont care rofl you do care lol i hide my stats cause of people like you there is your answer enjoy you dont need 1000 match to post a opinion on a forum or a idea or a 50% winrate get real
  5. Private profiles

    this +
  6. no i dont think so i think it comes down to playing your ship in a manner to support the team to hopefully win the match if your strategie is fail there is no harm in telling you that it is its not a single player game its a multiplayer game now im not pointing fingers at you im just giving my opinion.on your comment
  7. seems to me like the only good legendary upgrades are japanese or russian ships
  8. yea i started telling the teams just that in my gearing im going to this cap move to these islands to support me if you guys dont im going hunting to farm some pts like you guys sometimes it works sometime it doesnt communication is the key and teamplay if all else fails screw it ill go try to torp something my 2cents
  9. im not gonna watch i have tons of replays on my gearing where i faught tooth and nails while my team was sitting at 30km from the match it sickens me
  10. spotting only works if the team can actually hit what your spotting its quite demoralizing for a dd to risk his neck spotting target for a full minute and watch shells fall in the water while your dodging radar torps and being focus fired by half the enemy team a team that doesnt move in to support the front deserves to lose simple has that
  11. well you cant go into the cap anymore at the begining first you need to scout the cap for radar ship then if its clear you can move into it but only after making sure there is no radar nearby second you need your teammate to have pushed in near the cap...meaning the island beside the cap circle, not the island 20km from the cap 3rd i f your teammate failed to move in to support you at optimal range the match is lost, yes the match is decided in the first 3 to 5 min of the match 4th the camping strategie of the caps are lava is utterly a newb and fail strategie because all the enemy has to do is move in to the caps take cover beside the cap on those island i mentionned in step 2, this is where the match is lost 75% of the time your dd and the lone radar cruiser who decided to help are facing half the enemy team while 3/4 of your team is shooting from max range bouncing shells on armor and spalshing shells in the water to wash the enemy nice camo paint job free of charge the result...in the first few minute of the match your team has lost his dds and radar cruisers, the enemy team has taken the caps and all the good cover beside the caps final step the enemy waits for the campers to finish eating their hotdogs n marshmellows and try to aproch them in open sea while outnumbered game over man back to port weeeeee!
  12. yea i get that all the time since 7.6 kinda of anoying
  13. so a dd only value is to take the cap?
  14. Concealability not working

    actually that happen to me yesterday in my gearing vs a worcester in open sea all of sudden he was in my face at 8km or so and he radared me and i thaught to myself didnt know worcester could stealth radar like that then i was like questionning myself why didnt it never happen before i wanted to look at my worcester and see if it was possible to drop concealenent at 8.5km but i got sidetrack and forgot about it