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  1. iamplaya

    CV Rework Feedback

    another round of testing starting and still no direct control of your cv without having to ditch your planes why ? almost every feedback ive read on forum mention this its just not proper to not be able to control your ship ,in the first stream on the rework it was mentionned that this was a easy fix since its already in current game why the delay? you need to be able to control your ship period and not lose your planes otherwise your not a aircraft carrier really
  2. iamplaya

    A [edited] Dasha is bad

    i think you can disable it in option just like azur lane captain etc...then dasha will become just a 10 point captain of that nation
  3. iamplaya

    CV Rework Feedback

    they said maybe 3 and no restriction for clan wars and ranked anymore if the rework is successfull sweeettt!
  4. iamplaya

    CV Rework Feedback

    at first glance this looks fun and it shows pottential feedback: 1. you need to be able to hit shift key to switch to your ship to dodge torps and shells ,use your secondary on enemy ship or ram them if all else fails,or to get yourself off a island you beached yourself on etc..... you need to be able to control your ship period. 2 i like the idea mention by a few players to use this new attack from the plane with current rts format ex: you should divide the map in 6 sector and you could send various squad to the sector of your choosing for example: i have 6 squadron on my midway i leave one fighter group in my carriers sector i put 1 dive bomber and 1 torp bomber and 1 rocket fighter in the middle sector i put 1 dive bomber and 1 torp bomber in the the middle left sector those planes fly to those sector at high altitude and cant be shot down or spotted and they cant spot either since they are above the clouds they can be acces by the player once they arrive at destination with a f key f1 f2 f3 etc...while keeping the one squadron at a time format to attack with the reason is simple ships like a yamato can hit targets 30km away and they dont wait 3 minute for their gun to reload you cant limit cv to one squadron with a 2 km range you should be able to hit various target on the map just like any other ship in the game, but one squadron at a time just like ship can only shoot one target at a time so you would have all your squadron in play but can only use one at a time except for the fighters auto patrol sector of course it would help with keeping cv play a strategic aspect of the gameplay that many enjoy and would not grant the broken spotting from current cv mechanic also would keep immersion by not having to wait for another squadron to use once it has spent his payload or got destroyed you just switch to another squadron and keep doing damage just like any other ship in the game one squadron at a time seems boring to me i get the fact that micro managing is a issue for some people but controlling one squadron at a time on a midway and not even controlling the ship seems a little bit like world of warships for dummies to me ...just saying ill have more feedback later i just got to the motel and havent had time to looks at it all in depth cheers and thanks wargaming for putting the effort in to fix carriers for those of us who want to play our carriers ....lets be honest anyway the only part of current cv that was micro managing was the damn straffing mechanic without straffing its fine trust me more feedback: allow the fighter patrol to target a friendly ship for protection
  5. iamplaya

    CV Rework Feedback

    straffing is what destroyed cv play and his the main reason for the low population
  6. iamplaya

    New to carriers? Things you should know

    the only thing you should know is carriers are being reworked so dont bother playing them till then whats the point
  7. iamplaya

    My Clan is an Oily Clan

    what a slick bunch )
  8. iamplaya

    DD's high tier game is bad

    i dont feel bad for the pyromaniac cruisers not one bit )
  9. iamplaya

    Broken game

    dont listent to the toxic ones op the game is descent for a free to play game and wows is constantly testing and fixing the game give it time you may come to enjoy it more in the long run
  10. iamplaya

    78 hp left

    lol thats a funny gif haha
  11. people dont seem to get drunk enuff and are way too serious and are not enjoying the game fail!
  12. i keep getting a bug recently with the game sound it suddenly goes to max volume and almost blows my eardrums and i then have to manually turn it down to my prefer settings then it does it again it does this over and over when i play its real anoying i get like a mic cutting off sound when it happens and then boom.max volume its almost like the sound setting are resettimg themself on their own or something i dont have a sceenshot or replay of this cause its a sound issue so im.not sure how to record this bug to show it my computer and mic and headphones are fine i can play mulititude of games and not encounter this so it is a wargamimg bug for sure help it only started happeming for me after the usn light cruiser split i had also installed pts at that time so i think the bug lies somewhere in there