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  1. iamplaya

    8.1.0 midway

    all cv are total garbage all of them and this [edited] that you cant balance aa is just that [edited] either cut aa by 50% so cv can farm the current small mediocre damage like it was intended or triple or quadruple alpha damage on all squadron so that you can do damage with the only attack run you have with current aa thats balance this current 8.1. is total garbage gameplay and cv have no impact on the match whatsoever and that his not fun or engaging why play a ship that contributes nothing to the outcome of the match
  2. iamplaya

    [CV] Something's gotta give....

    cv are total garbage and have no impact on tje match whatsoever the op is totally right alpha damage needs to be triple on all squadrons on all cv bare minimum or cut the aa by 50% on all ships its one or the other you cant have op aa like current and the cv damage so mediocre thats not balance thats garbage gameplay for the cv nerf the aa so cv can do small repettitive damage or buff the alpha so you can chunck ships in one attack run thats whats needed is wargaming gonna do it? probably not because then all the cry babies will trow a hissy fit
  3. none of the cv are op give your head a shake they are all garbage every single one of them the rn cv will be good cause thats hpw wargaming plans to screw us all.over force us to buy their op premiums just so we have a playable carrier ijn and usa carrier are all garbage has of 8.1.0 fact
  4. iamplaya

    8.1.0 midway

    i just played my first match in midway 8.1 feedback: planes speed and maneuvers are way too slugish its obvious that even tho the ui says your going 180knots you probably doing 50knots ninja nerf there garanteed alpha damage of all squadron is a joke damage needs to be triple at least minimum on all squadrons aimming time on all squadron is way off relative to plane speed you cant line up a attack run before the timer runs out on all squadron even when boosting and starting attack runs at optimal range the dive bombers and rocket planes are the worst tb are close to being playable planes replenishment is way off not even close to being playable i spent the ole match at 1/3 squadron strenght on all squadrons cause of course every planes dies to a single attack run now aa is way overpowered it can easily be cut by half or more spotting distance is way off ships are shooting aa at you without being detected and you cant line up a attack run in the window given from the time you spot them accuraccy is way off on all squadron a perfect center of ships reticule misses on dive bombers and rockets planes almost constantly etc...etc...etc.. cv gameplay is total garbage and unplayable you people at wargamimg need to start doing your job and stop.listening to people who dont even play aircraft carriers to implement changes this is a real bad joke and looks extremly poorly on your game developpers and gane designers this cv rework was half decent in the close testing rounds and even in the pt phase now its just pure garbage gameplay plain and simple if no one has the balls to tell it to you on.this forum i sure will fix the damn cv wagaming enuff of this nerf crapby players who are selfish and just want the class to fail and the game has a whole smarten up for christsake
  5. iamplaya

    CVs unplayable now

    wargaming are just incompetent and unable to do their jobs thats why they ask the community what should we do all the time they try to pass it off has if they are listening to their customers but the truth is they are just real bad at their jobs and should all pay us a % of their profit for doing their research and developpement for them
  6. i will do the same if i see a match with 2 bb on each side in.one week
  7. dont bother with cv unless wargaming does a full circle with this rework and allow cv to have a impact in the game like other classes
  8. iamplaya

    New CV's New Nerf

    thats gotta be the dummest game balance tweak i ever seen if thats the case so balance a class damage by hoping the target player is stupid i guess it falls in line with wows thinking like players cant do 2 things at the same time etc...
  9. iamplaya

    Is the Worcester worth the grind?

    no nothing is worth the grind
  10. i play wows cause its a naval warfare game and that includes aircraft carriers or i would just play a canoe and riffle game otherwise and shoot ducks and geeses
  11. no stealth aa or stealth planes or stealth drop or stealth fire none.. no shootting aa from smoke unless its at 10% damage efficiency same for firing main gun batteries in smoke 10 % efficency smoke is suppose to be a defense counter measure not a offense capability firing behind islands should have a penalty also on dispersion unless the ship targeted is currently radared no spotting from fighter consumables only spotting for planes manually controlled by a player remove spotter plane from the game cv only spots ships for himself and the minimap no firing solution for allies cv squadron only do one attack run adjust alpha damage accordingly and plane speed and health allow player to.manually control cv and not lose his squadron and allow player to manually control his consumables on cv increase size of all maps allow player to adjust speed of cv and use consumables on ship while flying squadron and adjust aa sector on cv increase secondary gun efficiency on all cv and increase armor and torp belts value so cv can stay close with the fleet and not be so defensless give cv a fighter squadron that can target ally for fighter cover escort while retaining the current sector patrol consumables so 2 fighter group each cv give all cv ap and he dive bombers or a choice in your module between ap or he dive bombers nerf aa mount survivability on all ships its not significant enuff currently ships with 50% health should have 50% less efficency etc... remove the buff to dd concealment no ship in game should be able to completly negate a ship class whatsoever every ship should be able to be killed by any ship a cv should be able to kill a dd just like the dd can kill the cv nerf aa so thats impossible for a single ship to completly negate the attack of a cv the cv should do damage if its gonna lose planes period there should be no such thing has a no fly zone start with that and that be a step towards balance finally
  12. iamplaya

    Alaska opinions

    ill take alaska ty
  13. cv and dd always were the leet ships to play bb and ca are newb ships fact
  14. iamplaya

    Farewell and fair seas

    well said your story is pretty close to mine and my decision is the same has you the hell with this from seeing 35 and 40 cv in qeue to none in 3 weeks great job wargaming