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  1. iamplaya

    cv opt out

    i would like a button to opt out of dd when playing my bb i would like a button to.opt out of bb when playing my ca i would like a button to.opt out of ca when playing my dd actually just give me one big button I WIN good enuff
  2. they said premium cv would come a few months down the road when they are happy with cv rework balance not before so NO
  3. delayed really its been years ,years that this cv rework is overdue and it still a no go unreal
  4. iamplaya

    new cv reworked

    yea its a faillure nerfed into the ground meanwhile the rework was meant to bring back cv players and new players to the game its not gonna happen so it is a faillure
  5. iamplaya

    Doubt anyone will care...

    i dont care but gratz on being crazy enuff to grind all those.lines )
  6. iamplaya

    new cv reworked

    dont bother wargaming did a full circle and buff aa after they had nerf the cv in everyway possible the rework is a faillure now too bad but it is what it is
  7. iamplaya


    yea its a fairly easy campaign to complete its not a stupid grind like mostly everything in this game its actually nicely done
  8. pretty cool kinda weird that this ship is not in game tho really
  9. this cv rework is a faillure after nerfing the cv into the ground in all aspect damage ,spotting ,maneuvrability,strategie with this rework , you now buff the aa to OP level like in live so there is absolutly no point playing this class anymore what a waste of time and effort,i was actually looking forward to this rework after the final close testing round and now i will surely not play cv after 8.0 why would anyone want to play a ship with lowest damage pottential and no impact on the game whatsoever thanks for nothing ...i guess i could grind to the ijn haku since that cv doesnt need to worry about aa at all with his stealth planes and torps ,yep its the only cv thats viable in 8.0 i guess its that fail wargaming fail
  10. iamplaya

    PTS2 feedback

    the cv rework is finish wargamimg have nerf their damage nerf the amount of squadron in the sky and now they buff aa to ridicule lv like in live this after nerfing the class into the ground its done cv are finish ,i was hopefull that the rework was gonna be nicely done but i had my doubt since wargaming have never been able to balance cv since close beta days so now what i thaught was gonna happen has happen it is messed up tho that in testing the aa was found to be balance and now they decide to change it and destroy all the work they had done on the rework ,you wont even be able to play coop now with your cv cause they balance the aa with bots so go figure so even bots can wreck your planes AWSOME
  11. i like the pef i hated it at first bit then i gave it rudder shift and started using its speed and it was much better pretty much always in the top3 on the team in it a decent t6 if you ask me
  12. iamplaya

    is alaska here?

    hahaha thats a funny pic lol
  13. smoke minotaur is solid
  14. iamplaya

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    i hated pef at first and i have grown to like it pretty much always in top3 on my team with it its a decent t6 if you ask me better then i thaught at first thats for sure