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  1. Taichunger

    No fun whatsoever

    No one has ever said this can't be accomplished. Inventing fantasy objections is one way CV apologists avoid recognizing reality. Yes, the mythical "most of the playerbase". We have bots in the low tiers because of mythical players who stopped playing there. Mythical unicums detest CVs so much they tried to organize a boycott of Clan Battles and of course it is just a myth that CVs are banned from KOTs and Verizon. CV players who post here about getting dinged with karma constantly are just mythmaking, while so many polls showing players hate CVs are all mythical. I think you've um... mythed the point. I can't imagine how you could connect my attitude towards an obvious toxic mechanic with Xmas. More of your mythmaking, I guess.
  2. Taichunger

    No fun whatsoever

    No one has said that in this thread.
  3. Maybe youre right... But right now. I'm going to need additional time which doesn't exist
  4. I'd just like to amend my previous post: qualifying step is the kind of stupidity only people who don't play the game could dream up. Really a bad idea to reduce the number of players in Silver by adding a needless step, when you could simply add it to Silver and it would have exactly the same effect. Just. Stupid.
  5. What is the function of the qualifier? Why add this round?
  6. Taichunger

    Should all torpedo reliant DD's be buffed?

    Maybe that is a segment of the torpboat population, but a lot of those crappy DD players who wanted to get risk-free damage shifted to being lousy CV players after the idiotic ReBork dropped. So I dont think thats completely right.
  7. Taichunger

    No fun whatsoever

    Watching that, once again I am so glad I have never played a CV against a human.....
  8. Taichunger

    Range Or Reload on DM?

    Yeah, I run range because on those rare occasions when I play DM, I open water kite. Lots of fun.
  9. Taichunger

    Did The USS Enterprise Carry 125 Planes?

    As anyone who plays a CV while can tell you, grouping up has absolutely no effect on the CVs ability to strike. In the RTS era we did not have air immunity. We did, however, have the ability to meaningfully affect the aircraft carriers strike. The malicious, idiotic rework simply turned all ships into target drones.
  10. Taichunger

    Did The USS Enterprise Carry 125 Planes?

    Sure, you get a lot of things, but the strike still arrives as if you had never shot down any planes. Anti-aircraft fire is up Placebo, intended to give the impression that something is happening when actually nothing at all is happening.
  11. Taichunger

    Did The USS Enterprise Carry 125 Planes?

    Yeah, I miss those days too. The days went anti aircraft guns actually worked, aircraft carriers were a non presence in most games, and you could still play low tiers and have fun.
  12. A few minutes in I realized my NdJ turrets weren't animating, anyone else with this problem? All else behaved normally Replay attached below. Once in a while one turret would move.... 20201225_192527_PVSC507-Nueve-de-Julio-1951_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  13. Taichunger

    Duckys on quack

    Great job! Very jealous!
  14. Taichunger

    WoW's 2

    Same to you, Duck.