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  1. Thanks, did not know that. Didn't visit the ocean when I went to Naha....
  2. Me too! Thanks WG!!! This is really great. I enjoyed the RN missions on the whole, and now there's a whole new thing for it. Looking forward to my PEF and all the loot. I expect there will be Santa boxes too. Thanks again, for listening, WG.
  3. Damn. I know lots of people dislike Okinawa, but at least it had open water. Now they've polluted it with more islands. When is Shatter going to be fixed?
  4. Taichunger


    Coop. Coop. Coop. Coop. Practice shooting at bots. Every time you get a new ship, play it coop to grind it out of stock and practice with its guns. Play IJN DDs for the first 300 games to learn the flow of the match, positioning, and map awareness. Stay away from BBs, playing a BB well enough to shape the flow of the match -- not merely sitting in it and spamming shells every 30 seconds -- is more difficult than it looks.
  5. Taichunger

    Do you think that matchmaking is rigged?

    Collect data. Analyze. Statistical analyses are designed to work with large datasets to produce meaningful information. Also the question in the last sentence is all wrong. The question should be: who is MM being nice to?
  6. Taichunger

    Warship Economy, Good??? NO! Needs help.

    Yup. In Dynamo in an AA Sims with camos and flags you can easily reach over 25K FXP a match, as long as only 4 players are in it. You should not be able to trade FXP for steel because FXP is too easy to get, assuming that you want to keep steel as a special reward for clan and ranked battles. The problem is the latter assumption is wrong. Locking up desperately needed high tier ship variety behind high walls is bad for the game. There need to be multiple paths to obtain high tier premiums. Even worse is the expenditure of valuable dev resources on ships that only a handful of players will ever get to use, when we need more maps, quality of life fixes to the interface, a one tier MM, radar that works only for LOS, and so on. What a waste.
  7. If the red Worchester or Zao or JBart had sunk 9, that would have been worth a compliment. But a CV? Nothing to compliment them for.
  8. No one who ruins the game for the other players should ever get a compliment. Especially when they are driving an off-map guided missile cruiser that no other player can touch and is deliberately built with DFA and can't be detonated, specifically to keep it alive so it can ruin the game for other players. CVs suck. Games like this suck. I feel for the Republique, who played a better game than the opposing Midway -- he was actually taking risks -- but didn't get the win.
  9. I hope they delay the rework and it never arrives. I suspect that if it is "successful" and people start playing CVs again, it will be the end of WOWs as a fun and interesting game. That kind of garbage is why I seldom play high tiers.
  10. Taichunger

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

    Man, dumping torps into gaps between islands... so slow, you'll be racking up hits after the game is over. But the hits will come.
  11. Petition for Soviet Navy to adopt Helena.
  12. Loaded into several of them today and yesterday. It's tiresome, but the devs dont play the game, so they won't fix that garbage. It would be a simple thing to incorporate one additional step in the MM for balancing the teams. But WG wants unbalanced craphole MMs, because they get ships back in queue faster with the constant collapses. The player experience is simply irrelevant to them.
  13. Taichunger

    Dev Blog, "German" T4 BB Viribus Unitis,

    On my list. Can't wait. Will she elbow aside my Ishi?
  14. Taichunger

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

    Because far more T8s than T6s are played. I posted the numbers a while back.