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  1. So much depended on the MM. I got good teams and Ranked out in 16 games. I was very lucky.
  2. Taichunger


    with 12 18" guns, you've got forty sec reload. You alternate turret pairs... so every 20 sec you are firing one Georgia at the Reds.
  3. Taichunger

    How to Improve the CV Game

    Blasto what happened? This bait is not up to your usual high standard!
  4. Taichunger

    Georgia on my mind

    I know! But there it was. I do better with Missouri or Montana. My best game in Georgia was like 117K or something.
  5. Taichunger

    ask and ye shall receive: Kitakami is BACK!

    Next up! The T4 Wyoming '44.
  6. Taichunger

    ask and ye shall receive: Kitakami is BACK!

    Oh yes, it will be a blast in coop, and for getting those missions that require a ton of torpedo hits.... for players who don't have Okhotnik, it will be welcome.
  7. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/46 At T10... should be lots of fun til vaporized....
  8. Taichunger

    the US BB line split

    WG does not have a terrible track record balancing ships. Though there have been a few boners -- Nik, Kooter, GC, Belfast, and the entire Russian BB line come to mind -- on the whole the devs do a good job of balancing tech tree ships and they usually get premiums right as well. I expect some adjustments to speed (to 25 knots at least) and a drop in the reload time. We have no idea what their armor model looks like.
  9. Taichunger

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Yes, I remember that forty sec reload. That ship was garbage...
  10. Taichunger

    Hey mods... Can we confirm re Colorado?

    Me too. But playing WV in sub battles gave me some respect for those guns....
  11. Mods -- since the US Battleship line split occurs at T8, should we all be grinding our Colorados to ensure we have the XP for the new line split? Just want this confirmed... Also, if you could persuade the devs to add new USN battleships for tiers 4 through 7, that would be awesome.
  12. Taichunger

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    I'm looking forward to them. I expect with some intelligent positioning they'll be a lot of fun to play and very powerful.
  13. Taichunger

    Zeroed by CV

    Because -- and this is a d'oh so vast if converted to energy it could power California for a year -- you can generally do something about other ships attacking you. Indeed, interacting with other ships is why you play the game (!). There's nothing you can do about a CV. It always has the initiative and you have no counterplay.
  14. Taichunger

    F.D. Roosevelt

    You say that like its a problem.
  15. Ha, there's a threefold difference in PR between the CVs.