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  1. Thanks, great job. That's pretty much the conclusion I had come to already, with the massive damage jump in my Kutuzov even though I was setting fewer fires. If they nerf IFHE *shrug* I will set one less fire. I'll just have to play it a little more aggressively....
  2. Dont even hesitate. Those torps you launched on a BB 8 kms away will often wander into ships further on. I use them and the torp reload booster. They can be deadly.
  3. Whichever boat is being played by a player who knows how to torp.
  4. How do we compensate the other 11 players screwed on a late BB det, as I was twice this weekend, after playing hard? Detonations screw over 12 people, not 1.
  5. Same to you man.
  6. This is what happens when three augusts in a row you (1) break ankle then (2) bust hip then (3) have surgery.
  7. Most of the top tier non-Russky DDs will be able to do it and not get spotted when the Neptune is spotted. That's huge, because a spotted neptune is a dead neptune.
  8. Cruisers have it tough because they are so easily killed, not because their radar isn't good enough. It already is.
  9. They buffed radar? DEV 1: There are too many BBs. DEV 2: We better buff radar then.
  10. Lost two games due to late BB detonations today. Pretty tired of losing games on early and late dets, especially when this "special AFK" we call "detonation" is totally unnecessary to gameplay. However, apparently some are so in favor of this broken, unethical mechanic, they comprehensively and consistently ignore its effects on the other 11 players whose win potential it impairs. I wonder why that is....
  11. So... I can't recall anyone asking for a change to IFHE. Meanwhile, stuff people are begging for for ages, still not seeing.
  12. Thanks for the table, man. Very useful.
  13. Once again -- can we turn that off? The brightness is going to be uncomfortable at close range, just as the ground installation explosions are in the Port Attack scenario in Coop