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  1. Grinding up Seattle in Coop, since she's a POS I will never take to Randoms, so I can get Worcester to enjoy the pew pew pew in Coop with her. Won't be taking Worcester to Randoms either -- high ROF ships are totally unfun to play against, and very bad for the game environment.
  2. They do -- IFHE, DE, and SE. Many bots were given SE when they upgraded Ultimate Frontier, but some of that was rolled back when it became very difficult.
  3. Bots turn when you put the reticle on them. Hit X, turn off the reticle, and try torping them that way. Or put reticle on Bot A when torping bot B. That also works. Their ability to turn is hilariously absurd. The bots detect DDs because they all have RDF so they can find you easily. The obsession with chasing DDs is something people have tried to get changed, but the devs have other priorities....
  4. As soon as possible. I want people firing at me so my teammates and I can see them and kill them.
  5. They've been doing that in scenarios for months and months.
  6. I expect that Seattle is being played by (1) experienced players who are (2) divisioned. I wish WOWS Stats and Numbers broke out the numbers by solo/divved so we could find her solo win rate. If you look at the genuinely better Saint-Louis she does more damage than Seattle (and has better guns and also torps) but has a 2% lower win rate.
  7. yes please. it's a really stupid feature. in coop many games end and there are still bot ships to kill. a total waste.
  8. She doesn't really need torps, though that is one possibility. But that's not their biggest problem... The buff that she, Baltimore, and all the US light cruisers need is at least another 1.5 kms of range. Yesterday got stuck on Okinawa in Helena and had to play open water cruiser. What a joke, the T7 light cruiser has less range than T4 Phoenix. Not til T8 do you get your range back, sorta, and Seattle is a hilarious 15.7 kms fully upgraded (never will I take that POS into Randoms). Consider that Fletcher has nearly the same range with AFT and with AFT Sims outranges Helena (huh?). Baltimore and Buffalo both have horribly gimped ranges.
  9. Really liking the new Gearing with Fletch torps...
  10. Crushing weekend defeats

    My last three games in DM, all 150K, all losses. I shouldn't play Randoms on the weekends. But just got Gearing. It would be more fun to play, but there's still too much radar in the game, choking it to death.
  11. New Battleship spawn in Aegis?

    This is an old spawn we exploit with our ops div to trigger the BBs and farm them. Pm me if you want to try or search @Lightninger's youtube vids on Aegis
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    I am on my way to about 700 games of data on this (and other items) since the US cruisers were introduced. After ~150 games radar my numbers say that radar indeed dying down, but ebbing slowly. I will put up some preliminary numbers when I reach 300 games next month. I do not think it will ever return to the earlier high tier meta, but at least I am seeing fewer games in which one side has at least 4 radar. Last month 5v5 radar games were common.
  13. That was my experience too. Then I got her and played her like a big Kutuzov and did ok. lol true. So you think the current low stats are just people not mastering the right playstyle for her?
  14. There are people like that out there.... someone on the NA server did 250K damage in it. That's probably like 5 games of damage for me in that...
  15. Alsace is a beast

    I would, if Alsace wasn't getting a nerf. But on NA it is only 3K ahead of Lion in avg damage, on EU, just 2K. But on RU it is 9K ahead of Lion. On RU they love the Lion, I hear. Alsace isn't getting a nerf because it is good. It is getting a nerf because RU players want to reduce the threat to the Lion. All of us who prefer Alsace are just the collateral damage. What will really happen, as I realized yesterday when I got into Alsace for (yet another) 3 kill win, was that we will all have to spec the dispersion module to offset the sigma downgrade, which will reduce the awesome secondary abilities of Alsace because secondary/dispersion are in the same slot. The nerf forces you choose either awesome secondaries OR decent guns. Right now you can have both -- though you have to give up concealment. At least they are not nerfing its troll armor.