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  1. Your translation skills need a buff. What was actually said was: "DD smoke does not exist to serve you. Ask politely, and we always do what we can" "Team play does mean providing people with smoke whenever they ask and carrying it just in case someone asks" "Smoking you may or may not be smart play. The DD driver makes that judgment" "This is a team based game. That is why people asking for smoke need to respect the DD as an equal team member and not their servant."
  2. This. Many DDs report being shot by teammates for not having smoke. A better PSA post might be "The DD is not your personal servant, waiting to smoke you"
  3. Hahaha. The game punishes you for being a TKer, but then publishes you for in-game inactivity. But if you were inactive, how you could have TKed? LOLOL.
  4. Yeah, that's what I do, same experience. I love brawling 2 BBs at the same time, melt one with concentrated secondary fire, kill the other with main guns. I really like Alsace too much. It's like I am afraid to play it because I don't want WG to notice how much fun it is and nerf it.
  5. Yep. The captain points redo last year made it impossible to get ships that can have good all around specs, you have to choose a particular skill set. So why would any rational player spec for a disaster that seldom occurs, when stuff like HE fires and secondaries are met every match? In my last run of stats on 300 games, I found CVs present in only 1/4 of games, which means in any single game the chance of getting attacked by the CV is low. The whole sub-game around CVs doesn't belong in a surface warfare action game -- that is the fundamental problem. In the current set-up there is nothing enjoyable about playing against CVs, except burning them. What WG really needs is two robust modes, one surface only and one complete. That way you'd have a second set of specs for the air/surface mode that are dormant in the surface only mode. Then you'd need to make the CV/surface ship interaction more skill dependent in order for it to be fun...
  6. Yep, I feel the same way. Not much point in brawling if you lose half your health on the way to the dance and get fewer hits. I will stick with Alabama too. If I need to brawl in her, I can. A dedicated brawling US bote is going to be a seductive trap. One thing I like though, is that when BBs can be spec'd as brawlers they are more willing to push up. WG could probably end the camping meta if it enhanced the secondaries of all BBs. I know in my secondary-spec'd BBs like Richeliu, Lyon, Alsace, Republique, and Tirp I am constantly trying to find situations in which to use that extra firepower. .
  7. PT 0.7.5 Part II Impressions

    Pretty much this. I tried Chung Mu in the last PTS and totally wrecked. Decided I liked it, In Randoms on NA went 2-6 with meh numbers. Completely different environments.
  8. Still doesn't work, Haze, especially if your AA guns have been degraded over the course of a match. None of the T6 BBs has the basic AA for it, and I ran an AA spec Gneisenau with manual AA and have still been wrecked by CVs.
  9. Why is it not hard to understand that getting dropped on by a faraway ship that does not risk itself when it hits you is not the same as being hit by BBs who are at risk from your guns and torps? Reciprical risk is a key element of gameplay, as are outcomes that are the result of skill and effort. CVs with click-n-hit AP bombs violate both those basic ethics. As for AP bombs, they are beyond stupid and should not be in the game. But then Sky Cancer shouldn't be in the game, it is fundamentally broken and unethical. It is there only to ruin the game for the people actually playing it. So WG better brace for a lot of complaints about that pay-to-win monster it will be releasing with those bombs. I will retire my German BBs to coop when that appears, but I see from @MrAlex list that there are some other ships I will probably have to retire to coop as well if this garbage becomes widespread on the server.
  10. The problem we've encountered several times is that the last BB that must be killed deliberately goes and hides behind an island where it cant be reached. This appears to be intentional on the part of the programmers. I play in a group that includes @HazeGrayUnderway and @iDuckman and many other experienced players. We used to finish this scenario super fast and spend a couple of minutes shooting at each other. Now, I count us fortunate to get four stars.
  11. Sometimes even though and operation is available the mm will not let you in. Then you will be bounced to the login screen out of the game. You will then have to reenter the game and reform the division. Since I enjoy the T7 operations very much this can be very disheartening.
  12. I have noticed this at all levels of coop. More and more pinks. They result from WG's refusal to make same-team damage impossible, because their business model demands a certain level of damage. This despite the fact that secondaries cannot damage friendlies and in Ops friendly damage is impossible. Yet the world has not ended as a result. Just make all friendly shells zero damage. That is basic common sense. If WG likes it can pilot that on one of the four servers to see what happens.
  13. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    Yep. This is why mine is now a port queen. She is outspotted by BOTH lower tier DDs including the Kami girls, Okhotnik, and Shino, along with most of the tech tree boats, AND by everything same and higher tier except a couple of gunboats. She desperately needs a detect buff. The power creep is real...
  14. which line comes after USN CLs?

    Would love to see an RN DD line. Bring me my Cossack.