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  1. Lightning

    I have the T5, Acasta. I think I've been spoiled by Okhotnik and Gremy. Cant stand that useless smoke. Just keeping it incase there is a mission for UK DDs that I can use it in. After that I will get rid of it.
  2. Can I shut off badges?

    Its September. Still no way to turn off emblems. How hard can that be?
  3. T8 MM again

    Yup. A lot of us figured that out. Old T8 was a wonderful tier, tons of fun. So much fun that people dawdled, I guess..... so to drive everyone to play BBs at T10, they wrecked T5 and T6 and T8. Sad.
  4. Did you hear about the guy who got tangled up in knots trying to mimic Japanese anime porn? He couldn't hentai himself.
  5. Arms Race is Exactly as Predicted

    @VGLance has nailed it.
  6. How pathetic can this site get?

    LOL. I once needed 14 Tashkent torps to sink a New Mexico.
  7. Sims in Dynamo is hilarious

    Flagged it for credits. 1900 base XP only, 46 planes. Had a couple around 950K credits. I dont see why you couldn't make a million wit enough planes and kills.
  8. T8s are de facto T10s. No way WeeVee will be competitive at that level. It wouldn't surprise me if a Republique or Yammy could one-shot it. She's best as a T7 Warspite with nasty AA.
  9. New Bote: USS Wichita

    Ditto, especially since there is only one Operation she can be used in. All of my T8 premiums are port queens now played in coop only, except Kooter, which I play in Cherry Blossom.
  10. Unfortunately while Helena is awesome, carrying in it is hard. Play it, but play divved with a carrybote like Nelson or Lyon or a solid DD player. Happy to div, see me when I am in-game.
  11. Yugumo. No better torp boat in the game. Excellent guns too.
  12. We need more maps. We need fixes to all the stupid crap with the in-port interface -- you can't demount all signals at the touch of a button, the div window is too large and not adjustable, etc. We need more ship lines from smaller nations. We need a button to turn off emblems. We the MM for Ranked adjusted to balance radar, and detonations removed from Ranked. These are things people constantly asked for. Except for maps, they are things that are small and easy to do. If you think subs are going to be good for the game, you're deluded. In the best "we-have-all-the-problems-of-a-major-theme-park" style, they have all of the problems of CVs and all of the problems of DDs, with none of the good things about DDs (CVs have no positive aspects). They are going to suck immensely for gameplay. And WG WILL force them down everyone's throats. Have you seen any surveys on whether players want subs added to the game? Many of us don't. WG's lack of interaction with its customer base is frightening.
  13. What an utter waste of dev resources on a ship type that is simply redundant to CVs and DDs.
  14. Of course its possible. WG collects consummable data, so they know who loads into a game with what consummables. It would not be difficult to fix the MM for Ranked to address this issue. They hard balanced CVs and restricted their numbers, after all, so it's already been done.

    Submarines won't finish WOWs, because there will always be enough players to keep it going no matter how bad the gameplay situation becomes. The devs will never really understand how badly they are wrecking the game we love so much because they don't play it, and the suits will never get it because they are suits. This is very sad news.