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  1. Taichunger

    What's with the 32% winrate on Sundays?

    I collected data on 00s of games and looked at weekends vs weekdays. No difference in any numbers.
  2. This looks like the correct read. I dont think they ever expected to lose so many players as a result of the idiotic ReWork, despite being told they would...
  3. Taichunger

    Wargaming's Passive Agressive E-mails

    Jan-Feb I went to Philippines for 17 days so I didn't play WOWs. On Day 14 Wargaming sent me an email reminding me I had 11K dubs remaining. Gone just two weeks.....
  4. Taichunger

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    The PvE target selection desperately needs revised. This kind of choicemaking is so common.
  5. Taichunger

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    20 km. Thats what I thought too, before eating those massive strikes. I have also done it in Thunderer, including back to back 30K strikes on two Yoshino-s in one game, that chased both right out of the match.
  6. Taichunger

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    Yoshino can be cit while heavily angled, especially stern on. Twice I have had Thunderers put 50K+ strikes on me at range while stern on and angled. Have also cit Yoshino stern with Azuma at 19K.
  7. Taichunger

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    Indeed. I can't imagine what kind of mind could see the constant flow of complaints on all forums, know the player base hates 3v3 CV in low tiers, and then... laugh and do nothing about it, patch after patch.
  8. Taichunger

    What is going on

    It dropped off a cliff after the ReWork.
  9. Taichunger

    What is going on

    You are not the only one with this problem. It's why so many of us have curtailed play or switched to Coop. After months of frustration, I have pretty much decided to give up Randoms. What happened was that the idiotic CV ReBork drove away 00s of the game's best players. Overall, the skills of the playerbase have declined and once a Random game goes bad now, it is almost impossible to rescue it. There is no longer a leaven of good players to carry, and the omnipresence of CVs means that the kind of ambush tactics necessary to salvage a losing match are far more difficult, since concealment for repositioning is not possible. Thus, many of us are unable to improve our win rates more after years of steady improvement. I've been stuck at around 56.35% since Sept. After my last 7 Random matches in a row featured sub-50% CVs on my team, I've decided to switch entirely to Coop. I don't want to play with such selfish players any more. WG even rubbed salt in my wounds by taking away my favorite operation, Narai. I don't spend money, either. I won't until the presence of Sky Parasites falls to its pre-ReBork level. The devs suck.
  10. Taichunger

    I have a question for you DD players.

    Those are good rules. I also set out blind torps whenever I enter a cap, based on my experience of where DDs are more likely to be. I get a lot of kills that way.
  11. Taichunger

    I have a question for you DD players.

    LOL. Lots of people don't get that. Like the OP.... It's called statistical inevitability. If DD players knife fight over caps early, on average half will die early. It doesn't mean they are bad players. It is just the nature of DDing. That's where the fun is, those knife fights in caps. Radar has severely crimped early knife fights, sadly, and CVs simply suck the fun out of DD play completely. What a moronic mechanic.
  12. Taichunger

    would you play WoWS 2?

    Pre-dreadnoughts for sure. But playing Russian fantasy boats with Stalinium missiles after 1970, no thanks. It be Russian bias, squared.
  13. Taichunger

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    It makes me cry when I think about how much fun T4 used to be......
  14. Should add that it is seven ppl So there's plenty of socializing which makes it very pleasant. You should join us sometime.
  15. I think a lot of us have said this. If they want to make it an either/or choice, just make IFHE reduce the fire chance more. That's all you had to do. In addition to nerfing 15" gun BBs -- some of the most fun ships in the higher tiers -- they've made the T7-8 transition even starker. Which really sucks because T7 ships are uptiered to T9 a lot more with the new MM. Just another reason T9 is the new T7.