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  1. Taichunger

    Where do people...

    In Soviet Russia, gifs find you, Comrade.
  2. Taichunger

    Opt out for cv

    Because, WG conceded that CVs suck for overall immersiveness and gameplay enjoyability when it admitted that most players dont want to play with CVs, banned CVs from CW, reworked them, hard balanced them in the MM and restricted their numbers. No other type of ship has a similar effect on game play, so its natural that players ask for an opt out, especially since CVs never belonged in this game in the first place. CVs suck. For most players, games with CVs are less enjoyable. Most players dont want them, which is why so many of us exit the queue when they appear. How hard can it be to understand that? .
  3. Taichunger

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    12 km. But the slow traverse already got me killed once. On the other hand avg damage is up. No effect on my abysmal win rate...
  4. Taichunger

    Making the PEF not suck

    Fire lots of HE, abuse that reload and shoot DDs. Keep the ship moving Kite like every red is chasing you Stay angled Tank build with main battery accuracy module PEF can do well. Her real problem is the restricted T4 MM that punishes T6 ships. That MM has signally failed to do anything good for the game, but the devs refuse to even concede there is a problem...
  5. Taichunger

    cv opt out

    Is there public data that tracks that? We can get numbers for overall play for T2-3 ships but coop vs randoms???
  6. Taichunger

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    Your highest DDs are Benson and Cossack, total of 13 games for both. Play 1000 games in T9-10 DDs. Get back to us on that opinion.
  7. Taichunger

    cv opt out

    I expect that when the Sky Artillery ReBork drops it will become even more common. There's no way around it: CVs suck for playability and enjoyability, so this discussion is never going to go away. It still blows my mind that after years of WOT players hating on artillery, and the devs over there being forced to admit, yea, it sucks, they are going full-on artillery here.
  8. Why is Kiev getting a buff? It's among tops in damage, especially for tech tree botes, and it is middle of the pack in win rate. Not that I am complaining, it's one of my favorite ships.
  9. Taichunger

    cv opt out

    I love the way everyone asserts that an opt-out would effectively remove CVs from the game. It's almost as if no one wants to play with them or something...
  10. Taichunger

    cv opt out

    Yep. Thank god there will be a place without Sky Artillery.
  11. Taichunger

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    LOL. Nice post, @ClassicLib, but the Ranger, Saipan, and Graf Z as we know them are all history. Minimally, same number of divs/ships in divs, same number of players from purple clans, same number of radars, close win rate. CVs, Belfasts, and Stalingrads relegated to their own mode...
  12. Taichunger

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    The main guns are hugely frustrating, but I can't see how they could be upgraded without making the ship OP. She's fast, reasonably tough, and her secondaries and AA (at least til the Sky Artillery premieres) are good. Also, have you noticed how well PEF fires over islands? She's fun to play and I've really enjoyed my time in her. It takes a lot of effort to get good damage out of her and I enjoy the challenge -- she is reminiscent of Vanguard and Hood, two ships I really like. Because of the idiotic restricted T4 MM I have only been able to play one match at T6 in her, but at her own level she did very well and she appears to be well balanced. It's so strange to compare the deft balance of a ship like PEF which indicates competence and good understanding of the game, with the mindblowing stupidity of the CV rework. *sigh*
  13. Taichunger

    Capt Skill Reset Confirmed

    Yeah, ditto. Might just take all my captains and remove all their skills, and then wait til the ReBork mess is sorted before I re-spec them.
  14. 0 de As a Bot Lighting dies, it dumps torps 180 degrees from where I would have been in my slowly starting turn.