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  1. Exciting and engaging

    Lots of players run out from time to time. And you should not have to have them in the first place. Dets have no place in competitive gaming. WG keeps them there to shorten matches and for no other reason.
  2. Division change

    I can't understand why they invested a single minute in making these changes, which significantly degraded the div window's utility. The problem isn't that they erred. That's ok. The problem is that first, no one will respond to the issue and then, they won't do anything because WG never admits error. So it won't get reverted. So frustrating....
  3. How to avoid aircraft?

    The good news is that the 2 CV hell games end around T6. After T8 CVs drop off in occurrence and you can avoid them almost entirely by exiting the queue when they appear. So struggle through the current stupidity you're experiencing, because WG apparently thinks it is a really good idea to extensively expose new players to pointless, arbitrary damage from CVs in ships that were never meant to see them and cant stop them, because new people clearly love that experience.
  4. This happens commonly with sync drops which usually fail. 99% of clans hunt each other enthusiastically, I know we do. Red is red and must be killed, it doesn't matter who is running the ships. It is actually great fun to hunt your clan mates.
  5. This. Conk really hurt high tier game play by flinging HE, and the HE slinging UK BBs really hurt the game environment with the increase in BB HE all around. People naturally protested the degraded game play that resulted from WG's poor decision-making on the UK BBs. Unlike Conk Musashi doesn't degrade the game by its presence. Moreover, several CCs said it was pretty much OP, so why would people protest what was true and what they have been prepared for? It won't be changed either, so protest is useless. Unlike Conk, which could be changed (and was, her heal was nerfed slightly). Regrettably WG chose to leave the poisonous HE chance in the game. It is ironic that in T10 matches I seldom see Conk-s much as everyone has realized it gets gaudy damage but doesn't carry. WG's decision not to reconstruct its HE and AP along saner, match-friendly lines meant that Conk simply doesn't get played. Joke was on the devs who did all that work to make the models of ships nobody plays... T10 BBs on NA server, two weeks, total battles: Yam: 53,236 Monty: 48,502 GK: 37,208 Conk: 18,125 Musashi will be around for a while, and no one will protest its OPness. No reason to. Sorry, not double standard, different situation.
  6. Selfish DDs

    BBs are second easiest class to survive in. Only CVs are easier. DDs have the lowest survival rates, followed by CAs. BBs are easy to play, though difficult to play well.
  7. Selfish DDs

    Exactly. Want DDs that cap every time and fight each other? Get rid of radar and especially the idiotic radar through islands, one of WG's greatest middle fingers to its loyal players. Just today in game on Sea of Fortune a Mizzou and DM camped C for the other team, and no one on green could cap. That is basically wrong -- poor play, no fun, and stupid. Radar through islands has made all those choked stupid maps, already all borderline unplayable, a complete waste of time... Radar has significantly degraded gameplay for DDs and for the game overall. This is especially true since MM pays it no attention, meaning that one team generally has an advantage in I-WIN buttons. WG likes it because the devs passionately hate DDs for making games longer, and unbalanced radar induces collapses, which WG also likes. No downside for the devs, just for those of us who love DDs...
  8. Really tired of seeing the Missouris too. That broken, stupid radar degrades the game environment, so it is good that it is being withdrawn.
  9. Co-op carnage

    Coop has much improved after this patch. Lot more variety of team composition. No more games of 6v6 DDs. Really wonderful.
  10. RU DD Gunboats are Terrible

    If you are having trouble, put the line down. Play out the IJN line instead. But i note your two most played ships are Minsk followed by Ognevoi. Neither is great, which may affect your view of the line. Your Kiev performance is ok, you might consider focusing on her, she is very good. The T9 Russian DDs are both very good.
  11. Finally Broke 300k

    Awesome job. Congrats.
  12. Lot of people reporting that they are disappointed with its mercurial gunnery, which may be deterring purchases. I wasn't planning on getting it, and when a couple of my clan mates who are top BB players said they disliked its gunnery, that sealed it. I will be saving my FXP for the French line.
  13. CVs in Co-Op

    Everyone had asked for more variety. The number 1 way to achieve, proposed by many players, was to scrap mirror matchmaking and match by tier instead. Despite the popularity of that approach, it wasn't implemented. Please show me the large number of forum posts where people specifically asked for CVs to be added to PvE on a regular basis. Yes, we all were, and many of us had complained about it. But being tired of such matches is not the same asking for Sky Parasites to be included in the rotation. Can't recall anyone ever asking for more CVs in coop, especially since you can easily guarantee one by bringing one yourself, or getting a friend to do it.
  14. CVs in Co-Op

    Nobody said they were having problems with Bot CVs that do only auto-drops. They are not a problem to dodge. But one problem is that when you are in a DD and there is a bot Sky Parasite, it focuses on you because of the silly AI preference for chasing DDs, so you spend the game doing nothing but dodging CV attacks. Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Boring and stupid. For all ships, you can't get the bot CV to support you, or spot things that need spotted. And it takes XP away from players who are grinding. Moreover, players who get in coop to enjoy murdering planes have less of a chance to do so because the CV is mindlessly chasing the DD somewhere. And FFS stop writing as if the only reason people have trouble with a game mechanic is that they can't play against it. That's both condescending and stupid beyond belief. Assume the poster dislikes a mechanic because there is good reason to, and go from there.
  15. Time to reset the clock on NUMBER OF DAYS BETWEEN A KAA1EL POST ON DDs