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  1. I'm more concerned about the MM. Would BCs be BBs or CAs? Either way you could get mismatches. Or give them their own category?
  2. Sorry, but dets punish positive actions such as capping early, tanking damage, and playing hard. Dodge well, a positive action, you can be detonated by a shell that doesnt hit your ship. Dets punish people for playing correctly. Thats stupid beyond belief. Also, many people do not feel happy when we det another player. I feel bad that someone playing hard was robbed by that garbage, and i always apologize. So do others.
  3. That is not why they were removed. I posted data on this a while back. If two CVs survive a match, the match is shorter. But if one dies, the match is longer than average. WG hates long matches since fewer ships return to the queue. So they removed dets and gave high tier CVs DFA to stop snipes.
  4. They did? Thats good news.
  5. If it has no effect, then it can be removed, without effect. Dets have already been removed from CVs. AFAIK no one has called for them to restored.
  6. Au contraire, a ship can det without taking damage. The WOWs det model is so screwy that if the shell misses the ship entirely, it can set off the mag. Dets are not models of real dets. They are random AFKs designed to remove players from matches and get them back in qeue asap, and to shorten matches. WG found that if it called random afks "dets" a certain proportion of the player base would accept them.
  7. I would like to see New Maps
  8. Yes. We could do with fewer premiums and more maps. Trident epicenter is fine. Tears of desert epicenter... Whoever thought of that should be forced to spawn and respawn on it for all eternity in a new orleans surrounded by 12 yammies
  9. I have no trouble carrying in it, except uptiered to T9
  10. Just too many ships out there... i prefer to play carry botes and at T7, Nellie cant carry. Gneis and Scharn can.
  11. Simpler and better to go +/- one tier during peak hours, with a check box for those seeking two tier spreads. Any way you look at, its completely wrong that WG spends time and effort on things like deep water torps that no one needed or asked for, while ignoring issues that a wide swath of the player base is concerned about.
  12. Not here we go again. This is a freakishly easy problem to solve. Its shameful that we get things like RDF and deep water torps that nobody needed or asked for, but urgent and easily solved problems are constantly ignored.
  13. Seldom do they die without damage under ordinary conditions. But with dets that is common. Moreover, when they die, they die to mechanics such as dev strikes, citadels, or fires that reward good play and punish poor play. But dets punish good play. That is the essence of a crap mechanic. Of course, if all deaths are equal then dets are redundant and can be removed
  14. 11 other people are screwed by this garbage mechanic. They cannot exit. Stop thinking about dets as an individual problem.
  15. WG decided it was worth wrecking the two most popular tiers and driving off new players because they could sell more high tier premiums that way. The change had nothing to do with protecting T4 players.