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    I have always been fascinated by History and Warships. I build my own computers and help friends and family with theirs.
    Hiking, camping & traveling, this world has much to experience. I am truly fortunate to live in the Rockies in Canada.

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  1. Karandar

    Dockyard: Building Puerto Rico

    For anyone who plays this game regularly, there is little effort required here. Simply paying a few minute of attention to the mission chains each week to see where they overlap to complete more quickly, will give a ton of free extra rewards including the T7 Huron. If that is too time consuming or boring for some, they can certainly ignore the event. I do that every update, choose the content most important to me for that month. That is one good thing with this game, more than enough variety to play depending on our free time & the effort we are willing to put into the game :)
  2. Karandar

    Dockyard: Building Puerto Rico

    This event will indeed take time and commitment. Consider the rewards list including a t7 premium, countless consumables and a T10 Premium ship after all. . However, This event is massively less intense than the first PR Dockyard - That was level 11 insanity. That one for me, even with 2 weeks vacation, playing constantly, I barely earned the PR back then. Burnout was real. You needed multiple "earn 50k basexp in each class missions" if memory serves I needed 3 classes like that in the last stage which was only a single week(so roughly125 games for those missions alone). That was then. This time around, we get 2 weeks after the last stage unlocks for this event. ALSO. Far more battle types count towards these targets so watch every mission as to best battle type because some you can do in coop, scenarios, brawls, ranked and even Clan battles!( Finally the latter see's some mission love - how about including dailies with CB's please?) # Tip # As each chain unlocks each week, look through the mission requirements, jot a few notes and make a plan as to how best to get them all done. Doing this will save TON of time in fewer games played. Perhaps you are best to play more dd or cruiser or bb games to achieve several targets at the same time. As to the mission break down: It looks like every mission stage we must complete 6 of the 9 available tasks.(great to have so much choice) 4 missions in every stage kind of get completed just running enough missions, accumulating the required xp, damage, ships spotted etc. There are also class specific targets & we must do at least 1 of those. The final stage 10 those are the most demanding @ 36000 basxep. Each stage has a challenging "special" kind of mission option like get 3 kills in a game in stage 1 , earn 2400 basexp in a match for stage 5 & stage 10 is earn a kraken. Completing the special mission along with the 4 missions that just kind of complete themselves as we play means only a single class specific should be required. This is the longest event ever at 11 weeks. It will also be one of the more challenging with 10 stages, mostly because of the time needed where captains need to be playing the game regularly, so no 2 week holidays allowed, or you may have to purchase an extra stage or 2. ;) For myself, my summer holidays are done, just renovations around the home, so the 6 pack starter pack will be enough to unlock her again for the token which is a very excellent reward. All in all a very well thought out and decent dockyard event. +1 to you WG
  3. Karandar

    Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard

    This is a much larger Dockyard with more stages and rewards and is NOTHING like the difficulty of the original PR grind. That was pure insanity. I was pretty hard core back then, even had 2 weeks of holidays in the middle of the event and played the game to the point of burnout to get the ship. The Last PR event and outcry caused WG to add an additional week at the end for every DY event since then, also many of the mission requirements can be completed overlapping vs one by one in that event. This is 11 weeks vs the 7 or 8 of the last one and we must also consider the other rewards in the 34 stages we can earn for free, like T7 Huron. FAR better this time around. For those willing and able to play the game the next 3 months, this will be half the daily effort of the original and buying a starter pack will also lower the cost a fair bit for those who want her. The purchased phases also reward steel, coal and other high end rewards, so there is additional value there for the cost. Even just earning the 34 free phases offers significant rewards. The token for other resources for those of us who already have her means most of us will certainly work through the missions again. The missions for this event were previously posted and while they will certainly take time, again nothing close to as difficult as the last time. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16bP123XvsyiURA41cSJe88kMraKKeCIGGwiOoLctp-I/edit#gid=0
  4. Karandar

    Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard

    Love seeing the continued visual improvements, better shaders coming, camera options, so many tweaked ship model tweaks, keep it up! I appreciate seeing the different tier brawls in the game - I am however concerned to 2 x T4 brawls will only be played much if the daily and other missions lower their ship tier requirements from the normal T5-10 down to T4-10 . otherwise the traditional brawl rewards don't even get close to matching the lost daily rewards. I am disappointed to see the lowering of the soft cap time for the number of DD's and subs in a match, and I am a DD main.
  5. Karandar

    Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard

    That's a single month of resource containers for it - plus there is a 25% discount coupon every 6 months so not a bad price at all.
  6. Karandar

    New World of Warships Merch Store

    A couple years back I got a couple ship prints and a Bismark coffee mug from the EU store - need things like that here in NA
  7. Karandar

    Introducing Discord Drops

    I have been a long time member of this Discord server, and with this article, it has given me no option to re-authenticate. Clicking the article link would flash past the authenticate button to the enter discord channel button in browser. I have tried repeatedly, even left the Discord server and rejoined, going through the authentication process. Restarted the game twice. No mission. Frustrating. Am I overthinking this and long time members of the channel will automatically receive any such missions?
  8. Karandar

    Puerto Rico deserves a buff

    I have been using PR in clan battles and played properly, she's a monster. A single game last night, I had 9 Citadels on multiple targets vs high level opposing clan players says she's fine. She takes some practice getting used to the guns and angling, but very reliable ship. Never mind how much punishment she can take. She's one tough beastie. Now vs a broken op super ship like conde, it becomes a challenge. Every super ship currently in the game could lose their special perks and still be t11. They certainly should not be in clan battles vs t10's.
  9. Karandar

    Updated Convoy in Update 0.11.5

    Clan mates and I have been really enjoying this updated mode in the few battles we played. However, a couple very important caveats: First, the first victory XP bonus is not given in this battle mode? Second, Playing this battle mode does not contribute to Personal missions * The combination of missing these two bonuses means myself and a good many clan mates will only play a fraction of what we would have if they were treated like every other battle mode. We are unfortunately Not willing to give up the XP, Community tokens or coal playing convoy battles instead of ANYTHING else. It really is too bad, I love the aggressiveness of this battle mode and think it should become permanent in this game.
  10. Karandar

    Karma revamp

    Ah, you dared play the latest love/hate class punching bag class ;) Like CV's post rework, even playing them well, or often playing them well would net you a nice hit in Karma from your victims. Karma as it exists today is just a placebo for the angry or raging folks. It literally means little. I read once that enough reports of misbehavior could get a player in the doghouse, I have seen nothing official in this regard. (It should) The Karma system definitely should receive a rework to serve a real and known purpose: Something like a slight bonus to XP or credits for each karma point earned in a match & a slight reduction if negative. Opposing players giving marked downs in our Karma should carry far less weight. Secondly, every 5-10 negative reports(these could be offset with compliments), particularly "AFK & Misbehavior in chat" should give a player 5 games required in Coop to cool off and reflect on behaving disrespectfully. If the Karma system actually "Mattered", perhaps we would see fewer toxic chatter in games or AFK particularly in ranked battles.
  11. Karandar

    Petropavlovsky still op against super ships in CB?

    Definitely the best clan battles seasons have been a single tier of ships, with Only one of each ship, and no CV's. Every clan battle player in my clan strongly agrees with this. I appreciate new content, but the Current Super ships are extremely out of balance when played by seasoned players such as we see on clan battles teams. Initially testing them in random battles with all players regardless of skill ability and many not even having T10's seriously skewed the capabilities of these ships down( faulty spreadsheet data). Every single SS is currently far too strong. Even without their special burst skills they would be extremely capable and worthy of the T11 title. The burst mechanics of Conde combined with reload booster? Crazy OP. I own her and 3 other SS for disclosure. The current Clan battles should not have been used as a test bed for them vs T10's. I am baffled there have been no additional restrictions in ships with this season. Hopefully we return to a single tier of ships again for all future clan battles. and we should honestly see the return of commander respecs for clan battles seasons like in past given the tremendous impact SS have on the game mode. For example, many cruisers would respec for double rudder to try better dodging the heavy overmatch capability of Satsuma shells.
  12. Welcome to the game & the community! Some excellent advice above. One thing also, playing with others really helps improve oneself in this game. Giving each other friendly tips. We all learn different things and at difference paces, and working together in a division of 3 can have solid influence on a match. If you have other friends in the game, or perhaps try finding a clan to join. There are economic & experience benefits from joining a clan also. Many clans will require you to have certain level of games / experience and higher tiered ships, but there are many others like the Wolf clans that are quite open to everyone.
  13. The game has changed considerably since last years commander skill tree changes and subsequent tweaks to the tree. Along with several glitches with skills implementation like the current last stand bug. Introduction of Submarines that are super quick and nigh impossible to detect while keeping their enemies permanently spotted & when in capable hands are extremely difficult to deal with. There are skills that can help deal with them, but the counter skills are constantly changing. and respeccing dozens or even 100's of ships is wildly expensive. This addsa good part of the animosity players are feeling towards Submarines Introduction of Super Ships which are tech tree and require new or respecced captains because of their unique skill sets( all need nerfing but that is for another thread) The growing presence of SAP equipped ships, high ROF HE spitting ships means fire is a worse threat than ever.(Fire needs a rework like old flooding, but again, that is for another thread) A very quickly growing # of ships in the 457mm + category means double rudder shift to better dodge is more important on many cruisers than concealment. They are often sub or CV spotted these days anyway. ( Still waiting for ANY spotting mechanic fix for CV's... ) We used to get a free week of commander respec every clan battle season that was non CV. This was available to all who played at least 1 clan battle in the first week or so of each CB Season. Then any who played at least one match in the last 2 weeks of the season was given another week to re adjust their commanders as the CB season wound down. This feature that was with us from the launch of the game was removed when the first less than ideal version CV rework arrived and they were tested in Clan battles. We have since had several non CV clan battles. But no respecs. Adding the Clan battle respecs again would also help entice a larger number of newer clans to play that battle mode >Hint< Occasional Respecs also make the game more dynamic, because players are more willing to try skill combinations other than the regular cookie cutter builds. The challenging state of gameplay(many newer/learning players) and all other captains really need a full commander respec opportunity again. Would be the best WG anniversary gift(or sooner) you could give us :) Please?
  14. Karandar

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    The Token "coupon" being referred to seems to be auto applied, because the 5000 token bundles are "normally" 5000 doubloons & 'on sale' for the 3750 or so. Total package cost for all of the consumables, 2 x 12 point captains, perma camo and Black would be 36800 doubloons, assuming we earn the first 2500 through the missions. Unfortunate I really really do not need any more IJN or USN captains, so that is a serious pile of unnecessary expense. The camo and black are both desirable. Also unfortunate it does not appear we can use the recurring ship doubloon 25% coupon on the Black either. So I will wait for the coal ship July 1st. No FOMO here.
  15. Karandar

    The Return of Black and a New Web Campaign

    The big question on captains minds is Black will become available for how much coal ?