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    I have always been fascinated by History and Warships. I build my own computers and help friends and family with theirs.
    Hiking, camping, traveling this world has much to experience. I am truly fortunate to live along the Rockies in Canada.

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  1. My Girlfriend and I flew out East and attended the Haida event in 2019 - I cannot say enough good things about WG support for these ships. The event was super fun, and it was an honor to meet a couple of veterans of the ship itself. They are getting old, so good to appreciate them and some of their stories while we can. Getting to meet so many other Warships players as well as Fem, Gnesenau, Karmat1ka and iChase was also pretty cool ... Ships has a great community of people, and events like these bring out the best in everyone - try to take one in this year if you have the time - Very worth while!
  2. Karandar

    British Heavy Cruisers: Ships History

    I always appreciate the bits of history that WG digs up about the ships we play... Looking forward to getting some of these in my port - Looks like I am going to have to do it the good ole fashioned grinding way as my token purchases only netted me consumables - this is the first time I have not earned at least 1 early access ship ... Something to look forward to I suppose
  3. Karandar

    Am I improving or is something wrong?

    Glad to hear you are having a good streak! That always make the game more enjoyable :) For most captains, I recommend watching all the other numbers besides Win rate as a measure of overall improvement. If your av damage, PR, ship kills and such are continually rising, you are on the right track, and victories will follow - just keep in mind, weekend warrior match making can rock your win rate at times regardless how strong a player you are... it takes a team... I try not looking at my stats too much - they can drive you a bit crazy if focused too much ... but watch which ships you have the highest performance in... and examine why you think that is ... then when looking at which lines to research next, pick similar play style ships.. that will serve you well :) for anyone struggling with the other numbers - best to focus on playing the same ships more often than jumping between many. get used to the torp systems, the shell velocities and such ... play similar ships - the french and German cruisers play somewhat similar ... don't jump between two very different types like soviet and american fast/slow shells ... Play torp dd's or gun dd's not back and forth until you get really good at them and then slowly expand our capabilities ... only practice makes this happen, so casual players would have the best luck playing only a few specific ships at a time, while obviously anyone playing 10+ battles / day will grow in ability far quicker. keep up the solid performance!
  4. Karandar


    In a dynamic and changing game like Warships - new content will inevitably "break the balance" that we players have enjoyed(yep this can suck while it is being balanced ) . The alternative is a fixed stagnant game, and we would have been on World of Warships 2 or even 3 by now with any money spent in 1 long gone. I have mostly enjoyed adapting play style to meet the new challenges of radar and such - it has changed which ships are my favorites though - and that can be uncomfortable to people. Remember DD invisi/stealth fire ? That was cancerous Remember the screaming about Conqueror HE spam ? nothing really changed with the ship - sure she received a raised citadel- but to experienced captains, the improved heal just made her stronger - only the introduction of Kremlin made the base forget how nasty Conqueror could be - that and IFHE spam of course. Worcester was the scourge of IFHE spam with calls too nerf or ban her - she was the ship of choice the next ranked battles season. now we have Smolensk(which does need a significant nerf bat hit imho) DD's are more difficult than ever to play - but like most games, there is always that "high learning curve class" - BB's are the warrior ... DD's that frail mage ... There are many DD's I rarely play now because of the changes - similar with the CV rework for all classes... for 4-5 months, ships like Roma were just suicide to play - better these days...still not perfect - CV AP bombs brutally punish cruisers and some BB's alike with mostly non repairable unavoidable dmg - and that is not fair. (a fix is raise the repair % of that dmg in susceptible ships like Bismark) But I digress - DD's CV spotting is the most challenging - and when you face a truly skilled cv captain you are in real trouble. The worst part is even playing the DD properly - that is cautiously at first, spotting for your team, trying to screen for torpedoes for your supporting ships, and not yoloing into the cap immediately to die, a CV can come along and ruin your day - fast. The worst part is his 4-5 friends within 15km or so of you suddenly having full sight on you and unleashing hell ... WG should consider a couple improvements here. 1) When a CV s plane spots a DD - add more of a delay to other enemies seeing the DD to shoot at them - similar to what happens now with radar - i think that is a 6 second delay. - make it even longer when a plane spots the DD , or even make it that the rest of the CV team only see's the DD on the mini map. It would have to be tested to find a balance, but would offer a decent quality of life improvement to DD players. 2) the priority target # of ships with main guns on a target - This number should no longer show only main guns(again, skilled dd players will launch torps and not retarget the BB or cruiser to manipulate this # - but most simply maintain target when switching to guns) - Torp systems should qualify to priority target # also - this offers a unique insight to a DD targeting you that had a place in past, but i think people need to practice and learn better situational awareness - making the mini map larger- enabling ship names on the mini map to begin with - the number of players i have met who do not know how to do this is staggering, and game changing... These are the main things we have come up with and agree on in my clan, discussing between CV, DD and other mains ... and unlike many other players - I enjoy most new content, it will keep the game alive for years to come if done right... But WG needs to do it in a controlled fashion and listen to the community - Not the screamers, but The rational community who offer alternatives and options like in this thread to improve the game - great conversation all ..
  5. Karandar


    Games played with competent team mates are the biggest factors. A competent DD can really help take and hold a flank, screen torps for you and such. But without a competent cruiser assisting them, even a Solid DD player will struggle to have significant impact against a coordinated enemy, same goes for BB support - IF the BB stays back too far, he will struggle to support the DD by being a real threat to the enemy cruisers, but if the BB pushes too far up, he gets focused and quickly sunk ... and the required skill ceiling to be decent in this game is higher than many realize, along with the random nature of the game and skill match making - amplified of course with the arrival of the 'weekend warriors' or even more challenging 'long weekend warriors' who require many games to shake the rust off, make the Lemming train - yolo rush - 21km sniper play pretty frustrating at times ... The only real way you can count on to counter all of this is finding a good clan you can regularly Div with and you form your own DD-Cruiser- BB squad and have the most influence possible on a given flank ... playing regularly with clan mates also improves skill far quicker learning from each other As to complexity, I think most would be surprised about how few players actually could describe even each type of detection icon they see on the screen... so complex this "simple" game is I have begun creating basic "how to's" on youtube, with content like this handy chart for that reason(there is no single source for this info anywhere) - I think it important to do what we can to assist players in learning, and to raise the average skill level we see ... If you are new to DD's - I have recently added basic and intermediate skills "how to " video's for DD play on my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMkS6bmrMYGNt__1Y06UY6w
  6. Karandar

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Just a quick PSA ... some of the requirements looks steep, but keep in mind, Random, Coop, or operations, so many are actually a LOT easier to accomplish in battle modes other than random. Ops allow a lot of quick ship kills, torps, citadel hits etc ...
  7. Karandar

    WG, is this true?

    This is one of many solid charitable needs that Wargaming contributes to, and a very important one to help get this virus under control. Good on WG for being solid corporate citizens.
  8. Karandar

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Glad to See WG making more how to & how it works videos. Much of the community could greatly benefit from seeing more of these. I have been working on a number of "basic" videos from important game settings people commonly miss, detection, basic destroyer advice, and my own "Clans 101 Why you should be in one" a month or so back ... and this is regardless of whether you play competitively or not - The benefits are significant, and clans like the "Wolf" clans are meant for lone wolves with no requirements ... so clans for everyone :)
  9. Karandar

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    Congrats to you! It looks like it was a fun match too :)
  10. Karandar

    Which BB line?

    I think you should run up the USN line - like others have said - the first 7 tiers are slow but solid ships, Arizona is a good premium to help train your captain, Tier8+ they are a very enjoyable line and the Monty at 10 is a very solid tank with a recently buffed heal, and the unique//legendary module ... and congrats on those ships around Christmas!
  11. Karandar

    Hindenburg build

    https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSC110&modules=11111&upgrades=154324&commander=PCW001&skills=3227534340&ar=100&consumables=1111 My build, the radio locate and hydro is solid for mid/late game cap pushing when DD's are still around, the range is good in CV matches when you face a lot of BB's and are constantly spotted. I strongly recommend expert loader with Hinde to more quickly switch from HE to AP for those broadside cruiser moments... As has been pointed out - her AP is monstrous at close ranges - you can citadel enemy broadside BB's when close enough - using islands well to conceal yourself and ambushing camping BB's is a very real threat when those rare circumstances arise... and i suppose for anyone wanting to try IFHE instead, you could lose the Radio location skill Hinde is a ship that has many different build options depending on play style, I think that is why so many enjoy playing her her AA is actually very strong if you spec BFT and take Def AA , even has a fighter if you really hate CV's a ranked season a while back, i even added the secondary module in slot 3 to aid the cap push - they are pretty effective vs thin skinned ships and dd's - not really viable in Random battles though ..
  12. This Yamato replay was submitted by a clan mate of mine who amasses 320k in damage, earns a High Caliber, Confederate and all during a cyclone, WITHOUT Premium Consumables! Truly a Demonstration showing the Power of being Patient... As i usually do, I also offer some tips and suggestions for newer captains throughout the replay I hope you enjoy it!
  13. I truly appreciate WG and the World of Warships team in their efforts to support and help save so many of these important historical ships. A tip of my hat to you all for these efforts. Bundle was purchased, and additional donation during the initial efforts to this very worthy cause. PS - Please be sure to let us all know how much we collectively helped raise to help her ... Texas, I know we managed a very large number - although I cannot remember what the final total was.
  14. That I agree with I would personally prefer if WG had left the ships basic ... and had the 4 perma camo separate ... whether in exchange for tokens or even as 4 additional possible prizes for the token bundles - with each then having a higher chance - More smaller rewards, mean a lot less disappointment for those who end up with none of the bigger prizes. Honestly, if given a choice, I would use the tokens to grab the perma cammo and happily grind the line and be perfectly content
  15. Karandar

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    I look back to Hindenberg - I think about 18 months ago... it was hit pretty darned hard with the Nerf gun. Went from being a challenging, one of my favorite ships, to one i rarely played, but since then, they added a heal charge and improved her rate of fire 2x now to better than pre nerf. it took 18 months, and 3 buffs to get here, but she is a decent ship again - not op at all, and i think around mid pack of the cruisers, because there are a lot of big nasty ships since then, so she badly needed some love. Henri was over performing in good hands, and not by just a little. She has been one of my favorites, and my highest average damage ship by a fair margin for a long time... There is not a hinde captain out there who could best a comparably skilled Henri captain - nerfing has been needed. BUT, I agree with the op in that this change went a bit too far in my opinion ... speed her up about 50% to where she was, and I think that is closer to the balance needed to play her and against her... I would sooner see several smaller changes brought in on ships than these large sudden changes. I certainly won't quit over it, but I promote everyone actively giving WG feedback - That is how change happens.