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    I have always been fascinated by History and Warships. I build my own computers and help friends and family with theirs.
    Hiking, camping & traveling, this world has much to experience. I am truly fortunate to live in the Rockies in Canada.

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  1. Karandar

    Ranked Battles: The Third Season

    I don't actually 'hate' the new system and I really do appreciate that WG is trying to change things up. The variety in ship tiers is an excellent addition. The reduction in stars required dropping from 166 of season 2 to 144 is a really good start. The last old season 18 for example was 84 stars - but also only 1 month, so grind wise is fairly comparable for anyone trying to get to rank 1 or max the rewards in games over time. However, the old system, we carried over stars from our previous ranking and often only required 2-3 victories to reach rank 10, earn our 10% reduced post battle repair flag and a ton of consumables, some credits and good amount of steel. My biggest recommendation to make the new system feel better would be add more consumable rewards along the way to get closer to the old system rewards. Also, Add a second irrevocable to Silver & 1 in the mid point of Gold. That would largely address my concerns :) The new system offers the special camouflage which are really strong camo & they look fantastic. I really like those, and the doubloons potential is also very decent compared to the old system, so again, it is certainly not all bad, but playing ranked chews through signals really quickly, it would be nice to be able to earn more along the way
  2. Karandar

    Ranked Battles: The Third Season

    Very much agreed. Given the choice, give me back the old system and rewards. The new is not even close.
  3. Karandar

    Ranked Battles: The Third Season

    I'm glad to see the tiers of ships being broadened to add some variety & It is good to see the # of Stars required has been reduced slightly. However, I feel there needs to be further & significant reduction in stars or additional irrevocable added to both Silver and Gold in future ranked seasons. Ranked have never been easy or for the feint of heart, but this upcoming ranked season still requires too much effort compared to the old format. I would also like to see a return more similar to the old rewards, with hundreds of signal flags & camouflages along with the post battle repair flags. This event consumes more than ever, but replenishes very little consumables. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSA Advice to get the most enjoyment from this ranked stands same as my previous two versions for this new format : For most players, do yourself a favor, stick in bronze and keep it casual for when Randoms aren't doing it for you. Silver requires a strong win rate(55%+) & significant time commitment to rank out each season. Gold is Unicum league. 60% WR + massive time or stay clear. Keep it fun :)
  4. Hope you got back up and running! -------------------- For any still collection the kots collection containers, the competion is streaming now. Can earn one each today and tomorrow &. 2 more next weekend
  5. Dev blog and the water lines video announced next dockyard ship The T8 Premium Dutch cruiser De Zeven Provinciën. decent armor, light cruiser, strong AA - Still in development so of course so could be subject to change. She's a beauty
  6. Lots of opportunity this weekend for us! The next few days we have a 200% 1st victory bonus - A great opportunity to stack our best camo and signals on the tech tree ships we are grinding & also on any t9, 8, 7 Premium ships we own for boat loads of freexp and commander xp 10 day mission to earn the t5 premium ship Kirov for free ** Remember to watch that most of the missions can be played in several battle modes & remember operations for some of these! *Opt in mission from the news article for the battle of the Coral Sea this weekend for some extra camo and signals 3 days remain for the Golden week missions for those 18 x camo with the 50% credit bonus and premium time container Reduced cost researching and equipping these tech trees For the next 7 days. A great time to grind these lines: −50% to the cost in Credits of researchable Tier II–V Soviet, American, British, and French ships −30% to the cost in Credits of researchable Tier VI–VII Soviet, American, British, and French ships −15% to the cost in Credits of researchable Tier VIII–X Soviet, American, British, and French ships −50% to the cost in Credits of upgrades Remember to check out the KOTS streams again this weekend for 2 more KOTS collection containers for that T7 Premium ship container New Waterline video and Dev blog articles discussing some of what is in the works this year. Submarines Dutch Cruisers Dutch cruiser De Zeven Provinciën, Tier VIII cruiser next dockyard ship Super battleships CV/surface ship interaction changes Some direction on upcoming commander skills tweaks I run through a bunch of the details for these works in progress:
  7. My wish list for changes I would like to see in the game? 1) More battle modes !! Big Hunt was one of the best since the Rasputin Halloween modes. They have so many of these old forgotten battle modes - why not make an "Arcade" battle mode - cycle through one of these per week like they do with current Ops ? Even if they limited access to prime time periods would be very welcome. I personally like Scenarios/ operations and miss the ones that disappeared after the cv rework. Night mode, the pt boats. variety and fun. I know WG keeps saying they were not popular, but so many keep asking for them. Perhaps convert them all to PvP ? convoy escort, port defense. Could be a lot of fun! 2) More Maps. 1 / year at a very minimum. Could some of the existing gain additions like 4 cap points occasionally vs the 3 or standard battles? Would add a little more variety at least. 3) Increase the rate of Individual ship balancing. Whether they like it or not, many old ships get a fraction of the play they used to because they are hard to make work in the evolving meta this game has seen. 4) Fire/HE damage needs to be reworked in similar fashion to how Flooding damage was a couple years back. The ever increasing number of high rate of fire ships to the game is the biggest single cause of ships playing further and further back. I honestly think we need to see the 4 fire zones reduced to 3, and dropped to 2 with Fire prevention so they are not the rapid death sentence they are today. This would really help brawling ships actually living long enough to be able to play that style more consistently 5) Fix CV spotting over influence. Want to see more cruisers and BB's playing forward? This is the biggest frustration I hear of regarding with CV's - Add a radar like delay for team mates in being able to target the plane spotted ship. Even 6 seconds would aid the target in getting smoked or turning more evasive. It would also mean the cv would have to make a choice. Hang around a little longer to spot for his team or go get a fresh squadron. Again - the slightly buffed spotting XP would help compensate for spotting vs striking. Also fix the fighter stealth spotting like with the MvR. Not being able to see the fighters spotting you is infuriating and broken. Especially in clan battles. I would argue that fighters should not be able to spot at all, but that could be decided after measuring the impact of adding the radar like delay to plane spotting for team mates. 6) Aircraft AP rockets and bombs alpha is incredible. Again especially in Clan battles where the average CV player is very good. 20-25k drops are the normal and because of so many citadel hits, only 10% repairable damage is ugly. It is why we saw no Des Moines in the last T10 CB season. They were 2 drops and out. This damage needs to be made more repairable to at least give the chance tto live just a little longer to the more vulnerable ships. I am not talking nerfing the CV , just trying to help the victims. 7) XP rework. This is the least likely for us to see, but would probably have the most influence on game play, as it could help show/train captains what really counts in matches. Focus more rewards on objective taking and team support, rewarding more xp for time contesting caps, cap resetting, spotting, planes shot down, damage tanked type of thing. Less xp for raw damage. Along with this, award ribbons during the match for all captains to see during the battle for certain thresholds of these achievements. This would go a long way to help reduce the toxic chat behavior by some who think a player is doing nothing on the other side of the map, but may be having the best game of his life. The visible ribbons would not even have to award anything. The Fire and CV spotting problems are by far the easiest to repair and would have an immediate improvement to quality of life in this game. Start there. Lets get these for the next update! Then work on the rest.
  8. Karandar

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    Limited time HSF collection is available to unlock for the next 12 days. Go to this link and click the participate button to start the mission chain : https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/high-school-fleet-returns-to-wows/ The mission chain can be played by any T5 + and awards several of the HSF collection containers. You only require 1 container to begin the collection and can complete it with the "collecting" toggle through daily containers after this. The collection grand prize is T10 Yamato Permanent camouflage! * also when on the news portal page, there are a few days remaining for 2 more optional "participate required " missions for a Leroy jenkins captain and for Anzac
  9. Karandar

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    That is a worthy addition for sure! Doubloons and even credits can get burned quickly if not careful - I wish this resupply box was global to be honest instead of each ship
  10. Karandar

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    The KOTS competition is streaming right now, Watch for the tags below the streamer you choose they should show KOTS DROPS - Statsbloke, Flambass for example right now & I believe Searaptor on in a bit - Watch for one of those KOTS collection containers for the T7 Premium container then for the next 3 weekends , one container each day // Sat/Sun I really enjoy these competitions
  11. Karandar

    F2P Tips that won't cost you a Dime

    I've never had a problem seeing embed's. Here is just the link for you :) https://youtu.be/qqnf3xxqg8Q
  12. This is one of the most in depth Videos I have created to date. It contains a Ton of great tips I have learned over the years to get the most from the Free Content available in World of Warships. I have had veteran captains tell me they were unaware of several tips for what I had considered fairly obvious elements of the game, but we have all learned from different resources! I wish I had found a resource like this when I first started playing :) - Things like selling off stock modules from inventory to generate a ton of credits - I personally did not know this one until about 2 years into the game! - Where to earn free premium time and then saving & activating it for those high 100& 200% xp weekends to maximize our credit & FXP earning. - How to find, activate and get through the 19 current available collections for as little in game time and currency possible - Better coordinating our mission choices to get though events & campaigns much more quickly - and many more that help reward credits, consumables, captains, ships & doubloons I hope these help & I would love to hear of any that you were not aware, and ALSO, if you have any suggestions that I might have missed here :
  13. My first battle in a Mikasa. I went full secondary Meme build with her. Because what else do you do with a ship that has 32 secondary guns? (I show the build I used at the end) It was typical low tier random Match making, but good for a few laughs & Stupid fun!
  14. Karandar

    All Things 10.3

    A new Prime gaming bundle has arrived - Premium Legion of honor collection container and 20 Revolution camouflages. If you are a Prime gaming member, collect before May 20th. Article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/prime-gaming-legion-of-honor/ Direct to the Bundle: https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/worldofwarships?ingress=amzn&ref_=SM_WOW03_P1_CRWN
  15. Karandar

    All Things 10.3

    Nice about being in the Veneto - i'll be a while. I really don't care much for the t7 poor random dispersion & combined with the 15mm pen secondaries she's really poor vs dd's, need an escort! Hope the higher tiers are better - I actually enjoy the Roma although I will miss the Deadeye bonus in her, she really could use a .1 sigma buff. Her natural dispersion is pretty bad also but at least she has HE shells to help vs DD's when needed :) Being a tech tree release, there really is not too much stress for me either regarding the German DD split. Getting the T7 dd and the perma cammo will need all the points unlocked each of the next 4 weeks to earn those tokens. they give 5000 + 250 more for the daily armory log in the next 2 weeks - one needs ALL of those to get both. and so far the only extra we can earn are some bonus warships stream missions we can get that will pay up to 250 more - not much buffer. I really wish the token missions were a full update chain like usual. It looks like they refresh each week, so captains will have to focus on those missions or miss out on the perma camo. Most should be able to get the Destroyer though. Everyone should have a look in the armory at the doubloon bundles because some will have the t9 in the first bundle and for 1500 doubloons I would buy that. Beyond that though, too risky for me to hope it appears in the first couple. I do not mind playing the lines to actually learn the ships. I also recently reset my ijn gun dd' line and just earned the Kitakaze back again 2 days ago. Working a little harder now on the line because I like the look of the Vampire 2 - I am a big fan of Daring , Haida, even Z-52 dd's, Vampire looks like a love child of the 3!