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  1. DPG Clan recruitment drive

    Alrighty then ! 0.7.9 is here, and the Clan base is upgraded ... Here are our current bonuses : -10% to post service battle repair costs -12% credits to purchase ships +3% XP to all battles +15% FreeXp every battle +8% commander XP +5% Coal 35 member roster A nice buff from the old base ! Good hunting all Kar
  2. DPG Clan recruitment drive

    The supply lines for clan oil missions were a welcome bonus the past 3 weekends, and a great success for us! The clan members rallied, building on our success each week, 73, 89 and 101 stars winning over our competition all 3 weekends - it took our last member until just before 3 am his time to win the last star to pull ahead of the EU clan. I can't say enough about the quality group of captains we have on board. Just great people. Really looking forward to 0.7.9 tomorrow, clan base 2.0, and the British arc. If you are looking for a home and feel you would fit in to the first post description - send me a request And Good hunting ! Kar
  3. Server overloaded? 13k players?

    server overloaded, constantly kicking us out - taking forever to MM - DOS attack ?
  4. Supply Lines Event

    The first weekend, our Russian opponents failed to show ... 73 stars with a few captains away for the weekend. This past weekend, our EU competitors hit it hard out of the gate, but we fought back hard, and despite 2 of our most active members having family obligations. 2 of our newly registered members really stepped up to fill the void and we ultimately bested them in the final hours of the weekend 89 - 81. 2 additional members now for this next weekend, so hopefully everyone can continue the great effort as I suspect the curse of doing better will likely have us pitted against more difficult opponents. Good Luck this weekend all !
  5. DPG Clan recruitment drive

    The ongoing Supply lines missions - 73 stars earned the 1st weekend, 89 this past and more members anxious to contribute to this coming weekend - A great group of captains, lots of participation and effort by all. Give us a look if you are looking for a solid home base with good support in Divisions and an eye towards the next clan battles. Good Hunting! Kar
  6. DPG Clan recruitment drive

    I am extremely proud of our clan! 79 stars already as of last night in the Supply lines competition! If you have been looking for a good home, would like to join a great group of captains, and think you fit in with our description at the top of this post, send me a request and we can chat. Good Hunting! Kar
  7. Supply Lines Event

    Just curious - Does anyone know when the oil from this event will be paid out ?
  8. Supply Lines Event

    http://proships.ru/stat/na/ow/ every now and then, my browser refreshes to the russian site like yours - the above is the english link - I use Opera - but I am sure every browser is a little flaky with the proships site
  9. Supply Lines Event

    Clan [DPG] is recorded. We must wait until the war begins. Will have to check with my clan mates - looks like we are registered - but it wasn't me ... No other register button ...
  10. DPG Clan recruitment drive

    Thank you Capt_Talon! and we still have some room available for captains looking for a home - Sailing with captains who become friends who have your back make all the difference in this game... Good Hunting! Kar
  11. Supply Lines Event

    Good point - and a solid solution - I whole heartedly agree. Now wargaming, make this happen! :)
  12. DPG Clan recruitment drive

    The Supply lines Event is underway to earn extra oil for the coming clan base expansions ... As confusing as this event has been, I think most players have a good understanding of how to contribute and work through the 15 weekend missions . At one point yesterday, we were at 289th position of the over 3200 clans involved. Next weekend will be far more productive as we have the system figured out and better able to earn more stars :) We could still use a few good captains - If you are fairly active, and at least somewhat competitive - But also easy going, you should check us out! Good hunting. Kar
  13. Supply Lines Event

    Great minds must think alike ! ;) I actually do similar myself with the in game clan window - I update daily messages of importance - game events, game codes , for larger articles - I link to my discussion thread on my web page - I also do this in our Discord general channel to catch as many as I can ... It all helps, but WG really needs to implement a "group message" option. Select the clan members boxes (they already exist) and add a 'send message to all selected' instead of just 1 at a time - would be so much easier. I can't imagine this would take a programmer more than an hour of his time - if that ...
  14. Supply Lines Event

    We had one member with login problems - He played 3 exceptional games in Russian DD's that didn't count before realizing it - logged out, then back in again to the site - seemed to fix it ... but previous games were not recorded. Sadly, his luck ran out once logged in! (never fails) We had 2 new clan members who wanted to play, but joined a couple hours after I registered the clan, and they were unable to play this weekend. Next weekend for them. Made it to 289th place by the end of day yesterday... a few more members joining in today - but some of the newer players have near zero chance of improving on the damage we have already, and many of our veterans have played all 15 matches allowed... Some strategy needed to maximize points - Try to get the newest(lowest damage players) to play first and contribute the first couple stars in a category before the veterans start playing and get the higher damage requirement stars - Many players are very capable of going several stars higher than the 5th milestone on the chart if one plays this right ... The clan is slipping now - around 380 i think, but considering the terrible poor organizing and instructions for this competition - the difficulty in clan communications inside warships - being unable to masse send a group message - having to message EVERY individual separately (nightmare over sight wargaming) We are doing surprisingly well for a new clan :) and next weekend will be much better. I set up a website and Discord to help with this, and our newer members are gradually seeing the benefit of checking the daily posts, but not all yet - so it is a significant amount of work(way more than it should be for a 3 year old game) for all clan leaders to get their captains informed and on board for events like this. Hopefully WG can smooth the edges and issues with this kind of event, improve the in game message system, and this becomes a LOT more enjoyable in future. A Fair effort for them in this with much room for improvement, but I do very much appreciate their efforts, and the extra oil for the coming clan base expansions... Good hunting! Karandar
  15. Supply Lines Event

    Found this one out after i made it to the fifth milestone in my french BB Have reccomended the same to my participating clansmen - any of the areas still untouched are a better value to run and get the first star or two rather than failing trying to get the 4th star in another category. Best to fill the low hanging fruit and allow the veterans with t10s max the milestones NA zone must have started 1st ? seems like a lot of the RU and EU are not scoring ...