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  1. Karandar

    DPG Clan recruitment drive

    Just a few short sessions remain in this season of clan battles. We have grown and progressed through this season quite nicely and already look forward to the next. To that end, we are looking for captains interested in clan battles, interested in running in solid divisions in random matches and such. If you are looking for a new home with great people, check us out ! Karandar
  2. Karandar

    DPG Clan recruitment drive

    Interested in clan battles and looking for a home? Check us out Karandar
  3. Agreed and +1 the anime stuff, i understand the opt in as some truly despise - but this is a new years event - should be active by default.
  4. Karandar

    DPG Clan recruitment drive

    The clan port is progressing nicely , and clan battles have been a lot of fun so far with decent success. -10% to post service battle repair costs -14% credits to purchase ships +4% XP to all battles +20% FreeXp every battle +10% commander XP +7% Coal 35 member roster If you are looking for a home and decent captains to play with, think you might fit in, check us out Kar
  5. Karandar

    When do Premium ships go on sale?

    People forget so quickly just how much of a grind past missions were for the premium and other free tech tree ships - It has NEVER been easy. Tasks like 50 torpedo hits in british ships when there was only cruisers and galant - all kinds like this ! I remember grinding easily 80 hours for some of these grande events. Nothing is free in life - with WG, the cost of these ships is a lot of time commitment, always has been, and that's fine. For folks who will not have the time, its a 30.00 ship and that gets you Prinz, and unlocks the campaign for the 5 regular tech tree t6's and their perma cammo, port slots and ... 3 pt captains. Not bad for the cost of a movie night... There is absolutely zero to complain about with the Prinz campaign - it stays true to the difficulty of past events in that one must commit a LOT of hours to earn all of the rewards. The effort also helps make the ship feel more special - It takes serious work to earn her. The other part with the difficult 4th stage - we have the potential to earn 4.4 million credits doing it... All the best to everyone and your families, and safe travels the next few days. Good Hunting through the holidays captains ! Kar
  6. Thanks for the quick reply all ! That is exactly what is going on o7 Captains Kar
  7. Not sure what is up with this - 2-3 of the 25+ ships in each tier are all that have the 100% daily bonus :( Submitting a ticket ..... Good Hunting ! Kar
  8. Karandar

    Clan Battles bugged again?

    WG is seemingly having a pile of troubles with server messaging - nearly every session - although weekend is the worst, there are a solid # of us showing no clan available util the next session date - there has been about 50/50 of us seeing this problem - it seems to usually arise for members who logged on early and play a few randoms before the clan session starts and it becomes bugged. We found just getting one of the other members to form the division and then hand off control to the leaders works, even though it showed me for example "clan battles ended" the other day. last night session - same thing no clan battle available. I logged out of the game, shut down the game launcher - restarted the launcher, restrated the game and i was able to select clan battles myself. some weird sync issue going on but the first couple of times it happened we missed playing time - i believe that once there was actually a server issue that needed fixing... ----- So until WG figures this problem out, try bumping the game - and also checking if other members of your clan can see the clan battles available and have them form up the division. Good hunting ! Kar
  9. Karandar

    DPG Clan recruitment drive

    Having a great Clan season already ! 75 battles and into Gale league II If you are interested in a competitive but easy going clan, check us out! Kar
  10. Karandar

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    i understand the first impression is Holy crap - its 3 Stalingrad! just like in a random game where there are 3 Yamma's - seems daunting - but all ships have weaknesses ... us players just have to figure out what they are. The big Russian cruisers is the super thin armor , large size and insanely easy to citadel sides ... just don't be silly and show your own side to the big guns - no different than moskva, henry, any bb or the likes of kronstadt/alaska in randoms .. staying angled takes away much of their strength forcing them to HE spam .. also remember, WG is bringing in improved side plating to cruisers soon to improve well angled cruisers chance to bounce AP - this balances the ships even more... so it requires some strategy, care and tactics to better, but as we play through this clan season, more and more articles, videos and experience will show that while she is strong, she can be fairly easily countered. IFHE Henry is crazy strong against the likes of Stalin and BB's as are HE spamming hinde, Desmoines, Worcester ... BB's large caliber guns ... dd torps vs a camping stalin ... there are a lot of counters to use. We'll figure out the best combination Change and diversity while often initially humbling will make us all better players learning to adapt. Good hunting! Kar
  11. Looks like a great month that we will all may be needing extra days off work just to grind this extensive mission/campaign/collection events list out ! I already own every t6 ship, but just as in past - I really appreciate the ability to have Permanent camo from these events. One question/observation from the 7.12 missions post is the dailies - still 2 parts 3 stages each requiring XP to complete ... but there is no mention this month in stage 2 requiring victories. Could it be true that WG honored my request to make this an xp only requirement - even if double the xp as some nights in random battles a captain cannot buy a win due to rng not his own efforts. I have achieved a kraken with some 220k dmg before and still lost a random ... and odd how this seems to come in streaks several days long with poor teams ... part of the game, that i hope we should not be punished for. The idea of dailies is to promote more game play from the base - and having a higher xp requirement for each stage but removing the win requirement would remove much frustration from the daily grind. ---- Also - Why do clan battles not count towards the dailies?! Besides the non playing time to organize the team, Clan battles take up to 4 hours a day, 4 times a week for about 8 weeks... after that, especially on weekdays - there is no time left for daily progression. Clan battles played should count towards daily missions ... Please, We need to sleep WG ;) Good hunting ! Karadar
  12. a clan mate is having similar issues since the update , he is from argentina and english isn't the strongest but he is a genuinely great guy(and i understand him fine, and i speak very little spanish) - he is ready to quit warships because of the disrespectful individual he has been trying to work with in support. you don't treat people this poorly whether they are ftp or paying customers - negative news spreads like wildfire. We don't need that one bit in this game. pure disrespectful and unhelpful ***From my experience, most support staff is excellent and try their best. i had one a while back who deserved to be fired - not suited for customer support at all - it was like he took each problem like it was a personal attack - really really bad and way too aggressive. i suggested in the follow up survey the individual get some sensitivity training and general customer service training so he at least looks like he is pretending to care - even a little ... that goes a long way. WG need to vet its support staff far better - this is the last line for frustrated players with troubles that are usually a WG issue. - and abuse from these people lose customers. Good luck on a quick fix, and Good hunting ! Karandar
  13. Karandar

    DPG Clan recruitment drive

    A new clan season begins this week! If you are looking for a home and wanting to participate in this season, check us out. Good hunting, Kar
  14. WG gets a lot of complaints - but i suggest folks really pick their requests/arguments well. if we complain about everything it just becomes noise. Earning freexp and coal is not open to valid complaint - both are plentiful to obtain if we use all of the available methods - and yes, even strategies when it comes to earning freexp. WG does make some "silly" decisions sometimes - double nerf to yeuyang is absurd - alsace double nerf was too much - 1 or the other would have brought her into balance - they too often take a hammer to a problem... I think the WG statement that Kron is too popular is disingenuous and not based on fact at all. There are very few krons in the game, and looking at the stats numbers - it is not played much. it is a strong ship - but rather than get rid of it, how about buffing the weak terrible ships to play? buffalo, even seattle - most people freexp past these for a reason - like the t9 bb's - they have not been fun ... with Alaska coming - and i suspect (won't know until we see it of course) to take Krons place in the freexp tree, if they had kept Kron also - very very few Krons would have been sold over the highly anticipated Alaska. WG should leave them both. Alaska and Kronstadt and if Musashi is too popular - look at why. The other t9 BB's have been terrible ! worst tier to play in this game for the most part. - notable exceptions in fletcher, roon is fun ... donskoi ... WG is on the right path buffing the us bb's , izumo, der grosse , but more needs to be done i think. we'll see as time rolls forward if the t9's become compelling to play. but the T9's need serious love WG -------------------------- i already own both musashi and Kron, I own the bart, and will likely grab the Alaska. With discipline, saving cammo and flags to stack with those 100 and 200% weekend bonuses especially if one owns a premium ship or two, freexp adds up really really quickly. freexp today is easily 2-3 times easier to farm than when the game started. and if we actually reading all of the event news on how to obtain coal - coal is mindlessly simple to farm, again - provided one knows all of the ways to attain it. I am near 500k coal earned since it was introduced - the details posted a couple posts above are fantastic - i have shared similar when other thread posters start in on wg for the high coal prices - that is simply untrue. WG has been extremely generous with coal - although it can get very very grindy - i would urge them to change the daily xp requirement away from battles won. some days no matter how well a player plays you just can't get a team to win 3 times in a night despite posting a kraken yourself ... that gets frustrating, so instead, make the xp for any game played but perhaps double the xp requirement - i'd be really happy with this change. After all, the idea with dailies is to encourage more game play, and that should be an enjoyable experience - needing wins for daily pt 2 can sometimes be a bear ... ---- last note - i see players stating kron is too weak, or not good. This is simply untrue. I don't think she is OP either, but when you figure out her play style and remember she is a cruiser - she is a ton of fun, and a strong addition to the team. Yup - yolo and you are a dead man - the armor is too weak to withstand ifhe spam(her main counter), or larger caliber AP - just like French or British bb's - so that requires map awareness, using islands and never stop moving - install rudder shift - install the range extension module until you get comfortable with her, but the kron is just as much fun as the entire Russian cruisers line - well built, great guns, but her hull is her weakness and that is good balance - some folks think that because she has radar she should be front line supporting the dd's - only from behind cover. the radar is best used mid game to help push the second cap and hunt those pesky dd's ... to begin, best to play just a little back he loaded and ready to support the dd's - her velocity and accuracy are so good you can do this well from even 13-15km from the enemy dd . Good hunting ! Karandar
  15. Karandar

    T11, T12 coming?

    Loved the old Harpoon (original) game - still have a copy in storage but would have to rig a 3.5" drive into one of my rigs to install it !