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  1. A change to the Radar mechanic

    You know. ...this isn't a bad idea, wonder if it could be implemented keeping balance in mind. cruisers always having active radar within their bloom range would seem more realistic as well. Or what about radar cruisers always having LOS active radar at all times but not revealing them to team mates.
  2. Nice troll post. Lol.
  3. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    Chapeyev was king last season. I'm sure it's the best option followed by Martel and Kutuzov. Lo yang best dd as usual. GZ will dominate in every match. Not sure about the best BB. All pretty balanced.. NC will be useful against cv's the one time your up against a cv every 30 games.
  4. Game is broken

    You could always go back to checkers if chess is too hard for you. I think you're not understanding the depth of the complexity...but if you like complex then this game will grow on you. Your right about the bugs but they will eventually be patched out.
  5. shot before being detected

    I get this too, playing shima and being hard spotted by enemy shima with equal concealment (no smoke involved), yet he's not spotted and I'm gunned down This is new. He should be spotted like me. No, it's not radar, no its not "he might have better concealment", no its not "are you sure it was another shima. ", no its not your ping is bad (35ms) consistent. Also the 5 second delayed rendering after an enemy fires is pretty annoying when you can't see them on the screen but clearly see them spotted on the mini map. Especially when your one salvo from death and you can't fire back. This is a separate annoyance of mine. And yes, being spotted in smoke is all wonky now. .I guess maybe they intended that when your in smoke not firing and a ship rushes you they always spot you before you can see them? Like they get initiative for rushing in?
  6. FPS issue

    Played clan battles last night no issue once. Right after played chapeyev in random, ran up to cap as soon as I pressed my radar button for the win chopped down to 20fps and stuttered so badly rendering like 8 ships simultaneously could barely stear through torps and took a double citadel not even knowing what happened I run no mods, play vanilla, never had issue before with game before patch. Run gtx 1080 rog strix with i7 4790. Logged off. Hard to play when you can't stear or see anything going on. Game seems to have issue rendering multiple objects simultaneously. Doesn't recover after rendering. Have to reboot game client? Issue always comes back eventually.
  7. FPS issue

    Been noticing this happen once in a while as well. Using gtx 1080 rog strix with i7 4790. Pretty sure it's not my hardware
  8. Yea, stop being a scrub and just don't get hit. Problem solved. Be a real cruiser captain.
  9. This whole Ishtar idol imagery is in world of warships now?...sigh.
  10. Division Interface

    Bugged. Big time. We're noticing..........
  11. I'm thinking a system where you were afk more than 5 battles in ranked you should be banned from playing ranked for a week or more. I don't care what your excuse is. If your queueing up in ranked and going afk you have other things that are more important going on, and then wging can "help you" address those things that you need to address. Which would also help us from not suffering from your problem.
  12. I'm at rank 6. Last 2 games I played, teammate in loyang full spread team killed our near full health amagi who was hardly moving doing his job bow tanking another bb making our win into a loss, 2nd game, afk Alabama with guns turned all battle. Called it quits after that. Was worse than random potatoes in pub matches.
  13. And it can't mount camo. Which makes atago stronger.
  14. New map "Sleeping Giant"

    Des Moines will all rush to the little 4 islands cap and park behind the island and press the I win button over and over.
  15. Haven't seen this happen in ranked so far. But the last 2 games, one full spread torpedo team killed our near full health amagi throwing the match and second game full afk, turrets turned Alabama the second one. I quit playing ranked for the night right there losing 2 in a row. This is in rank 5 to 10 bracket. Unacceptable. These matches suspiciously look rigged.