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  1. So. ..the torps on the tier nine delete other dds in one hit like shima torps. Sounds like fun. A Shima torp gun boat
  2. Megrim3

    Did they nerf the Montana's dispersion?

    Ok. Apologies. For some reason I remember reading something that was posted that they would patch to fix the issue. Perhaps I was wrong there as well. Or I remember hearing that there was an issue but it would be rectified and it was. Had something to do with someone going into the code and figuring out that the numbers were changed at the code level
  3. Megrim3

    Did they nerf the Montana's dispersion?

    Uh. Have you been living under a rock?..the MO was stealth nerfed in gun dispersion. Flammu put out a video on it, many defended it hadn't changed, then I believe the developers came it and admitted it and it was repatched to its original unnerfed condition after there was much uproar about it because of the time people used to buy it before it went off market forever. There were notes about it happening.
  4. Megrim3

    Changes to Containers in 0.7.7

    I need port slots. What's the best container choice to roll one?
  5. Someone has to fund the warmachine...any volunteers?
  6. Megrim3


    Should have an indicator showing when you are within range of a ships' radar consumable that's always indicitive, even when radar isn't currently active and the radar ship isn't spotted. Come on, no double standards wging.
  7. Megrim3

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    Ok. ..then how would you pronounce your name? Phoenix. Pho- eh-nix?
  8. Megrim3

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    WarChester sauce
  9. It's just retoric to defend what they want to keep and defend their position. It's like saying there is only one side to the coin ignoring completely unbalanced and problem issues that cv's create. They keep real quiet when you bring things up like cv divisions, cyclones, shimakaze...Ect ect.
  10. Here's where all the cv mains chime in. .. "CV's have no more influence on the outcome of the game than any other ship" "CV's are completely balanced" "CV's are easily countered" "CV's make world of warships better" "CV's can't do anything when the enemy team plays as a team" "CV's are weak and AA is too strong" "The UI is clitched its not my fault we lost" "CV's don't need a rework, infinite spotting ability doesn't win games" "It's not about the cv, its about the team"
  11. Megrim3

    How do I exchange my coal to steel?

    But didn't the big bad dude in the end show conan how flesh was power? Showing that steel was useless without the power of the hand that wields it? "What is steel without the hand that wields it?"
  12. Like I always said, cv's shut down IJN DD'S faster than anything else. But you can still try. You "might" get a torpedo hit if your lucky and space them all on top of each other, because your torps are always going to be seen from the moon and your forced to play in the shadow of the cruisers guns. But hey, that doesn't mean you should throw your hands up immediately.