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  1. Never give up! I only take the roll. Got 1000bl twice, 50 FXP, 10mil twice, a Texas, lots of flags and camo. ..just keep at it and you will cash in something.
  2. Hi

    ....."you have made a considerably wise decision"....
  3. Why are people so covetous? There's better things to fight for...like you know. ..truth. ..complete and utter contentment. ..
  4. Why do people dodge accountability? They'd rather be the victim.
  5. No. ..there were requirements that you needed to meet. Did YOU meet those requirements? No. But YOU could have. This is like saying you could not have passed a test, because the requirments were not within your reach. Are you saying your not capable enough to meet those requirements? If that's the case, why are others?
  6. Are you saying your not accountable to why you didn't get the ship? You could have gotten it. You could have left your clan and joined the top clan to get it. ..that cost for me was to high. You could have gotten the ship. You could have. You didn't. ..notice the "you"
  7. That's not the answer to the question I asked you. Are you avoiding the question?
  8. If you really wanted the ship there was a way for you to get it. Why didn't you? Seems like a fair question
  9. Ya. ..I mean there's plenty of other ships that are considered very strong that could be bought. Belfast, Musashi, Kutuzov, Missouri. Shouldn't be entitled to every ship because you have money. The best things in life can't be bought.
  10. Only the most powerful ships are awarded to the most powerful and skilled players who happen to be in the right crowd at the right time. ...they need to feel superior to others with their achievements by laughing as they plow through all the pawns. Let them have their fun....ok?
  11. In all honesty cv's shut down shimakaze more than 6 radar ships on each side. Perma spotting and torp spotting forces ANY IJN DD behind the team with zero chance to land a torp.
  12. The upcoming EULA

    Curiously enough. If you haven't noticed, they have just recently updated all EULA policy's for many other websites, services, programs, dating sites and mail accounts to also allow intellectual property to no longer be protected and stated in many of the new "updated" policy's to share all personal information and digital Intel with with other agencies. The EU implemented on the 25 of may ? Or so a privacy change...in order to gather data on your personal information to sell to buyers. Be careful what you put on the internet.
  13. The upcoming EULA

    Uh oh. The thought police have arrived. That's going to be a minority report.
  14. The upcoming EULA

    Or you could tell your wife that the cleavage showing clothes are inticing the lust of men and she could wear something more modest. .....Incoming ban for me? Inb4 thread closure.