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  1. And I'm convinced that some play with their entire UI HUD disabled. Not seeing chat, mini map, or crosshairs at all.
  2. I need 7 devastating strikes for my campaign mission, who's the first volunteer?
  3. Nope. Tier 8+. We also have a few cv mains in our clan. So this is for sure contributing when we division.
  4. More than half my random games have cv's. Not sure what time of night your playing.
  5. I'm sorry but AA spec is not a bad spec or a poor choice. It's actually extremely powerful and wins games hands down in battles with cv's. Also, why dumb down the game and limit all ships to be clones of each other? Go play jacuzzi bath tub boats and tell me its the same game we have here.
  6. Even if you did have 2 devoted captain's for your ship, swapping out ships modules every battle is a fortune I don't see many being able to afford. All these decisions they have made almost makes me feel like they are setting up clan wars to fail like team wars. Low participation in their elimination of cv and number of ships making half the other ships unavailable to play in clan wars because they are AA specced, and taking the strengths of the ship out Thus making them obsolete. Creating an entirely narrow meta that will become boring very fast. If I were you I would keep your ship AA specced and play it in randoms and forget about clan wars with that ship. The ship of clan wars will sink faster than the fun of randoms.
  7. I'm finding the same problem. I don't have 2 19 point captains for every tier 10 ship I own, nor can I afford to continually swap modules. This is severely limiting my choice of ships to play in cws.guess I just won't be participating that much. Unfortunate. A ship specced for the meta in cws means that I can't play that ship that I so love in randoms or vice versa. Without a major handicap. Or forced into playing a ship spec that I don't enjoy limiting my options.
  8. Just played a game last night with the minotaur on the enemy team score a kraken with nearly 3000xp. Winning the match by a hair line and he still survived. Learn to adapt like he did. The ship can still perform. "What's that? But you can't rush straight into the middle of the cap and gun down 5 dds with impunity now? " Pretty sure they didn't want the minotaur to have one of the best aa guns, extremely good torps, and highest dpm all in one package as well as playing more agressively than a Z52.
  9. If there is no counter then the counter is the same lineup. Identical mirror. If everyone plays the same meta, then the developers will be forced to make a change in the lineup rules or make more or less restrictions. It's really that simple.
  10. Don't worry, I'm sure someone will make a mod with this ability soon enough. And then I'll be right there asking Wargaming to include it into the game client to keep it fair for all players.
  11. I splurged and bought the Belfast last night. Not sure how much I'll be playing it though.
  12. Right because I have a pocket full of 19 point captains. I have to pull my other 19 point captain off of my NC and then pay more dubaloons or grind him to suit a redundant 19 point captain already assigned to Montana. That's like me telling you that you should have 3 19 point captain's for every ship you own for every circumstance. Do you have that? What happens when I need my NC captain back for ranked battles? It's a money sink.
  13. Aiming mod instead of 25 percent aa damage, fire prevention instead of aa range. All module that protect your aa guns from being disabled to gun modules. Ect ect. Practically everything. Even skill one with 2 fighters. Is a total overhaul to switch the spec in the Montana from A full AA spec. Even manual aa firing frees up 4 points to put into jack of all trades or concealment. Unless you think that having the extra concealment won't make any difference. ...lol. You take a major sacrifice going full AA. That's why nobody does it. It is also why I continually get over 3000 BASE xp In random battles with this ship. It is. ..what the us bbs were made for imo. Using them for their shotgun accuracy/concealment build is the other option that most already pick. Which is not how I like to play Montana. I like shooting down 40 tier 10 planes (more than our cv) and sinking 3 ships along the way. Call me crazy. Why do I have to change to follow the META? my build is useless in clan wars or i take my build out of randoms unless I pay up. This is limiting options for me.
  14. Until you want to respec that ship back to your beloved AA spec ship down the road. Costing you 350 dubaloons and who knows how much module rerouting costs.
  15. You know, I find this a bit annoying. I have a full AA spec Montana that I use for randoms all the time with full AA modules. If I respect that ship specifically for clan battles i will not only have to buy and sell all the modules costing a small fortune, but I could never use that ship as an AA spec Montana again in randoms which is what I would prefer. I'm being forced to spec my ships in a way I don't want them to be specced just to devote them to clan battles because of this exclusion of cv's. If I don't respec my Montana, I'm handicapping myself in clan wars. Meaning that If I was an AA spec Montana, I won't be able to use it in clan wars. Severely limiting one option either way. Puts a bad taste in my mouth. This officially excludes me playing certain ships that I would otherwise want to play. I'm sure the cv captain's feel the same. This has a trickle down effect where we all suffer. Meanwhile everyone is going "yay! They gave us a free respec!" Hurrah!