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  1. Division Interface

    Bugged. Big time. We're noticing..........
  2. I'm thinking a system where you were afk more than 5 battles in ranked you should be banned from playing ranked for a week or more. I don't care what your excuse is. If your queueing up in ranked and going afk you have other things that are more important going on, and then wging can "help you" address those things that you need to address. Which would also help us from not suffering from your problem.
  3. I'm at rank 6. Last 2 games I played, teammate in loyang full spread team killed our near full health amagi who was hardly moving doing his job bow tanking another bb making our win into a loss, 2nd game, afk Alabama with guns turned all battle. Called it quits after that. Was worse than random potatoes in pub matches.
  4. And it can't mount camo. Which makes atago stronger.
  5. Des Moines will all rush to the little 4 islands cap and park behind the island and press the I win button over and over.
  6. Haven't seen this happen in ranked so far. But the last 2 games, one full spread torpedo team killed our near full health amagi throwing the match and second game full afk, turrets turned Alabama the second one. I quit playing ranked for the night right there losing 2 in a row. This is in rank 5 to 10 bracket. Unacceptable. These matches suspiciously look rigged.
  7. improve radar

    Play a DD since they are so powerfully overpowered then...you will be unstoppable.
  8. Ocean

    Agreed. It also proves time and again that radar works just as effective without hiding behind an island. Des Moines consistently getting top score on this map. Again. Teamwork smoke op.
  9. 130k damage 2k base xp first game, 140k damage double arsonist 2nd game well over 2k base xp With 3 point captain and no modules. Not sure why anyone thinks this ship is weak. Well worth the grind. Good money printer too.
  10. Why are people complaining about a free premium ship? You don't deserve it in the first place.
  11. You forgot "Ocean"...by far the best map in the game.
  12. And anyone that says ranking out is a matter of luck is also leaning heavily on a bias that is most likely not true. Don't let anyone tell you that you ranked out because you were lucky. That will only be true for Leroy Jenkins.
  13. And yet your leaving out crucial statistics. What is the percentage of total players divided into these categories? 65% win rate will probably constitute around 75%of the players that ranked out, and most probably 1% of the players that ranked out got " lucky". And then you say that ranked is about luck and not skill because someone ranked out with < 50%win rate . Liberal biased review at best. Being skilled matters 99%of the time. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you.
  14. IJN DD status

    As a partial observer. This is mathematically logically sound fact. The closest to one half of 9 in whole numbers is 5. 4/9 is 0.44444...and 5/9 is 0.555555...
  15. Yep. Ranked is tough. More of a test of patience and tolerance than skill. But skill is still needed to rank out, and anyone that says otherwise, is lying to you. I've said it before, it's your ability to adapt to potatoes and unicum on the fly. If you can't do both, your not going to do well.