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    Naval history, military tactics, Fire Emblem, and trains. You can also find me as a moderator of the Facebook group "WoWS Noobs."

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  1. TenguBlade

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    It may come down to how WG's handling integration of accounts. I'm willing to sit through a WoWS outage until then, even though it means my shiny new Kaga won't be seeing action until July at minimum. That being said... I understand that these are developed by third-party devs; Wine, and preferably PlayonLinux as well, are required to use WoWS on Ubuntu and other Linux systems. However, since the launcher is only in beta at the moment, might it be possible to just download and install the game the old way until it sees a live release? At the moment, it seems nobody I've asked as bothered to try the thing on Ubuntu, because they're running off the standalone game launcher.
  2. TenguBlade

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    While I understand that you want people to eventually move to this launcher, is it possible that, as long as it remains in beta, we could have the option to download games without using it? Or that the launcher itself gets some sort of compatibility with more operating systems than just iOS and Windows? Currently, this isn't supported by Ubuntu, which is the main obstacle to me reinstalling WoWS. It seems other people have gotten this game to work just fine on Ubuntu as recently as May 25th, however they all used the standalone install option rather than the WarGaming.net center.
  3. TenguBlade

    The music thread

    DD/UK CL/Nazi German ships:
  4. TenguBlade

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history. Philosophy. Art."
  5. TenguBlade


    We know what class this guy uses... For the last time, if you can't play a battleship ****, stop playing them in Ranked and just being a handicap to random people who don't deserve to have you forced on them. Content moderated by Mezurashi.
  6. 750k Free XP for the Missouri? Grind only? Bring it on!

  7. TenguBlade

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Must...not...Screw it. If I don't see someone screaming this when they play Belfast on a stream, I will find a way to acquire this ship and do it myself.
  8. TenguBlade

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    I make WoWS videos...I guess? There's other stuff cluttering this channel too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNKWRDOr9k2ENSqqLp0S1Cw
  9. TenguBlade

    What's a good safe mp3 download site?

    I typically just download songs that aren't available elsewhere from Youtube and convert it to MP3. If it's a song that exists in payment form though, I bought it. Even if it's tempting to do otherwise with such a tight budget, I attempt to get things legitimately. Good thing most of my favorite songs video game OSTs...
  10. TenguBlade

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Zao players in a nutshell.
  11. TenguBlade

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    Every time I read one of these threads, the times I bounce 10+ shells off a low-health Ishizuchi in Kongo before killing her seem more and more puzzling to me...
  12. TenguBlade

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Another excellent write-up Mouse, and one that I stand behind 100%. Though I personally can't say that I do everything possible on this list, the principle is the same. In a way getting a chat ban is usually helpful because it gives me time to reflect on how I messed up rather than trying to help my teammates by calling out when the enemy lobs torpedoes and so on. Though I do have to say that aiding your teammates by providing an adjutant-like role can be helpful in winning as well.
  13. TenguBlade

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    The colloquial term "dumb[edited]" works just fine for me...
  14. TenguBlade

    Premium Ship Review -- Fog Kongo

    Well, Kongo has 122 25mm AA guns in her final configuration while Hiei only has 20. Granted, Hiei has twice as many 152mm secondaries as Kongo, but that AA is already strong for T5 (and uses the older 13mm AA gun in tandem with 25mm rather than just the 25mms), and it's not until Izumo that any of the IJN BBs in-game can bring to bear 122 short-range AA guns.