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  1. Swedgin381

    Massachusetts, Georgia, and a 10-point commander.

    My main tip would be: don't use Ovechkin. His 2 buffed skills are survivability expert and expert marksman. SE is always a terrible choice on BBs (because SI and BoS do way more to help your tankiness), but even more so on secondary BBs, because now you also have BFT as a viable choice for your 3-pt skill. EM would be helpful when you have him on the Georgia, but the Mass turrets are so fast already that it's completely unnecessary on that ship. My suggestion is, save Ovechkin for your USN DDs. Between Halsey and the Doe brothers, you have 3 other options for USN captains with enhanced EM, but Ovechkin is the only one who can give you the buffed SE.
  2. Swedgin381

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    That was fixed awhile ago--download the latest version. Stalingrad, as well.
  3. Swedgin381

    How do you plan to tackle the Puerto Rico grind?

    Oh, I realize that. At most I figure I might miss out on 6k coal, a few flags, and 15k free xp. Could I have used that? Sure. Can I earn that thru 3 days or so of normal playing? Easily. Sometimes you have to take a stand, however small and inconsequential, for the principle of a thing. I want to limit my participation in this fiasco as much as possible. In fact, I'm even considering deliberately avoiding unlocking Gorizia, as well, if I actually get close to finishing Directive 3 (hardly a sure thing for many of us)...
  4. Swedgin381

    How do you plan to tackle the Puerto Rico grind?

    Ignoring to the point where I'm not even gonna use any of the shipbuilding tokens I earn. I actually regret even using the free booster.
  5. Swedgin381

    WG: You can't math..... (P.R.)

    Inb4 their solution is: "Da, you're right, comrade--ship is much too expensive than other premiums. Price of all other ships now 100% more! There--fixed."
  6. Swedgin381

    How WG could 'Hotfix' the PR event.

    Or, just give everyone 1000 shipbuilding tokens, or whatever the specific number is that would allow completion of the ship by anyone completing Directive 3 before the end of the patch. Would it cut into the profit that they were hoping to make during this event? Sure. Would it give them a massive boost of goodwill? Hell, yeah. And sometimes as a business when you make a mistake, you have to bite the bullet and just take a loss for the sake of keeping a happy customer. Because a happy customer is worth more to you in the long run than an angry one that you can squeeze a couple of extra bucks out of right now. Finishing Directive 3 would still be a heck of a grind, especially at this time of year, but as WG themselves have said: a t10 ship should require some effort. This would be a reasonable effort.
  7. At this point I'm half-tempted to submit a ticket to get my free booster back, just to avoid having it appear in The Spreadsheet that I participated in this in any way...
  8. Swedgin381

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    You're right--if they'd just flat-out sold it for a very high price, there would've been some anger, and some general grumbling and complaining, but most people wouldn't have really cared. The problem here is, the dockyard feature is actually one of the coolest additions to the game that I've seen in the 4+ years I've been playing (I'll give 'em all the props for that part of it). It was hyped up for over a month, by WG themselves, by the CCs, and by the people who got to try it out on the PTS. We were gonna get to build our own ship, and actually watch it take shape, piece by piece! I was really looking forward to that. I knew that it was going to be a grind, and maybe I'd come up short at the end, but I'd enjoy the process along the way. Instead, they gave us this thing where 99.99% of us recognize, within 2 minutes of loading up 0.8.11 for the first time, that we have zero chance to complete this. We are being told, before we even begin, that we shouldn't bother participating. They took something that they spent weeks getting us all excited about, and then ruined it before we could even play a single battle. Seeing that "Dockyard" tab on the lefthand-side of my port now actually makes me legitimately ANGRY, and if someone made a mod that got rid of it I'd use it in a heartbeat. I don't even wanna look at it anymore. Also, I don't think the outrage is just about the ship. As some people have pointed out elsewhere in the thread, there's also all the great rewards toward the end of the event (4k steel and a ton of coal, among other things), and most of those rewards that come from the final 2 or 3 directives are out of reach for everyone, even including those who cave in and buy the ship.
  9. I'm just laughing now, thinking about all the (wasted) development time that went into this: creating the models for the dockyard, and all the internals for the ship as it's in-progress, and the UI for it... and for what? For an event where 99% of the players will check it out, realize within 5 minutes "Oh, I have no chance to do that; never mind", and then ignore it. Didn't they say that they stopped creating campaigns because not enough players were participating in them? Like I said, I'm totally fine with only a small % of players actually being able to get PR... but from a developer standpoint, don't you want people to log in and be initially excited about something like this, and work toward it for awhile (before eventually realizing that they're not going to be able to complete it)? Or do you want some immediate variation of either anger or apathy from most of them?
  10. The problem is that even finishing the first 6 is going to be the worst grind we've ever seen--by a wide margin. I have a feeling that 5 weeks from now, we're going to see a lot of angry posts from people who bought a booster, then weren't able to make it post Directive 3 or 4 and still didn't get the ship...
  11. It's not even Directive 7 that's the problem--the preceding 6 all have crazy requirements, too. (For example: Directive 4: get 27k base xp in ships of a certain nation... then do it 3 more times, on 3 other nations. In less than a week.) I have no problem with the PR being limited to a small segment of players who are willing to put the time and effort in for it. But the first 5 or 6 directives, at least, should be reasonably achievable by the average player playing a few hours a week, and I don't think that's the case. I have a feeling that a lot of people are even going to struggle to get the Gorizia before the end of the patch. On the plus side, I've just saved 6k doubloons. If I had thought I had (even an outside) chance to get the PR finished, I would've shelled out for the first booster. Now, knowing that it's hopelessly out of reach, I'll just spend that money somewhere else...
  12. I don't know how many of us are actually ready for the Puerto Rico grind starting next week(?)... but the skin for it is ready, at least (added to post #2):