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  1. collisionSpace

    DC against Homing Torps

    Working as intended comrade.. As with carriers, the level of fun and engagement is calculated on the part of the attacking (sub) captain, not the captain of the ship being attacked.
  2. collisionSpace

    Legendary Synthesizer wizard Vangelis passed away

    The Blade Runner music.. chills. There was nothing like that film or the music at that time.
  3. collisionSpace

    Ship's Log: Rental Submarines

    More subs.. ugh. How about letting us scrap them for steel?
  4. collisionSpace

    Weird Matchmaker

    Pity the players who landed the opposite side of that coin..
  5. Only 2 brawls so far, match 1 against a full team division, match 2 against a 7 ship division. No divisions on my team in either battle. Both were victories for the team with no divisions at all. The other team might be in a huge division, but it doesn't mean that they can play well, or that they can't be beaten. (as long as your team fights for it, and doesn't have players just suicide). Edit - it does seem to be broken in a different way though: This match up should have been easy to balance.
  6. collisionSpace

    Can you turn trees into fuel oil?

    I recall reading about the Japanese stripping hillsides bare of trees towards the end of the war in order to make fuel for planes. A quick search led to this site and the below statement: Flying on Pine NeedlesBy mid-1944, Japan's economy and its military were being starved of energy supplies, the consequence of an ever-tightening noose applied by U.S. and Allied air and naval forces. U.S. submarines sank hundreds of Japanese ships in this time frame, including critically needed tankers full of oil. The American submarine campaign against Japanese sea power all but cut off the sea lines of communication between Japan and its so-called "southern resource area."In desperation, Japanese war planners utilized every possible means to convert available resources into fuel substitutes. The Japanese manufactured alcohol from confiscated food supplies such as potatoes, sugar, and rice, thus forcing a direct competition between human stomachs and mechanical gas tanks. But alcohol has an energy content of about 65,000 Btu per gallon, whereas aviation gasoline delivers about 130,000 Btu per gallon. So on the best of days, Japanese aircraft took off with half the energy equivalent of their American counterparts in their fuel tanks. And aerial combat proved the disparity, with American aircraft utterly dominating the skies.People in Japan were forced to tighten their belts even more when large amounts of garden vegetables began to be used for manufacturing lubricating oils. And even old rubber products such as tires and rain slickers were "distilled" to recover whatever oil could be had. But it was not enough.By late 1944, the Japanese navy commenced a project to manufacture aviation fuel from pine tree roots. "Two hundred pine roots will keep an airplane in the sky for one hour," said a Navy spokesman. The Japanese navy distributed over 36,000 kettles and stills, in which countless pine tree roots met their fate. Many a hillside of Japan was utterly denuded of trees. But each kettle or still could produce only about 4 gallons of raw product, and even that required significant treatment to upgrade to anything approaching usable fuel. Compounding the problem, each still required its own fuel supply, and this exacerbated an already severe fuel shortage in Japan. By one estimate, 400,000 Japanese worked full-time in order to support a dispersed, inefficient industrial base that could produce all of about 2,500 barrels of pine oil per day. In the end, a mere 3,000 barrels of "pine root" aviation fuel were ultimately delivered to the Japanese navy. And the pine derivative gummed up aviation engines after just a few hours of use. The entire project was a massive waste.
  7. collisionSpace


    No 2 cv games with a submarine for good measure? that one's *really* fun.. Jokes aside, 2 cv games should be removed as an option for the matchmaker.
  8. collisionSpace

    Finally hit a milestone...

    Congrats, but we all know what happens when balance is achieved in the force..
  9. collisionSpace

    Separation of Economy from Camos: 4% dispersion bonus

    Precisely this - there are many ways it could be achieved, but their aim for some time has been to reduce/make harder to acquire/eliminate the ways that players can mitigate damage (and so speed up games). This would seem to be an opportunity that's too good for them to pass up, hence the spurious 'technical reasons' answer to avoid having to explain it.
  10. collisionSpace

    WG - bring back this bug

    The bug is definitely still there, but recently I've only seen it when the ship is beached.
  11. collisionSpace

    Poll : Economic & camouflage separation

    I'll take that claim with a large pinch of salt.. I'm not against the change per se, but it does seem a complex way to fix a non core game issue. As for developers claiming 'technical limitations' for the removal of the 4% dispersion buff, that's complete [edited]. WG have been removing the ways that players can reduce the damage they take for some time now and this is just another step on that path.
  12. It means nothing so don't let it worry you. Besides, WG won't take action to change the system as there's no money in it.
  13. collisionSpace

    Don't Waste Your Time on Superships

    They've been very clear about the increased costs for super ships and the reasons for it - why are you surprised at making a loss?
  14. Easy - the game is categorically worse with submarines it in. They can tinker all they want to, but WG can't fix the problems as the issues are systemic in the design and implementation. However, if you want to play Warships again I'd suggest you do it now, before WG push subs fully into the game and take the chance away.
  15. collisionSpace

    Is there any value in hoarding resources?

    It gives you options and means that WG announce a change/ship withdrawal/whatever, you won't need to scramble to get the resources you need.