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  1. collisionSpace

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    To complete the dockyard event? No. I decided at the start that the ship wasn't worth the cost to complete or time investment so I'm only aiming to reach the Yahagi before the captain skills rework hits.
  2. Why did you expect it to be different?
  3. collisionSpace

    campaign question

    Are you in the right campaign? task 3 is a carrier mission, you played the kuma.
  4. collisionSpace

    How It Works: The Matchmaker

    MM seems not to be programmed to care about what could be called secondary factors. I've often thought that a relatively straight forward balancing pass after it had filled the two teams could fix some of the issues.
  5. collisionSpace

    Update of commander skills: questions and answers

    Some general points.. 1. No one asked for this.. but many have asked for a lot of other things (more maps, different game modes, bringing back the scenarios taken out of rotation months if not years ago to name a few). 2. Reducing something (like accuracy) reduces its efficiency.. 3. The changes lack consistency (e.g. CV get a straight damage buff for 3 points, BB's must pay for it with 30% extra fire and flooding duration). 4. These changes do more to reduce player choice than improve it - why? 5. The changes as a whole give a feeling that the goal is to reduce ship survivability and railroad players to a certain point. 7. 1.2 million xp for two captain ranks.. just no. This should be around the 750k mark.
  6. collisionSpace

    How to change game language

    In the game settings, top left of the game tab/screen in the game centre window.
  7. If neither of them floats your boat then why not get the Georgia now with this coupon and wait to see which coal ships are added in the 10.1 patch?
  8. It's camo.. all the way to the bottom. I'm close to bad dreams full of Frosty Fir trees on a New Year Streamer background.
  9. collisionSpace

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    After a monster game earlier this week:
  10. collisionSpace

    Skill rework - the unread FAQ

    I read them and as far as I can see it's a bunch of one dimensional justifications for decisions they've already made. At best the skills as outlined are still an early beta version with some serious issues (and direct nerfs) that need to be addressed before they even try them on the test server.
  11. collisionSpace

    Work in Progress — New Skill System

    So here's a thought.. with secondaries becoming less useful will WG restore 40% of the hit points it removed from the Odin?
  12. collisionSpace

    Armory Coal upgrades...

    Not any more.. WG moved them to the research bureau.
  13. collisionSpace

    My progress towards complete BB premium lines

    Surely the German BBs should be receiving an 18 inch armed coal/steel premium ship some time soon - maybe a Grosser Kurfurst sister ship with a 4x2 18 inch set up.
  14. collisionSpace

    Poll: do you think that cyclones are fun?

    They add an occasional extra dimension to the game play - this should be encouraged as it pushes players to learn and adapt.