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  1. collisionSpace

    Do You Have a Nemesis Bot?

  2. collisionSpace

    Is anything going away this patch? Ironium? Forins?

    It''s more about what's coming.. Expect large amounts of Stalinium in the very near future.
  3. collisionSpace

    Make me a: Close Call - 15th to 21st

    Normal round: Bonus round:
  4. collisionSpace

    Long Time Player - I'm Done

    So you're quitting because in one of the 830+ games you've played in a Khab you got unlucky and were deleted in one salvo?
  5. collisionSpace

    enjoy the weekend

    The weekend teams do seem to be worse than usual.
  6. collisionSpace

    Question About First Blood

    Double first blood awards are certainly possible (as are triple), so this should qualify.
  7. collisionSpace

    How many is your losing streak?

    Three seems to be the limit I can endure, especially when the teams are terrible (and 75% of them have been for the last two weeks). There's always the option to switch to the weekly operation to blow off some steam.
  8. collisionSpace

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    So if you've already bought the PEF, what does WG give as the reward for completing the missions?
  9. collisionSpace

    My 2018 santa's mega gift results.

    I got the Krasny Kreme from a big crate.. (worth 0$) at least you dodged that bullet.
  10. collisionSpace

    Camouflage gift not showing up?

    At top left of the service record screen you'll find the date you registered.
  11. collisionSpace

    Let’s Talk About "Ranked Sprint"

    It's not the captains, it's the players who have those captains. Those same players would be happily clubbing opposite teams at tier 5 if they had equal or 10 point captains.