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  1. collisionSpace

    End of the Forum

    Discord.. really.. In case no one has posted this in the 19 pages so far.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2KeEUhmwbg
  2. Have you tried doing a ping trace to the server when it happens, then comparing that to pinging the server when it's not happening?
  3. collisionSpace

    Emblem bugged again?

    Then it's just a time thing, they probably avoid extra server load by running checks for this stuff only periodically.
  4. collisionSpace

    Emblem bugged again?

    It's either: a) the game takes a while to check the stats and award the emblem or b) It counts the results of the last 100 battles. not the average of the total number of battles played, which seems to be what's shown on the screen.
  5. This reads like the sort of solution that comes from looking at a spreadsheet/data only, without an attempt to understand why the problem exists. Fixing what seems to be the actual problem, which in this mode is a combination of how bots choose targets, less targets to choose from and improved bot accuracy leading to players taking ships that can survive in that environment, may be too much like hard work.
  6. collisionSpace

    New end of match transition.

    You pay the same repair/maintenance fee either way. I don't know if there's a charge for shells fired after the cut off, but one salvo is a tiny amount of the overall cost of a battle.
  7. collisionSpace

    Test "drive".

    I don't think they'll ever do that - too much chance it'll hurt sales. The closest you'll come is the public test server and tech tree ships.
  8. collisionSpace

    RNG Problem

    You're looking at the wrong randomness.. In one mode you are shooting at predictable bots that will nearly always close the distance to some level and that like giving broadsides, in the other you're shooting at often unpredictable (random) players, who know how to not to give an easy target.
  9. collisionSpace

    Battle Pass in Update 12.5

    sadly 1250 tokens is the one-time reward for completing the free battle pass. Players need to buy the premium pass to get tokens as a recurring reward and even then it's only 50 per level.
  10. collisionSpace

    AI Issues: Replays of Co-Op / Operations

    I've been away for awhile, but this still seems to be an issue. In the attached replay - bot dd doesn't move, bot atago and boise(?) are steaming backwards for no reason and when first spotted the bot Richelieu is steaming across the map instead of forwards. 20230520_083549_PISC607-Gorizia_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  11. collisionSpace

    ops minimap inaccuracies!

    I can't say that i've ever noticed this, perhaps you can post a screenshot?
  12. collisionSpace

    Cannot redeem WG code due to technical issues

    I'd forgotten that that existed - it worked, thanks.
  13. I've tried several codes over the last 2-2.5 weeks and each time I get the 'Cannot redeem WG code due to technical issues.' message popping up. This has happened on different computers and different browsers and when either typing, pasting or using a premade link to enter the code. Codes tried: TRBLINHT DLQDFDRKKCQD LHTTNIRB EGGCELLENTSPRING
  14. collisionSpace

    Congratulations WarGaming!

    Random operation choice aside, how are they worse than before?
  15. collisionSpace

    Youtube Cap's Ship Code

    Cannot redeem wG code due to technical issues.. That's the second in two days - has anyone else had this problem?