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  1. So RNG has nothing to do with it? Say one of the top players just happens to miss more shots then they normally would. That one cruiser doesn't get taken out like it should and continues to Spam. That one torpedo just barely misses. Skill has a lot to do with mitigating some of these factors but not all of them. The Snowball can start with just one ship regardless of skill dying unexpectedly setting a chain of events into motion no amount of skill or positioning can make up for.
  2. OmniShambles

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    Yes the player skill has dropped, I am one of those players who just seemed to forget how to play the last week or so. But you are playing random battles. This is not ranked where it actually means something other than maybe some extra skill points/credits. You DO NOT WANT a skill based matchmaker. There are many reasons, the biggest one is in random battles you do not want to have to try hard all the time just to maintain a 50% win rate. They do have semi-competitive game modes with Ranked and Clan Battles. If anything that is where a skill based matchmaker makes sense. Please do not bring that to Random Battles. I have played quite a few games with a so called ELO Skill based matchmaking and it was a complete nightmare. Some people liked it but it just drove most people away. Constantly playing against people of equal or better skill is just not as much fun as you would think over a long period of time. It is draining. One needs the slaughters, or to just take a ship and do something utterly stupid sometimes for the laughs and not feel like a complete detriment to the team. Just take it for what its worth. There are also 12 players on the enemy team, for every time you are complaining about bad players on your team, there could be just as many on the other team that are finally getting a win after a long losing streak. There are 24 players in each round. Some good some average and some bad. I am of below average and need some of the gooder players to carry me at times. Sometimes I punch above my weight but we still lose. That's the beauty of random battles. Each round is different.
  3. If a player likes the game at T3 and T4 even with the CVs they would stick around unless there was something else. CVs might not help but probably not hurting the retention. At Tier 5 you lose the preferred matchmaking and going up against players that have 1000s of games played more often. You are now going against ships with ranges that far exceed what you are used to and other mechanics. CVs are the least of the concerns at this point, some might stick around but with the Grind and the fact that they are just now experiencing the real game they have a choice to make some stay, some go. This is not a fast paced shooter one can just pick up and do well in the first few games or minutes. This is a much slower paced game after Tier 3/4 that a lot of players would find unappealing after the hectic fights that are in the lower tiers. They don't get instagibbed by BBs halfway across the map, DDs are even deadlier and harder to deal with. CVs can be a much bigger pain. Oh and without premium you make scraps for income. There are a lot of issues but that is how the game is designed and it does not appeal to everyone and shouldn't appeal to everyone.
  4. You have a clan tag associated with your name, Just curious if it is just a casual clan or one you can division up with others to maybe work together and overcome some of these matchmaking issues you have. Also I get the feeling that you just give up when you see the numbers are so far skewed against you. You obviously post about it enough.
  5. OmniShambles

    Slowly learning

    Those team moments are what make this game even more enjoyable. My favorite so far was teaming up with another Cruiser and BB during a Cyclone in my Myoko, wound up with 6 kills in that round. As for Cruiser play other wiser people will have to explain that because I am still trying to figure it out myself. I think one of the talking heads stated that for cruisers the biggest thing is to just stay alive. Learn to not go broadside and when it is safe to turn and kite. iChase started a series where he explains a lot of things for new players. I would recommend giving them a try. Just know you will make mistakes, learn from them and what works for you.
  6. OmniShambles

    Most Unloved Ships

    Budyonny 6 U.S.S.R. 29 37.93% 595 26 902 0.41 1.31 Details I am not good to begin with but this ship just confounded me and no matter what I did or tried it went poorly. I despise this ship that it has been the only ship I have contemplated removing from my Port.
  7. OmniShambles

    Is WG Going to do 1vs1 Normal Ranked Next?

    This year should start with Tier 1 with number of ships on each side equal to the tier of ship. I have only 17 battles and this ranked has been some of the most fun in the game so I would like it if they did. Editing a second thought that it may not work unless they restructured how you lose stars. Like losing a star after 3 losses instead of just one or something.
  8. OmniShambles

    Your opinion about 1x1 ranked

    So far having a lot of fun with it. Normally avoid ranked because now its only me that is affected when I make that inevitable mistake. Played around 20 so far and except for not knowing the best way to deal with CVs, had some great battles. Running mostly the Admiral Hipper.
  9. OmniShambles

    DDs are their own worst enemy sometimes

    I think I have been one of those DDs if you have been playing the mid tier games. This whole weekend I couldn't make a good decision or avoid a torpedo. I am not the best and usually team first in a DD but it didn't matter what I did it was the wrong decision at the time.
  10. OmniShambles

    Ranked Sprint - worse than I even thought

    I honestly don't agree. I have played quite a few and except figuring out how to get the Admiral to defeat CVs I am actually having a lot of fun playing a ranked game mode. Even going against CV's it becomes a game of what haven't I tried that might work this time. I found it is about knowing what your opponent is capable of and trying to negate that while getting into a good position to not die, or in the case of a poor DD run into an island and beach. I felt really bad about that win because it was a great cat and mouse fight up until then.
  11. I know they have made and will continue to make PR mistakes and OP ships. I still play and pay for the occasional Doubloons and Ships every Year because of the Very First PR Nightmare the Murmansk Humble Bundle Debacle. If they hadn't changed and allowed us to keep them I wouldn't still be playing every so often and paying them about $30 or so a Year. I don't regret any of that even though it is only the end of the Year I play. I wish they would see the error of their ways and make things right. I just want to get decent rewards for completing even any of the Insane Directives. Or Some good Loot in the Lootcrates but nothing. I paid for some of the Black Friday Lootcrates and got lucky to get an Alaska. I would love to give them so more of money for this but it's not worth it this time. I just wanted to be able to see the Dockyard and get some sense of accomplishment but that is impossible.
  12. Let alone the grind for the Puerto Rico, I would never be able to complete it, the rewards for completing any of the directives seems less than mediocre at best for the amount of effort one needs to put in to complete just one of them. One of them just gives one signal flag. One. Honestly I wasn't going to be able to get the Puerto Rico was more looking forward to the rewards for the individual directives and missions and they are less than stellar. I normally return during the Christmas event and spend a few bucks here and there on some premium time, because the rewards and crates are pretty good. I mean the last event I even bought some crates and got lucky to get an Alaska B.
  13. OmniShambles

    Am I the only one with unreal losses tonight?

    The Ending number of ships doesn't always tell the whole story, though what looks like a ROFLSTOMP could actually have been a much closer game and one or two Hits or a Torpedo or well timed spot just turned the tides and next thing you know that battleship gets behind an Island and is able to heal then is able to do more damage, or destroyer that should have been deleted early in a game isn't and goes on to keep helping the team. Just saying that Once a team goes down a ship or two, or a flank goes poorly that could turn into what appears to be a complete wipe when in reality almost all the other ships are at or below 10% and things could have turned out much different. Not saying it is all the matches and you will get Steam rolled occasionally, but that just means the other team was legit better. Also need to note that There are 12 other players on the other team. How many of them had been going through extended losing streaks and that was finally their turn around game. I am bad at the game and know when I may have personally cost us the game because of one stupid play even if I was having a good game up to that point.
  14. OmniShambles

    Not wasting a dime until MM is fixed

    What people seem to forget when complaining about the MM or anything of the sort then go into, I haven't won in 10 Battles. Is that there are 12 people on the other team and how many of them were ecstatic to maybe get their First win after losing a bunch in a row. With any Multiplayer game there is going to be a skill gap, with this it also includes skill and ship gap, a good player in a bad ship is still better than a bad player in an OP ship, usually. Unless there are obvious hackers on the other team, ala a Battlefield or COD Game. The MM in this seems ok.
  15. OmniShambles

    Lopsided Scores: What's up?

    It's the Snowball Effect. Take two equal teams and on most maps you get a split of good and not so good players, all it takes is one side to have more players coordinating, one mistake made. That puts one ship out of the fight, then the other ships on that flank need to pick up the slack. But they get focused down, while they may severely damage or kill one or two the damage was done by a simple mistake or imbalance in relative skill on one side. Or that day the halfway decent players are just having the game of their life and it just works out that ships die easily on one side causing an imbalance in a flank. Most of it is Confirmation Bias, as most people only ever really remember the bad ones and rarely remember the two or three games that were extremely close right up until the last five minutes where it may have ended up 4-0 or 5-0 but was 4-5 or 5-4 up until then and either bad luck or good play caused it to seem like a lopsided victory one way or the other.