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  1. derbuckeye


    Quit your whining and carry on. We've all had matches that were pissers. Get over it. Whiny little guys pissing on how they should have won. Ok you got a bad hand in that match, play another match. Boo hoo, this is a game, not the real world. Act like a real person instead of some tantrum tossing little snot.
  2. derbuckeye

    CO-OP only From now on

    Oh REALLY? so a rage quitter. I'm still here after all this time. Good, bad, ugly matches. I'm still having fun after 4 years. Don't let the door hit your [edited] on way out. Otherwise, take some time and have some patience. I did, I'm glad I did. Still liking this game....
  3. derbuckeye

    I guess I'm getting too old for todays cinema

    In harm's Way... John Wayne, Patricia Neal, etc..... Darn good movie for it's time. Bonus if you view this movie and pick out the combat veteran. I really wish they had saved that ship for a museum. Also, John Wayne and Patricia Neal from several years earlier is Operation Pacific. Shh it's about subs.
  4. derbuckeye

    I guess I'm getting too old for todays cinema

    Operation Petticoat, what's not to like?
  5. derbuckeye

    Rocket-equipped Airships with radar

    oh the humanity!!
  6. derbuckeye

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    BB-68 USS Ohio for obvious reasons. Alas, the Montana and her sisters were cancelled. Next choice would be USS Ohio SSBN-726 First of her class. Then instead of being retired USS Ohio became the lead boat of the OMFG class (SSGN-726). The only time an Ohio class has been tracked while deployed was in 2010 when Ohio, Michigan, and Florida all surfaced simultaneously to let the Chinese and Russians know where 3/4 of the OMFG Class were located. Then they dove and disappeared. As an Ohioan, being aboard a ship named Ohio is personal to me.
  7. derbuckeye

    A Co-op Main's Perspective on Update 0.8.0

    Hi JToney. No disrespect intended just my casual observations. I've seen CV after CV in Co Op struggle to do anything. Congrats on your being able to have a good match in Co Op.
  8. Hi "old" friend! I hate you!! It's middle of the night and now i'm hungry for soup!! Kidding mostly!! I have got to try some of those recipes out!! TY for sharing! I do have one request. Can you give me a recipe for Campbell's beef consume that doesn't have all the salt and other chemicals in it?
  9. Don't tempt me. I have an American Class A CDL license. Putting that lady on a low boy and hauling her off to my secret lair sounds like a challenge! That and having a T-34 in the shop to tinker with sounds like fun!
  10. derbuckeye

    The "I'm leaving" Thread

    I'm leaving soon. The sandman is calling. it's 355AM here... well played!
  11. derbuckeye

    A Co-op Main's Perspective on Update 0.8.0

    That pretty well sums up what I've seen in Co Op. If we have 2 CV on team and get up tiered a bit or MM decided to get drunk and mess with us, then we had some work cut out for us. Lost a few battles that way but by and large, it was victory after victory despite the CV players not being able to scratch hardly anything. Most of my Co Op battles this week were in Atlanta and Sharnhorst. One of the daily missions wanted 1000 main battery hits and 500 secondary battery hits. ATL and Sharn are great for that!! Especially after I realized that Co Op was sky cancer free! (Sorry CV players! I still like you guys! Honest!! ) The few Random battles I've played so far have been different. I got deleted in the first match by a CV while playing an ARP Kongo, admittedly I had pulled a Notser and well deserved eating a full spread of torps. So not a good test. I pulled out my ATL which is set for Co Op cause I suck with her in random. Even with a non AA build in a random match I was able to help defend the area i was in for a bit. Nothing to write home about. I got only 4 plane kills, but at least I potted a BB before I Notsered and got tagged teamed by a bunch of ships and CV attack. Yeah, I'm a potato and I don't mind being called that. What I did notice was the amount of damage I caused to squadrons and the number that turned back or made pitiful attacks. Forget plane kills as a meter stick, watch the amount of damage done to a squadron before it can attack. From what I've seen so far Random reminds me somewhat of the days of Olde when if you wanted to survive and win, then you needed to figure out how to work as a team. Going Solo and finding some rock to hide behind while setting an ambush isn't going to work anymore. Yes, I'm looking at you WOT players that think you're still driving a tank with 1 gun, hiding behind some bush or under a bridge (insert sarcasm here). It's early days and they need this to be done LIVE to collect enough data to make some tweaks. Take a chill pill and buy some good vodka and drink a secret toast to Stalin in the hopes that WG will figure it out.
  12. Good Question, I've got a lot of these ships. I'll try them in Random tomorrow. I'm interested myself to see how they do.
  13. derbuckeye

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    I can't speak yet for random play, but I can say I feel sorry for anyone playing a CV in Co Op. They are consistently having their squadrons decimated by ships that have poor too moderate AA. They are almost always at the bottom of the board for points. Now, I've mostly been playing tier seven since this went live. I haven't played much lately so I've wanted to dust of my skills and I've never really enjoyed upper tier play. From what i'm seeing I pulled the AA specs on my Atlanta and added Hydo. Maybe I'll run her in Random tomorrow and see what happens. Personally, I don't think I have much to worry about from anything less than a T8 CV with a smart skipper.
  14. derbuckeye

    Goodbye World of Warships

    You might like trying Zork 2.. Just a thought. Go spread your hate someplace else.. buh bye!!
  15. derbuckeye

    Thank You Wargaming!

    Never played a CV, won't buy a CV. I had a close friend when I was a teen that was aboard BB43 on Dec. 7, 1941. Then he served on Benson class DDs during the Solomon's campaign. He hated the CV and it was something he passed on to me. Just my personal opinion and preference. However, I think CVs got nerfed not buffed in the new update. I was a bit worried and was dusting off my AA ships and skills. From what I've seen so far.. no need to worry..