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  1. It always seemed to me that New York should have gotten the ‘Murrica camo and Texas A Lone Star camo.
  2. Look I'm not saying anything, however what you seem to be looking for is probably going to be on the Phra Ruang.
  3. Soon™
  4. If it basically had the Erie's old 850ish mps 6" wouldn't that work out better at tier 6? Save the SHS for later with ships that can rain down fury.
  5. Is he chased by Captain Hook?
  6. Maybe because it is patch day however it has just been extra special today. For the first time in a long time I just quit a game rather than play through the loss. Our top tier where two bismarcks and a tirpitz. Bismarcks sat back in the corner and the tirpitz just went sailing broadside wherever he wanted. I'm sure I will be proven wrong and the game will come back a win, however holy excrement. Three ships that should just form a flying wing and go mow through everything. Instead the meta of make sure you are the last person so you can pad your stats must be adhered to without fail. I'd rather have a bunch of decent 7 minute games than one 20 minute purple game. *shrug*
  7. The Polish are stealing arrrr jerbs again!
  8. It was only going to be refunded with the original -7% change. This was a buff.
  9. I have no idea WG would have to magic some rate of fire buff or something for tier X. The people who know things seem to think the 203/53 can survive at tier 9. RoF can be justified with individual sleeved rifles and hoists for increasingly better RPM. I just want a cruiser not an ersatz battlecruiser. However we could still see WG implement 200mm belt armor Zara with triple turrets from Abruzzi in a 3 x 3 as I recall at least one of the designs for the heavier belt armor version of Zara called for the removal of one turret to compensate for the weight of the armor. It still leaves the issue of no real TDS. At least the reduced charge 203/50 round just doesn't seem ideal for tier 7 at this point. Of the twin turret cruisers: Yorck: 900 m/s 108 kg AP Max damage: 5500 900 m/s 113.5 kg HE 12% Max damage: 2900 5 RPM 17.94 km Algerie: 820 m/s ~124 kg AP Max damage 850 m/s 134 kg HE 15% Max damage 2800 5 RPM Trento(original): 905 m/s 125.3 kg AP Max damage ?? 940 m/s 110 kh HE burn? damage? ~3RPM(20%~4RPM) Trento(reduced): 840 m/s 118 kg AP Max damage ?? I'd still find starting with a Trento hull and treating Bolzano as an upgrade path to FCS and turret/rifle upgrades makes sense for tier 7. I'm not sure who would want to play Trento at tier 6 when you have Abruzzi?
  10. I will say this. Some days there seems an unerring ability to get stuck on teams that are so painfully passive I would probably have posted this thread. Let me fire up Divinity Original Sin 2.
  11. How much am I getting paid?
  12. Avoid. It's the new game launcher for all the WG titles.
  13. Compared to WoT it really feels like we get a lot. When I go through an upgrade cycle it feels tight. Such as right now when I finally kitted out Kiev, Ognevoi, Ibuki and Gaede I feel poor as crap. However I will be flush again before I know it.
  14. No, no, no there is only one proper venue to watch operas.