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  1. SparvieroVV

    Clearing Up Steel

    Funny that the the filthy casuals also includes some of the whales that fund the game since they don’t all participate in clan/ranked. People who keep the lights on should be walled off? The Stalingrad is going to be quite the drama llama.
  2. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    That is why the ship can be frustrating. Just to expound on that 10-14km strip that the ship is most ideal at. Here are my potato stats, can you tell which day I was forced to play past 15km by passive team and poor choice of cap to contest? Mostly the latter.
  3. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Just trim off the tiniest bit from the ellipse at range is my thinking. Even then I doubt that will happen. The strength of the rifles means brawling is just just going to frustrate most. 10-13km the dispersion is manageable and you can get the occasional nice strike. As long as red team is 14km out many seem comfortable sailing broadside and if you don't believe me this is what the average captain is doing while sailing broadside:
  4. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    The ranges the GP should be used at I don't think we will notice. @Dr_Venture No need for three choices of ammo. Just the OP AP and regular AP will be fine. Palla already hurts DDs with the overpens quite well if RNG favors you to land a few.
  5. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Half of awesome is damned good. I already said I imagine the dispersion and reload would mitigate the issue. I can just see why WG has reservations.
  6. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I can kind of see how WG would have concerns about an 880 mps AP round. However there is that 1.8 sigma and 30 second reload. Nothing weak about Roma. It just can't handle attacks from multiple angles. However name a ship that can? Plus if your enemy isn't running with IFHE the armor just trolls.
  7. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Roma is fun and you really have to try to get yourself killed. Example of some high order ineptitude and still living. Anyone else would have smoked that Gneis. Me?
  8. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Battleships are supposed to have a highly buffed close range. I’m not convinced Roma received this. Overpens are the nature of the game and I’m fine with them. The Italian shells did fuse long, more so the SAP posing as an HE round. *hint*hint*hint* WG. The 381/50 palla is different and requires some adjustment in thinking. I have a feeling, maybe mistaken, however ~100k AP damage is more useful than 130k+ HE damage. So keep on overpenning. I don’t bother wasting time switching when a destroyer is close.
  9. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Slap on two Atlantas and call me in the morning.
  10. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Bit of a red herring. I don't believe anyone is complaining about overall lack of damage. It is about comfort of achieving that damage and how it is achieved. Between a horizontal dispersion wider by ratio than Tirpitz' and an overly generous vertical dispersion, that is applied even at ranges where other ships have their dispersion reduced significantly, creates an ellipse wide enough that causes frustration. Personally I don't expect WG to change anything. As far as achieving 40+ games in five days. boh.
  11. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    So I went against my usual tendencies to overextend, play super close and generally potato to the highest degree also I will not look at the hit ribbons. I tried to reduce my potato volume to a medium level hopefully. 100k woweeee! Oh wait, let me go back and look at the pens vs overpens. I lied, I saw I managed 5 hits on a broadside Musashi at 15k...all overpens. This post is meant in good humor only.
  12. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I love how the 381/50 should be held to standards other rifles are not. The NelRods 406mm gets RN accuracy and sits a tier lower.
  13. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    What is quickly turning into my main issue is that Roma is not rewarded for firing in close. If a North Carolina is less than 10k and completely broadside getting two regular penetrations is not the proper reward. And I'm not talking about 5k plus per shot, in this case I managed four pens for 10k damage over all. I'm not expecting citadels, however I feel this seems an abnormally low result. The consistency with which I get the wide pattern salvos when firing close in with this ship is generating surplus salt on my part. @Radar_X @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower May we please get some detail on the dispersion pattern efficiency at various ranges so we can know how to play this ship? With Giulio Cesare I at least feel the pattern consistency, subjectively speaking, gets tighter below 10k. I have no such comfort with Roma which I find disconcerting. On the plus side it is probably new ship syndrome however my potential damage is easily over 2 million a match. Please note: I am not upset, I am just expressing my opinion. There is no animus meant against anyone.
  14. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    That did net me dreadnought and fireproof, rare achievements in my list.
  15. SparvieroVV

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    If you play super passive and survive until the end you will have good stat padding. However in the good for ranked/stat padding section it is listed as a pass. So I will just suffer he malocchio that I deserve.