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  1. Filthy Roma

    Which is kind of funny because the only at sea torpedo hit was by a plane that basically suicided aka manual drop in WoWS parlance. However we have 40% TDS between the barbettes so it is six of this and half a dozen of the other. There are a lot of people racking up large damage amounts so I guess I need to work on avoiding sub 10km engagements. Would be nice for the 152/55 to get a larger range just for the random wth just hit me moment for other ships.
  2. Roma Needs Some Love

    And if you wanted to look at pretty pictures there are some pictures here of various devices that should be easy to figure out. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereotelemetro www.marinai.it/comunica/tiro.pdf
  3. Roma Needs Some Love

  4. Roma Needs Some Love

    I guess this pretty much sums it up. As LWM stated, survive and you shall be rewarded. Aka Cesare strategery. However the salvos are going to troll you the entire time. Yes I know it might be shallow to complain about the accuracy in a 150k game.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I love how the 381/50 should be held to standards other rifles are not. The NelRods 406mm gets RN accuracy and sits a tier lower.
  6. Roma Needs Some Love

    It feels like Roma did not receive data for when the accuracy and/or sigma should increase at lower range. With Cesare I know when to expect good salvo groupings and when to break out the rosary. Roma? when rounds are going the length of a north carolina below 10km when the max dispersion is 240ish at 18k?
  7. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    What is quickly turning into my main issue is that Roma is not rewarded for firing in close. If a North Carolina is less than 10k and completely broadside getting two regular penetrations is not the proper reward. And I'm not talking about 5k plus per shot, in this case I managed four pens for 10k damage over all. I'm not expecting citadels, however I feel this seems an abnormally low result. The consistency with which I get the wide pattern salvos when firing close in with this ship is generating surplus salt on my part. @Radar_X @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower May we please get some detail on the dispersion pattern efficiency at various ranges so we can know how to play this ship? With Giulio Cesare I at least feel the pattern consistency, subjectively speaking, gets tighter below 10k. I have no such comfort with Roma which I find disconcerting. On the plus side it is probably new ship syndrome however my potential damage is easily over 2 million a match. Please note: I am not upset, I am just expressing my opinion. There is no animus meant against anyone.
  8. Littorio classes dispersion issues where beyond 19km not below. A certain ship with similar dispersion enjoys RNtm accuracy so using that as justification is of no value. However as I stated I will wait to see how the stats normalize. I fear for my potato self they shall fall in WGs favor.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    That did net me dreadnought and fireproof, rare achievements in my list.
  10. From a small sample size of three games. Battleships giving nice fat broadsides under 15km go unpunished.

    So yeah it seems sacrifices to RNGesus are in order.
  12. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    WG put all the eggs in the stealth basket. If stats after several months do not play out adjustments will be made. I wouldn’t worry just yet.
  13. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    If you play super passive and survive until the end you will have good stat padding. However in the good for ranked/stat padding section it is listed as a pass. So I will just suffer he malocchio that I deserve.