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  1. Him...better break the news to your parents gently.
  2. I don't many people would really mind mid 20s speeds. Even similar to the Italian refits. Hitting near 30 knots is a bit cheese. I'm just going to steal this and apply the comments inappropriately here.
  3. Only after two admirals have a total passive agressive hissy fit and get a major operation canceled because they don't like each other.
  4. Then Normandie would have citadel spots like de Grasse. Just further back.
  5. In other words they are going to be on the back line in a race track pattern spamming HE blaming their team for losing the game?
  6. Once you get used to them they are fun. Cap sweeps, kiting deterrent or my favorite. "It sure would be bad if someone launched a set of torps into that camp of static ships....
  7. Come on man your wife is Italian how do you go with a solid G? No worries gli is the hardest sound in the language, cheers!
  8. So upgraded nearly 30 knots. Machinery split by MCG without a secondary funnel. This seems pretty much like the team lead going "Slow BBs suck, give me anything!" Dev:
  9. Im pretty sure everyone dabbled with them trying to find the right balance. However the French took it and ran.
  10. I'm sure this all comes from a "If we had a real budget" draft. It's just interesting that it reads like a list of things that play to mechanic advantages in game. Secondary bridge structure being too large for mid turret to clear being about the only draw back. In the end it doesn't really matter as this is a stepping stone ship. The Lyon just takes the same approach and doubles down on it too boot. 4th dimensional machinery space, those dastardly French engineers are the best. On a more serious note the Allies do have the French to thank for a lot of technology that would prove useful in the war so no disrespect is intended.
  11. I heard a cricket.
  12. Paging @Phoenix_jz for this one. I will preface this by saying I am willing to admit my understanding is completely incorrect. I've been told Normandie already has Bearn's clipper bow. I'm guessing the 29.4 knots is with speed boost and base is 28 knots? As WG modernized above, as planned below. My understanding is that Normandie is enjoying a below waterline citadel. So now as Phoenix has pointed out the central turret is retained which should restrict the machinery space. The modernized look has everything trunked into one funnel without a flare above the deck. My only guess is this is all done to make up for what I'm told are the less than stellar stats of the 340/45. In essence this all seems reasonable to the Italian refits with speed advantage to the French. However in the case of the Italian rebuild there was machinery space added and the citadel sits above water. Admittedly due to political reasons there was basically a monopoly on machinery in Italy and my understanding is the French where using more efficient engines. However while I am sure I will have great fun with Normandie this is going to be a guilty sort of fun.
  13. It feels like there are about a dozen premiums in the pipeline so soonish.
  14. I'm guessing WG is reserving it as a Balans™ possibility.
  15. The guys at the back of the map. Those that get stuck in surely must love it. Pretty sure my highest damage sortie is in Gneisenau.