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  1. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Premium Ship Review: Paolo Emilio

    You are saying armored destroyers are an Italian thing. No they are not. Look at all the Regia Marina destroyers and possible projects for destroyers that we know of. The ultimate expression of which, which Lesta tried a little maskirova to hide the provenance of this ship, show no such features. Splinter protection is not the same as armored to be proof against a certain caliber of rifle. Why is it so hard to admit this is a fever dream of Lesta’s? Did the modern destroyer program get its genesis from Italian designs? Yes. These impossible designs? No. And before you decide to die on this hill there is a quote from Phoenix in this forum you should review first. Engage in some semantics to save face if you must. With that I leave this thread alone.
  2. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Premium Ship Review: Paolo Emilio

    This is not accurate at all. Lesta took a mid 30s destroyer leader proposal for the VMF from Ansaldo and frankensteined it per their own admission. This has nothing to do with actual Italian destroyer designs. Which is criminal since Lesta had plenty of time to update the ship model this once it switched from a low tier cruiser. Regardless I'm sure everyone was ready to enjoy the very first Italian "destroyer" to actually go public. Oh wait.... I just remind myself this is the Lesta devs when it comes to Italian ships.
  3. SinqueScheiDeMona

    The Case For A Tier 3 Italian Battleship

    I mean if Lesta made ops for all tiers it would be a consideration. However PVE content is apparently the devil.
  4. SinqueScheiDeMona

    The Case For A Tier 3 Italian Battleship

    In the live stream it was stated there will not be a tier III.
  5. SinqueScheiDeMona

    What the Devil is a Destroyer Leader?!

    We don’t know what the actual Ansaldo proposal looked like. The SHP was probably significantly less. Armament was probably at best twin 120mm mounts but more likely deferred to the VMF arming the ship. Given the RM was straining for quality armor plates by the time this tender was open I’m skeptical about that aspect. Couple that with what is sacrificed to effectively armor against a German 128mm or Japanese 127mm in an appreciable manner?
  6. SinqueScheiDeMona

    The Case For A Tier 3 Italian Battleship

    After playing Kawachi ooh boy. Drunk Sunday league softball. Stil an adaptation of the Cuniberti design seems within capabilities. Oh well. Everything about this release is odd. Three ships are not art ready. No premium announced? Meanwhile WoT had a slick production video even if it was a bit...loose with history.
  7. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Is Paolo Emilio worth the RB points required?

    Take the same picture and try to add it to the signature line. It violates the rules. Also for those of us that turn off signatures it bypasses that filter. To each their own obviously in this society. I'd just for once like people to be honest about their intent. This is circumventing the rules the rest of us, hopefully, follow. For myself I solved it by simply putting him on the ignore list.
  8. SinqueScheiDeMona

    New Italian BBs :o(

    compare this to the boys from Belarus. I was expecting several different OTO-Leapord clones. Italian heavies everywhere.
  9. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Is Paolo Emilio worth the RB points required?

    Because he’s being annoying and manually including it. Signatures have limits which this violates.
  10. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Is Paolo Emilio worth the RB points required?

    I believe it is something LWM posted? I'm guessing it has something to do with the 12 long lances and yolo mode. In this case a picture of the dirae or the goddess Invidia might be more appropriate given the name sake. Which really should have changed when Lesta finally came clean about the origin of this ship.
  11. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Is Paolo Emilio worth the RB points required?

    Ok now that I have a handle on RB. Hiding a ship for such a neglected tech tree, and being the only representative of it's line, behind RB?
  12. SinqueScheiDeMona

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships

    Reload is based on the requirements of SAP. That alone creates tactical and DPM issues.
  13. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Is Paolo Emilio worth the RB points required?

    Neither is Lesta.
  14. SinqueScheiDeMona

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships

    Common carriage is something seen on many guns from the same era as Trento and Zara classes. Don't stare hard at any USN cruisers from the same time period. The rifles had loose liners that could be replaced easily once the ships returned to port. Which fit with missions that would not see them using more ammo than the ship could carry. Which is sad since the good AP characteristics should be the highlight of the lines. Yet this is basically sacrificed to balance SAP.
  15. SinqueScheiDeMona

    Paola Emilio for RP

    I love their fake history. Lightning fast short range attacks at high tier with 533mm torpedoes that miraculously carry the punch of a type 93. Here's a cc video. This is not a Capitani Romani class. This started life from a project submitted to Russia in the 30s. Then Lesta freely admits to taking...liberties. Questionable 135mm choices, 533mm 6km torpedoes with the bonus of really bad aa loadout compared to what it could have had since it is rather obvious it started out life as a much lower tier project. Do I have to grind instead of just reset lilnes for points? If I must grind for this even I'm out. I just co-op and chill these days.