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  1. If you are going to quote, quote properly. Especially when making condescending statements. It is about being proper. I was attempting to remain light hearted about the exchange. Cruisers do exist as well as pendantic forumites. regardless i I know this will go nowhere good so I will drop out of this thread. Edit: clarification on in case anyone misunderstands. Pendantic = me.
  2. I know that, I'm more referring to where you cut off the original portion.
  3. And some would say nice snip.
  4. I believe it's more the issue of people would expect a Tier X armed with 15" to be very accurate as a trade off. Tight salvos plus crunchy things = salt. Can you comment about the Alsace when WG tightened the dispersion?
  5. I would like to say I have never driven one, that would be a lie though.
  6. Italian Tier X Cruiser

    In reference to big bote here is Stalinium blessed variant. Jk! This is the upward limit of a tier X cruiser I guess?
  7. Something like the concept of Total War where Churchill propped up his government by attacking the French? After the attack on the French fleet at Mers-el-Kébir Somerville even questions who is worse Churchill or Hitler. Once again I'm going to point out you are going off into a discussion about a limited war where Hitler seeks quick terms. My statement was in regards to total war.
  8. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Huge untapped resources still being argued over. Although Russia already has that in Siberia, I guess the Polar resources would be easier to lease out to companies? Theoretically speaking. Are the Chinese still poking around Siberia seeing what they can get for free?
  9. That's what if la la land. The statement was quite qualified. There is no economic reality where the Axis wins a total war.
  10. French BB psych up thread

    I figure to have a nice sum of free xp and captain xp to properly equip good old Jaques Pétanque by the time the line arrives. I kind of want to just jump up to Richelieu as I feel no desire to play the tier VI/VII rebuilds. I will probably listen to the song of my people and whale a bit on VLF crates if the chance for Alsace is more than 1%.
  11. The results of the war where to be realized before the war even started. There was no way for a total war to have been won by the Axis powers. As soon as they are realized in Spanish yards. Until then they where the work of Italian firms.
  12. Italian Tier X Cruiser

    Zara WASD hacks should be good. Zara also has no reason to be in close with the power of the 203/53 at hand so it will be able to utilize the WASD hacks to good benefit.
  13. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    So is China trolling everyone or are they really going to trial a rail gun on a ship?
  14. Italian Tier X Cruiser

    The extreme velocities where going down somewhat. The 152/55 was only 910 for the AP. And realistically the HE went a little bit slower than the new barrel speed but I’m not complaining. For gameplay reasons the Abruzzi needs the new barrel speed. Not you RN, keep your barrel droop. The 135/45by comparison was completely glacial being in the ~825 range. however the dispersion being a quarter of the 120/50 was a welcome change. One of the bigger critiques on Italian Naval artillery found online, not without errors and axes to grind, mentions the second generation of barrels switched metallurgy composition. I’m going to commit a terrible faux pas and say the way it is written that the 203/50 and 203/53 might fall before this change? I have no idea. I just say this more to prepare myself for more modest performance profile for late 30s/40s era rifles WG finds. Not all things slowed down m/v. For example if the 90/7x was a real project it is supposedly 1000 mps with improved feed mechanism compared to the 90/50. Along with the 135/53 dropped for NATO standardization on Bofors spam, your 76/62 and the ubiquitous 127mm. The 254/55 probably still falls under higher m/v parameters. So yay for high velocity and boo for high vertical dispersion. The 406/50 will be fascinating to compare Stalinium and non-Stalinium interpretation.
  15. French BB psych up thread

    Lyon has some serious 4th dimensional technology helping the machinery.