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  1. And this is why we’re all fortunate that you’ll never be a game designer. Lol, I am no expert but I think missing a whole main turret is a bit of a balancing factor there. People taking this whole thing a bit too seriously here. Is the original post not clear enough? If this were a serious post, I would have definitely put much more effort into making this seem reasonable which it isn't.
  2. My original point which you ignored was that people either have the game figured out by 2000 battles or they don't. People >5000 battles have an absolutely massive variance in skill. You can see this in almost every match using matchmaking monitor where you can see some people with >10000 battles consistently underperform compared to people with less than a quarter of their battles. If experience was equivalent to knowledge or skill with people >5000 battles then you'd expect their stats and in-game performance to be skew toward better stats which they are not. In my experience, the chance of a player being good is still 50:50 regardless of 2000 battles or 10000 battles. Besides, this was not intended to be a serious post at all. I just find a full-secondary battleship to be comical like most people would and like how most secondary battleships builds in the game already are more comical than practical.
  3. People clearly just don't understand the secondary master race and that depressing me on the inside a little. Generally, people either have figured out the game or they haven't by 2000 battles my winrate is 56% and 1650 PR which is not awful by any stretch. Pls don't stat shame me when your stats are potentially worse than mine, thank you.
  4. If its reload was 12-15 seconds + reload booster + maybe the Gascogne heal, I'd consider that a balanced and fun ship
  5. *cough cough* reload booster that also affects secondaries/aa. WeeGee when?
  6. You're telling me we got a battlebots chainsaw roller on the front, and I cant just nom nom nom a battleship with this thing?! But seriously the skin having a passive (non-stacking) bonus equivalent to the ramming flag would be hilarious.
  7. @jason199506That's definitely an illegitimate record game if I've seen it. Most sites would probably have that removed.
  8. We are referring to a ship's possible matchmaking range where you can be paired with ships 2 tiers above you or 2 tiers below you. Thus +/- 2 not +/- 1.
  9. That is not what we have now. What we have now is a 5 tier possible spread -2/-1/0/+1/+2 .
  10. I feel like this game would be far more competitive and consistent if every game was just 1 tier difference. I understand that the joy of feeling like a god when top tier, but no one wants to look at the team line-up and realize that they're probably going to have a bad game when bottom tier, even good players. The queue times really aren't that long, and I feel like there's more than enough players during prime time to make a more balanced match without even noticeably increasing queue time. Is there a good reason otherwise why there isn't just a soft limit to the up/downtiering that happens here?
  11. There are games where this is an issue like MMO's and what not, but World of Warships is not one of them. CC's can have special streamer accounts, and, honestly, probably less than 1% of the world of warships community actually uses these mods and/or can recognize clan tags worth anything. Even then, focusing that player may be a waste of time on its own as there are most likely more vulnerable and important targets. Never in my experience have I seen anyone talking about sniping people because of good stats. This a totally marginal problem in my opinion.