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  1. Tactical_Mentat

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    197 ships in port carousel. Only 4 or 5 silly Tier I -III DDs bought with cash directly or with dubloons. All the rest were awarded, won, earned or researched on a tech tree. Not sure why I think that's cool or worth bragging about but... for some reason I do. Guns Up! Ready aye ready!
  2. Tactical_Mentat

    Public Test: Get a Premium Tier VI Ship for Free

    You didnt look very hard... Its in the news section under Public test and its on the page that tells you Spring season is coming on the test server. Stop being lazy.
  3. Tactical_Mentat

    Things I wish WG would add to WoWs

    I spilled news before it was allowed to be announced, I used to have a connection on the development team who told me he had been assigned to a new team to begin researching Submarines for the game. I announced Subs were coming soon in the forum and I got my [edited]handed to me.
  4. Tactical_Mentat

    Things I wish WG would add to WoWs

    Check your PC's performance, two weeks ago I would have agreed with you 1000%. My old PC died so I built a new one and there is ZERO port lag now. It was my old PC not the game client.
  5. I've been playing this game pretty much since the start and there have been a few things over the years that I was asking WG to add in every survey they have ever sent me to fill out, but so far no dice yet, So I'll ask here. 1) The ability to remove all signals and camouflages from all ships in the carousel and return them to inventory, it sux going through all your ships one at a time looking to see if you left anything on them the last time you played them. 2) The ability to remove all signals from the ship you are currently viewing in the "Exterior" tab. 3) A Commander's Store: There have been lots of times that I wished to show gratitude to members of my clan, Holidays, Events, Anniversaries. I'd like to be able to go into a store just for clan commanders where we can purchase really nice gifts like camos and signals for my clan members ultra cheaply. Only Clan Cmdrs can see or purchase from the store and the gifts can only be given to clan members and cannot be kept or used by the Commander. ***Possibly even allow Cmdrs to create simple one or two colour camos (semi-unique) that can be given out for clan battles and division play?*** 4) Silly idea for April fools or some other "special event" in the spirit of bath tub boats, fast firing torpedo DDs, and CAs with fast firing bow torpedoes. FIRE BOATS: Cartoonish ships fitted with fast firing guns with reduced damage and range (10 - 12km) that looks like a steady stream of fire (similar to a flame thrower) as ammo type 1 (HE) and and in place of ammo type 2 (AP) would be a fire hose. Players could switch ammo types between flame thrower and fire hose to either set enemies ablaze or douse a raging inferno for a team mate. Fire hose could be short range (6 - 7 Km) but could do a lot of flooding damage and reduce speed if used on an overly aggressive enemy instead of a team mate?
  6. Tactical_Mentat

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 2

    How does extending the game one more day help with a 12 game ban from random mode caused by crashes as the match was starting? You cannot complete the Winter Season mission for rewards on the live server in Co-op. This is disappointing. You guys do realize that a Ranked season is underway on the NA server? Why would spending one more day on the PTS be a solution? I'd like to see WG compensate us for our efforts in the "Winter Season" mission, We did our job of exposing errors, unfortunately those errors also prevented us from attaining the rewards that were offered. I had already finished my Winter Season mission in the first PT session and was working on another Winter Season mission (presumably one that I had failed to complete in the past)?
  7. Tactical_Mentat

    New Dazzle Paint for HMCS Regina!

  8. So cool! I wonder it buffs 3/4/100/100? https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/hmcs-regina-dons-new-dazzle-paint-ahead-of-rimpac-2020-exercise-1.4624794?fbclid=IwAR2g70Ie7TcsqfPP6WYMndGRrHek_z8iEyLKA_TkDFInqsd4ldaySGSrW_M
  9. Tactical_Mentat

    Its official Warpack is in World of Warships

    I'm sorry I don't understand your question.
  10. Tactical_Mentat

    Correlation between Captain XP and Ship XP

    Man.... folks really like to be mean online huh? Insults and rude comments... Jabs and blades... All I did was ask a question, trolls and pretenders came out of the woodwork. Thank you to Kizarvexis, It didn't answer my question directly but it was a very kind outlay of your time to put that much effort into an answer and into being respectful. I'm certain that answer will be a valuable reference for players curious about XP going forward. I now of course expect mean comments from trolls criticizing me for saying It didn't answer my question. Fire away trolls, the rest of this thread is yours. I've turned off notifications for it.
  11. Tactical_Mentat

    Correlation between Captain XP and Ship XP

    sooo what are you adding to the string? Youre just being a troll as far as I can tell.
  12. Tactical_Mentat

    Correlation between Captain XP and Ship XP

    I think some people just post to post... like they want their post count to go up but they dont have anything to add to the conversation.
  13. Tactical_Mentat

    Correlation between Captain XP and Ship XP

    There are no ship XP bonuses... what is this talking about ship XP bonuses??? If you dont know dont answer...
  14. Tactical_Mentat

    Correlation between Captain XP and Ship XP

    What??? just a random bunch of words in a string about XP... Way to contribute to the solution! wth??