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  1. S4breh4wk

    Game hangs on loading screen after 0.8.0 update

    @_DW1_ Literally ONE Post above your rant there is in BIG COLORED LETTERS the message that downtime is extended AT LEAST by 1 HOUR to your time 9 ET .... dude u made a fool of yourself. Glorious first post. haha
  2. S4breh4wk

    Game hangs on loading screen after 0.8.0 update

    sure they are streaming on NA ...on a server that doesnt exist Wed. Jan. 30 5:00 AM PT / your local time: Wed. Jan. 30 2:00 PM PLUS 1 hour prolonged downtime which of course is a tiny message which makes total sense which makes this 6 AM PT, and 15:00 Central European Time
  3. its a slight adjustment and not "playing exactly like i want them to" .
  4. Would you support the following changes/addtions to Scenario rules. KILLER WHALE: Destroying Enemy Transports before Albert and docked Kaiser are dead results in loss of 1 star of team, NARAI _: Missouri must be at 25% hp or dead, before killing of Transport ships is allowed, postpone transport departure to make up for the delay in exchange or make st. claire slower. Failure to comply 1 star loss You all know why i suggest this , arent you just as enfuriated about the selfish pug players?
  5. god beware that they give the shima something actually useful that feels rewarding....how dare i to exspect such a heinous thing by the DEVs that hate this ship so much that they cant even give it at least the best concealment,or make the torps more stealthy with all the detection methods that power crept into the game over time and all the competition that melts you in an average of 12 seconds by just blapping their guns. Being outspotted by dds 2 tier lower than myself is an awesome feeling of being powerful in my tier 10 dd. When does a faster reload matter? When you are closer to the enemy as comfortable, when do you need fast traverse? When you are rushed in a cap. So replace a meh module with a even shittier one. Bravo :D
  6. ive been stuck on that collection forever now, 1 duplicate short of finishing it and no way or aquiring it. WG FIX THAT. ITS STUPID.