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  1. These Things Happen

    Should have had me on your team so you would play better. With me you would know that you have to carry super hard to overcome my heavy butt.
  2. Why remove Yubari?

    Let me tell you they have nothing except the French cruiser. That one is pretty great
  3. Why remove Yubari?

    What T4 cruiser is better? Cause they are all shat.
  4. The New World Record for Kidd

    Top kek
  5. Angling = Useless

    Its not like there is an armor viewer in game and a known formula for overmatch. Oh no that doesn't exist at all.
  6. WR% and Balance - When do you take notice?

    Speaking of divs... Where have you beeeeeeeen? Your students dont need grades.
  7. Mostly Hindy is great for clan wars due to versatility, works well in most maps. However with KoTs you know what map you are playing and can formulate very specific stratagies. Therefore instead of a well rounded ship you can pick more specialized ones and work more around consumables. Add the CV and extra battleship to the equation and you have the need for other cruisers compared to Hindy. Also https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringClumsyRutabagaUWot?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
  8. You are more likely to be team killed by a friendly bot than any pink/orange player.
  9. I believe if we look at this server it would be that Kurfurst and Iowa are the popular choice for SE.
  10. Turn back into the Fletcher and 2 cruisers with support from your Hood and NC. Granted I dont have enough info to go off of that would be the way Id do it.
  11. No more sync dropping (latest Q&A)

    How is sync dropping a problem? They are more likely to end up on opposite teams when using the same tier ships. Also no thanks to the rock paper scissors idea. That died before the game even got out of beta and would have no possible way to rebalance.
  12. Hmmm playing all the ship types lets you have a better understanding of the game? Who would have thought.
  13. Thoughts on T10 Ranked

    Considering that you have zero planes shot down in it, I would say yeah. Experience isn't a factor in determining that it doesn't have the AA dps to stop either tier 10 CV. Add the fact you have the worst smoke means the CV can ruin your life that much easier.
  14. Thoughts on T10 Ranked

    Doesn't have defensive and doesn't benefit from an AA build. You would waste points that are better used on other perks. Would be better bringing Groz or Gearing if you are having difficulty with CVs. Hell even Yue is better.
  15. Thoughts on T10 Ranked

    Im looking forward to it because now I can play whatever and it relies less on strategy and more on individual mechanics. After like 150 Des Moines games in clan battles I am ready to play another ship.