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  1. Somtimes strange things happen.
  2. (X) Doubt
  3. Of course I would run flags, but its not the damage number thats important its who I did the damage to and what %. Which almost all of it was DD's. Had a 150k damage game the one after that, almost the exact same xp earned. Most of that was damage to BB's. Plus why would I be in danger of running out of flags?
  4. I have a whole package of oreo's, but Imma need those.
  5. Not much of a grind when you make 10% of the needed xp per game.
  6. Correct. It is based off of only the stock guns, several other ships have only one set of values even thought they have optional gun sizes. Mogami for example.
  7. Nothing will happen as long as you don't continue to kill someone, it takes years for them to ever get around to banning a consistent TK'er you have nothing to worry about. It happens to us all and it has zero effect on anything.
  8. I like how mehbote is in the color of the garbage catagory to let you really know how close to not being a mehbote it is.
  9. Yes on Missouri. Stack some flags and camo for a goal of: Credits-2.5 million Captain XP-80k plus Free XP-12k Those are what you get with a really solid game when stacking bonuses for one of the three choices.
  10. You forgot the cruisers than melt battleships, the destroyers that outgun cruisers, and the ships that are immune to CV. You can't generalize a ship by its class in this game they all have different characteristics.
  11. Basically a worse Perth and that ship is already not anything grand.
  12. Fun fact it is in NA store as well!
  13. ChungMu hype!