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  1. Des Moines

    If its a battleship sure. If you are fighting at that 10k window then the high dps is something that lets it win trades with other cruisers.
  2. Matchmaker. Seriously.

    No that is something that does happen. As soon as I start to lose a few like that I switch to another tier spread and ship type. That or sometimes I like to randomly pick up new people looking for divs just to lighten the game up.
  3. Matchmaker. Seriously.

    Maybe if you play like 8 matches in a week.. but no one gets a week worth of only bad teams. I have over 8k battles and I have never had anything like that.
  4. Matchmaker. Seriously.

    Everyone gets those games. You really shouldn't pay attention to what MM monitor tells you, its really not accurate especially with so many ships under 100 battles. Takes a little longer to build a profile. I could load up in a ship I got unlucky in first few games and it would look like I was a sub 40% red player in the monitor when that really isn't indicative of how my performance that game will be. So many times its said my team w/r is 40% vs a 60% team and we just wiped them.
  5. New player progression help

    There is no reason to only go one nation. You can focus a few lines like German BB, Russian cruisers, and USN DD's for instance. Overall I would play a bit of everything up to tier 7 then decide what you want to grind up to in the high tiers.
  6. Hipper Repair Module

    Is 2 a lot? cause there are only 2 and one is premium
  7. Conqueror

    Its not fun to play and its not fun to play against.
  8. Thats why I say now. Once its available to everyone it will become easier for people to play against.
  9. All cv game?

    negative 15 FPS and unplayable
  10. Finally Topped 50%

  11. The struggles of having so many battles and not being a reroll.
  12. So the aigle misison chain

    There wasn't one for the 13th. They start and stop and random times. Look here for a detailed calendar. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/its-pronounced-egg-leh/#missions
  13. The new special French camos are odd

    This one isn't necessarily too bad but I have an issue with camo that adds objects that obscure parts of the ship. For example Shokaku's halloween version makes aiming at specific areas more difficult when parts of the visual camo dont have hitboxes and obscure the ones underneath. Now I know you can turn the camo off within the port selection menu but that also makes it to where you can't equip the camo and recieve the bonuses. The solution would be too allow the camo to be mounted but allow people to turn of the visuals.
  14. Searching for Competitive Clan

    Instead of trying to jump to top level I'd suggest running mid level and growing to a 60% w/r. Plenty of really good clans at that level with strong competitive teams. Look at wows numbers(site) and search clans there, find one that has a bit higher average w/r and pr than you. I could suggest NGA as thats where I grew and had a great time.