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  1. DeadManxDan

    Why CVs need to stop attacking DDs

    Troll post. No actual intelligence found.
  2. DeadManxDan

    Why is everybody's victory percentage so low?

    Honestly though, the question still stands.
  3. DeadManxDan

    What is going on with Match Making ???

    Nothing. People are just really really REALLY bad at this game.
  4. DeadManxDan

    Why are u PINK!?

    I like killing friendly bots in coop
  5. DeadManxDan

    Russian BB Captain builds?

    No need for EM in higher tiers, AR is the first 2 point skill then very last JoAT gives you even more survivabilty.
  6. DeadManxDan

    How often do CVs die last, or at all.

    But dying doesn't cost you anything.
  7. DeadManxDan


    Proof that you are handicaping yourself by not running any combat signals?
  8. DeadManxDan

    IFHE on RN DDs

    You need IFHE to pen 19mm.
  9. DeadManxDan

    CVs Still Broken

    And with previous cv's I could just dev strike you in smoke in one go instead of taking multiple attempts. Trust me when I say it is more difficult to hit a decent DD in smoke now than it was with the old cv's
  10. DeadManxDan

    CVs Still Broken

    But they don't get an advantage
  11. DeadManxDan

    CVs Still Broken

    Im saying you dont understand how old or new cv's aiming sequence even works. Smoke never broke any aiming sequence other than autodrops. There is no bug with aiming at ships smoking up. You just put the reticle where you last saw the ship or where you think he has moved too. Smoke doesnt prevent people from aiming.
  12. DeadManxDan

    CVs Still Broken

    This isn't old cv auto dropping. Nothing stops sequence for the new cv aiming or old cv manual drop aiming other than the planes being killed. So nothing has changed with that.
  13. DeadManxDan

    naval battles

    Screen shots would help in diagnosing this.
  14. DeadManxDan

    PSA for all BB players in ranked

    Shush. Let me farm