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  1. DeadManxDan

    Pan Asia ships SUX. Period

    Laughs in Chung Mu
  2. DeadManxDan

    How to stop a consumable in use

    The only one it works for is defensive AA. Just press p to turn off AA and it automatically puts it on cooldown.
  3. DeadManxDan

    Division with NC

    To expand on actual ship selection for objective control would be: NC Chappy/Cleveland Loyang Ship selection if you are a decent but evil player would be to bring Kutuzov/Zeplin/Akizuki
  4. DeadManxDan

    PEF: About them 4 million creditses...

    Except you only made 82k the first game and the lost credits the second game.
  5. DeadManxDan

    Best Clan War BB

    Well in CB there is only one enemy BB so its not really important how good against them you are. Also did you forget Yamato?
  6. Is this where I report your post just because you posted?
  7. DeadManxDan


    I have a problem of killing bots in coop trying to get missions done. Oh well.
  8. DeadManxDan

    next clan rentals?

    I believe its Kurfurst, Zao, Groz. Wait... Why the heck would you ever think Stalingrad would be a rental?
  9. DeadManxDan

    Battle results

    Sounds like everyone is daft and forgot the hall of fame for British event.
  10. DeadManxDan

    50k base XP lol

    Whats better is it can be halved if you play smart at high tiers.
  11. DeadManxDan

    UK DDs are painful without wide spreads

    To be honest you are better off learning how to torp correctly at close range with narrow spread in close fights. Otherwise decent players are going to laugh off your widespread torp attempt as it is much easier to dodge.
  12. DeadManxDan

    Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    I personally do not use it. However it has its merits.
  13. DeadManxDan


    The numbers for rating are 100% usless. Mean absolutely nothing.
  14. DeadManxDan

    Torp avoidance & IJN GunBoats

    Or instead of losing all your damage potential you could just not sit flat broadside in smoke and be just fine.
  15. DeadManxDan

    Ranked level off

    Its rank 15. Rank 10 was last season.