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  1. Infeedel

    6 vs. 6 Brawl With Tier X Ships

    CV parks at back of arena in commentary box sending armed drones, submarine parks under arena: sounds like spectating rather than brawling...
  2. Is this still working please Hakabase? Also, is it configurable as in Font size? With thanks...
  3. For sure, I remember those days well. Even managed my tier 5 best with a 9 kill DD game with double RTS CVs per team. ATB for the New Year Brush'
  4. Good point, fair chance given it's only 5vs5. Would not have thought it too difficult to implement given it is only one class. Playing on ASIA, I've seen many occasions where CVs outnumber BBs, cruisers and DDs combined :o My experience may be anecdotal, but seems major imbalances in the ability of the CV players in a match have mostly correlated with a win for the better CV player's team. Occasionally this has been turned about by others when there is a 60%+ to 40-45% imbalance, but rarely. WG gimped the hell out of SPGs in WoT and I'm not asking they do that in WoWS, but the next thing they butcher will likely be the spotting mechanics of CVs if they don't see a way to balancing the class better.
  5. @BrushWolf Seems it is on both servers, screengrabs attached. So, it is not without precedent. @black_hull4 Something seemed awry with your assertions based on your postcount and number of battles given your posts outnumber your battles. This opinion is based on very few random battles and far more play against bots, and therefore easily dismissed.
  6. For sure, but (as stated in the OP) they suggest in the info bubble in Brawls that teams are based on similar skill levels. Having just had a quick look back in the game, it may be the Asia server (not here). Okay. How many accounts do you have is my response to the second part of your answer.
  7. Thanks for answering the title at least, easy assumption would be you don't play on other servers and you have no experience of roflstomps.
  8. How many roflstomps have you had lately because the CVs are entirely unmatched in ability? Seems to be very predictable outcomes around 80-90% (anecdotally) when API reports team 1's CV is 60%+ & ave dmg in 150-175K range, but team 2's CV is 15-45% & 18-40K in tier 10-11... Brawls suggests it roughly matches cruiser players based on ability, so why can't weegee at least balance the one class that (when imbalanced) dictates the outcome on 9/10 occasions? I get that it's the holiday season atm, but when God mode class imbalance dictates another roflstomp it is really frustrating. OR do you love a good roflstomp and think it's good for the game?
  9. Railgun bug replaced with aim lag and significantly problematic to shotfall...? Language warning for former CC video (means it will be censored no doubt)
  10. Infeedel

    [ALL] ModStation

    Try using "Snipping tool" or whatever you have in your operating system to get a series of grabs, Aslain lets you export a list in text format too... You could also edit a bunch of screenshots to show your ingame settings through a "montage"
  11. Infeedel

    Game crashes, connection lost, etc.

    You have an installed mod conflict, you should check in the mod forums where you got the mods. Usually the case you have explained is often a camera mod, but can see you running some mods across the top of screen. Also, someone stated your RAM could be problematic, but that's doubtful if you have only recently found the problems occurring. HOWEVER, if you have 12G you should check (just in case) if you are in dual channel modes (motherboard manual).
  12. Seriously WG? Z590 11 series processor, 64 Gig of RAM why in the hell am I crashing so often WG? This started TODAY in the last couple of hours. S'pose someone will tell me this should be expected prior to a patch, but why should it? Been fine all beta version 0.11.7, so why now and why not allow players to increase the RAM the game addresses?
  13. So funny that there is not even a mention of the bugs associated with the camera changes, not one mention in this feedback thread. My feedback is that WG need to start testing their "updates" before releasing them. Has anyone in this thread noted the aimpoint movement when changing zoom (Shift)? Or, freelook (Right click) then back to aim? Or the viewchange (C) and it's relationship to aimpoint when using the spotter plane (because the view changes using C modify your aimpoint)? The railgun exploit? (might want to mute the audio if you have sensitive ears). This is probably the worst "update" WG inc. have made live since the curving torpedo bug (where turning a DD meant the torpedos would track a curved path).
  14. Seems like detection marker mods are borked for me.
  15. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage#Special_Permanent_Camouflages Still showing "bonuses" and "effects"...