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  1. Infeedel

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    WG on left, players on right: Is this in Cyprus, or just the staff training day trip?
  2. Infeedel

    Results: Anzac Day

    The sad truth about that wiki image is that none of the Nations involved were named other than "British Empire". Sadly, the truth of those Nations who fought there only comes from visiting the place. It was also made known to us on "ANZAC day" 1999 at Gelibolu's remembrance services that the Turkish flag was made by the memory of seeing the reflections of the moon and stars in the pools of blood in the Turkish trenches...
  3. Infeedel

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    NVM: scrolling the Tech tree is O.P.
  4. Infeedel

    Results: Anzac Day

    Nicely put Furphy'. ANZAC means something to me, even if I was born pommie. I marched in the 70's wearing a cadet's uniform bearing flags and banners. Remember seeing First World War veterans, in fact one lived across the road when I was a young boy. Rest in peace "Uncle" Harold.
  5. Infeedel

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Bewdy! Thank you.
  6. Infeedel

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    @Hapa_Fodder Hit Silver 1 twice now, still wondering why the dates for each Sprint can not be posted? I wonder about the dates because I work 50-58 hours per week and live in a timezone that offers me very limited battle time and I still see loads of players with 46-48% winrates failing up through the rank system by playing hundreds of battles... Really WeeGee?
  7. With respect, I find it quite poor (given the amount of money many of us have spent on the game) that WG have failed miserably with *.wowsreplay files and replays in general: *.wowsreplay file handling breaks every patch or so requiring more adjustments. There is no definitive "up to date"guide easily accessible the the game's website or wiki. Critical errors occur when a replay file is outdated, yet there is no simple way of "version stamping" implemented within the wowsreplay file. Youtubers and CCs have it worked out, but how about your paying customers who haven't the time to research "how to's"? High time WG added a replay handler into WGC for the amount of money they take for a Beta grade product.
  8. Infeedel

    [ALL] ModStation

    Just wondering if anyone else has noted an issue with the Nomogram Stiv372 sight? Seems to me this sight has changed, looks like the aim point is below centre with this patch. I'll try to check which zoom I use, but it's usually zeiss and the reticle marker sits bang on centre.
  9. Infeedel

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    The other thing is players are still failing their way through ranks, really.
  10. Infeedel

    Your thoughts on Ranked Season 2

    Be pretty clever if WG could actually put the end date(s) rather than an incorrect Season 2 ends May.... Bronze was K thx bye, Silver is full of 700 battle per season players and players who play ranked but are not there for the team (or) winning.
  11. Infeedel

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    @Hapa_Fodder Reading it on the portal does not have dates. Neither does this thread. Why do WG insist on obfuscating information? I'm currently in Silver league and there are no dates for qualification available? Any particular reason why not?
  12. I'll have a look around the web over the next few days, but my thoughts are more along the lines of removing them entirely from Clan, Ranked and brawl (Short team modes) given the magnification of power in "drawing" enemy displacements. Anyone that can't see this, must spend ninety percent of their time in co-op or be a little too fresh to the game and it's mechanics. Ironically, WG have already placed hard limits (Alaska, Mogador) and ship bans (Musashi) during the current Clan battles season which were instigated after the season started and they had gathered enough information for "the spreadsheet". Though it wasn't really about tiers... Mostly yet oddly enough the tier 8 CVs seemed mainly ineffective but with the right player on the keyboard tipped the balance of the game. In Silver, with the CVs being the higher tier it was far more pronounced. A skilled CV player would scout the enemy ships initially and save strikes for the most strategically opportune and decisive plays often turning the battle to a forgone conclusion. During seven and eight a side battles or the short team modes, the power of the CV is dramatically increased. This is especially true when the CV player understands the manifold mechanics of the game. Short team plays are about minor advantages and using those to force the other team's hand into plays that are high risk/minor reward opportunities. Personally, and at risk of more flaming I think it is particularly naive to suggest that "WG are testing because they need data". This logic entirely misses the fact that The last season of Clan battles allowed CVs with a basic limit of one (traded for a BB). Fascinated to see >40K battles, but somehow unsurprised to see 90% versus AI in the sandbox. Co-op battles are no real measure of how ships can be manipulated, because AI reacts in an entirely predictable manner. WG have suggested on many occasions they listen to their playerbase. I'll hazard a guess that's a large part of the reason they bought out "King of the Sea" KotS (lock, stock and barrel or franchise, communications and Discord). As this will give them an "out" as such, should they choose to use it. Maybe therein lies the dataset WG need to make the appropriate comparisons.
  13. Seriously WG, why does you spreadsheet fail to see the imbalance CVs enjoy in short team modes? Secondly, the "We listen to our players" is worn out. It is understandable you must push the CV into battle given all the money spent on reworking the class, or do you just expect to entirely disregard all the evidence presented by your playerbase?
  14. Thanks. I checked the link below the guide and found the picture at the end of the World of Warships article looked like this: Yep; play WoWS replays using WorldofTanks.exe. I have a battle once in a while I wish to replay and record, WoWS has been terrible @ Replay control and handling for years. Why is it that players have to search forums for answers as to why their replays are unwatchable and fail to get past the loading screen so many times?