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  1. I get that WG put massive workloads into the CV rework and feel the need to recoup their investment, but why allow supership CVs in an obviously unbalanced match? Six years into this game and WG Inc. still can not work out matchmaker, still cannot balance a class in a short team mode? CV players are the whales that pay for the game, or is it the minnows with the many purchases? My monetary investment into the game has been significant, my complaints regarding radar vs DD similar. If WG can not understand the imbalance multiplier of the CV class in short team environments (and) low server numbers (noting the CV bans in KOTS and Clan battles) then do WG inc. actually listen to the playerbase?
  2. TBH I miss the mad DD mingame that was superfast and quite funny
  3. Infeedel

    Did I miss the memo on Team Damage?

    Point of history is interesting, but you had to be there to know.
  4. Infeedel

    Did I miss the memo on Team Damage?

    May be the case, but the removal of team damage makes the case for "riskier" torp salvos and some players love sailing straight into them for the "Helluvit"
  5. Infeedel

    Did I miss the memo on Team Damage?

    Nope. It's the penalty fro repeated team damage, if a cruiser or DD send salvos of torps they can get the reflected damage (which) only starts after repeated team hits.
  6. So why is it that CVs are not permitted in Clan Battles (short team mode), but random play allows double CV teams thereby making the game essentially short team modes? Are WG ever going to incorporate some skill metric into CV matchups to "balance" CV opponent skill levels? This would certainly ease the frustrations which even date back to the RTS mode prior to the CV rebork.
  7. Did they mention the buffs to the United States CV? When are the devs going to balance CVs? It's all well and good flapping their gums about the ongoing process and about how CVs will not be allowed in the next CB series, but how does that effect the balance within short team modes and dual CV per team randoms? Why can't WG take the time to work a metric where CV players of opposing teams are matched up by similar skill levels? The wipeouts because CV unicum while the other team CV driver is a potato do not (make) for a fun and engaging experience.
  8. Infeedel

    Actually effective AA?

    WG could stop many complaints about CV imbalance by checking CV player winrate/metrics and matching CV players against other CV players of similar skill levels. EVERY TIME (did I say that loud enough?) it is a wipeout based on the skill imbalance of the CV player(s). Loss @ tier minus two in one of my 63% WR (85% solo play DDs) Even tier, last to get sunk and our CV still afloat. In Nevsky. Two of last three battles solo for me and a loss. When WG stop shutting down forum topics of dissent and start fixing the CV interaction the game will become more enjoyable for all, not just those with access to the insider information and insider spreadsheets. Might even re-open the wallet then
  9. Infeedel

    Actually effective AA?

    You tried to answer and made good points, particularly this one Sir. Have to agree with what others have been saying which just proves WG do not listen: "CV Rebork" CVs being balanced @ 1 per 12 boat team not two per team or short team modes How are new players "enjoying" double CVs at lower tiers when dropped into higher tiered matches (bad enough higher tiered ships, but double CVs also)? How can CV spotting be balanced when there is no risk to the ship and the aircraft can transition the maps so much faster than boats? Lemming trains behind the 30% from baseline because players are too afraid of risking their ships. AA focused ships with ineffective AA
  10. "Good" or "Good protection" = anything above 50(%) on the spreadsheet...
  11. Purely on the basis of your sig'. Well put.

  12. They have not been very "super" for well over a year now Snoopy, even the coal drops from the "supers" are pretty lame @ 12.5K coal. Doesn't seem that long ago when Supercontainers dropped bigger rewards...
  13. Infeedel

    Update 0.11.2: Italian Destroyers. Part 1

    More OP CV Superships that laugh at AA,but WG listen to players...