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    1. 33nfidel


      :) haven't watched it


  2. Nice job on the Aslain's video, well done. Much impress.
    <o 33'

  3. Great stuff again Aslain, love the video added to the OP. Can you link to the poster on NA, he deserves some gratitude?
  4. Thanks for taking the time to watch it Pigeon, the players are lucky to have someone with Flamu's stature taking these things on. His points regarding the way damage is the driving force behind camp BB/Cruiser are spot on. Playing the objectives only rewards WR stats. Teamplay like smoking and spotting for teams with DDs are so obfuscated. Why is it that there is no feedback in the client for "spotting"? <0 33'
  5. This one :
  6. (25.4) 2" ~ = 51mm 4" ~=102 etcetera
  7. Two Brothers Chat Sarcasm

    Red commentary good commentary, truthful. Wierd that slot rush doesn't win game, like parking top tier DD in slot is awesome clever.
  8. Before no sheet Sherlock arrives and tells me it's the daily...
  9. Honestly, some of her and Miossouri's players have no business being in tier IX...
  10. server overloaded

    Thankyou, but no ;)
  11. server overloaded

    <o Khafni. Msg I've never seen either and although you may be right, could be another case of stronk translation issues...
  12. View mods? Had this happen a very long time ago