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  1. About a week ago people were asking you to stop answering for WG. Obviously the German CV, has had so much work there were 2 versions on the live server not so long ago. So, here we are once again.
  2. My Lai? Agreed with the consumable keyinds, iirc this has been questioned for over a year...
  3. Is Hangar18 Pigeon's alt? Having trouble understanding why so many questions are being adjudicated on reasons outside the question being asked? For instance the Donskoi is fine because other ships are in a "worse place" or that the swastika and rising sun flags are not in the game because of reasons the owners made public...
  4. Their game could be considered in the same way as your comment.
  5. Funny how it looks like the flag of the rising sun, and you obviously have no connection with anyone affected by happenings under the flag of the rising sun.
  6. Given the addition of radar since inception and the increased prevalence of "Cyclones" I wonder are there any plans to change the Targeting system Acquisition mod 1 to be equally as useful as the Concealment and rudder shift upgrades mountable in the same slot? Seems a little sub-par or "powercrept" that this upgrade only adds %50 (1 Km) to the Minimum assured detection range and also has zero effect during Cyclones.
  7. You can get this as a mod which is very easily installed. This is just one: WG have stated in the past they will not use swastikas or other emblems which are considered offensive.
  8. I know it's a Necro, but funny how we were discussing this on TS James. Really like these two and they would certainly make sense given the addition of radar to the game since inception... Changing to + %100 to Assured detection Changes to Cyclone detection ranges
  9. AHLA: The Battle of Midway.

    Late to the thread, sorry... I was fascinated by this battle after reading a "Readers Digest" article as an 8-10 year old and followed up reading and watching many articles until the movie. LoL Found this on my travels today: https://youtu.be/kipF5zoCGAk Sadly I've forgotten and/or had hardcorecbf on how to insert an youtube video into a post. The above link is a really good short on the battle of Midway which was said by some to be the decisive battle for control of the Pacific in the World War two.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    NotoriousRNG you are a beast! <o Sir, think I remember the game and getting locked out entirely.

    1. 33nfidel


      :) haven't watched it


    2. Schepker


      Was a piss poor performance on my part.

  12. Nice job on the Aslain's video, well done. Much impress.
    <o 33'

  13. Great stuff again Aslain, love the video added to the OP. Can you link to the poster on NA, he deserves some gratitude?
  14. Thanks for taking the time to watch it Pigeon, the players are lucky to have someone with Flamu's stature taking these things on. His points regarding the way damage is the driving force behind camp BB/Cruiser are spot on. Playing the objectives only rewards WR stats. Teamplay like smoking and spotting for teams with DDs are so obfuscated. Why is it that there is no feedback in the client for "spotting"? <0 33'