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  1. 33nfidel

    Update 0.9.2 - Feedback

    "Update" added double tier X CVs per team, shame the office doesn't get the in-game feeling of campfest double and triple CV teams...
  2. My first memory of "that guy" was me having the misfortune of being in a Gearing and being the only DD on his team when he was in a CV in a ranked battle with plenty of radar too. North was the map and because I didn't sail straight into the middle cap like he was insisting in chat within the first 3 minutes he unloaded a rocket attack on me much to the disdain of the rest of our team. Needless to say, we lost.
  3. Thought the respec was free, clicked nothing as it was already free in game about 8 hours ago.
  4. 33nfidel

    My plans after 9.2

    Some good posts here Mr. Killjoy, typical WG reaction as usual to make global change when issue is with a few ships. No doubt the tier X premium CV will be another great thing for the game like CVs in ranked battles where glamping the back of the map but managing to hide an aircraft factory to print planes to spot the enemy team and farm stars whilst taking NO RISK to your ship is balans...
  5. 33nfidel

    Update 0.9.1 - Feedback

    AP rockets coming to game soon, so the Cruisers and BBs will get some of their lovin' too...
  6. 33nfidel

    Not Receiving Emblem

    Please delete
  7. 33nfidel

    Update 0.9.1 - Feedback

    Wow, really?
  8. The oldest and still the best! Oh, 3 hours would be nothing to do with the code that caused the CV issue WG has pasted all over the servers in EU... Or is it the standard "update" WG love to drop middle of Ranked season..?
  9. Thought so. What do you mean the RB? <o
  10. Once again, thankyou for this topic Kit'! Just wondering if it's a bug with the Shima LU', but it doesn't seem to traverse the tubes unless loaded..?
  11. Time for a Resurrection of thread: Oh well, beat the dmg total a day later in a 8v8 :p
  12. 33nfidel

    ranked battles

    I did, but my point about supermegaultrawide still stands. What resolution are you at? Looks like your FOV is a little off, but looks great all the same...
  13. 33nfidel

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    Think they were trolling players on the hook of a tier X, which has shown a surprising level of play... Wishing you guys were not so cranky though... The responses given to Zoup' were a little "off" contextually...