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  1. WG: "If it aint broke, fix it till it is."
  2. 33NF33

    Preparing for the Skill Rework

    In addition to your clan's elite commander xp bonuses (if constructed)... Also as Ensign_Cthulhu suggests: The camp the back of the map will be so much more prevalent among BBs due to wiping out secondary build efficacy. Also the points made regarding DD builds are making "normal DD builds" quite difficult by what I saw on PT with the "cost changes".
  3. 33NF33

    CVS are toxic in Ranked.

    Or any other short team mode.
  4. 33NF33

    Santa Crates

    Exactly how did you get to this point? "refer to Customer Support" gives no detail on where and how to proceed with requesting a refund...
  5. 33NF33

    Santa Crates

    Can you explain in simple terms exactly what "Please refer to Customer Support" means? This sounds like more doubleDutch to me. I would like all the cash I've spent on WG's Santa containers refunded, how do I go about that?
  6. 33NF33

    Santa Crates

    Sorry Renegade, but after years of gouging right from Beta.... Beta game which changes all the time regardless of no subs, CV reworks and so on and so forth...
  7. The crews look so much more well fed in the 90s Hahaha! Goodonya Yanks from down unda!
  8. Thanks. Shame we can't get straight answers to anything. Not a shot at you Naval, just WG. I mean really, how hard is it to state server city and IP?
  9. Thanks, but I don't really want to buy software as I want my service provider to provide service and find the issue with their routing to the US.
  10. Could someone please post the server addresses? TIA... Seems they are no longer in the preferences.xml
  11. 33NF33

    Who have you seen in game

    Worthy of praise if you didn't need the cheese and the mates to carry the plate for you :p
  12. 33NF33

    Who have you seen in game

    (__#__) nothing like div vs solo, follow your own advice Kev :p