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  1. Mattycat44

    Game Freezes

    absoulte joke ive played this game for 5 years now .Played in 4 k intill the last little while and now at 1080 and having lag issues all drivers are up to date !! game code or something is causing major issues everytime i spot something lags ous out .This is not my ip router [edited] . Fix your game please !!!!! this is server side isuue period!
  2. I have the same problem .Stutters like that as well all other games good. GTX 1070 .Please fix your game client.
  3. Mattycat44

    Ze german CV !

    Well all i have is the T6 one and all it does is over pen ,Keep getting into battles with t8's Rockets 5/10 over pen almost all the time on broad side stuff . bombs 5/10 hard to cit . torps 9/10 they are good . Graf zep excellent ship .Weser bad . unless in with t4 battle . My thoughts.
  4. Mattycat44

    CV Nerfs = CV USELESS

    So mad right now lost a battle beacuse a Worcester wiped my whole squadron fix AA wargaimg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was on a midway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Mattycat44

    Legendary skills

    They took CV ones away .And let all the other ships keep them .I guess until they think they hit the nerf bat limit on CV' s they won't be back..
  6. Mattycat44

    One Way to Describe Carrier Play Now - Awful

    Trust me i hear !! If i screw up at work i get reprimanded what happens here ?
  7. Mattycat44

    8.1.0 midway

    This is [edited]. No legendary mod after i just work hard to get one . AA is fn insane on mino alaska salem and dd's. Hak and Mid both suck now .After this patch, all people do now is snoodle in a group and thats it ! People shooting 30, 40 planes out per game give me a break . Sorry to not say what i think is wrong its to much to list. Major disapointment