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  1. destroy differences

    thanks for all the feedback guys I think I might stick to the panAsians and also work on German line. anyone know what captain skills I should aim for on both the pan and German lines?
  2. destroy differences

    hi i have been looking around for an updated listing of pros and cons of each nations destroyers so i know what line to go down. right now im T4 on the panasian dd line but feel like its missing something. i enjoy sniping ships with my torps but also want the guns to handle something that comes my way.
  3. Why is there Russian ships??

    i was under the impression this game was to be historically accurate. how does something on paper be considered as something in service. can put anything on paper.
  4. Why is there Russian ships??

    OP said it all Russian dev = they can put any lala land ships in the game they want
  5. Why is there Russian ships??

    this is silly really i would of thought we would of seen the big boys first aka Germany, England before seeing the tiny navy's coming to the game.