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  1. Cereberus99

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Spotted this. don't know if it's part of the clue or not
  2. Hey, this isn't a question about boats that bounce off the border or are actively playing and are on the edges but about the ones you sometimes see immediately run to the border and grind there, guns static in one direction, being full health until the end of the game. If they were disconnected, as far as I know, the boat should come to a halt and the guns should revert to the start position. What reason would anyone have to do this?
  3. Cereberus99

    T10 Matches

    I'm 100% for it. I don't take pleasure in beating up on T8s and hate seeing 9 T10s 2 T9s and me in a T8 when grinding a ship. I didn't grind T10s to beat on lower tier boats, I did it so I can't be bottom tiered.
  4. They should lock those accounts to Coop only.
  5. As a French Canadian, I am really enjoying this post. :D
  6. Cereberus99

    Public Test of Update 0.8.7: Round 3

    I got mine yesterday. Maybe send in a ticket if you haven't received it by tomorrow.
  7. Does anyone know when the summer season reward will be given out? I received an email to claim my perks for taking part in PTS 0.8.6 but it was only two WG containers, not the premium T6 ship container.
  8. Last night, I had a solid game in my Izumo. I netted 145k dmg, no kills but came in first with 1774 base XP. I have premium time and the gross amount I received was 300k credits which were whittled down to 89k after paying for one premium consumable. Had I not had premium time, it would've cost me 11k. The camo was the basic kind and I didn't have any economy flag on the boat. It feels like this is lower than it used to be and unless I am mistaken, the Izumo was on the list of boats affected by the economy changes. Thoughts?
  9. Yeah, I used to run it at 2K but due to streaming, I have to match the full size of my screen. It's weird, I know. Also, Win 10 64bit.
  10. It's persisted through my old machine and my new one. The only two things that are consistent between the two machines is my MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X and my monitor (I use a 4k monitor). On high, the game runs at 75 fps without issue. I hit the CTRL key and it lags out. I tried setting it to low and it still lags out. Nonetheless, here's the specs: Watercooled Ryzen 2600 OC'ed to 4GHz 32 GB of 3000MHz RAM MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X (6GB) B450 Pro4 mobo
  11. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'll hold down CTRL to focus my secondaries on a target and the game freezes and makes it impossible to do anything until I let go of CTRL. During that time, something terrible usually happens to me. I didn't really worry about it until I spec'ed manual secondaries on my GK and now it's making an already difficult boat harder to play. I've basically made the boat unplayable if I want to use secondaries on a sec spec boat. To note, this isn't a new issue for me, just one I didn't particularly pay attention to until it was too late.
  12. Cereberus99

    So when *will* the Victory competion end??

    You can still buy them, you just can't earn them anymore.
  13. Cereberus99

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    When playing the KGV in Ranked Sprint, lInsert other media ines appear on the minimap. Not sure if these are the reports you're looking for: report-2019-06-06_08-28-21_v0. WoWS_report.wgc