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  1. I'm also having this issue. Ran a repair and I started in safemode and everything was fine during gameplay but the game froze when I tried to open a crate. If I'm in safemode, would Aslain's mod still be responsible for the crash in any way?
  2. Cereberus99

    Ranked Feedback - Bad day or bad carry?

    I'm not sure I follow, what is pacman ranked?
  3. Cereberus99

    Ranked Feedback - Bad day or bad carry?

    I guess that depends. If you mean shooting a DD half the team is working on 17 kms away from me, then no, I won't bother to shoot, not because it's a DD but because I doubt my dispersion will really hit him. If I think I can realistically damage him, then by all means. I am of the mindset that in ranked, it's a team effort, who gets the kill shouldn't matter, as long as he's dead. One less red means one less shooting us.
  4. Cereberus99

    Ranked Feedback - Bad day or bad carry?

    4/5 of the saved stars, I killed the most enemies on the other team (ranging from 1 to 3 kills) and the one where I actually didn't kill anyone, I got a high caliber. Now, I am not contesting what you are saying, I really do want to be sure that it wasn't damage farming. I didn't play to get the highest score, I played to win and to help my team win.
  5. Hey look! A post not about the CVs or the rework! Seriously though, I need info from those with more experience than I in the world of ranked. I have dabbled in ranked in the past but not really committed to it because it stressed me out to have the star hovering over my head and that my potential gameplay would also affect others. I'd stop at around rank 9-10 and never try to go any further. This season, despite starting at rank 13 or 14 or something, I got to 9 pretty quickly. I wasn't always the winning factor but I've never been the losing factor either. I was content with that but then, with all that's happening in random, I just didn't want to deal with it and turned back to ranked. Today... today was rough. Lost a star, won 3 then... lost 7 straight ranked matches.... but only lost 2 stars. At first I thought I was having bad luck but 5 out of those 7 I was the best on my team and I started to wonder, did I have a bad day or am I carrying badly? let me explain what I mean. After trying out the Lion and the Roon, I settled on using the Musashi. The Mush is stronkbote, but is it too stronk? Was the result of me saving my stars due to skill or due to having a powerful boat? Am I right in thinking "Well, I carried hard, if only someone else had just done a little bit more, we might've won" or have I just reached the level where my skill can take me. How good do you have to be to rank out?
  6. Cereberus99

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I have an idea about the legendary mods: Be able to switch them in and out with the previously purchased module without incurring any additional cost. You can do with upgrades, why not the legendary module? I'd also like to see a way to test a ship's various load-outs and captain skills in the training room to be able to better determine what you want to spend your currency on. This could also extend to ships not yet owned. Nothing worst than grinding a tree to find out you hate the T10 variant of said tree.
  7. Cereberus99

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    I, like others here, can only give my opinion. I absolutely hated the Monarch and rather enjoyed the KGV. I really tried to give her a chance as boats sometimes need a little time to get used to but this was not the case with the Monarch. I used 100k exp because I was so sick of it. The North Carolina has a higher fire chance and higher AP damage potential to give you an idea. My experience with the RN BBs is that the AP is situational only and for the rest of the time, you use HE. Don't believe me? Try hitting an American BB broadside from less than 6 kms and do mediocre damage then switch to HE and see the difference. Not for setting fires but for the actual damage they cause. I have actually citadeled boats with HE using RN BBs. The only real exception to this rule is the Conq. So if the idea of this line is to be mainly HE, why then is damage potential actually worst than the KGV? I learned nothing from it except frustration. IF there are any lessons to be learned, you're better off learning them from the Lion. You'll have more fun learning it than with this ocean bottom queen. Of course, your mileage may vary. Give it a good try before giving up on her as it's possible she sings in your hands.
  8. Cereberus99

    Lion not causing many fires

    I used to switch back and forth but then got discouraged when the AP wouldn't put up the big numbers the other BBs get. Don't ask me if it was because of overpens or bounces, I don't remember. I then saw the damage I was causing on broadsides loaded with HE and figured, it's just not worth it to switch. Once I get to Conq, I will be using more AP. I do take into account existing fires and recently used repairs. I also know RNG can be a b**** sometimes. And don't get me wrong, I have been blessed once or twice by RNGesus while in the Lion, my best damage game was 217k (not a monster game but still my best) and I had caused 19 fires on that one. I ran the calculations of fire chance for the worst possible scenario and it should still be around 20% fire chance. It's just bad luck I guess.
  9. Cereberus99

    Lion not causing many fires

    I don't get it, I'm getting so many games where I will cause a fire 10% of the time whereas the boat's supposed to have a 48% chance of causing a fire. I understand that some ships will use things to lower their chance of catching fire but even then, I think it can only remove something like 15-25% chance. That should still allow me to cause a fire 25% of the time at the very least. What's going on here? Is there a way to check my fire percentage per boat? I'm starting to get frustrated with the Lion.
  10. Cereberus99

    I finally got the Cossack

    You know... I didn't think of RPF. That would definitely be a boon to this type of boat. My worry is that with constant uptiering, the boat will need all the hiding it can get. But yeah... RPF... One at 10 points and the other at 14 for sure. God, this boat is refreshing. This weekend was extremely frustrating (winrate of around 38%!) so when it was getting too much for me, I'd play the Cossack as a palette cleanser.
  11. Cereberus99

    I finally got the Cossack

    Damn, I can relate. I bought 30 days prem with a bunch of doubloons a while back because they had a sale where you got a large amount of doubloons if you buy for 50$ USD. Figured, with 20k Doubloons, I can buy 4 prem T10 camos (at the time, had no T10s). Started grinding hard. Got the Moskva, more grinding. Earn a ton of Free XP and enough coal to buy a ship of each currency. About to close out my month of prem. WIN another 14 days from a SC. Sigh... ok, gotta keep grinding. Can't waste it! FINALLY end my 45 days of premium last Tuesday. Just needed to get 4 more guineas to get the Cosssack... play play play.... oh! black Friday crate... mebbe ship? no... 24 hours of premium. FINE WARGAMING! I'll just kiss my Sunday goodbye! FINE! play play play. Also, Cossack? Damn... I LIKE that boat. I don't even have concealment expert on my captain yet and I can deftly handle myself in T10 battles (and often top 3). Also also, bought the Salem and the Musashi. To hell with the Alaska. I need a break.
  12. The Moskva is def. trollish when bow-on. However, everything below the Don is quite fragile and needs to be nimble to not get blapped into smithereens. I wasn't very aware of the Moskva when I started that line, just that I wanted something with a fast shell velocity.
  13. Yeah... I stopped chasing the USN Cruiser lines at T8. I just can't stand the lofty shell arcs. I switched to Russians and feel SOOOO much better about them. The only boat in that line I did not like was the Donskoi.
  14. While some higher tier cruisers can tank a good amount of damage (love you, Moskva bow), most cruisers at all tiers are easily blitzed if showing too much side. Some, like the RN cruisers can't even use angles to deflect shots. What you need to learn to survive is to vary your speed and direction. You need to remain unpredictable. BBs shoot a salvo roughly once every 28 seconds and, depending on the line, not the most accurate in terms of dispersion. Wiggle that boat, confuse them. Don't get too close and don't yolo and get too far ahead of your team and finally, just because you have rear turrets doesn't mean you have to use them all. Angle your bow and you'll be harder to hit and you'll take less damage. I also see that your most used boat is the Omaha. Trust me when I say that it's one of the most frustrating boats in the US cruiser line. Things get better after that thing. It gets repeated often but if you want to improve your game play, stick to one boat or one line until you start to see improvements in your play. DON'T rush to get to T10 because things get tough real fast come T8.
  15. Cereberus99

    Server overloaded message

    Just tried Ranked. Same thing happened after after finding the needed players.