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  1. I think the semi colon is there to split the Mogador from the Alaskas and to mean only one Alaska, whatever her variant.
  2. Cereberus99

    Thunderer player with only 22 battles?

    You forget, this account is two days old.
  3. Cereberus99

    Reset All?

    It was posted elsewhere but in case someone's looking for it, here it is https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/resetting-skills-for-all-commanders/ I have reset all my captains. I have nearly 200 boats and not enough time to check every captain and every boat. I would rather find out I have a 10 point captain with no skills attributed to it than to find out it has a stupid setup put in place by WeeGee.
  4. Cereberus99

    Reset All?

    I'm still looking for this button. Got a link?
  5. Very good write up. It made me realize why I lost interest mid-way through the season. Once the meta was decided, that's all you saw: 2xGoliaths, 2xPetros, Halland, Ohio/Montana FDR if you have it, MVR if you don't. J turn and back into the cap. Every damn game. It becomes a battle of attrition over who has better RNG, who has slightly better positioning. Apart from some top tier clans, this comp was the go-to and if we saw a team that wasn't running the meta, we'd almost always win against it. Heck, if I saw a 2xBB comp, I felt relieved. It was almost an assured win because of our superior spotting. I stopped playing for the last week because I just didn't want to play bow out Goliath anymore.
  6. Cereberus99

    Will it be 1.0.0 or

    Just a note, there will be a 0.9.10, 0.9.11 and 0.9.12 because the third number is the month
  7. Cereberus99

    You guys wanna hear a sad [edited]joke?

    Right, that's what I thought. I wondered if it was supposed to mean anything else because "who cares"?
  8. Cereberus99

    You guys wanna hear a sad [edited]joke?

    Sorry for being ignorant but what is a "torpedo arch"? Are we talking about the range of motion of the torpedo launchers?
  9. Cereberus99

    An idea for stars in Ranked

    I still like the occasional Ranked match. I'll play a few games, get to R10 or something then move on to something else because am done with needless grinding. After the Exeter grind, I stopped and will not grind anything excessively anymore. I missed out on the Benham and possibly the PR but I won't participate in those levels of grinds ever again.
  10. Cereberus99

    An idea for stars in Ranked

    Maybe I'm looking at it wrong, I don't know. I saw ranked as a sort of single player version of Clan Battles. They show your rank at the end on the team lineup. Why do that other than to show you to be a player of skill like the colour change of your clan tag depending on where your clan got if they participated. If it is a show of skill, then it shouldn't depend on much you're willing to grind. If for example, an average to good player would need 200 games to rank out and it took me 500 or more by playing poorly and not trying to improve, then why should I get the accolades of ranking out? If I want to rank out but not have the skill, then I should search out to improve the skills needed to rank out. That's my opinion tho and maybe I'm wrong.
  11. Cereberus99

    An idea for stars in Ranked

    I said it is a competitive mode, not THE competitive mode. That was also a response to the guy saying this is just a video game to entertain people. It is a competitive mode, it's in the name: ranked. You're trying to show how you rank against other players.
  12. Cereberus99

    An idea for stars in Ranked

    I honestly don't think I'll convince WG to do anything but if I have an idea that I think could improve the game, am I better off saying nothing and hoping WG has the same idea I do or throw it out there and if it's a good enough idea, more people get behind it or someone from WG happen to look at it and think "hey, that's not a bad idea, let's see if this is feasible". My post isn't about how XP is attribution is balanced but an alternative to how Ranked progression is handled.
  13. Cereberus99

    An idea for stars in Ranked

    I have no problems with WG removing Save-a-Star. Clan Battles is the game mode for team work. Ranked is an individual challenge. Reward the individual. Don't reward people who ride coattails like you put it. Imagine this scenario: one player is AFK or a bot, they do nothing to help. The team somehow wins despite being 6 v 7. Should that player get a star too?
  14. Cereberus99

    An idea for stars in Ranked

    That's a terrible statement. If people just want to putter about in boats, why not just play Coop? Ranked is a competitive game mode. If you think I'm a crapplayer that's only whining because I can't save a star, go look at my stats. I don't play much of ranked anymore because despite enjoying the competitiveness of it, I don't agree with rewarding mediocrity. I agree that saving a star isn't great but it's there to fix the balance of the 50/50 WR. Heck, use my method but remove the save a star! make the 7 lowest base XP players lose a star! Stop giving participation trophies. Then that means the rewards for attributing the base XP need to be reworked. This is also made obvious due to the fact that they eliminate how XP is earned in Clan Battles. Your argument can be used on the current save-a-star system. A DD could be doing in his power to help the team win but some chump in the back with a Smolensk gets more base XP from farming someone that just keeps healing his fire damage and not dying.