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  1. Jack_Stewart

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    @urlguy Down in the 'details' section on the USS Alaska, it states that the ship was a Battlecruiser, this is incorrect. While she was originally ordered as a battlecruiser (CC) she was commissioned as CB-1 (the 'large-cruiser' designation), her and USS Gwam being the only two made.
  2. Tier IX feels like a giant middle finger to all the CV drivers. I can somewhat understand it, given that they are coming out the day before, but it still feels like a low-blow.
  3. I eagerly await my turn at the test server. However, while I wait, I would like to make a few brief comments regarding what has been previewed thus far. First, I am skeptical of both the infinite plane limit and the decision to make AP for IJN and HE for USN. The former seems to encourage sloppy, stupid play, while the latter is horribly inaccurate and limits the flexibility of dive bombers across the board. Second, the idea that defensive fire increases damage to aircraft and not inaccuracy also seems like a step in the wrong direction. A quick read about the attack on Bismarck points this out in stunning detail; no planes shot down, but several broke off and a few more dropped torps early/wide of target in panic. From the limited experience I have with CV's and the anecdotes of my CV main friends, the easiest way to solve the carrier problem would be to fix the way AA inflicts damage (more the closer you get to the ship) and make the loss of accuracy the primary focus of AA (higher AA= greater accuracy penalty); and remove strafe to reduce the problem of plane-wiping. I.e. Don't reinvent the wheel.
  4. Jack_Stewart

    USS Montpelier?

    Honestly, I think we need the USS Vermont (BB-20) there need to be more Tier-II BB's. The Mighty Monty's already in game effectively with Cleveland, but the USN doesn't have a Tier-II pre-dreadnaught, and the IJN shouldn't be the only one!
  5. Jack_Stewart

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    Hey, guys. The Boise isn't a 'clone' of the Nueve de Julio, the Nueve de Julio IS Boise. USS Boise was sold to to the Argentinian Navy in Jan of 1951 and renamed Nueve de Julio (the ninth of January - Argentina's independence day).