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  1. Jack_Stewart

    USS Phoenix

    My understanding is that the Phoenix in game is a blueprint/prototype for the Omaha Class, and that the (1916) Phoenix class was never built.
  2. Jack_Stewart

    Submarines are Coming

    This is an unfortunate limitation of polling on the forums as such.
  3. Jack_Stewart

    Submarines are Coming

    I actually made a poll. Submarines, are You excited? As of time of posting 58% of those polled seem to have a negative opinion of submarines.
  4. Jack_Stewart

    Submarines are Coming

    The problem is what you're describing is NOT what WG is talking about. The info WG is throwing out right now is subs that do 20-30kt both on the surface AND submerged. That is not slow. Compare this with the type VII U-boat - the most produced German sub of the war. 17kt surfaced, 7kt submerged. Or the US Balao Class; 20kt surfaced, 8kt submerged. See the problem there?
  5. Jack_Stewart

    Chat bans and the disgusting system that allows it

    Yeah, that's some weaksauce.
  6. Jack_Stewart

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    We all KNEW this was the real reason for the NTC/RB project.
  7. Jack_Stewart

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    No. A quick application of search-fu through the threads for the "Naval Training Center" will reveal why this is a HORRIBLE idea.
  8. Jack_Stewart

    Submarines are Coming

    Nothing in that article even vaguely resembles ANYTHING like submarine warfare in (or around) WWII. NOTHING. I have supported WG through a lot of questionable decisions since Beta, but as of the CV rework my wallet has closed and will not reopen until serious efforts are made to fix the game...and submarines WILL NOT fix the game.
  9. Jack_Stewart

    Sometimes the bear eats you...

    It always feels nice being on top of the scoreboard when you're bottom tier, doesn't it? Congrats!
  10. Jack_Stewart

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Ok, since you're determined to put words into my mouth, let me spell it out. My point wasn't, "they could have spent the money over there and then it would be done," it was, "why are you continuing to throw money into a garbage-fire the community doesn't want!?"
  11. Jack_Stewart

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    You're still not getting it. The community has LOUDLY said that the NTC/RB is NOT something they want, yet WG is shoving it down our throats. I've never said there aren't teams working on those other issues, it's not an all or nothing proposition. What I'm trying to say is this; the community has made their stance on the NTC/RB clear, they've also made the list of things they want to see fixed clear. Rather than putting ANY resources into things the majority of the community does not want, put it into the problems the game has. TL;DR: The way WG is handling this, gives the impression that there is a disconnect between the company and their customers.
  12. Jack_Stewart

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    If you read my entire response, I wasn't talking about AA & the MM algorithm, but where CV's fit in the meta and MM in terms of fun and enjoyment, I.e. maps/ game modes. But even if they get those two things fixed, there are still a myriad of other things that need work, such as Radar and its ability to spot through solid objects. It's not like there are only two things that need to get fixed, there are two things that REALLY need to be fixed, before the game is healthy again, IMO.
  13. Jack_Stewart

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    To make a very long argument short, WoWs has some serious issues right now, the short list IMHO would be: CV's & matchmaking. These seem to be things that could use major work and are the source of a LOT of complaints on the forums. Instead, WG keeps coming up with new gimmicks and new 'resources' to collect, rather than making a functional, stable, fun game. Do any of you remember that fun is (supposed to be) the reason we're playing this game? Rather than making new maps and game modes to enjoy, they keep pushing that CV rework, trading one set of issues for another. Rather than fix their mistakes and actually make CV's work in the meta of the game, they decide they're going to add submarines. It's not petty, it's practical. WG, let's get the game back to a state where we're having fun and not just inflating the (new) player base, but retaining the players who come try out the game? A good FTP game lives and dies on player retention, and right now, it doesn't look like WG gives a flying [expletive deleted].
  14. Jack_Stewart

    Some thoughts on balancing submarines

    10. Subs need to surface to fire (accurately).
  15. Jack_Stewart

    What is this NONSENSE that WG Insists on Doing?

    I can speak from experience that most of my (small) clan - all of which are close friends out of game - have quit thanks to the MM. The other quit because they were a CV driver and didn't like the change. Hell, I took a ~6 month hiatus from the game earlier this year for exactly that reason.