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  1. I once had a game where we had all of the caps before even sighting an enemy ship. Was a long, long time ago so no replay. I think it was right after they changed Hot Spot for the first time.
  2. wdarkk

    Thank You, WoWs for the Camo Mission

    Am I off or is the window for completing the Minsk camo mission really tight?
  3. Didn't they have some kind of high-vis paint for the testing? I kind of want USS Prinz Eugen and Nagato in their test schemes.
  4. wdarkk

    What is with Killer Whale?????

    Bring an Independence. Or a Ryujo but I prefer the USN torp drops.
  5. wdarkk

    Giving some love to Manual Secondaries

    Easiest thing would be to move the secondary range boost from AFT onto Manual Secondaries so it's not twice as expensive a build as any other. Especially since AFT doesn't boost AA range in the CV rework.
  6. wdarkk

    Henri Comeback

    Crazy game I had in my Henri last patch. Thought for sure it was over until I saw that Zao. All praise to the reload booster. Ended up with 2623 base xp.
  7. wdarkk

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I've been taking the Republique into PVE when I'm not really feeling like PVP and want to relax and destress, which naturally means that stuff like that happens to me regularly. I've had a 272k game in it (no screenshot, but I looked it up on my stats). That's slightly less than my highest damage in PVP (288k).
  8. wdarkk

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm really looking forwards to this. I might play CV in a mode other than co-op with it.
  9. I had a game in open beta where the enemy was at 990 points, lost a ship, went back to 990 again, lost a ship again, and then repeated again. We won that one. Obviously no replay of that unfortunately.
  10. wdarkk

    IFHE is SO Good

    So on the test server I tried out the new Inertial Fuse for High Explosive shell skill. What it does is decreases the fire chance of your HE shells by 3 in exchange for 30% more penetration. The Budyonny, Shchors, and Chapayev all have 152mm HE shells. An HE shell has penetration equal to 1/6 its diameter (with some exceptions that aren't Russian cruisers and will be ignored). 1/6 of 152 is 25.3333etc. Multiplying that by 130%, we get 32.9333etc. That's higher than the 32mm that covers the extremities of most ships. This means that when you face a North Carolina, or for that matter a Yamato, you can get HE pens on the exterior plating.