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  1. Good change IMO. Why let battleships have all the survivability?
  2. I saw a popup after a battle that I was eligible for a special offer that "included a Graf Zeppelin Mission Token" or something. When I clicked the link it opened my web browser directed to the premium shop, but the page said "Service Unavailable" and gave me a message that I couldn't buy whatever that was. I don't own a Graf Zeppelin.
  3. Henri is amazing, easily my favorite T10 cruiser. Nobody knows how to aim at it. Even if they do the spaced armor is beastly.
  4. Gonna +1 this. I'd love to see the rewards refresh and encourage my friends and I to go back for more than just "oh <player x> wasn't here last time we did this."
  5. I'm missing the second camo too. I purchased the middle bundle and saw the mission to get a camo and completed it, but I didn't see any "camo addition" message. I don't have that camo and I have the ARP ships turned on. OK so I checked again and the special camo has its own hide/show thing that's independent from the ARP ships.
  6. I had them do this last year for Mathew. Didn't lose power, but internet was out for days.
  7. Supercontainer appeared when I tabbed back in again.
  8. It's spelled Shchors. Also it's not that bad, it just needs IFHE and careful play. The Chapayev does seem a lot better though.
  9. I'll see if playing the GK gets me an SC.
  10. I got an email today saying they'd credited me a supercontainer for the Kurfurst. I log in and it's an event container instead. EDIT: Second container showed up a little later.
  11. My favorite T10 right now is the Henri, dang thing feels like it's almost unkillable in random battles unless you screw up bad.
  12. Repack went fairly quickly for me, but I have a home-made fusion drive in an old-style mac pro. Not sure if it was more IO intensive or CPU intensive.
  13. Probably means I won't use IFHE on the Henri even though there's a fair amount of 50mm armor.
  14. St Patrick's Day and Ocean Soul camos. Not the gamescom or restless fire that I was hoping for, but not bad either.