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  1. CV Rework Feedback

    I'm really looking forwards to this. I might play CV in a mode other than co-op with it.
  2. I had a game in open beta where the enemy was at 990 points, lost a ship, went back to 990 again, lost a ship again, and then repeated again. We won that one. Obviously no replay of that unfortunately.
  3. Tashkent Repair Display Error

    So I noticed when upgrading my Tashkent that with the heal selected and the India Delta flag mounted that the display of the heal doesn't take the bonus into account when the hull is changed. If I removed the India Delta flag and reapplied it the heal returns to 130/sec.
  4. This, and then I want Star Wars to rip it off later.
  5. She is so Purdy!

    The real reason not to sell Varyag is that you might open one in a Christmas crate or supercontainer.
  6. Where is my helicopter?

    Jets were cut because they were too fast. Not a problem for most helicopters.
  7. Where is my helicopter?

    That show has the best damn theme song.
  8. The only person I knew in real life who played WoWs was an avid tabletop gamer.
  9. I'm gonna say no please to 9v9. It's a nice format, but my clan can barely convince 7 people to be online at the same time.
  10. Enough with the radar B.S.

    It's because destroyers inevitably counter each other. Two destroyers meet, and then one is going to take a ton of damage. This meeting usually takes place about halfway between the two forces, which means the guns the two destroyers are mounting aren't necessarily what's doing the damage. Alternative, one or both eats a torp. As for radar through islands, the radar goes through them but the shells don't. Just LOL if you trust your team to shoot what you're radaring.
  11. Enough with the radar B.S.

    I remember high tier play before radar was in the game. I remember the pre-nerf Shima holding half the enemy team by itself for ten minutes and getting a kraken. If anything there's not enough radar.
  12. There’s also a tendency to sail to a useless spot on the map, and you will never get back in time.
  13. I’m more annoyed that they aren’t in boxes, I was planning to purchase a few if they were like the Halloween boxes.
  14. Losing operations is fairly rare in my experience. Do you play at an odd hour?