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  1. I think I misread the timers or something, don't see any kots streams today. I'm worried this means I effed up the collection.
  2. Losing the ship assured acquisition range buff really hurts, it had a few gimmick uses.
  3. So after thinking it over it seems like just restarting periodically is enough to keep the game stable for me. I assume there's somehow a memory leak or VRAM contamination or something that persists between launches of the game? That's pretty wild.
  4. Codeweavers fix seems to have done absolutely nothing for me. Maybe I'll have to try it again.
  5. wdarkk

    Anyone playing Clan Brawl 12v12?

    There was the 4v4, my clan managed to field two full groups (although just barely).
  6. Let's see if this helps. I notice that finally the wgc window doesn't display at double size.
  7. I downloaded this and now I'm getting freezing at the start of battles, which is much worse than freezing at the end of them. report.zip
  8. wdarkk

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    There's another, more active mac version thread in Feedback and Bugs.
  9. This seems to be crashing where the previous version wasn't. report.zip
  10. Why is WGC asking for Input Monitoring privileges?
  11. Buying them with coal. Also you can get them semi-reliably in resource crates.
  12. wdarkk

    Italian Cruiser Guides?

    Ya, if you drop doubloons on the boxes.
  13. Does the change to the center deck apply to "supercruisers"? IIRC the Yoshino has a 25mm deck at t10.
  14. It's kind of weird to complain about a match that you survived, won, and did pretty well in. You realize an RTS CV would have just deleted you back to port unless you had a good AA build or he was a total noob? Honestly you outplayed the CV and should feel proud of that.