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  1. chewonit

    Z-52 — German Tier X destroyer.

    It's for shooting down Canadian geese. They are vicious.
  2. chewonit

    How to become a good torpedo boater ?

    OP seems to be a coop player. So most of the tips here probably don't apply.
  3. chewonit

    Why doesn't Sonar detect subs???

    Actually. Think about the game as a fantasy 3rd person RPG game will make a heck lot of sense. Arbitrary rules and nonsensical mechanics all make sense. Might & Magic with ship characters.
  4. Is Lesta still getting paid for the development and maintenance of this game going forward?
  5. My question is: Who's getting paid to develop the game from now on?
  6. This is the most important factor to me.
  7. chewonit

    Making some Mods permanent

    Ship names in mini-map was originally a mod. So it could happen. And also my vote for ScoreTimer. Ship names in chat while you are at it, WG.
  8. chewonit

    Hayate owners club.

    Full torp build. TRB FTW. 20-torp broadside. Half of Kitakami!
  9. chewonit

    I have to grind Pruisen? Really?

    Ships I had before the replacement = Ships I have now after the replacement I fail to see what the problems is. Plus now there are totally achievable paths to 2 more T10 ships. Free. You don't see that everyday from WG.
  10. chewonit

    Nothing but a token? Dirigible Derby.

    And supership missions?
  11. chewonit

    Nothing but a token? Dirigible Derby.

    It's not just the derby. DD team play in general doesn't pay. Other than cap points, non-damage actions pay out is pathetic. Smoke for teammate so they farm to their hearts' content? Zero payout. Spotting damage? Near zero payout. Risk your life trying to cap but got driven out of the cap by radar or planes before the last tick, after losing 90% of HP? Zero payout. Potential damage? Hahahah...
  12. chewonit

    Black nerf

    And in this forgotten dark corner of the room sobbing is YueYang, who was nerfed into oblivion because she can choose between smoke OR radar. Yes. YY was un-nerfed quite a bit over the years. But only after the meta and gimmicks left her in the dust.
  13. chewonit

    Patch 0.11.1 super cv incoming

    WG really, really wants to compensate for the failure of World of Warplanes...
  14. It doesn't explain why this happened, twice: I know about the long wait and incomplete teams. But this is just plain stupid. BTW: I wasn't the one waited for ages in queue. I got instantly grabbed into the battle after clicking Battle.
  15. chewonit

    When did WOWs become WOTs on water?

    It is Tanks on water with ship skins from day one. And it's not the players or maps. It's the whole thing is designed under that principle.