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  1. chewonit

    DDs are NOT dead!

    Oh. Another player with hidden stats trying to convince people with an anecdotal example.
  2. chewonit

    Destroyers should seek cover

    I don't see why that's a problem in coop. The match will end before you set up an ambush. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. chewonit

    Odds of winning a battle

    One feature of statistics is, with enough samples, individual suffering no longer matters. And that's the source of the disconnection between WG's spreadsheet and players' enjoyment.
  4. chewonit

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    Indeed. Maybe we can help promoting the awareness by running a competition. Like whoever get rid of the red CV the fastest each week get a prize?
  5. chewonit

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    If the side effect of keeping CVs alive is to remove the type's most oppressive feature, then I am all for it.
  6. chewonit

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    Simple solution by WG: remove plane spotting.
  7. MMM takes hidden profiles out of the samples when calculating average. I've seen high WR teams with many hidden stats lost one-sided a lot. Also. I think median numbers make more sense than simple average, or even number-of-matches weighted average.
  8. chewonit

    radar ranges

    Stealth firing or Open Water Stealth Firing as it was officially called, is already here. Radar ship in cyclone. OWSF all day long. OK. Not all day. But for whatever radar durations they have.
  9. People whaling hundreds of dollars to get a tech tree ship. And we wonder why WG doesn't seem to care what the players think...
  10. chewonit

    A Performance Review of Match Maker

    Average of what? Feelings?
  11. chewonit

    T10 Burnout is Real

    T10 happens to be where the most expensive premium/resource ships are. I wonder why WG is pushing T10 game modes so hard...
  12. So. YueYang will never be un-nerfed. I guess.
  13. chewonit

    Nvidia GeForce Now

    Check out Shadow PC. It's more expensive but it gives you full Windows 10 experience. So you get to install any games you want. Mods and resolution other than 1080p too. One of the issue is it's got only 256GB of storage.
  14. chewonit

    That Mean CV was Pestering me all Match!

    Rank with heal boosts. Anecdotal example to the extreme.
  15. chewonit

    Asashio Torps

    The UI tells you the locked target can't be hit by the torps. If only the players memorize how to read...