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  1. If you are wondering why WG bowed to the Chinese mob demands so quickly and completely, here's why: Looks like the Chinese Internet Army has mobilized to make an example out of WG.
  2. What mission? Was busy derping in Clan Battle last night. Did I miss the rewards for putting hard steel fish into the soft belly of big bad ships?
  3. We both survived the initial contact and I caught you later by yourself, right? I had the feeling that one of us was to get killed by the other when you hailed me at the beginning. :)
  4. With double rudders, too. She should be at least as nimble as Fletcher, if not more so.
  5. T9 Kagero was fine. She used to have the pre-nerf 20km torps, then F3 which was pretty effective with her best-in-game concealment. But that's before WG introduced wallhack radar. She won't survive in today's T9 matches.
  6. I want a variation of Ocean with random rocks in it.
  7. I thought the cool down starts AFTER the smoke finishes deploying? So that will be 46 seconds before the next smoke is available.
  8. It's not a Fletcher. It's an Allen M. Sumner class. A short Gearing if you will.
  9. Last week it started at 7pm EST. They seemed to set it to a UTC time for each server and just ignore local time zones.
  10. No. It tells the target it's closest to a red ship. It's not DD exclusive. There's not enough information to derive from.
  11. I want the old Ice map back. :(
  12. I think IJN torps should come with on-the-fly TA built-in. Let the player adjust speed/range tradeoff in match like narrow/wide spread option. I doubt it will happen though. Because torpedoes are IJN specialities. /s
  13. High tier KM DDs can have their torps loaded when they get to the caps in some maps.
  14. Yes. It's a hack. Stop playing. EDIT: OP doesn't want explanation. So why bother?
  15. I think it applies to everything. Shell travel time, ship travel time, etc. But I didn't verify that.