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  1. Isn't reducing BB population or effectiveness an indirect buff to CAs?
  2. Both side has the same number of DDs, plus or minus 1. They have the same chance of impacting the match for both teams. Just because you can't deal with them, doesn't mean your team lost because of them. Plus, fewer DDs actually means more freedom of operation for the few. If you pay more attention, you will find most matches with few DDs actually result in more BBs lost to them. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. With a 2:1 dup exchange rate, it's easy enough to get all the items. For example, a good match in Z-52 can get me 5 items daily, 2 more from the coop ones.
  4. So many DDs... NOT.
  5. That blows up? Kidding aside. Akizuki is fun even though I don't do well with her.
  6. Plus WG is just too proud of the whole radar idea to take it away. :)
  7. Holy OP... On the one hand, I thank OP for keeping this game afloat so I can play it mostly free. On the other hand, I know why I am a little queasy when I see Tirpitz on my team...
  8. I love Ocean, But it needs to be bigger so big ships can have the back of the map to hide.
  9. Helicopter parent big ships over protecting underage DD.
  10. tl;dr: gAME too hARD. NEEd "I win" buttoN.
  11. It has to somewhere on Earth... or Mars?
  12. To be fair. Kagero is only 2.5kt faster than Enterprise. It can be hard to catch up with one when you need to dodge DBs and TBs. But if you are the only one left in an IJN DD and the red still have a CV, you should just go duke it out with whatever other red ships left and go back to port.
  13. Just got Fabulous Fuse with Leander in a loss with 69K damage. "Deal 50,000 damage by main battery in random battle using any T5-T10 UK cruiser" in the reddit thread seems to be correct.
  14. I would have voted for Isokaze before the nerf. She was my favorite DD. Now she's just not worth the time. Clemson is still great. Fast path of destruction. Until I ran into some noob who decided to follow me and mirror my move, including launching torpedoes, from behind me...
  15. I thought you are blocked for a few minutes if you spam it too frequently? Also. It's fun to see a BB at the back of the map spamming "Requesting support" at the very beginning of a match. Or "Set a smokescreen" when no DD is within 10km.