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  1. chewonit

    Daring. Why?

    You can't be serious. T9 is the best in almost all DD lines.
  2. chewonit

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    Not really. I've seen more than a few AFKer gotten SW. Most were in lower tiers. They sat AFK far back and we had cap and point advantage. All other ships died but red team couldn't capture caps or find them in time. It's the most discouraging experience in this game. TBH.
  3. chewonit

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    TBH. I was lucky that the Zao didn't die to my torp right before our last other ship. And Missouri ran out of radar. I also miss-played by not noticing the remaining game clock and risked myself to the 3rd cap. I am actually more proud of that 125k spotting damage. :)
  4. chewonit

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    9. Most of them I had to work hard for. Probably only 1 or 2 were the run-and-survive kind. Latest one: https://replayswows.com/replay/31726#video It's getting harder because all the radar, planes, and RDF.
  5. chewonit

    Aiming with the dynamic cross hair in 4k

    Doesn't matter. Each tick mark still cover the same distance in game. The game scene may be stretched or squeezed to a wrong aspect ratio, the scene and tick marks are still rendered the same in relation to each other. Aspect ratio change does affect player perception and may take some time to get used to. But aiming by the tick marks should stay the same.
  6. chewonit

    Aiming with the dynamic cross hair in 4k

    So I did some tests and find that the screen size (pixel dimensions) and UI scale has no effect on the dynamic crosshair. All screenshots taken at max zoom with guns (Sims if that matters) Here's 2 different resolutions (3200x1800 on top and 1600x900 on the bottom, scaled up to the same size) with the same 100% UI scale. Here's the same resolution (3200x1600) with 150% (top) and 100% (bottom) UI scales: You can see the tick marks in all cases are at the same positions. The change OP has is the aspect ratio with resulted in a wider view angle. Which also doesn't effect the tick marks potions in relation to the scene. But you do get wider scene. The game locks to the vertical viewing angle. That is no matter what the resolution and aspect ratio your monitor has, the height of the scene rendered is always the same. The wider the aspect ration, the more you see on the horizontal axis. But the tick marks stay at the same angular positions. You see more tick marks on wider screens. tl;dr: No. Resolution and aspect ratio changes should not affect your aim. Tick marks represent the same distance in all cases.
  7. chewonit

    39 cent surcharge to buy Quinea 40 pack

    TBH. If you are so hung up on the 39 cents, maybe you shouldn't buy any. I know what it's like when money is tight. Don't spend on something you don't need. And here's the big fat /s
  8. chewonit

    The Shenyang is a pile of junk.

    If you can't make one of the best mid-tier seal clubbing DDs work, DD may not be for you.
  9. chewonit

    What to do with YY?

    Radar torp boat here. Contesting caps doesn't pay with all the radar in game. Flanking, spotting, and torping early in the match. Or get up to the cap and radar the red DDs to get them killed without you firing a shot. The very least you will get them scattered out of the cap.
  10. You are in Missouri. Get a little closer and use your should-never-had-been-added-to-a-BB radar .
  11. chewonit

    Annual remove detonations thread

    I want bigger, louder explosion for detonation. Also it should damage ships nearby.
  12. Why is the Shima in the picture torping an island? It also looks like a wide spread but with completely parallel tracks? Can we have that in game?
  13. chewonit

    How pathetic can this site get?

    OP's question, stats, and refusal to learn is the prime example of why this game needs a way for really bad players to lose XP so they don't fail their ways up to top tier. Yes. I am calling OP a really bad player. This game is so tolerant (some would even say catering) to bad players and OP managed to stand out among them.
  14. chewonit

    Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    Bring back Kitakami and I will let you know.