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  1. I am on the implementation side of things (read: code monkey) but my company has an entire department working on UX. UI changes all have to go through several layers of design, spec, and user feedback for approval before we actually write a single line of code for them. And we still make mistakes more often than we hope. However, stuffing 2 or more independent options into one control doesn't make any sense. It only works if none of your users ever want to control them independently. And we obviously do. A simple user group observation would tell them that. SMH...
  2. As someone who works in UX space, there are many many cases for combining controls in UI to make them simpler and sensible. This is not one of them.
  3. chewonit

    You have [edited] the role of DD's

    Because this game was conceived as battleships bashing each other with big guns. And it was designed and balanced entirely based on damages and kills. Everything else like ship type, game modes, and all the gimmicks are afterthoughts. The original logo:
  4. chewonit

    Magical Torpedoes Suck !!

    Indeed. Imagine DDs were not as OP, how much lower would you get with your seal-clubber-of-choice Clemson's average damage!?? 3K? 2K? Yes. I am stat shaming. People who can't deal with torps in WoWS today are lost cause.
  5. chewonit

    So stupid and illogical!

    Yes. That will at least make detonation worth the pain. Also. Torps should also have fire chances. (dodging incoming bananas...)
  6. OK. Which one of you in Chung Mu schooled the same WG employee who was rekt by a YY?
  7. chewonit

    Rank 5+ and DDs

    Acknowledging and appreciating good players, even when they handed your behind to you, isn't that hard.
  8. chewonit

    Resizing DD models?

    The ship sizes relative to each other is correct. But some ship models really need to be reviewed. I still think Gearing is modeled way wider than it should be. The length/beam ratio (9.74) is higher than Fletcher (9.49) so she should look thinner. But Gearing in game is so much "fatter" than Fletcher.
  9. Because the leaps on accuracy and damage power in high tier allows far less room for error. It also amplifies the skill gaps disproportionately. So the chance of a lower skill team to overcome the gap is extremely low. So you feel really powerless with the clueless teammates you have.
  10. Bad and ignorant players are bad and ignorant.
  11. chewonit

    Ranked season 12 midseason stats and numbers

    Why anyone still drives YY in any game mode now is really beyond me. I guess if that's your only T10 then you have no choice. But again, it being your only T10 makes me question your life choice.
  12. chewonit

    Random torps

    Don't stick around big ships, especially in front of them. They are torp magnets and you don't want to be in the paths of torps intended for them too much.
  13. chewonit

    Random dominated by poor players.

    Bring back Team Battles!
  14. chewonit

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    1:22 is 82 seconds. You are getting shorter reload time than reported? I would keep it quiet so WG doesn't find out. :)