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  1. Selfish DDs

    When your DDs hesitate to cap, ask yourself: Is this a CV match? Are there radar CAs in the red team? Is the cap in question in a confined space? Are friendly big ships close enough to help the DDs?
  2. I've long resigned to the fact that this game is Battleship centric and most if not all incentives are to cater BB population. Damage-based rewards are just that because damage farming is what BBs do best. This is literally Battleships' world and we are just living in it.
  3. How do you know you are top for damage done?
  4. It's a multi-battle mission. "Must be completed in random or ranked battles" would have avoided a lot of confusion.
  5. "Must be completed in a random or ranked battle" I really wish WG can be more clear on the requirement.
  6. Sometimes I think a lot of BB players misunderstand what solo warrior achievement is, and try to be the last survivor.
  7. can't get forum to post correctly. I'll try direct email.


  8. Can't download it. Can you put it somewhere else? The forum download is porked.
  9. Pan Asian Destroyer flags

    It changes all ship in the line to have Taiwan flag. Not optimal, but it's at least 50% correct. :)
  10. Ocean map-more rotation

    Ocean map is the only map that makes you feel like you are playing a game about ships, not tanks floating on water.
  11. Oblivious BB in scope view complains he hit something he didn't see. Is this a good enough tl;dr?
  12. DWTsss

    Don't know about plane spotting. But I think hydro detection range is the same to all torps. The range listed in the consumable popup is a fixed number against any torps. They are guaranteed to be detected at that range when hydro is on. My guess is plane spotting is also a fix range against all torps.
  13. Great ideas. But the game engine can't support those. /starting_rumor_to_excuse_wg
  14. And get rid of the stupid perma-spot of torps.