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  1. Went in for a torp run on an oblivious Tirpitz. Got hit by her torps aiming at a out-of-range friendly BB 10km behind me.
  2. And what will happen when all the ships are within your DD's concealment range? The shrinking area mode basically strips DD's operation space. Good luck brawling with CAs and BBs.
  3. Put down smoke for burning BB. BB stops in smoke. Great. I think. Then he shoots in smoke. Gets focus down and die. I run into red DD. I die because I don't have smoke. I get reported for playing poorly.
  4. It's a amazing accomplishment. In a T10 match no less.
  5. On top of that, the reward for a DD doing its job is also crap. OP solo capped twice, had awesome spotting damage. And only got average (if not below average) XP for the win. All because OP didn't do much damage. This game, after these many years, still can't shake off its World of Battleships origin. It still rewards what BB does the best: damage farming.
  6. How to Shimakaze

    I hold the 3rd launcher more often with F3 since the chance of hitting with the 2 launchers is higher with F3. I think at least one of the 4 kills in this match last night was done with one single launcher after the 1st 2 hit a BB in a totally different direction.
  7. How to Shimakaze

    Faster is always better. The question is by how much and at what cost. Generally F3's speed is not worth the range it gives up. But there are 2 things worth considering. The time to target is shorter for faster torps thus reduces the target's course variation. This is especially useful in DD fights and cap contesting. The red DDs don't expect to see torps coming their way so fast and quickly. Then when the target has hydro on, faster torps have shorter reaction time to get through the fixed detection range. I switch between the two depending on the mood of the day. They can be both fun in different ways.
  8. 8 is amazing already. Chin up and be proud!
  9. http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?PR=na&Name=&A=1&B=5&G=0&S=100&R=105&C=0 The world record seems to be 9 shared by 5 players.
  10. http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?PR=na&Name=&A=1&B=5&G=0&S=100&R=100&C=0 @eversor21 Had a 12-kill battle in Minotaur. @Gaishu_Isshoku had a 11-kill one in the same ship.
  11. Close your eyes for 10 or 15 seconds after you sink. If you don't see it, it's not there.
  12. End Situational Awareness

    Actually. Free SA is a nerf to DD since a lot of DD gameplay relies on the lack of awareness of the targets.
  13. 2 ships in game same name

    Well. If you see someone named ʇᴉuoʍǝɥɔ, it's not me.
  14. I want to know if it's intended. I noticed that about 2 patches ago. EDIT: My issue is PA captains are all in English now. It used to be in Chinese.
  15. How good are German DDs in ranked?

    If you are thinking of doing damage in a DD, you are going to have a really hard time in Ranked. The small team size doesn't allow one to not do his job. And DD's jobs, at least the top ones, are spotting, capping, and staying alive. It's a hard life for DDs since if you do your job and still lose, you won't keep your star. But if your goal is to win, then the heck with the stars. Also, you can get past T8 to R10 in any ship as long it's the one you are most comfortable with. R10 up is a different story. The T10 meta is just too strong to work against fro most players.