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  1. chewonit

    Anyone else feel BBs are obsolete?

    All matches should be 11 BBs + 1 DD. You know. Like in real life. /s
  2. Saw the writing on the wall after YY nerf and figured CV wouldn't have made it any better. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. There are weekend players, and there are weekend posters.
  4. chewonit

    It is a Torpedo Fest

    Getting frustrated by CV torps is understandable since they are literally dropped in your face. But if you are consistently hit by DD torps, which require you to sail on predicted course and speed for between 30 seconds to a minute, is just inexcusable. Take, for example, OP in his favorite ship Scharnhorst. The shell flight times are typical within 10 seconds and he has 21% hit rate. How mush worse would it be if the flight time was 30 or 50 seconds? Yes. The target has to be extremely stupid to get hit by that. You are outplayed. Get over it. If you are constantly outplayed, get better.
  5. How I deal with it: Interestingly, my PR went up after I stop playing: People continue to suck after I quit. I guess?
  6. This is bannable? Coop players are intense.
  7. OP. The inverted triangles in the water, no matter what colors they are in, are not power-up gems. DO NOT PICK THEM UP!
  8. Adding more CV limit in MM will be admitting defeat on CV rework. Like claiming automatic team kill penalty system works but dare not re-release Kitakami,.
  9. chewonit

    Stop the Cheating!

    Accusing people of cheating just because they are good (in skill or luck) and beat you, is very weak.
  10. chewonit

    Aim Hackers or Code Cheats

    tl;dr: Can't be outplayed. Must be cheat.
  11. chewonit

    Where did all the Bad DD Players go?

    Don't know. You tell us.
  12. chewonit

    Are we now playing WoCaTS?

    I mean. Without CV it's WoToW: World of Tanks on Water. Not really much better. /s
  13. chewonit

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    CV is the next untapped cash flow and WG will do anything and everything to make them more than 5% of the player base.
  14. chewonit

    The magic Shimakaze

    Almost 12K games and you've never proxy detected until now? And you don't find it strange you can detect the Shima behind the island, too?
  15. chewonit

    question to dev and anti cv whinners

    Your T10 DDs averaged less than 30K damage. How did you get "easily have a 100K+ damage game"? Talk about whining.