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  1. chewonit

    Never before seen shenanigans

    World of Slot Machines
  2. Which line is going to get the 1-meter calibre guns first?
  3. chewonit

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    You mean make that something hit Black torps.
  4. Cool. And if you drop the bomb at the wrong time, it will bounce back and blow the planes up. Now we are talking!
  5. If it's adjusted to locked target speed, what does it show when you don't have a locked target?
  6. CV should always spawn next the caps. That sure will make them part of the game.
  7. chewonit

    When was the map, "Ocean" released?

    People hate the only map that doesn't play like World of Tanks on Water. That's why it's rare.
  8. chewonit

    12 v 12 recap

    I don't get why WG wouldn't bring the Team Battles back. It's marketed as a team game. Make real team play easier. FFS.
  9. WG is going to need all your unfinished hulls to hold the cash they raked in.
  10. WG claims to actively catching bots. But they are not. Bots are good to their business since they inflate the active player count. How hard is it to catch these hundreds of games per day bots??
  11. chewonit

    Gifted ships block account?

    This feels so much like a loophole to SWAT someone...
  12. chewonit

    Ranked Sprint 1v1 battles! Season X

  13. chewonit

    Upcoming 12 v 12 brawl

    Just bring back Team Battles FFS.
  14. Rebalancing Gearing (and other older ships that almost everyone already has) doesn't make WG any money.
  15. chewonit

    USS Norman Scott

    You can just play Chung Mu and pretend it's Norman Scott since it's the same square bridge Fletcher. After all, it's just a name in this game. There are so many other DD classes not in this game yet. There's no need to recycle the most used model and more gimmicks.