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  1. No. That's the incentive to win. The multiplier can be adjusted to make it fairer for this mode. But winning should still be the biggest part of the goal.
  2. Stars should be rewarded to the 7 players with the most XP in a battle, regardless of teams. The XP multiplier of the winning team should be enough incentive to win.
  3. chewonit

    Sumner class DD

    Yes. They are different. And there's no Sumner class DD. It's Allen M. Sumner. And it's you who described the Somers in your first post. In any case. They are both in the game.
  4. chewonit

    Sumner class DD

    Somers is in the game but not available now. It was a steel ship that was just removed from the Armory. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Somers
  5. My profile isn't hidden and I agree with them. You don't have to assume anything. I am part of the problem since I did press the button and had awful experience with CVs in the game.
  6. chewonit

    Euro DDs and their Ikea Torps

    I am not sure what your point is. But I am just wondering how you came up with whatever opinion with exactly ONE match in Halland in the entire tree?
  7. chewonit

    Really WG? Five DDs per team?

    Interesting. DD battles played consistently make up less than 30% of the total battles. How do people keep having matches with 40%+ DDs in it? http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20210327/na_week/average_class.html Can it be people only complain when things don't go their way? Weird.
  8. Other than CV, what type of ship has the luxury to choose a target anywhere on the map? Non-CVs can only deal with ships they encountered. Sure a high value target is there. But my 30-kt ship wont reach there before the game ends. But with CV's 100+kt planes, it can pick and choose all it wants. Talking about CV without considering the unique advantage of it holding all the initiatives is either ignorance or willfully lying.
  9. None of the Pan Asian ships existed or was in service in WW2.
  10. Ah. The deck at the bow is in dark color and blends with the sea. Makes it look like a flat stern.
  11. She's sailing backward?
  12. chewonit

    So if you torp a friendly at 9K is it really your fault?

    Ran a stop sign and T-boned someone. It's their fault for not noticing my speeding car from miles away. No. You can see all your friendlies on the mini map no matter the distance.
  13. chewonit

    RANKED GAME requirements

    I can guarantee you OP is not an elitist. NOT EVEN CLOSE. :)
  14. Post the replay and let's all have a laugh! Not sure who would we laugh at though.
  15. chewonit

    New graphics effects

    The torp impact splashes are great. ngl.