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  1. QuantumEntropy


    Not working for me too Now it works , false alarm.
  2. QuantumEntropy

    DD XP....Seriously?

    Seeing the ribbons i can guess you went around just torping people , that dosent give you the max xp that you can get by spotting/capping/defending/shooting other dds. That's your xp. Spent 70% of the game keeping the 2 inner circles from not being capped and shooting the dds then after we were wininng went spamming the enemy with he and ofc we lost cause they melted after i left the cap circles And that's without premium acc or anything , just the 100xp camo. DD xp is fine but it depends on what you do that game
  3. http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/skin-tirpitz-khabarowsk/#comment-13675


    My friend i need this Khabarovsk skin i have to send it to you now i can find it thanks in advance for your help


    1. QuantumEntropy


      That skin is broken , i tried getting and it dosent work , find who made it and ask him for it.

    2. Evren_Dilbirli_i


      Thank you for your help this is a nice bi work who have done this work ..

  4. thank you ı love you:)))))))))))))))))

    1. QuantumEntropy


      you are welcome


  5. hay 

    1. Evren_Dilbirli_i
    2. Evren_Dilbirli_i


      moskva skin uploud please...link 

      I would like to request a new link moskva skin red
    3. QuantumEntropy


      I will upload the skin tomorow if i can find it ,

      I stopped doing skins .You can ask gio ,he's the skin maker

  6. Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right

  7. QuantumEntropy

    campaign task 8?

    Play a OP dd in pvp and enjoy life
  8. QuantumEntropy

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    Prints from the two games Ahem , so it's because of the div , got it That's why my other 2 games i saw just tier 4-5s with solo
  9. QuantumEntropy

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    Yes, but the same tier ships , we had an Aoba and the other side a Budy with no divs but most of the ships ware tier 4-5 My Molotov game the enemy had a Yubari div with a Omaha , was a tier 5-6 game
  10. QuantumEntropy

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    I saw tier 6 cruisers with the Yubari and had to face a few of them with the Molotov I have the replays if that counts nvm , one was a in a div with a Omaha and the rest ware just lonley tier 6 cruisers , the rest ware 5 and 4s
  11. All of time and space, everywhere and anywhere, every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?

    1. ThinIcee


      Spying Intensifies

  12. QuantumEntropy

    How to Kirov?

    Ok , This is my new fav ship after Murmansk and Roon First game of the day , Kraken Someone nerf this Russian Bias http://snag.gy/6Zm3P.jpg OBS screwed up the sound and had to put something from youtube's sound board, it's just gameplay
  13. You know what the big problem is in telling fantasy and reality apart? They’re both ridiculous.