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  1. Nordeit

    Morse code designers table

    Copied from Reddit: Deciphered by LongBen. Solution: https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/142552-давайте-сделаем-мозговой-штурм/?tab=comments#comment-6170162 Translation: Begin with the big letters CONGRATULATIONS. T and S fall out. Now, Morse code: 1) On a ribbon (roller): --- = O 2) Mate signaling = U 3) Real signal (the only one, Indie) = I 4) What remains of the torn T (-): dash = Т 5) ASCII on a plane, 0x4f = О 6) Phone sound (need to turn camera towards it): beeping reads --. = G 7) Blinking light in the window: -.-. = С Now removing the letters from the word CONGRAULATION (T and S already removed). Getting the word NRALAN Going back to the cypher table, setting up letters: in the original order, N and A - first, then second. Result: FESTUM
  2. Nordeit

    Morse code designers table

    Maybe you need to use the table in front of the ship to translate the code. I don't know. I don't think those were red herrings.
  3. Nordeit

    Morse code designers table

    Somebody already solved it and shared it on reddit.
  4. Nordeit

    Morse code designers table

    the letter on the bottom does not have a anchor sigil. Maybe a T?
  5. Nordeit

    Morse code designers table

    The old Designers Table had a hidden code during Anniversary. The code was removed in the following update.
  6. Nordeit

    Morse code designers table

    ASCII 0x4F should be 'O'. And here is a message from the 'wows developers team' to the 'players'. I bet this is part of the puzzle.
  7. Nordeit

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    0.8.1 fixed the camo for the 155mm secondaries on Yamato and Musashi, but Helenas 127mm secondaries are still 'naked' when using the remembrance night camo. This bug only affects this special camo.
  8. are capital letters important? the code from ASIA (h3d33p) was all lower case and the 'c' from EU looks like a lower case 'c'.
  9. 5 could also be the word/number "five", because there are 5 different subs
  10. F34RTH/N350FT/h3d33p fear th 3N50FT he deep fear the N5(??) of the deep ? We still miss the EU part ...
  11. https://twitter.com/wows_urlguy/status/1057279678380163073 A little Halloween treat for the ARG players: N350FT Any Idea what that means?
  12. You have to wait until Halloween. Was written on some documents. "The invocation will only work after All Hallows Eve, 11:20 UTC"
  13. That was important for last years scavenger hunt. But most likely not for this year.