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  1. SafariHat

    Who Would You Like to See?

    august von mackensen: the man with the hat of all hats
  2. i think this is a good minor tweak to over-preforming ships. in the future id rather these kinds of minor targeted nerfs to ships instead of the nonsense up downs of what happened to other lines
  3. SafariHat

    Premium ships cost more when logged in

    i wonder if it has something to do with taxes
  4. SafariHat

    The Russophobia on NA

    people cant get along even with the exact same point of origin. see: sibling rivalry
  5. SafariHat

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    incorrect, it affects all ap rounds its just more noticable when the rounds do alot of damage, iirc it has something to do with how wg modeles the internal structure of ships and a bug that allows an ap shell to deal damage twice, for example an overpen when entering a ship and a pen when the shell explodes
  6. SafariHat

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    after thinking about these changes for a while, i have realized that if these changes go through to live there will be almost no reason to ever not fire he if you are in a bb other than at cruisers that lack torp bulges. these changes will add significantly more damage to any he salvo as saturation is now null and the 0 damage he shell hits vs ships will no longer exist
  7. SafariHat

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    or it will make bbs fire only he
  8. SafariHat

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    lul as if i ever get any damn citadels, im lucky if i ever get even a .33 pen on something let alone a citadel
  9. SafariHat

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    if they put this in the game im just gonna fire he at everything then instead of firing ap. why waste my time switching to an inferior ammo type if its gonna do nothing vs all the ships when i can do quite a bit of damage to all types of ships instead, and get fires and break modules? wait why am i wasting my time firing ap at ships again?
  10. SafariHat

    Possible Solution to Radar

    the problem isn't radar the problem is concealment and how ridiculously overpowered not being seen is
  11. SafariHat

    Colorado is garbage

    i got my most recent solo warrior in the colorado this was back in 2015 when it was truly garbage. git gud son
  12. SafariHat

    Do you feel this game is P2W?

    really the only thing that might be considered to be pay 2 win in this game is that there is no tech tree tier 7 radar ship, all radars at tier 7 are premium ships.