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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    the problem isn't radar the problem is concealment and how ridiculously overpowered not being seen is
  2. Colorado is garbage

    i got my most recent solo warrior in the colorado this was back in 2015 when it was truly garbage. git gud son
  3. Do you feel this game is P2W?

    really the only thing that might be considered to be pay 2 win in this game is that there is no tech tree tier 7 radar ship, all radars at tier 7 are premium ships.
  4. Salute Like a Girl

    the only true salute is the NY salute
  5. i generally just shut off my brain as best as i can and follow the flow of battle instinctively; i tend to either overthink things too much and get myself killed or yolorush in and die when i have my brain active
  6. Reworking Detonations

    my biggest issue with detonations is that they occur in ranked/clanwars, remove detonations from the competitive modes plz wg
  7. Steam "Version" Implementation

    id really like it if wg made the integration happen because at the moment my bank has decided to ban the entirety of cyprus from transactions, so its now nearly impossible for me to buy any wg product
  8. i hated it more than i hated izumo, i spent all 150k free xp that i was saving up for musashi to get out of playing even one more game in her
  9. Look!!! Who we have here?

    when the new orleans moves down a tier what will happen to the wg anniversary premium camo?
  10. Detonations

    all i want is for detonations to be removed from ranked and clan battles ie the competitive modes. is that really too much to ask?
  11. Isn't it weird

    this change in detectability only occurs when the aaa fires its mostly to nerf the minotaur being invis while swatting planes
  12. Buy a new modification

    you should probably use the accuracy mod on the iowa instead imo
  13. this was my first game in the des moins, started off the game camping behind an island, then we started losing so the entire team rushed middle and completely steamrolled the red team replay if interested: https://replayswows.com/replay/5411#stats answer? teamwork
  14. hell why dont we just divide all damage done in half and double the length of matches?