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  1. Fighting Fridays - The Nemesis

    Low-tier British CLs. You just aim at them and they tend to explode. Alternatively, Bogues. They're citadel pinatas, even with low-caliber HE rounds.
  2. My preferred mid-tiers would be Gulio Cesare, Kirov, Furutaka, and Nicholas. Cesare has excellent gunpower and is pretty speedy for her type, Kirov is a decent support ship, Furutaka is surprisingly tanky, and Nicholas is a load of fun (if I remember to play most of these, lol).
  3. The Hunger Games: Forum Addition! Tributes anyone?!

    Would certain WoWS achievements be included in some fashion? Such as someone managing to kill 5 other tributes having scored a Kraken, or someone killing two tributes in the same action having managed a Double Strike? I think it would be somewhat clever,
  4. Finally got Kraken!!!

    I remember my first Kraken. Funnily enough, it was also a loss, which was a shame considering I was just starting to go into hard carry mode when the score ticked over.
  5. I know a certain someone would love to see a film on her, yes. As for my pick, I choose the Shigure. One of the luckiest destroyers of the IJN, and her skipper, Capt. Tameichi Hara, has a decent chunk of her history penned down in his memoirs. Alternatively, something involving one of the more notable American submarines, such as Harder or Albacore.
  6. The Type 055 Collection

    She's a lovely-looking vessel. I can say that much.
  7. A few of the ones I've seen in Clan Battles, courtesy of KOTS players from SVF's sister clan and assorted friendly groups: "Shove": In Competitive, a tactic involving a push up a flank, typically with cruisers. "Mong Rush": Similar to Shoving, except with the bulk, if not the entirety of, your team's ships, all in one concentrated blob. "Chad": Taken from a meme, this is similar to a "YOLO" rush, in which a single ship rushes forward to engage enemy forces. "Turn Out": Once ships have reached a certain position on the map, they put themselves at an angle where they can begin kiting once contact is made with enemy forces. And a few from Randoms. "Random Torp(s)": As it says on the tin. An unexpected encounter with torpedoes, though said torpedoes may not be aimed specifically towards your ship. "Fun and Engaging": Term for the "Detonation" achievement, taken from a WG Q&A where the mechanic was described as such. Typically far from it. "Poi": A word often dropped in battle chat. Taken from Kantai Collection, a franchise that imagines historical warships as young women. Poi is the (in)famous verbal tic of Yuudachi, a personification of of the 4th ship of the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers. "Torpedobeat": The act of performing close dodges against enemy torpedo spreads. The term was coined by "Yuro", who often set such actions to songs from the Eurobeat genre of music (typically songs from the anime Initial D), where the high BPM and pulse-pounding bass intensify the encounter. "That's a Paddlin'": Originating from The Simpsons, YouTuber and Community Contributor The Mighty Jingles has made use of it to describe the often poor results of thinly-armored ships presenting their sides to hostile battleships. "Potato": While not unique to Warships, EU Community Contributor and (in)famous unicum Flamu has popularized it to refer to players with poor decision-making skills in a match. Actions considered "potato" include (but are not limited to) battleships keeping at long range (often towards the map borders), destroyers neglecting to scout, screen, or contest capture points, carriers neglecting to move even when under threat of taking fire from enemy surface ships, radar-equipped American cruisers taking floatplanes instead, and needless ramming attacks. "WITNESS ME": Taken from Mad Max: Fury Road, typically signifying an attempt at a ramming attack. "WITNESSED": Said ramming attack has succeeded. "MEDIOCRE": Ramming attack has failed. "Stream Sniping": Following the Twitch Livestreams of Community Contributors in the hopes of ending up in the same match as them. The ultimate goal is to find and sink them. Often considered poor sportsmanship.
  8. Mentioned in Dispatches

    I did something that once while joining Jive Turkey for a stream. Even imitated Notser's voice. They thought someone new had joined the chat, lol.
  9. First set netted me Orobouros Flags and 50 Restless Fire camos. Nothing to complain about. Got four more sets to go.
  10. Premium Battleship suggestions

    Well, good news. Kii is coming sometime down the road, according to SEA, who get the news first. Apparently she's getting a hypothetical AA fit, with an Akizuki strapped to each side.
  11. Newbie ? Tech Tree & Containers

    Ships you can research and purchase are highlighted in green in the tech tree, and you'll see the option to research and purchase them when you click on them.
  12. Tier 9 and 10 Japanese Gun Boats?

    The Tier 9 and 10 on the 2nd DD line will be paper ships, obviously. A mild curiosity for a line where each ship on it was laid down, completed, and had served in some capacity. However, at least the "Super-Akizuki" and "Super-Shimakaze" are reasonably well-known (by paper ship standards, anyway. Wikipedia does mention that such ships were planned, much like the Montana-class BBs).
  13. The WG URL guy has spoken!

    I do wonder what jokes and references he'll have in store for this year?
  14. I'm totally open for an "International Server", if only to see how strategies and metas interact.
  15. What's the best destroyer in each tier?

    And once more I'm reminded why I seldom post here.