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  1. I got Asashio. That's a funny way to spell "Myoukou". Also, I'm sure someone's gonna make an FBI joke at my expense because of this.
  2. CompassJimbo

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    If Japanese, I'd say Rizou Tanaka or Tameichi Hara. Both were very skilled destroyer captains, and some of the precious few (relatively) sane officers in their navy. The latter was even a major reason why Shigure lasted as long as she did against the increasingly overwhelming odds.
  3. CompassJimbo

    Your very first Premium was?

    The very first Premium I got was technically Emden, acquired over an end-of-year mission chain, though the first one I actually purchased with my own money was Atago, though being inexperienced at the time, I'll admit I couldn't play her properly, and should've grabbed something lower-tier.
  4. CompassJimbo

    Premium DD Yuudachi

    I can already see the URL Guy's name for the sale page: "Apoicalypse Now."
  5. CompassJimbo

    Tides of War Tuesday - Pivotal Moments

    Clan Wars, 2nd Season. My team was up against one of the [PNG] clans. They managed to kill everyone except myself, but we held the line long enough to score more points than them. However, I was low on health and had to start running and hiding, but fired a spread of torpedoes into our only cap, which soon began to fall. However, one of my torpedoes hit something, namely, an enemy Zao. With the clock ticking down, him on equally low health, and the enemy starting to bear down on me, I opened up, and somehow won the DPM race before the rest could start landing hits, pushing my team above 1,000 points and clinching the win.
  6. CompassJimbo

    Myoko — Japanese Tier VII cruiser.

    Myoko is a very solid ship, even after the release of new lines and numerous gameplay changes. Her performance is pretty good for me, being able to deliver hard-hitting HE salvoes at range, and close-in with the enemy showing broadside, can hit them hard with her AP rounds. Her torpedoes aren't half-bad, either, although I tend not to use them too often thanks to those awkward rearward firing arcs. Girl even looks fantastic, too, with those slender, sharp, and aggressive lines.
  7. CompassJimbo

    Warship Wednesday - First Ship of the Day

    Usually, if I plan to play randoms and any divmates aren't planning to immediately go higher tier, I tend to start out with Myoko. Always comes off as eager, chomping at the bit to get into the action.
  8. CompassJimbo

    Azur Lane anime announced

    I caught wind of this as I woke up this morning, and was informed as to what happened on the stream. The EN audience was reportedly cheering the whole thing on, chanting "Death to Kancolle! Death to Kancolle!" as if it were a terrible monster to be slain. And is if to emphasize the point, WG itself is supporting the franchise that's eating away at the one that propelled this game to fame to begin with.
  9. CompassJimbo

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    I mentioned this before, but there was a player from either [TASH] or [KENT] who, when he saw me one game, was like "Ah, crap, it's Jimbo. Every game I have where you show up goes horribly!" It feels strange being an otherwise unnoteworthy player and someone from a major clan dreading my simple presence.
  10. CompassJimbo

    PSA - Azure Lane back in the shop

    There's a reason why one of my clanmates calls her "Asuka Langley Hipper".
  11. CompassJimbo

    PSA - Azure Lane back in the shop

    Same bonuses as the normal premium camo. -3% to surface detection, -4% dispersion to incoming ordinance, -10% to repairs, and +50% to XP earned. Basically, they're worth it if you want your ship to look anime-inspired, but not gaudy like some modded skins I've seen, which make the ships in question look like they should be going head-to-head with Ricky Bobby at the Talledega 500.
  12. CompassJimbo

    Sea Story Saturday - Epic Battles

    This was my second game in the Montana. After a long and hard grind down the American BB line, it felt refreshing to finally see Big Sky Country. My first game was solid as it was, about 100-something-K damage, which was enough to convince me of her potential. First impressions are important to me in a ship, and Montana had made a good one. So, alongside [CUTER]'s FLChaos, whom I knew from a mutual friend, I set out for round 2 and ended up on Mountain Range. Chaos was in voice comms, providing advice and warning me if I was making a mistake. The enemy made more. One of the enemy team recognized me, a member of... I believe it was [TASH] or [KENT]. But he was in a Worcester, and outright dreaded me because apparently, every time I showed up, he had a really bad day. That sinking feeling he had turned out to be well-founded, because the enemy kept giving me broadside because Chaos proved to be the more interesting target, allowing me to score some rather brutal shots into their citadels. I sunk them. I sunk them all, including a blind snap shot on that aforementioned Worcester that finished him off. Chaos had gone down, but the western flank was ours. It was around then that someone from my team was like "push up! We need to kill stuff!", just as I blew up an angled Missouri, as if to prove his point. "Like that!", the guy said. It was at that moment that my team noticed that I had scored a Kraken and was tearing the enemy to shreds. A Khabarovsk tried to harass me, and I hate those things. Unfortunately for him, he was at under 10km, and 50mm of belt is suffice to arm 16" Super-Heavies. He went down in short order as he tried to bail, and somewhere I also whacked a Chapayev that was also trying to burn me to a crisp. Shortly after, I nailed another DD, a Shimakaze, I believe, that clutched the win. Only two enemy ships were left, and had we not won on points, I suspect I would have gotten them, too. My team was cheering me on all the while, impressed at my rampage all while I laughed and laughed at the shiny ribbons and medals that rained down. A strong first impression was followed up by an even stronger second. Big Sky scored me some big numbers, and I knew I was going to love this thing. Also, it was my birthday that day, so this could count as quite a present.
  13. Managed to bag myself a few, including a rather funky one.
  14. CompassJimbo

    Fearsome Friday - Piracy on the High Seas

    Today, I've managed to down about four or five. Also, is there a thread where players can discuss who've they've managed to sink thus far? I desire a place to post my shiny new wall mounts.
  15. I don't quite remember Real-Time Strategy games allowing that many people into a multiplayer session. The only one that does 8v8 that I know of is World in Conflict, but any attempts at coordinated pubstomping in that game are likely to be shut down by loads of off-map fire support. But returning to topic somewhat, unicums are a fairly rare breed, and divisions between them no less uncommon. Furthermore, the playerbase is large enough that the chances of someone running into a particularly skilled division are fairly low. I dare say you're more likely to run into a unicum playing by their lonesome than three of them together and chatting over voice.