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  1. First set netted me Orobouros Flags and 50 Restless Fire camos. Nothing to complain about. Got four more sets to go.
  2. Premium Battleship suggestions

    Well, good news. Kii is coming sometime down the road, according to SEA, who get the news first. Apparently she's getting a hypothetical AA fit, with an Akizuki strapped to each side.
  3. Newbie ? Tech Tree & Containers

    Ships you can research and purchase are highlighted in green in the tech tree, and you'll see the option to research and purchase them when you click on them.
  4. Tier 9 and 10 Japanese Gun Boats?

    The Tier 9 and 10 on the 2nd DD line will be paper ships, obviously. A mild curiosity for a line where each ship on it was laid down, completed, and had served in some capacity. However, at least the "Super-Akizuki" and "Super-Shimakaze" are reasonably well-known (by paper ship standards, anyway. Wikipedia does mention that such ships were planned, much like the Montana-class BBs).
  5. The WG URL guy has spoken!

    I do wonder what jokes and references he'll have in store for this year?
  6. I'm totally open for an "International Server", if only to see how strategies and metas interact.
  7. What's the best destroyer in each tier?

    And once more I'm reminded why I seldom post here.
  8. That didn't stop me from getting 15 points on my Clemson captain. He's actually my first to make it that far.
  9. AFT tends to be useless considering the poor reload on the guns, even if you can get a better stealth fire range. SE is the better option, considering you want to stay in the fight as long as possibly, the HP buffs scale well with destroyers, and the longer you last, the more torpedo cut-ins you can perform.
  10. I've just been Poi'd!

    Yuudachi? Gimme a break. Shigure best girl
  11. Akizuki

    "Ducky" is a minor meme from KanColle. An alternate pronunciation of "Akizuki" is "Akiduki", which any English speaker will promptly and purposely mispronounce as "Ducky" because it's funny (while on the topic of "Ducky", there's also a Danbooru pool - "Feeding the Ducks"- so named due to their historically poor provisions). "He" refers to the enemy Tirpitz.
  12. Akizuki

    He fired his screws at a Yorck, and an enemy Tirpitz appeared to be paying attention. He promptly shifted course and riot shielded his way into the smokescreen where the Ducky was parked and blew him out of the water.
  13. Akizuki

    I actually saw an Akizuki in action the other day while playing Randoms. She's definitely an interesting little boat, though that single torpedo launcher is a liability if someone charges you.
  14. Silly question about the Clemson

    Clemson's guns are incredibly fun once you upgrade them. And I have AFT on mine, which means that I can surprise people when I start peppering them from 10km away.
  15. Shiratsuyu speed buffed to 35.7 knots

    I've always been meaning to get around to reading that book. Hopefully I can download it off of Amazon.