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  1. After thinking about it for a bit, here is a (somewhat) small suggestion on the UI for the AA i think would help drastically improve the information it presents to the player, as well as ease of control. Bottom left hand corner above the autopilot. You can instantly see how much AA power is present on each side of the ship, and it is quickly adjusted with the Z and C keys without having to go to a second screen. It works just like the Engine Throttle. Tapping the key adds 20% AA to a side each time, while taking away 20% from the opposite side. When Defensive Fire is active, the values turn yellow to show they are higher than normal (adding to a total above 100%). When AA is damaged or disabled, it turns red to let you know that side cannot be used at the moment. This helps not only control/adjust the AA faster, but also gives you real time information on the main screen for how your AA layout is setup without having to open a second menu to see it.