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  1. Digital_Wind

    Submarine Testing

    First impressions: wth have you done to submarines. Not only are they wildly less effective than in previous iterations...they don't even feel FUN to play
  2. Digital_Wind

    Dodging Carrier Attacks

    Destroyers already equal or exceed the speed to torpedos....and you want them slower? Exception IJN - which its your fault if they hit since they have twice the arming distance of the other nations Exception German - dodging "tickle torps" is the price you pay for not having to dodge rockets
  3. Digital_Wind

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    @Hapa_Fodder Pass the word on to the devs - It's been almost a year since this post was made and it's *still* one of the most active on the forums. People want need Kitakami
  4. Digital_Wind

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    People complaining about CVs already...
  5. Digital_Wind

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    I have over 430million silver. I need a rss sink like this.
  6. Digital_Wind

    Submarine Day 2021

    I'm very excited @Wargaming and everyone in know save 1 (who also vehemently hates Carriers) are itching for Submarines. Ignore the nay-sayers, they are the vocal minority! The Voluntary Sample Bias!! Bring on the Terrors of the Deep!
  7. Digital_Wind

    “Sudden Death Was Everywhere.”

    Duh, they have Chaplians to quench the Hellfire.
  8. Digital_Wind

    Update 0.10.1, Clan Battles restrictions

    People work hard and play hard to earn these ships whether it's in the dockyard, coal, RB, fxp, steel, other events, or irl. Yes, even irl. You want to rip away these ships when they're needed most?
  9. Digital_Wind

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    Agreed, throw in 1k steel and you'll get massive participation. I have 3 steel ships, a 10k steel camo, and 43k steel left over. I am saying this not because I need more steel, but because it's true. (I hope they're listening)
  10. Digital_Wind

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    People who think CVs beat all are forgetting 1: It is incredibly difficult to find stealthy DDs, more of a roll of dice 2: AA heavy BBs like the American line can reach the other side of the map long before they get low 3: Cruisers with DFAA can still 1shot-wipe an entire squad of planes Aaaaaand All you crybabies who hide behind the excuse of "I can't be bothered to dodge because I might go broadside to a BB that might have AP that might be already loaded that might be fired at me and might hit me and might penetrate to the citadel - therefore Ban CV so I can be safe REEEE!" You no longer have an excuse. Just dodge. You'll mitigate 50-80% of the damage. Just dodge...
  11. Can I put the commanders on different ships? Which nations?
  12. Digital_Wind

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Ranked tokens should be easier to get. Before you needed to rank out 3 times. Now you need to rank out 10 times....and that is now 50% harder than last month to boot.
  13. Special mode/Co-op mission suggestion. 1 Player drives 1 Player on the Main battery You must start in a Division Fun?
  14. Digital_Wind

    CV Gameplay Suggestion

    False: CVs risk more than all other classes in a strike. When planes die, your attack power dies too. Imagine if a DD progressives loses torpedoes tubes as it takes damage. A shima starts with 15, loses half HP to radar, and now only has 7 tubes gaining 1 tube back every 2 minutes. Thats what CV play is like. When planes die, you must wait for them to come back. Varies based on teir and nation. FDR as an example has the tankiest of planes and the longest of load times. 1 plane = 2 minute. Sure they are tanky...but they can and do die. You do the math. You lose 10 torp planes, each take 2 minutes to reload. The match lasts 20 minutes, will you get them back? No. Guess you better take half a squad. CVs are the ONLY class that are 100% guaranteed to become less combat effective after every attempt to deal damage, successful or not, every single time. You sir do not know anything about CVs. And it seems like your suggestions are nothing more than CV nerfs. Seriously. Damaged planes crash to the deck and hurt the carrier's HP? You are PUNISHED for successful flying instead of a squad getting wiped? Come on.
  15. You forget that CV torpedoes tickle and if you are anything but a BB going 1/2, there should NEVER be any reason to eat a full drop of tickle torps.. So where is the logic in taking torps with massive damage penalties and further penalizing them by making their targets detonate proof. Also if you detonate, blame yourself for not wearing the flag....this post is just another example the anti-CV crying because they don't want to be bothered to have to dodge. "I was just detonated - help me Blame the CV"