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  1. Digital_Wind

    Let’s Talk About "Waterline: Episode 4"

    I have 2 TX CV and the Kaga and while I can be soundly beaten by skill, it has become rarer and rarer and I lament that as I approach unicum skill the CVs will be reworked. But that is fine. I also play other ships and it is NOT FUN to be deleted by AP bombs or undogeable torps - not being able to manually move my Carrier (and who even does that??? Autopilot+Zigzag path people, come on), limited 1st person carrier control is a very small price to pay for removal of nuclear planes - even if that means I won't be doing the nuking every time I take my planes on a stroll. Quit being scared of losing your pown planes and get hyped, if you don't believe your top-down training will give you a severe advantage over 'new' CV players then you need to open up your mind.
  2. Digital_Wind

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Ridiculous - if we get the 500 steel for 5 foreign battles then Whiskey Tango Foxtrot WG?!? We are MAD because we couldn't play those 5 battles IN THE FIRST PLACE! You are taking a screw up and screwing it up further.
  3. Digital_Wind

    Clan Battles Tonight

    ..... this is now the nth weekend in a row I have made plans with my guildies, gotten up early and hung our for hours, and been disappointed that Clan is not Que-able. I think WG should SERIOUSLY consider calling off the test for now and just giving anyone who had 5 battles (because most of us needed the other 5 Eastern Hemisphere timezone games) the 500 steel we were hoping to get. Its very unfair for them to offer such a generous reward, and then make us gather groups and make changes in our REAL lives to participate in something that they are continuously screwing up.
  4. Digital_Wind

    Pirate Hunter Flag

    I agree that it doesn't make sense for a Pirate to have a flag celebrating how we sunk a pirate
  5. Digital_Wind

    Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    Here's a question: Should I collect and stockpile containers so I can open some and get coal?