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  1. I would very much like to participate! I love these events!
  2. Digital_Wind

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    They've nerfed the Rockets. They've nerved the torpedoes. Once players wise up and switch to bombs, they gonna nerf that too. Cruisers can nuke DDs and Citadel each other to death. BBs can nuke anything broadside. DDs can corps anything to death. What about carriers? Where is the Devastating Strike for Aircraft short of a very stupid dd unlikely eating 2-3 torpedoes?
  3. The X CV's in a nutshell. Spend a couple minutes getting into position, aircraft taking steady damage/deaths, launch my tops, most are dodged but I get a hit..for 6k....... CVs need damage balancing. And don't even get me started on Kaga in a TX match.
  4. I have 2 TX CV and the Kaga and while I can be soundly beaten by skill, it has become rarer and rarer and I lament that as I approach unicum skill the CVs will be reworked. But that is fine. I also play other ships and it is NOT FUN to be deleted by AP bombs or undogeable torps - not being able to manually move my Carrier (and who even does that??? Autopilot+Zigzag path people, come on), limited 1st person carrier control is a very small price to pay for removal of nuclear planes - even if that means I won't be doing the nuking every time I take my planes on a stroll. Quit being scared of losing your pown planes and get hyped, if you don't believe your top-down training will give you a severe advantage over 'new' CV players then you need to open up your mind.
  5. ^ all the hateful POS2 throwing out insults to us who "didn't read the article" when those idiots have no idea what they are talking about or why we are upset. People like them see an oppurtunity to throw out insults and they take it, literally with no questions asked.
  6. Thank you for the chance to get more steel....Lord knows the opportunities are few and far between and what we can buy with them takes too long for 99% of people to get.. So thanks! I all honesty though, you really should offer players the opportunities to buy ships through both steel and coal, or at least allow for coal>steel conversion, the current steel>coal is dumb and offers little hope to people who aren't unicum AND partying with unicum buddies. 11,000 steel this season is nice, but most won't get half that, selling 28,000 steel ships with opportunities to earn a fraction of the needed steel only every few months is a big turn off, and this is to obtain only a single ship. Choices are nice but come on, adding a second steel TX when 99% of players are saving up for the unlikely day they can get the first one. Crushing my spirit man
  7. Digital_Wind

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Ridiculous - if we get the 500 steel for 5 foreign battles then Whiskey Tango Foxtrot WG?!? We are MAD because we couldn't play those 5 battles IN THE FIRST PLACE! You are taking a screw up and screwing it up further.
  8. Digital_Wind

    Clan Battles Tonight

    ..... this is now the nth weekend in a row I have made plans with my guildies, gotten up early and hung our for hours, and been disappointed that Clan is not Que-able. I think WG should SERIOUSLY consider calling off the test for now and just giving anyone who had 5 battles (because most of us needed the other 5 Eastern Hemisphere timezone games) the 500 steel we were hoping to get. Its very unfair for them to offer such a generous reward, and then make us gather groups and make changes in our REAL lives to participate in something that they are continuously screwing up.
  9. 80 bucks for a sub you can't keep - at least promise to let the skin stay should subs become fully part of the game!!
  10. Digital_Wind

    Pirate Hunter Flag

    I agree that it doesn't make sense for a Pirate to have a flag celebrating how we sunk a pirate
  11. Digital_Wind

    Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    Here's a question: Should I collect and stockpile containers so I can open some and get coal?