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  1. hairoids

    New Code

    Still working, thank you OP
  2. hairoids

    new code of new code

    Still working, thank you.
  3. hairoids


    Can I have your stuff?
  4. Just wondering what your top damage game may be for benny? I was too busy spamming torps to watch and was surprised when I saw 348,241 total damage at the end of the game (previous high game was 248k in my Asahio). Thinking there has to be higher damage games then that by some unicum's out there? What have others done?
  5. hairoids

    New Code

    Thank you
  6. hairoids

    Easter Egg Hunt: Sprint 2 Results

    Can someone post a link to the 1st Sprint results? Thanks in advance.
  7. hairoids

    Happy International Beaver Day!

    What.... Save a tree, eat a beaver ...is an old Pacific Northwest saying. We cherish our trees & beavers in this part if the country.
  8. hairoids

    New Code

    Thank you
  9. hairoids


    Thank you
  10. hairoids

    How many OG Players are still left?

    Started 6/15/2016 and still find sinking ships, subs, and cv's enjoyable.
  11. hairoids

    Finally free!

    Can I have your stuff?
  12. hairoids

    What did they do to the forum.

    Ditto here
  13. hairoids

    "The Age of Sa Zhenbing" Collection

    Collection completed.
  14. hairoids

    New Code

    Thank you
  15. hairoids

    Your go-to BB.

    GC, it is so much fun wrecking cruisers with it.