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  1. Caesar753

    WWII Sailor Blog

    Just added a new post. Check it out! http://tincansailor.net/2020/12/04/10-official-history-of-the-uss-halsey-powell/
  2. Caesar753

    WWII Sailor Blog

    The latest post is now live. Check it out! http://tincansailor.net/2020/10/11/9-service-medals/
  3. Caesar753

    WWII Sailor Blog

    I've added a new post. This one covers the end of the war, but it's not the end of the blog. More content is on the way. http://tincansailor.net/2020/08/28/8-wars-end/
  4. Caesar753

    WWII Sailor Blog

    The latest post is now live. Check it out! http://tincansailor.net/2020/08/14/7-kamikaze/
  5. Caesar753

    WWII Sailor Blog

    The latest post is now live! This wraps up Charlie's Armed Guard service. Next he transfers to a brand new Fletcher class destroyer and heads for the Pacific. http://tincansailor.net/2020/07/30/5-south-america/
  6. Caesar753

    WWII Sailor Blog

    I have started a blog about my grandfather, Charles F. Lusteck, a World War II Navy veteran. Before he died he wrote down his experiences from the war and put them in a binder along with the numerous photos, documents, and ephemera that he collected while serving in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. Millions of Americans served in the armed forces during the war and each one had their own unique story. With every year that passes there are fewer and fewer veterans left to share their stories, many of which will be lost forever. I hope you find this interesting, and more content is on the way! http://tincansailor.net/
  7. Caesar753

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Not too shabby.
  8. I was in a match last night in my Massachusetts when the last red ship, a full-health Bismarck, rounded an island and showed me a perfect broadside. I was the only ship in range and was about to pull the trigger when the game abruptly ended. :(
  9. Caesar753

    What is your favorite BB for Co-op

    Arizona was my favorite for a long time, and I still love her. My two favorite BBs at the moment are Massachusetts and Scharnhorst. I always have fun in those ships!
  10. Caesar753

    In what bote do have the highest average XP in Co-op

    Massachusetts for me. Average 630, highest 1027.
  11. Caesar753

    USS Massachusetts: I AM IN LOVE

    I agree. I splurged and picked her up a few weeks ago and I'm totally in love. I haven't found the dispersion to be a problem.