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  1. CCS_Aoyama

    Santa Crates

    So as I was saying in my last post, they probably waiting until all the purchase are done to see if ppl will keep them if they open better stuff later. I just got my refund after 3 weeks. No update though I asked every week, and suddenly 2 days after santa end, it is done. On another note though, I asked WG to only reverse the last few sets of Santa and let me keep the first couple of 20x purchase because I liked what I received, they allowed it which is nice. Thank you for doing that
  2. CCS_Aoyama

    Santa Crates

    NOPE they changed it again, Jan 5th 2021
  3. CCS_Aoyama

    Santa Crates

    i think they are waiting until santa crates are complete to stop ppl from buying more and asking for refund once the gamble doesn't pay off.... probably waiting until the end so that those who have certain ships they got later rolls will rethink refunding the whole thing...