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  1. Ahh the commander rework. So the point was to "diversify" the skill lineup right? I'm not sure if Wargaming is either tone-deaf or they're just straight up BSing their reworks. I suggest buffing the Shiki and French secondary back to their former accuracy, because as of now, they are dog****. The only viable build is deadeye and concealment plus a tank build. Makes me really pissed. In case you guys at WG don't know what diversify is: diversify [dəˈvərsəˌfī, dīˈvərsəˌfī] VERB make or become more diverse or varied.
  2. asianpaine

    Login Server is garbage.

    I'm also having the same problem. Currently 11:27 pm on NA West Coast. Very odd. Never had this before.
  3. asianpaine

    Server Issues

    Have been playing this game fine for years. Today there seems to be some sort of server issue. It takes 2 minutes to log in, and it kicks me out of the game every 5 minutes. Then i have to repeat the process. Anyone else have the same problem?
  4. asianpaine

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    @Hapa_Fodder I'm still on week 4 missions. Would love it if we got an extension for the dockyard this time.
  5. asianpaine

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    This rework is ludicrously stupid. 1) German BB secondaries? Wargaming, are you guys going to buff the secondary accuracy? -35% vs -60% is a HUGE nerf. German secondary accuracy without any mods is already hilariously horrible. It is much more tolerable with 60% dispersion reduction. 2) German Heavy Cruiser Siegfried: So.... there's nothing here to increase the secondary accuracy? Again, secondary accuracy is horrible. This cruiser just lost one of its perks. Stupid. 3) Supercruisers. Oh boy, these guys are gonna get BARBECUED. The amount of HE spam in this game is already insane. Now, without a skill such as Basics of Survivability or FP, guess they'll just burn for 60 seconds....
  6. asianpaine

    When is the overpen mechanic going to be reworked?

    Well mate, the troll of overpens can never be fully understood if you don't play German Battleships. HOLY Guac these things overpen at LUDICROUS amounts. Yet, somehow, a Sinop can land full pens when you're angled... Beats me?
  7. asianpaine

    Severe Agir Change on ST

    So today, the ST patch notes came out with this: "German cruiser Ägir, Tier IX: Main battery firing range increased from 17.0 to 18.5 km; Sigma parameter increased from 1.8 to 2.05; Main battery reload time reduced from 22 to 20 s; Secondary battery firing range reduced from 7.6 to 5.3 km; Accuracy settings of secondary armament are adjusted to the standard settings for cruisers The concept of Ägir initially implied close-range combat with the help of torpedo armament and secondary guns which were uncharacteristically strong for the class. However, her constructive features - bad aiming angles of the aft turret and her armor - didn't allow to fulfill the ship's potential in this role. New settings will make Ägir a mid- and long-range ship, and she will still be effective in close-range combat against single targets." I'm REALLY disappointed with this ship now and will not get it. These are some pretty "nice" buffs, but it just basically makes Agir a worse Alaska. What is horrible is that I EXPECTED this ship to have that secondary uniqueness and flavor. Now, they basically made it another plain bagel. Look at that secondary range and ACCURACY nerf. What's outrageous? The devs say this "New settings will make Ägir a mid- and long-range ship, and she will still be effective in close-range combat against single targets." Close-range, my a**. Where is that frontal plate of the O-class battlecruisers at? Furthermore, the crappy secondary accuracy will make the armament a joke. And please, if a dev could respond, WHY would you change this ship into a plain, un-unique battlecruiser? The playerbase wanted something new, with flavor. German secondaries, on a cruiser, ARE flavor and unique. Yes, I see you have said that the turret angles and armor don't suit her role, but you could just ADD the frontal armor. The turret angle is not really an issue to me. Overall, my hype for this ship has died significantly. So I guess I just saved some money.
  8. asianpaine

    ST, changes to test ships

    Yes lol. Damn it. I was actually considering this ship to be viable if the secondaries were untouched, but now, ew.
  9. asianpaine

    ST, changes to test ships

    Agir is now basically a S*** Alaska. I appreciate the buffs, but the nerfs to the secondaries weren't needed. I felt like the only adjustment needed was the addition of the fore armor plate before the citadel. That was all you guys had to do. The fun potential of this ship is ruined and I will no longer be getting it.
  10. The title says it all. Can i get him for free just by doing the directives? Cheers. "Don't complain about carriers. Look at yourself, your playstyle. It's not the carriers' problems. It's yours. Live up to it, or continue to be ignorant."
  11. asianpaine

    DefAA and the Kidd

    Imma be honest with you, a lot of the CCs are full of **** when it comes to their view of DFAA, DDs, and CVs. DFAA is definitely a boost on your DPS and will shoot more planes down. On the Kidd, DFAA makes its already OP AA even more OP. A lot of their commentary shows why there should be more CCs who play CVs as their main ship.
  12. In the current state of the game, aircraft carriers are barely playable. In most matches, you don't even start to see CVs anymore. Why? Cancerous AA. It seemed like to many people complained that carriers were too "OP." As a lexington, why am I in a TIER NINE battle. The Iowa absolutely shreds my planes. Barely 3 or 4 of my entire attack force makes it back. Wargaming, AA has been buffed to the point it's too powerful. For now, I'm retiring playing as a carrier. It's absolutely ridiculous.....