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  1. thanks for the latest ARP ships well done and please keep making them even Yamato and Musashi if you guys can would be great addition them and a visable Klien Field that just does the animation when you get hit but regardless nice job

  2. hey neko i was woundering when the next ARP missions are if they are in september when school starts again or what please msg me back i need to collect them all For the Fog Its a Carnival

  3. i was woundering when the next ARP ships mission will be avalable. I know its early but i need to know so the Fog can be reunited

  4. Hi i was woundering when the next ARP ship missions are coming out because i cant wait to earn the next two. Please tell me. For the Fog

  5. i would like to join was playing a game against a member named Fog_Cruiser_Atago and rememberd that i wanted to join a clan. Seen both the TV show and Movie plus love the game of WoWS. Also play my ARP Kongo quiet frequently

    1. Vangarre_Colonel


      that and really love the fleet of fog


    2. Macabe


      I'll get a recruiter to contact you.

  6. i would like to join your guys clan please big fan of the TV show and movie and also WoWS

    1. MashuKyrielight


      I am no longer a member of [-FOG-] unless if you're looking to join [NGA].

  7. Hey Niko ive been hearing alot of scuttlebutt about the remaing ARP ships for the NA servers and was woundering if we are actrally getting them or if the Fog in the NA servers will remain as Kongo and Myoko. Please reply because im a big fan of both game and tv show and really want to add the rest of the fog ships to the fleet.

    1. SuperNikoPower


      Barring for any unforseen circumstance, ARP missions should be starting in 2 days.

    2. Vangarre_Colonel


      ok thank you was hearing alot of different things but thanks for a solid answer


    3. Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi


      Hey Niko love that you told us about the next ARP missions, but I have a quick Q here. I've heard rumors of more ARP ships being added from the manga, like Bismark, Yamato, Musashi, and Zuikaku, and I was wondering if you had any info on weather or not that is true. If you don't know that's fine but I would like to here your opinion on the idea thanks and keep up the great stuff you do!